Easter 2017

How good is Easter Monday when you don’t have anywhere to be, no traffic to deal with and an empty house after days filled with people and feeding and things to do? Very good! While I have been busy washing and restoring order I can report that it’s almost midday and my bra is still not on.

Easter weekend is always a very busy one for us with the village hosting a big market on Easter saturday. This is a HUGE job for everyone in the community whether it’s businesses, community groups and of course our little school of 29 kids who uses the opportunity to raise as much money as we can. That includes baking, cleaning and setting up the school for the crowds and BBQ and then of course there is Rob is who one of the organisers of the whole market and oversees that. On Saturday he managed to cover 26 kms!

By yesterday we were all exhausted, we had my sister and her family staying with us from Melbourne, Mum staying at Lucy’s place around the corner and an endless amount of kids and cousins and meals and fun. The stuff that memories are made of…another perfect Easter at home filled with people that we love.

We hosted a late Easter lunch at our house under the Autumn trees with all 12 of us, kids running around before they headed back home to Mum’s and then home to Melbourne today. It was a gorgeous afternoon, ending with a spectacular sunset. There really is no better time of the year than Easter I think!

Today is going to be very slow I think, no plans, pj’s on and trying to hold onto that long weekend feeling.

How was your Easter?
What did you get up to?


  1. Looks like a totally lovely afternoon luncheon. Beautiful table setting and home picked flowers

  2. Enjoying a bra-less Easter Monday here too – podcasts in bed, some sketching and painting, conquered the mountain of dishes in the sink, now I’m catching up with the Kardashians!

  3. You are livin the dream.

  4. Easter is my favourite time of year as well. The pressure of Christmas isn’t there and summer has cooled her heels a bit. We had a busy Fri & Sat hosting brunch with my lot and seeing friends. The last two days have been sloooowwww and perfect – just the four of us. Bliss….

  5. Linda Jenkins says

    I love Easter too – 4 days of down time, family and friends, time for eating, drinking, naps, reading, jobs on the list too! The weather in Melbourne has been perfect for all of that this year.
    Your Easter looked lovely Beth x

  6. Sounds like a fab weekend. Just love your photos. x

  7. Beth your little one is growing up so friggin cute !! It’s a challenge as to who I am following at times ? Maggie and her milestones or absolute cuteness or her super mum ?

  8. I think I love easter more than xmas, no humidity here on the Glen in Qld, loving it lots !!!

  9. Hi Beth, we had a lovely busy Easter this year. Popped down to Wagga for Good Friday and Saturday, then back to The Highlands sat nite. Up to Sydney for Easter Sunday enjoying all the usual weekend traffic delights you encounter as you attempt to drive to Chatswood for lunch, then Cremorne for afternoon tea and Clovelly for a quick Easter egg drop off only to discover the M5 tunnel has traffic delays on your way out! Aaaaagh Sydney….soooooo do not miss you!!!
    Woke up this morning with zero plans bar a lazy brunch at our fave cafe with hubby and child and a much needed afternoon nap.

  10. how glorious! these photos are amazing, looks like a magical weekend!

  11. We visited the Southern Highlands, enjoyed the beautiful Autumn colours, fresh air, beautiful homes and bought some CHAMPION pickles! I didn’t want to come back to Sydney. Eased the pain with a visit to Whale Beach, weather was perfect, warm sun and sand between our toes. Love Easter ?

  12. it all looks delightful beth!
    I like to go bra less most days;))
    much love m:)X

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