Girls night in: a Chinese banquet

What better time to have a girls dinner than at the end of the school holidays when everyone could use a little adult time and let off some steam? Last night we did just that when we came together for a delicious dinner at my friend Melissa’s place. Usually it’s a pot luck, everyone bring something and plonk it in the middle of the table, but not last night, we had the treat of being served an amazing dinner, course after course of the most gorgeous Chinese food. I can’t stop thinking about it all!

The original aim was to have some Frose to go with it all (frozen rose) but it was a little cold here last night so it ended up being a prosecco, sangria and rose party instead. We were hardly bothered.

I had to share some of the amazing food…so much goodness! I think Melissa said that all of the food was from Kylie Kwong’s book…one of her books….I can’t remember which one it was though.

First we started off with some deep fried chicken wings and tofu.

Then it was time to head to the table and sample some amazing home made wontons stuffed with prawn.

Some eggs with an amazing dressing…so much flavour in all these dressings!

San choy bau…stop!

My favourite…hainanese chicken!

The most delicious greens and some duck….

Finished off with some steamed rice and fish.

What a treat to have someone lovingly prepare such a feast…truly amazing effort and such a joy to be able to enjoy it. Thank you Melissa!

We drank way too much, of course got the karaoke microphone out and sang and danced until way too late. If only I could magic up some of this delicious food again this morning…alas no leftovers!

Do you cook any Chinese food?
Had any of these treats before too? So good!

Happy weekend friends x


  1. why did I read this at lunch time ? I just know there is nothing exciting in the fridge & this is going to make a cheese sandwich even more depressing ?
    I have made wontons a couple of times, very yummy but very time consuming

  2. Yum – what an amazing looking banquet! Melissa must be a great cook to prepare so many dishes for her very lucky friends.

  3. Whose shoes?!

  4. My “adopted” son is from north China, he cooks up some fabulous feasts when he comes to visit! I have Kylie’s My China cookbook and it doesn’t disappoint. Sounds like you had a great night at your friend’s place!

  5. Oh yum! Everything looks delicious but I think those wontons have my name on them. I made Hainanese Chicken years ago but drooling over this post has inspired me to make it again!

  6. Hainanese chicken is MY BEST and most favourite! Can you find out the name of the book?

  7. I keep looking at this post. Omg! Food porn. What a lovely treat

  8. Tracey Zerna says

    That all looks AMAZING!!!! I so wanna move there and worm my way into yr circle of friends!

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