Easter 2016

Because our summer holidays were cut short with Perfuckuss I said to Rob some time in the trenches of late January that we would start the year again at Easter because by then, we would all be better, and we would just start the year over. So you can imagine how happy I was when last week Harper was knocked over with a cold and nasty cough and Maggie followed suit on Thursday. You can imagine how positive I was about this turn of events, how I read into it as a sign that we would never actually EVER get better, every again, and that my post perfuckuss stress disorder was well and truly thrown into action.

When it comes to worry and panic and melodrama, I’m nothing if consistent. We got through our annual Village Market on Saturday which included lots of cooking in between dealing with a sick baby who not only was dealing with a cold and a cough, but cutting 4(!) teeth, a nappy rash so bad it was bleeding and just generally very sad and miserable, as well as us having to work and clean up and be around for other duties. But we survived. And I was hoping Sunday morning would bring a new day.

Alas Mags was not much better, she managed to throw up her contents of her morning milk over me and our bed and I, well, I chucked a wobbly. An overtired, melodramatic I am going to get in the car and drive away call me in 6 months when everyone is better wobbly. It was a doozy. But we got up, washed the sheets, dusted ourselves off again and showed Mags what Easter was about.

IMG_6035 IMG_6044 IMG_6043

And after I had a hot shower, applied some hot pink lipstick and ate one or maybe 5 Easter eggs and gave myself a talking to, we went around to Mum’s for the loveliest of Easter lunches with my sister, brother in law and Archie.

IMG_6141 IMG_6124 IMG_6129 IMG_6083 IMG_6061 IMG_6088 IMG_6092 IMG_6114 IMG_6136 IMG_6117 IMG_6126 IMG_6113

Prosecco and pork THE best cures for Post Perfuckuss stress disorder. And can we talk about the lunch? HEAVENS THE LUNCH? Roast pork on the spit with the crackliest of crackle. There was a whole roasted cauliflower (Jamie Oliver recipe) some beans and zucchini with toasted almonds, whole roasted beetroot with persian fetta and herbs, the crispiest potatoes cooked golden in glorious duck fat covered in some magical sauce that Mum made and a glass of ice cold chardonnay. My word it was one of the best lunches I’ve had all year.

IMG_6079 IMG_6081 IMG_6095 IMG_6098 IMG_6085 IMG_6107 IMG_6111

There was a walk after lunch to see the ducks then many a laugh with the kids before we headed home and were all tucked up in bed by 7.35pm (the lot of us) all asleep until 7 this morning. Those 11 hours were the best sleep I’ve had in a long while.


And while I can feel myself starting to get a little sick now too, I’m going to just try and go with the flow and accept that sometimes you are well, and sometimes you are sick. The whooping cough sucks big time and that pork and prosecco is always a good idea. And that family time is truly the most precious time of all.

Happy Easter friends.

I hope you all had a good one?
What did you get up to?
Stuck in traffic on the way home?


  1. Happy Easter! Hope the rest of the year is filled with good health and plenty more amazing lunches with family!

  2. And looking even more on the bright side, your mother is beautiful so you have inherited some wonderful genes.

  3. My sweet Meg, May the gloriousness of that menu stay with you for many many holidays-it’s the benchmark to which I will aspire for the rest of my Easter diners. I believe i drooled a bit at the sight of that Pork Roast Cracklin’ !~!

    May the next months be better in the health department for your family. Happy Happy Autumn.

  4. oh dear little maggie! she’s not herself!
    sickness seems to come in bouts hun!
    hopefully everyone will be feeling better soon!
    your mother’s food looks amazing!
    onwards and upwards!
    we were busy and my jaw is still not co-operating! … over it too!
    love m:)X

  5. Happy Easter – I made your lemon curd on Friday for the first time and have just finished it – eating straight from the jar!! That curd has certainly made my long weekend memorable ? Thank you for sharing your recipe ??

  6. Nic Wesley says

    Poor Maggie – bad nappy rash is awful. I remember a friend’s baby had terrible nappy rash and her paediatrician told her to put orabase on the rash – it’s used for mouth ulcers I think and is kind of a thick paste but basically it puts up a barrier in a wet environment so the nappy rash could heal. I remember it working a treat. Worth a try.

  7. Your lunch looks amazing. I spent easter in hospital & my lunch was an omlette with crispy edges & spongy middle, pre chopped, a blob of fake mashed potato, some soggy beans & a piece of boiled pumpkin. Luckily I was discharged before I had to eat another meal there. I went home, ate chocolate & slept. The only thing worse than hospital food is being woken every couple of hours for obs or bloods or a new patient coming or shift change. So glad to be home. I really hope you can all finally be healthy soon, you have had such a bad run of sickness lately

  8. I’m glad there was an amazing Easter lunch a your mum’s place Beth. Phew! Pork to the rescue.

    Perfuckuss, be GONE!!!

