Girl’s Christmas Dinner 2020

One of my favourite dates in the entire year is our girl’s Christmas dinner that is hosted in December every year. A chance for us all to come together and celebrate a year, eat good food and enjoy beautiful surroundings. This year was no exception down at Mrs Munro’s farm – she created the most gorgeous table and surrounds in her courtyard. A true feast for all the senses it was an absolute delight on a cold Highlands summer night.

We ate some delicious food (it’s always bring a plate option) while Mrs Munro glazed us one of our local hams from the village butcher.

As the night wore on more logs were thrown on the fire, secret Santa gifts were exchanged and lots of laughter. Gosh I feel so lucky on nights like this to be a part of this place and have these people in my life. We are truly blessed.

Thanks Mrs Munro for such a beautiful evening. It was an absolute delight in every single moment.

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  1. Beautiful evening, but can I ask what that spectacular burning log is??😯😯

  2. Me too! How does that standing burning log thing work?

  3. Yes i am interested in knowing sbout the burning log fire.

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