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Somehow it’s 6 degrees outside this morning, feels like 1 and nothing at all like the 8th December which it is. We’ve had hot, windy weather the past week so the fact that it’s calm and cool is a lovely change. I think we have cooler weather on the way to us too which means one thing: COSY WINTER FIRE. Obvs as soon as it’s below 10 degrees I will get that fire on and cosy on in like we are in the Northern Hemisphere. All the decos are up, come on who could refuse?

A moment if you will, for Lucy and Chris’ Christmas lights which are spectacular this year. Go Sparky!

I’ve had a flat out week last week with lots of work, lots of play and lots of running around in between. The shop has been very busy with Australia Post adding their guaranteed cut off for Christmas delivery being the end of this week so it’s been all hands on deck literally running through the school hours day getting it all done. It’s been exhausting and fun and crazy and did I say exhausting? I am so proud of our business we have created.

Speaking of the shop, we had our Christmas party on Sunday for the shop at great local restaurant Birch which I booked months ago (always so hard to get in here).

They had a lazy long long where the menu is selected for you with lots of wine and cocktails to follow. Gosh it was just so nice to be at a restaurant with white tablecloths and adults and uninterrupted conversation for longer than an hour.

Speaking of great food, Lucy and I managed to stop into the new Cheese etc that has opened up in Bowral High Street Arcade. This business is run by a family who live in the village jam PACKED with quality cheese and wine you can sit down and enjoy a cheese board or a 3 cheese toastie that was RIDIC. Get here if you can. Stat.

Also speaking of great locals my very good friend Mrs Munro has launched her online workshop for her GORGEOUS succulent wreaths. You have seen how gorge mine have been over the years and this is just $50 to learn how to make one of these beauties. This would be a great Christmas present for someone creative  – and something different. She’s a clever clogs and of course filmed and edited by my clever husband how can I not shout about it from the rooftop! She also has her raffia and Christmas ornaments for sale in her shop here….these would look so good attached into your gift wrapping!

Last Friday we actually head away with Mrs Munro down to Milton for a Christmas pop up shop. Always lots of work taking an online shop offline into the world but it was wonderful to meet some locals and see people happy getting their Christmas shopping done. I love doing these pop ups when we can and we need to do this again next year if we can…watch this space!

So now it’s back to work, to admiring my Christmas decos for the 45 mins from when Maggie goes to bed and I do. Taking in some quiet time before the craziness of the next 3 weeks. Bring on the holidays soon enough – family and friends visiting and time up at the farm for Alan’s anniversary on New Years Eve. What a crazy year it’s been. Thank goodness for home and all the comfort it has bought us.

How are you going?
Limping to the end of the year?
On holidays already relaxed and having fun?


  1. Hi , we will having a poor Christmas and new year here …..light lockdown here ….and in the meanwhile I’m for the moment in quarantine….I’ve been tested today …..my father is covid 19 possitive…. Hopefully year 2021 will be better . In January I will having vaccine . But i enjoy all your nice pictures and activities. Wish you , your family and friends all the best . Greetings Ellen .

  2. What a shop you created! I’m glad you made time to celebrate it, my gosh you fit a lot into your weeks!!!

  3. Love your Chrissy decorations of course and can’t believe how cold it is down there…. oh what I would give to be able to have a fire in the house – ever! Your Pop Up looked great. I am loving my table furnishings! We are in wind down mode well and truly only one staff member left and school finished over a week ago. Very quiet here and so nice to have my boys home. Hang in there. xx

  4. Caroline Rufino says

    Where are those gorgeous little reindeers from

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