Things I like {the I’m still in my 30’s edition}

You guys, I think it’ going to be a good week ahead for me. Actually, the next few weeks are going to be pretty good all round I think. Next week is my birthday week, and in true Styling You fashion there may be a little bit of a festival happening. I’ve already started to get a few cards and pressies in the mail and in person and it’s just lovely. Lots of things to like indeed.

Check out this cute little french porcelain jug that my mother in law gave me yesterday. I have already told Maggie that it’s mine and not hers when she clocked it first thing this morning.

We had some family visitors down last night from Sydney which called for a little tablescape action and a non regular Thursday night dinner (for those that will ask: slow cooked lamb shoulder, salad & potatoes and lemon delicious pudd).

I was quite pleased with my platter action too. Although once my 3 girls hit it like locusts the thing was gone. “IT’S FOR THE ADULTS” I kept saying while slapping their greedy hands away. Maggie could eat a wheel of brie & kilo of proscuitto, Harper a block of cheddar and Daisy a few kilos of olives.

The sun has been shining (I refuse to acknowledge the bloody wind that has been howling) and with warmer than usual temps, you could be thinking it’s spring time. I have embraced it with potted colour around the house pretty much on any surface. $10 for 20 pots you would be mad not to!

I’ve been taking cuttings off blossoms that have started to pop up everywhere…

And the snow pear outside is just about ready to burst into bloom too. It’s early this year.

I bought a bunch of calendulas at the fruit shop yesterday and if it wasn’t the best way to spend $4 then I don’t know what is. Happiness in a jug!

And a moment, if you will, for happiness in a wonder suit. THIS CHILD. THOSE CHEEKS. HER TALKING & SQUEALING. I love her so much.

I also have some exciting news to share with you guys….in 3 weeks time I am heading overseas again! This time with a group of bloggers (there’s 7 of us: Paging Fun Mums, School Mum, Big Family Little Income & The Organised Housewife) for a week heading to….THE MALDIVES & SINGAPORE. Shut UP! I can’t even believe it myself. Sam from School Mum has worked hard to get it organised for us…a week exploring the world, using my passport & camera and sharing it with you guys. I feel like the universe has provided me with the best kind of birthday present. MANY thanks! I’m leaving on the 30th August so have a few more weeks to go. I am in denial about having to wear swimmers and show my legs but hey…who gives a shit. THE MALDIVES. Be prepared to see my best Kimmy K lost earring impersonation as soon as I get there.

So, I say, let the festival of forty begin! Tomorrrow night I have some drinks with my mates at Lucy’s place, we have Rob’s dad & step mum visiting us on Sunday night, then next weekend we are going away to a gorgeous house I booked for us, Luce & Chris & kids and Mum & my step dad. With all these fun things and then a holiday to look forward to, as Annie sang “I think I’m gonna like it here!”

What have you got planned for the weekend ahead?
Tell me everything!


  1. Maldives is right up there as one of my favourite places on earth. You wil ❤️ The colours truly are spectacular. Sound like your next month is ????. As as for the next few days … Enjoy your e x t r e m e l y late thirties!

  2. sonia south says

    MAILDIVES!! NO WAY. So jealous but looking forward to sharing your journey. I think you are going to love your 40’s with all these adventures happening. Enjoy.

  3. Can’t think of a more deserving group. You guys are going to have SO much fun!

    Happy birthday Beverly!
    A xx

  4. Happy birthday festival Beth, festivals are the best, especially to celebrate a milestone age!
    In my humble view life after 40 is damn good… have a wonderful trip and we look forward to updates on the blog.

  5. Lovely! Happy 40th, I turn 40 on the 1st sept and am going to NYC with girlfriends. I loved your trip and tips in NYC – can’t wait!!

  6. Robyn Jokic says

    I loved my 40th even though I was 7months pregnant with my last baby so I didn’t really have much time to think about turning 40 , then came 50 and now in July this year I’ve turned 60, my girlfriend and I who also turned 60 this year spent a few days in Singapore, a MUST…. have a Singapore Sling or two at Raffles Hotel, yummmmm. Enjoy the time away and remember its just a number your heart will stay forever young 🙂

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