Weekends filled with family Christmas Catch ups

Anyone else exhausted from a weekend of Christmas socialising? Me too! Too many bubbles, not enough water but SO much fun to catch up with people all weekend. We had a Shed party on Friday night, then on Saturday night I caught up with BOTH sisters (we flew my big sister up from Melbourne as a birthday present for her) as we had our family Christmas yesterday as it’s a non-family year for me this year. Do you do that too with your in laws? One year on, one off?

We had a lovely lunch at my sister’s place…it was a picture perfect Summer’s day here in the Highlands…my brother and his family came down from Sydney, Mum did all the cooking and we all had a lovely day together. Always makes me so happy when we are all together in the one place (only missing my nieces and nephews from Melbs who we missed).

Like every year, my brother played Santa giving out the pressies to all the kids. Maggie and Archie really getting into the spirit of things this year too bless them!

It never gets old!

After presents it was lunch. Mum whipped up a prawn cocktail for entree (YESSSSSS and standard year in, year out) then it was roast pork with crackle on the weber (like in this post my Step dad makes it beautifully) and then for dessert Mum made an ice cream pudding (I have no idea where she got the recipe from but I can find out if you want to know). I made a couple of sides that were delicious and will share them on the blog later this week.

We do a KK present where you have to buy one present for one adult and each kid for another one (so much easier and everyone gets one good present). My sister in law loved her necklace that I got her…don’t you love it when you nail it? I got some new champagne glasses (how did my brother in law know?!) and a new hat!

After lunch it was slip and slide in the sunshine before heading home with 3 exhausted girls from too many late nights all week.

I think Mum made Not Quite Nigella’s creme caramel. Recipe here if you want it.

I got Mags to bed and then walked back over to Lucy’s to spend some more time with my big sister and Mum. Perfect end to a perfect weekend.


  1. Beth, your weekend sound fabulous & you look gorgeous in that dress! And how nice of you guys to fly your sister up, I bet she was stoked to be there with you all x

  2. Great, happy photos! Looks like a lot of fun.
    My eyes kept going to those blue hydrangeas!!! Gah, no, i’m not jealous at all… no really!

    I totally am…

  3. I love that dress you’re wearing. So bright! I’m worn out by 2017 so I’m keeping all the social stuff to a minimum so I can recharge.

  4. it all looks lovely beth! … what’s not to love!
    love the ice cream pudding! and I do want your shoes hun!
    love maggie waiting for her present!
    I love that frock too!
    all good it seems!
    love mxx

  5. You younger folk are very cool, but I am interested in your mum’s ice-cream pudding recipe and also where she bought her amazing dress. You might have to do a regular mum post.

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