    Here’s to easier times as autumn closes in.

    • Thanks Annette – I'm afraid it may be the winter of my discontent but I will try and keep us all well! Looks like you had a good Easter x

  9. Oh Beth. I really felt compelled to respond to this. I do to most of your posts but alas never get around to comment – but just know that your words make me feel sane and not alone!! I totally would’ve reacted the same with Maggie’s spewing sitcho.

    I feel so anxious when any of my kiddies get sick…it feels like the world is actually ending. And they mostly come in waves where we just have a back to back run of different illnesses going on. Now, having just had baby #4 my problem and worries with sickness is that much greater! I should be used to it by now, but it’s actually getting worse…to the point where I panick with any noise from any kid in the night (it could just be a casual cough) and in the deepest darkest depths of the night I’ve convinced myself that they’ve got whooping cough or something terrible! And don’t get me started on vomiting bugs! They’re so not a big deal to anyone else, but for some reason I can’t handle them and I have a nervous tummy thinking who’s going to be next!

    I must sound ridiculous, I know…I actually thought about getting hypnotised to stop my worry and change and teach my mindset to be calm in the throws of sickness. Embrace it. Own it.

    The good thing is, I have a husband who puts things into perspective and NEVER worries, which is a godsend when I’m in that frame of mind. And I never take for granted a healthy, happy family in between those waves! Sorry for the long winded reply! Enjoy the rest of your Easter

  10. We have been back from a cruise for 3 weeks tomorrow and I am still coughing my lungs up. At least the light headedness and runny nose have now abated, mostly. I don’t get sick often and I have to say I’m not a very patient patient.
    My heart goes out to you. Being sick when you’re a big person is one thing. Being a big person dealing with sick littlies is another. Heartbreaking.
    Glad to see you had a delicious lunch with your family though. The Easter weekend is almost done however it’s not too late to say Happy Easter and I hope there is a health and wellness light at the end of the tunnel.
    Mrs D x

  11. Sam Spring says

    Hey Beth

    If it makes you feel better you looked great on Saturday. We were down for the weekend and I took the family along (early) to the Markets. I didn’t stop to chat as you were busy as we passed as I didn’t want to interrupt. Take care and tuck in! It was such a misty morning in Burrawang this morning! So atmospheric but best viewed from behind a window until everyone is well.

  12. Thanks for sharing these family pics Beth, beautiful family! Your Mum is such a treasure, you can see she loves you guys so much. And what a feast! Positive side to all the sickness, is it will pass, and you have your Mum close by for support and cuddles. Sending super positive vibes (across the miles from the U.K) to rid you of the bugs!!!
    All the best, LizX

  13. You will be as tough as when the storm finally passes, Beth. In the meantime, control the controllables and have another HCB. X

  14. alex Hills says

    Beth, You looked great on Saturday morning when i said a quick hello. Glad the markets were a big success, it was packed !! (as usual). We finished the afternoon off with a couple of hours in your glorious beer garden – my fav pub ever !. Maintenance Monday has been pushed to Todays Tuesday and I am counting the days till end of school term and year 7 term 1 finished !!!.
    Hope you all recover for the 2 week break in April.

  15. Hopefully all the sickness your family has been enduring will help boost their immune systems and then maybe there will be some respite. My kidlets seemed to be crook for months on end last year. Prosecco, pork and family time saved the day it seems, just what you needed. It must be so wonderful to have your Mum and step father close by. We too had pork for Easter lunch, followed by Xmas pudding (every Easter lunch!) and a divine honey cardamom and pistachio cheesecake.

    Hoping your children make full recoveries soon x

  16. Those bubs in bunny ears – too adorable! x

  17. Katy Page says

    I hear you Beth. My three year old son was diagnosed with whooping cough last week, the one year old has since started coughing and vomiting. I’m anticipating hell for the next few weeks. I was so hoping to make it to the easter markets on the weekend (im in Robbo) but didnt come in case i had the perfuckiss too. I dont want to infect anyone. I’m so disappointed that i missed out on your award-winning pickles!

  18. Gibbergunyah says

    You were so BUSY on Saturday; I’m so glad to hear that you didn’t have a houseful of people and an Easter Sunday meal to host. I hope Harper is better; her little hands holding the pram bar were so cute.

  19. Sounds like lunch at your Mums was just what was needed. Any chance of the recipe for the Beetroot salad? Please ?

  20. So great shots. your easter seems a great day keep it up. you hae lovely kids

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