Monday arvo water cooler catch up

Ah school holidays…when “working” at home becomes a juggling act and if you are not organised, which I am not, the day time routine goes out the window! Which is lucky because the windows are wide open and there is a stunning Autumn day out there. Washing drying, kids playing outside, baby crawling around the grass chasing the dog and requests for food coming in thick and fast. I always find the start of the holidays a little tricky – sisters are getting used to being around each other again, the baby has to adjust to life outside of her routine, iPads and screens are generally confiscated for bad behaviour and the shouting levels are high. I’ve knocked back an extra evening primrose oil in the hope of the anger levels being relatively stable.

We had a cracker of a weekend. How about you? I like to do a Monday morning (except it’s arvo) catch up much in the same way you would if you worked in an office and someone asked what you got up to. I find the baby is really bad at asking how I am, so I thought I’d check in on YOU.

Cracking weather on the weekend. It looked a little like this:

IMG_1927 IMG_1918

THE LIGHT THIS TIME OF YEAR (yes I’m shouting) bout honestly it’s amazing. I adore this time of the year. I spent most of Saturday being chased by this little cute thing.

IMG_6305 IMG_6306 IMG_6307

I sometimes just have to run and hide so I can get a break for 2 minutes. Wherever I am, she is! Pulling at my leg. It’s fun. Ish. Not really. Lucky she’s cute. I baked some more bread (recipe and details about said bread are in this post). Do yourself a FAVOUR. Legit fluffy bakery style rolls at home! Without a thermomix!


Saturday arvo we got a last minute call to head to my mate Mrs Munro’s new farm for a paddock bonfire and dinner under the stars with some mates. Lucky I had baked bread! We packed up a basket, the Bose speaker, some bubbles and the kids and hightailed it over there. Just my favourite kind of fun…sitting around chatting, the sound of crackling wood, the smell of fire, kids going wild.

IMG_6319 IMG_6317 IMG_6333 IMG_6327 IMG_6322 IMG_6321

Mr Munro had some swedish fire logs burning which were the perfect hot plate for Mrs Munro’s hot olives I’ve got the recipe here if you’re keen.

IMG_6310 IMG_6314

Just a lovely evening listening to some tunes as the sun went down and the stars came out to twinkle.

IMG_6335 IMG_6336

Yesterday we caught up with some friends who have just moved back to Australia from New York, some washing, and an early night for some very overtired children.

We’ll get our holiday groove on, and I actually can’t wait for some serious down time.

What did you get up to on the weekend?


  1. I do the run & hide thing too. There’s a couple of spots in the house that I rarely frequent, so when I need a couple of minutes peace I escape to one & generally the toddler can walk straight past without realising I’m there. Bliss… For about 2.5 mins

  2. Hi Beth… we are the opposite up here… back to school today THANK GOD!!!!! So sick of the boys fighting over EVERYTHING!!! It is so lovely and quiet here today as Clancy is at school too. Your bonfire evening with the Munro’s looked amazing, nothing better. Have a great school holiday break from drop offs and lunch packing.

  3. Yay for school holidays! I’ve been one of those zen mamas today (I know I can’t believe it either). I implemented a routine and my son has actually followed suit with his behaviour. I’m positively pinching myself and wondering what merry hell awaits tomorrow haha.
    Keep in mind, I only have the one kid – so hats off to you!

    Also, I am intrigued by this burning log thingy you used as a hotplate!

    • They are these amazing logs that burn from the inside out…not actually used as a hot plate…more for show and warmth but it worked well with the sauce pan!

  4. that all looks great beth!
    i’ll be giving those olives a go! … delish!
    and how adorable is mags and her hair growing now!
    she is having such good fun! … love m:)X

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Looks beautiful today was a lovely day and only 10 degrees when I got up,yay for Autumn,Maggie is so gorgeous and love your trees,ours only have a faint turn so far! I’m making those rolls this week.Have a rest this holidays Beth Xx

  6. That bonfire looks amazing!!! Makes me want to move to the country!

  7. Lauren @fairview_farmhouse says

    Hi Beth, We had a busy but fun weekend too. Our sons christening yesterday, your post during the week came in so handy! I did a platter like your brothers one for the kids and slow cooked lamb, potatoes and salad for adults. Lots of nibbles first and we were all set, so thank you for that!

    I spent Saturday cleaning and preping for the christening, but today my husband had an RDO so we managed to get out in the sunshine. We are preparing part of our acreage near the house for paving/decking so we did a lot of garden clearing ready to start this Saturday. It will be a long process but we are starting which is exciting, this is why I was asking you about your beautiful green grass on Instagram, that is my dream!!!!!

  8. We had a lovely weekend at ‘A day on the green’ in the Hunter Valley, staying at Cypress Lakes. The concert was fabulous. Thirsty Merc, Richard Clapton, James Reyne and Chris Izaak. There were 20 of us and it was such a good day. Started at 3pm so great for us oldies who were all back at the hotel by 9pm! Loved it. A trip to the Vodka distillery on Saturday morning made the weekend excellent.

  9. Oh my goodness, that dough recipe is amazing! Thanks for sharing, I made it today and it was absolutely perfect!

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