Friends Christmas Dinner 2017

Somehow it’s that time of the year where we catch up with our girlfriends for annual Christmas dinner. This year we were missing a couple who have already flown the coop over to snowy London for the holidays (lucky buggers) but we all caught up again for a delicious dinner.

This year we went to Nicki’s place, who being an interior decorator and all round LEGIT Martha Stewart has a home that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine and or Nancy Meyers film. And at Christmas time? Even prettier!

Rob was away for work (again) and Maggie decided against a day sleep so as soon as that babysitter arrived I was outta there and hand my paws on a champers toot sweet.

Check out the home made bon bons….a little jar of lollies wrapped in a napkin with beautiful ribbon. DEAD SET. She’s all class.

We all bought something along: I made a salad, Annie and Brooke nibbles, Lucy the best potatoes ever, Nicki glazed a ham and made pudding and Shannan made eggnog. Such a delicious and festive meal with lots of icy rose flowing all night…

And then after pudding we gave our $20 secret santa presents to each other randomly. You can steal off people if you like what they got…everyone kept theirs though….we all scored well.

I do believe it was the eggnog that gave me my headache this morning (I guzzled that like it was nobodies business). An absolutely gorgeous night with lovely friends who are all so lucky to have found each other in this little town we live.

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Isn’t it all just out of a fairy tale of fresh interiors?
Do you celebrate with your girlfriends at dinner?


  1. Looks amazing….by the way in the link to the last year underneath the cake with strawberries around it there is a chocolate rectangle dessert. Do you have the recipe for this and/or find out it looks delicious.

  2. Hi Beth, wow what a beautiful home. And the food looks great too. Last weekend we had our staff party, such a lovely day. Started with champagne breakfast, off to lunch at a local vineyard, then to a cheese factory for the most amazing cheese plates, then a quick stop at another winery. Just as well we hired a bus and driver. Best work party ever! Could you please share your salad recipe? Thank you, Kathryn

  3. it all looks gorgeous beth!
    magazine worthy too!
    used to do the entertaining now we meet out for lunch somewhere!
    we’re all too lazy now!
    we want to be served!

  4. How bloody gorgeous is that. From the table, to the lounge to the bon bons to the tree…. to my GORGEOUS FRIEND ANNIE!!!!!! Gosh I get jealous when I spy her hanging with the gang drinking wine and having fun… do you think one day we could all get together at the local pub down there and throw our heads back in laughter while guzzling bubbles? I swear I haven’t seen Annie since our wedding! Too long, but I do love spotting her in your posts, so thanks!!!

  5. Rowena Bass says

    It all looked so glamorous and very civilized indeed. It would be so lovely to be part of your group. That’s entertaining! 😊

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