In 1972 my Mother, who was 19 at the time, discovered that she was pregnant. My father married her, to do the right thing, and because I hope, he loved her. In November, their first daughter Sarah was born bringing with her unlimited joy, happiness, and a whole lot of maturing. They went on to have 2 more daughters and a son and that is my family. I feel very blessed and lucky to be a part of it and I sure am glad that Mum got knocked up when she did.

My older sister has always been a quiet achiever. She is happy spending time on her own, always in her room when we were growing up, rather than being stupid and silly with her then younger 2 sisters and brother. Being 5 years older than me and 10 years older than my younger sister, when we were playing with dolls, she was grown up, doing her own thing, always more mature than her actual years. She has achieved so much through School, University and with a successful career. She has a loving husband and 3 beautiful children now, two of whom are twins. She has tackled every stage of her life with maturity, a sense of purpose and with success. Almost anything she puts her hand to she does well. She is smart and creative, crafty and clever. She has been a wonderful role model for myself and my siblings and she is loved and admired by her family more than she probably even knows.

She is now 40 {how does that happen?} and last night we celebrated the occasion with a cocktail party at my Mum’s place.

Those rare occasions these days when all my 3 siblings and I are together are especially cherished by me. I love these guys, so much.ย 


  1. Mrs Mac I love the pattern of those pants and the colour of the sandals/wedges. Please tell me you were the one wearing them so you can tell me the brand??

  2. Gorgeous family pic Beth, it’s always so heart-warming to hear about siblings who really dig and cherish each other. Great colourful party too! 40 is good. Really.

  3. Gorgeous family picture and decorations. Happy Birthday to your sister.

  4. What a beautiful story, paired with your amazing photos, bought a big smile to my face. Thank you x Leanne

  5. Happy Birthday to your sister.

    PS: I have pant envy. Gorgeous.

    Gabs x

  6. Gorgeous post. Tell your sis being 40 is amazing!


  7. Your family sure knows how to throw beautifully presented parties.
    Love this story, love the pics and happy birthday Sarah!

  8. Everything looks so lovely. Lovely post. x

  9. Cocktails and 40 seem to go together so well don’t they! Your family is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ I just helped a friend celebrate her 40th yesterday with a High Tea at the QVB… It was a day that ran well into the night! Lots of fun.

    Sophie xo

  10. Your family’s story is so similar to mine. Mum got pregnant in 1973, married quick smart in early 74, and I too hope it was because they loved each other, a boy and three girls later, a nasty seperation and here we all are!
    Happy birthday to your big sis, they are the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Lovely. I love spending time with my family too.

  12. Ah. 40th birthdays in style!! Well done – what a beautiful party it must’ve been. How lovely to be together with all your siblings – we’re the same in our family, 3 girls and a boy though all in the space of 9 years.

  13. Beautiful pics Beth. I love celebrating birthdays with my sisters too. We always celebrate the big ones together even though we all live in all corners of the state. We have vowed to all end up in the same nursing home so we can party together all the time, and leave our husbands in peace at last. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Hi Beth,

    I am one of Sarah’s friends and she put me on to your blog. Just wanted to say that the post you wrote was lovely and all very true of Sarah. She is one if the most creative and inspiring people in my life and I feel so blessed to have found her. Hope the party was fun and I know it was pretty!!!

    Katie P

  15. Great photos – got to love a cocktail party. Love the clash of pink and orange together.

  16. Top post yes very Sarah …Great to see photos of the party ..You all look great hope there was plenty of dancing and prosecco going on

  17. As we get older, it IS increasingly more difficult to all get together as a family, I agree. But it IS always so lovely when we do. Looks like a beautiful celebration for your big sis. That last photo is a beauty, must make your parents so proud xo

  18. That photo reminds me so much of me and my siblings, my older sister just turned 40 as well. I also have a brother and another sister too. Her cocktail party looks beautiful, stunning flowers.

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