Easter 2019

My goodness my pants are a little tighter after a BIG few days of eating and drinking that started Thursday afternoon, and I can’t say will stop before tomorrow. My sister and her kids arrived Thursday afternoon, and from about 4.30pm when the first bottle of Prosecco was opened I can tell you that we did not stop. It’s been the most wonderful few days of friends and family, and village life with the market on Saturday and the warmest Easter I can remember. I haven’t stopped for most of today getting the house back in order after they left at 6am this morning…but we are almost back to normal…hearts filled with new Easter memories.

Friday I spent the morning getting Easter market ready baking for our cake stall: the winners this year were pickled cucumbers, banana bread and date loaves.

Then we were off to lunch at Aunty Tricia’s to catch up with all her kids who were visiting. These are the oldest of family friends for us: we spent so much of our childhoods together and I always love catching up with them.

Then it was back home to get the markets set up and then dinner at the pub with everyone. Luce had some old friends staying with them as well and Rob’s Mum & her partner who had come down as well. A full table (and happy that I didn’t have to cook!)

Saturday was the busy market day (I never take many photos as I am too busy at the cake stall, cleaning up, moving bins…it’s all very glamorous! A great day was had by all through – lots of people came and visited and hopefully it was a success for our little school. Thanks to everyone that came and said hello and bought a cake! We finished up around 4pm, headed to the pub for a well earned drink and then home to the kids and a home cooked meal by my step Dad. I think we were all in bed by 10pm…exhausted!

Sunday morning it was Easter egg hunts and a slower morning in the sunshine before lunch at Lucy and Chris’ place to celebrate Dorothy’s 2nd birthday (more to come on that in a separate post I think).

We had such a relaxing time at Lucy’s place: the kids ran around (I banned all devices by this stage of the weekend so help me GOD) and we sat and just for something different…ate and drank! We left around 7pm and were all back in bed by 9.30pm. Just the best weekend with lots of wonderful memories locked away.

I know you guys are going to ask about that pumpkin above…the recipe is here.

I just love Easter, and this one was a cracker.
How was your weekend?


  1. Nothing at all like yours, which looked and sounded perfectly divine.
    Thanks for sharing
    Cheers Kate

  2. Looks wonderful! Where is your dress from? It’s fabulous!

  3. My god you guys know how to lunch 😝 The bowls of dressing in the 2nd to last photo. Bliss!

  4. I love that you set even an outdoor table with REAL china and glassware…I thought I was the only one crazy enough to 😉 …and I <3 that dress you're wearing!

  5. Erica Murdoch says

    Lovely account of a happy family Easter. Thanks Beth. Particularly good to read it as we just flew to UK for my sister in law’s funeral and I’m in a jet lagged haze and can’t sleep!

  6. Love your vignettes of celebration beth!
    Lovely! Mxx

  7. Oh haha I did the pumpkin! With a crisp white for Saturday lunch… bangin’.

    Speaking of bangin’ … you in that Birdsnest dress … schwing!


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