Weekends filled with Christmas catch ups & storms

(Cue singing): It's the most social time of the year! Isn't it just though? I do love the panic that we are never going to see anyone again and we HAVE to get it in before the end of the year and this weekend was exactly that. Lots of catching up with people, eating and drinking our way through … [Read more...]

Win a copy of Bistro Officina’s new cookbook: Farm to Flame

A winner has now been chosen for this giveaway - thanks for entering! There's no question that the Southern Highlands we moved to 8 years ago has changed a lot from then until now (and for the better!) There has been such an improvement of shops and of course cafes and restaurants that are … [Read more...]

Weekends filled with tutus and big skies

Can you still talk about the weekend on a Tuesday? Not sure if you can, but if you are anything like me you'll still be thinking it's about March, when "apparently" it's going to be December this week so anything goes I say! We had one of those busy weekends where all of a sudden it was Friday … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

Hello friends! Thought we better sit down and have a proper catch up as it's been a BUSY week (isn't every one that way though?) and let you know what I have been up to over the pat few days.  I'm still adjusting to the new rhythm of life with the shop (shooting, packing, sending, re-ordering) and … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough reporting: The Halloween edition

We're still reeling from the mother of all sugar come down tantrums from one of our children last night (remain unnamed) but I *think* we had a good time yesterday! Our little village all comes together for a trick or treat with people that want to get involved putting a balloon up out the front of … [Read more...]

Making a tree change: 8 years on

Today it marks 8 years since we arrived at our home, our new life, a new beginning for our family. 8 years, can you believe it? I kind of can, and can't. I can't really remember our life in the city even though it was ALL our lives for such  long time, it's funny how things change isn't it? Rob and … [Read more...]

Mr & Mrs Munro have a new studio!

If you've been around here for some time you would know all about one of my best friends down here, the talented Mrs Munro. Brooke is such a talented artist and maker, for those of you who may be new around here this video should help you catch up. Burrawang DnA Festival Exhibitor - Brooke … [Read more...]

A golden ticket to visit Ms. Peacock Fine Chocolates

I still get that flutter of excitement I first got when I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I watch it with the kids. You know the part where they walk into the hallway that gets smaller and smaller and then the door opens to the factory inside? "If you want to view paradise Simply … [Read more...]

How we can all help Aussie farmers doing it tough right now

It's hard not to notice (especially in the last few days and media attention) that there are huge parts of our country in drought. Even down here in the (usual green rolling hills) of the Southern Highlands it's dry and there are farmers down the road, over the hill, all around these parts that are … [Read more...]

Beyond the Garden Gate: a look inside the best gardens of the Highlands

When I was about Daisy's age instead of Justin Bieber posters (or the equivalent) on my bedroom wall, I had posters with photos of gardens. Yep. Bluebells and tulips, pictures of Monet's Garden in Giverny through all the different seasons. I had coffee table books that my Mum & Dad had given me … [Read more...]

Bitter Orange cake with candied fennel seeds

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked over to a friend's place for coffee after school drop off. The promise of hot coffee, freshly baked cake by a good cook, all at 9.30am in the morning was too good to resist. On a freezing cold but bright and sunny Highlands morning we sat in her beautiful … [Read more...]

Moonacres Kitchen Robertson

Friday night I was thrilled to head into a freezing cold and misty Robbo night to go to the opening of the brand new Moonacres Kitchen which has recently been refurbished and reimagined into the ultimate place to see paddock to plate in practice. You might remember me mentioning this local … [Read more...]

Back in Black Ball 2018

Can you hear that? It's me, sitting down with a HUGE sense of relief knowing that everything is done. No more ball. No more worries. No more organising. No more stress. No more visitors. The June long weekend is done and dusted for another year. I thought I'd share with you all the shots that I … [Read more...]

A Village Winter Ball

When we first moved into the village I had no idea about the rhythms of it, the seasons, the events that make up a year living in this corner of the world. At the end of summer there's trivia on a summery, misty evening in the hall. How in Easter there is a market with literally thousands of people … [Read more...]

A slow Sunday at Hill View Sculpture

Over the weekend we had some visitors down for the night who have recently moved back from London after many years living over there. We were chatting on Saturday night when we were asked how we scratch our cultural itch living down here in the Highlands which we were able to show them yesterday … [Read more...]

Star Gazing

On Wednesday night (as I was OFF my face with tiredness) we headed up to school for a little star gazing as we were part of the (successful) attempt at the world record for number of people star gazing that was being hosted through the ABC. All the kids at our little school are learning about space … [Read more...]

Haz & Meghan this is how you do it: Adrien & Kerby’s Burrawang Wedding

With things reaching fever pitch about a certain upcoming wedding next week (OK, maybe that's just me!) I thought I better share with you (and obvs so Haz & Meghan can see it as I know they read the blog) just how a wedding is done. I am THRILLED to be able to share with you guys a magnificent … [Read more...]

Easter 2018

Well here we are, Monday night of the long weekend. I am most definitely more tired than I was at the start of it (hello end of daylight savings that saw Maggie asleep on the couch at 5.55pm tonight) and markets and visitors and lunches out and late nights... Easter was everything I wished it to … [Read more...]

Full Reporting: 2018 Robertson Show

Friends, gather round and take in the wonder of the 2018 local show, The Robertson Show. This year was the 135th show, and the 7th for us since we moved here. I LOVE the show so much - I love that the kids get so excited about it. I love the old school nature of the whole thing, taking part in it … [Read more...]

Local Spotlight: Bendooley Estate Luxury Cottages + GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway has now closed and the winner announced: Kristianne won with this comment: "Hi Beth, I would LOVE to be able to take my daughter Annabelle for a night at Bendooley. As I sit here at Westmead Childrens watching her sleep, after having a biopsy on a spot on her brain this morning, … [Read more...]