Full & Thorough reporting through a good lens

It is an absolute CRACKING day here today…sun shining and grass growing before our eyes. There has been sunshine in the day, storms and heavy rain at night – everywhere you look it’s late Spring perfection.

It’s been a FULL ON week for work. Everybody wanting those end of Christmas deadlines…and the diary filling up with ALL OF THE THINGS. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone has forgotten that there’s this whole other week after the 15th Dec? Is everyone just calling it quits on the 15th? I’m finding the whole thing a little confusing.

Much like the time warp of speed we are living in at the moment. I swear it was Saturday night 3 minutes ago when we had drinks at Mrs Munro’s place for one last hurrah as they have sold their house in the village. It was all fresh as until 34 proseccos later when we got singing and dancing…I will never learn to just say no and go to bed early and fresh. Never!

As I said I have had lots of deadlines to deliver this week which has meant having to take myself away from distractions to work and write. Wednesday it was to my sister’s place while I had Maggie looked after at home, and then yesterday to Mum’s. How’s Lucy’s kitchen bench looking?

Hydrangea season is upon is my friends and I have my secateurs at the ready!

I reckon once the hydrangeas are starting to pop up it officially starts to feel like Christmas. I am feeling the spirit BIG time this year and peaking a little early. I am wanting to get the tree up this weekend a whole week before I am allowed by my own strict standards and this morning I spent a small fortune on fairy lights at Nest & Burrow in Mossy. I think it’s because there is a certain 2 year old in the house that is VERY excited.

I’ll try and contain myself for another week at least.

Last night I was dreaming AGAIN about New York, and pizza (Rob says I think and talk about it way too much WHATEVER ROB) but I was thinking about White Christmas’ and the like…anyone heading OS for one this year? Anyone going to New York? Anyone want to bring me back a slice of pizza on a paper plate?

I’ve got lots of greenery around in vases and jugs at the moment, roses from the garden that are blooming coming inside…it’s looking very pretty indeed.

And outside the bees are buzzing. As I said, a cracking day!

Much like this lens (25mm 1.8) on my camera. I am LOVING this camera sick.

What’s been happening at your place this week?
Crazy work deadlines too?
Got the Christmas spirit and got your tree up yet? Good for you if it makes you happy!
Have a great weekend friends x


  1. I am guilty of post trip New York dreaming too. It gets under your skin that place…I think we need to start a support group!
    I hope you have one of those dang cameras to give away..I’m dreaming of one of them too but just don’t have the heart to ask Santa

  2. It does feel like Christmas has come earlier this year. That’s ok with me though!

    We are thinking of having a week in New York (without kids) this time next year. I am wanting to be experience the whole Christmas feeling of NYC and hope the end of November is ok for that and not a little too early.

  3. shooting some great shots beth!
    I saw the ‘tiny dancer’ on insta! … gold hun!
    much love mXX

  4. Well, I’m from Adelaide, and for a lot of us, the tradition is to put up the tree after the Xmas Pageant, which was last weekend. So ours is up! The joy for me is that both my girls take absolute delight in decorating now (aged 10 and 7), so I put the tree together, and then sit back and watch them fuss over the decorations while we listen to xmas tunes. Just trying to gently educate them on the right way to do it ?? But I’ve been very good this year, and haven’t rearranged a single decoration!

  5. My one and only white Christmas was in Ireland, staying with the in laws who I had never met before that trip – I was so excited I went out in my pyjamas and danced in the snow – 5 and a half months preggers and all. I dread to think what they thought of the crazy australian girl their son had brought home!!

  6. Well we’re doing things slightly “in reverse” here in The UK, staying for 3 nights in The Cotswolds (have you been Beth, simply stunning?) with our daughter,partner & Izzy(9)& Lola (7) who have moved to Boughton on the Water, cold,snowy winter is forecast! Then on Boxing Day we fly to Perth to see our son, how lucky are we?!!!
    Beautiful pics as usual ❤ xx

  7. Sonia South says

    Ha I am your soul sister Beth on the learning to say no! I am the queen of “lets just have one more” and at 46 you would think I would learn by now!! Oh well life’s too short to just have one I say.

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