To say I am relieved that last night is done and dusted is a huge understatement. For months now I knew I just had to get through the organisation and planning for our village ball and then….well then…it means that our holiday is here. This morning I am not fresh. I’m exhausted. But my mind is still racing…thinking of what is ahead of us. In a weeks time I hope that things would have slowed down with days consisting of just having to think about what we want to see and where we want to go. There’s one hell of a clean up ahead of us…but it was worth it all. Everyone had a great night. We had a rocking band – the whole place was dancing the night away and the old girl (the hall) looked a million bucks.

I thought you’d like to see some of the finished product – unfortunately being as busy as I was meant that snaps were taken on the go on my phone rather than on my SLR. Our theme was wonderland…a loosely based Alice theme but more like an enchanted forest. Myself and 4 other very clever people created everything on pretty much no budget. Stuff collected from the Reviva centre at the tip. Moss and greenery from surrounding paddocks. A very clever lighting guy who put it all together for us and a whole lot of hard work.

I had four images that I got from Pinterest that I kept using as inspiration.

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From those this is what we were able to create:

IMG_0619 IMG_0617 IMG_0611 IMG_0614 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0610

The centrepiece was just logs and moss and candles. Not bad hey? Once the candles were lit it looked so magical.

IMG_9028 IMG_9020 IMG_9015 IMG_9021 IMG_9022 IMG_0658

I wore my sister’s borrowed frock from Cue a few years ago. This dress is the business…pockets! I do love a pocket. I borrowed a belt from Mrs Woog that I whacked around it AND I got to borrow some pretty serious diamonds from my friend Mrs C.

IMG_0641 IMG_0626

And the best bit? Getting to spend the night dancing away with this bloke. We had such fun.


So, there you have it. The ball, done and dusted for another year. I should be asleep now but the mind is still racing. Clean up and packing to go and then? Well THEN I can relax. It’s been a very big few months and if you’ll excuse me, I think a holiday is called for.

3 more SLEEPS!!!


  1. Barb Fisher says

    Looks absolutely AMAZING! Fantastic effort.

  2. Beth it looks magical – I especially love that Astro Bunny got to attend!
    Brilliant use of Pinterest too – adapting those things worked so well.
    Hope there’s a nap for you after the tidy up today.
    Have a SENSATIONAL trip prep week. Bet the girls are excited.
    Time for counting down the sleeps.
    Well done!!

  3. You looked gorgeous Beth – I think the dress was a bit “pockety” though, ha ha ha ha. The hall looked great too. How did you go with the Canapes? Now, when do you head off on this holiday exactly? Good luck.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! And the bloke too!!

  5. It looks like it was a magical night. Well done on pulling off such beautiful decorations on a limited budget. You look amazing too (I do love a good pocketed dress).

  6. Christie says

    The pack up is always the pits….just get one person to pack each type and a garbage bag at each table, another one for linens and a box on every table to pack hired gear and another for the loaned gear. Looked amazing…2014/2015 theming trend is tassels…get on it GF x

  7. looks beautiful – you can come and set up my next party. great work

  8. Peta musingsofamartin says

    Amaze balls.

    Do you have a pic of it in daylight? I would love to ‘really’ see it, especially that lighting fixture?

    Happy happy holidays to you and your lovely family. Well deserved! Xx

  9. Wow! Stunning event decor! Is there anything you can’t do?! πŸ™‚

  10. Lisa Aherne says

    You are a standout in that dress and usually come to think of it! Handsome couple is an understatement. The hall looks great, brings back memories of our country dances in the local hall with walls decorated with tree fern fronds, the band up on the stage, seating down both sides with the middle free for dancing, walking home at daybreak, barefoot and happy. Looking forward to the holiday stories and photos.

  11. Wow what an enchanted evening – you sure do have a creative mind! Love that you got to have a nice evening with your hubby. A nice feeling to have nothing big to organise I bet.

  12. Just fabulous. Beauty as far as the eye can see. Well done xxx

  13. Absolutely magical….sounds like a wonderful night! Those lights look amazing! And love your outfit!

  14. I just love that you guys have a village ball! Great work on the decor πŸ™‚

  15. Well done Pooks. So proud. Next year x

  16. Debbie Lee says

    What a beautiful dress (and belt), you look amazing. I love the centre pieces too! Great post

  17. What a great night. Looks lovely. you deserve an amazing holiday. I can’t wait to see all about it xxx

  18. Trish symons says

    Well done you – as always ! You’ve set the bar really high. So creative

  19. Archie Lane says

    Goodness you have all really pulled it out! It looks fantastic! well done by all a wonderful job.

  20. Wow! The hall looked amazing. My daughters school is doing Alice in Winterland this year, I will forward the link to your blog so they can get some ideas for the set.
    Just this morning I was looking at one of those little fairy doors in a shop, wondering what you could do with it (I’m not very imaginative :-0) and here it is being used in a way I would never have thought. Clever!

  21. You did an incredible job! It certainly did look like an enchanted forest. Amazing.

  22. It looks like so much fun! I’ll have to make the effort to come one year. Well done Beverly!

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