Around the Grounds: Spring doing its thing

You all know that one of my all time favourite things to do at home is have a bit of a faff about. Whether it’s when I get home from being away and I do a bit of a unpack, clean up and dust, water the plants and replace any dead flowers in vases. It’s how I soothe my soul…making things right, moving them about and creating a happy and calm space for us all.

My all time favourite faff though, is the one where the kids are all off doing their things: last night they were in the bath so I had a chance to do a sweep and water of all my pots outside and take in that last light before going inside for the night. It’s like a big gin and tonic for the soul, cooling, calming and grounding.

Last night it was still warm outside after a hot day. The plants were thirsty and the sandstone pavers warm under my care feet. The lawn had been mowed so you could smell the fresh cuttings and because of all this rain, the most glorious green. This time of the year when the garden is springing back to life and there are blooms all around will always remind of when we moved here….I felt like we were in a fairy tale and 8 years later I am happy to say that I still do.

And I have to tell you that the fiddle-leaf appears to be THRIVING after its re-pot. Check her out you guys!

Do you love an early evening faff and potter about too?
How’s your garden looking?


  1. It’s fall here in Canada, so my garden is looking near-dead :). But! That dew-covered rose? Such a beautiful photo!

  2. Your posts, especially ones with lots of garden photos, are like a G&T for my soul, thank you. Long may your fairy tale continue. 🌸🌷🌼

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