Here piggy piggy…

You didn’t think I was going to leave the weekend at that did you? No mention of food? Wine drunk? Cake eaten? AS IF! Oh no, here are but some of the things that we ate over the weekend. The menu looked like this:

Friday night
: Beef & artichoke red wine casserole served with mashed potato topped with crispy pancetta
: Sticky date puddings with caramel sauce & ice cream

: Deconstructed pumpkin salad & antipasto {lunch}
: Slow cooked shoulder of lamb ragu with parppadelle {dinner}
: Hazelnut torte {dessert}

There were also roving platters of home made caramel slice, macaroons, date & walnut loaf, ginger birthday cake and many, many glasses of Prosecco, sparkling, white & red wine…I need a very quiet week on the food & booze front…however, I don’t like my chances this week!

The local lamb before it was slow roasted for about 3 hours. The meat was then shredded and the vegies added into the sauce with tomato, slow and cooked slowly for a further hour. Served on parppadelle it was amazing…

You might remember that we trotted out this salad for lunch a few months ago and when I went online to google the recipe my blog was the first one that came up! Except, it didn’t have the recipe. Der. So here it is so I can reference it in the future

Deconstructed Pumpkin Salad
: Butternut Pumpkin
: Cumin, garlic, oil, fennel seeds, oregano for rub/paste on pumpkin
: Pancetta
: Rocket
: Bocconcini {& lemon zest, red chilli & oil for that dressing}
: Semi dried tomatoes
: Toasted bread rubbed with oil & garlic

: Smash up the above spices for the rub, add in oil and cover over halved pumpkin. Bake in 200 degree oven for 45 mins with foil covering it and then a further 30 mins with foil off until it’s soft and starting to blacken

: Marinate the bocconcini in lemon zest and finely sliced chili and a lug of olive oil & serve in bowl
: Arrange pancetta/prosciutto on platter with rocket (dressed in balsamic & oil) and semi dried toms then add on pumpkin when cooked

: To eat scrape pumpkin off and smear onto toast then top with pancetta, tomatoes, rocket & bocconcini. Dead set, this is SO tasty. Seriously good. Jamie Oliver is a clever man…

I got some new red lipstick as a pressie from my sister and was excited to see that I looked like a “proper” lady with lippy marks on my glass! Sure, we had run out of champagne flutes so a gal had to make do with a martini glass…

There’s that ragu bubbling away before dinner…

And that torte…I need to get the recipe from my aunty for that one though…

It’s good to be part of a family that enjoys the simple things in life: Food and wine!


  1. Always the simple things. You’ve started a pumpkin salad craving. Food. Wine. Cheers.

  2. Given the title I was expecting a bit of pig instead of a bit of lamb ๐Ÿ™‚

    The whole weekend sounds lovely – thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  3. I love that you get together with all the womenfolk and talk, eat and drink together. Sounds wonderful xx

  4. seriously- produce a man child so I can marry him and be part of the family ๐Ÿ˜‰

    at the very least i could wait until Olive is old enough to marry him- but that’d be a stretch.

  5. And now I’m standing on the train platform waiting for a reconstructed pumpkin salad to arrive… x

  6. You really are blessed Beth – what a wonderful weekend and the food!…..I really need to read your posts closer to lunch rather than in the morning because like Bronwyn I’m now craving pumpkin!

    Happy day Lovely, thank you for sharing,

    xx Felicity

  7. That looks bloody fantastic – I must go and get myself a pumpkin right now!!

  8. You just make life look so goddamn GOOD, BabyMac. With your cool shit and yum food … and even your plonk. All of it.



  9. What a feast! Beth, that was a seriously good meal.

  10. That pumpkin salad looks divine. I will try that for sure. Thanks.

  11. Um… soooo….do you have any single brothers or male cousins? Pretty keen to somehow score an invite to the next annual Stitch n’ Bitch. Food looks amazing!! xxx

  12. Oh seriously stop now.. You are making me wildly jealous..loving that pumpkin x

  13. That pumpkin salad looks amazing. Just read your comment on Salvation Jane blog and I’m thinking of painting my front door turquoise as well….just can’t get the shade right!

  14. Yum! I feel hungry just looking at those photos and especially the pumpkin ones!

  15. As always, this sounds delish.


  16. How good is the food at your place? And I love the celebrations and all that eating. Seriously, there just isn’t enough eating in this world!

    Well, perhaps there isn’t in 80% of the world, but the other 20% sure is making up for it!

    Love Jamie Oliver. He is a genius!


  17. Pumpkin salad looks fab! And ia that Jodie D in the stripy scarf? PS Kim from all consuming directed me here. I’m loving my visit!

  18. We made the deconstructed pumpkin salad Beth and it was two thumbs up from everyone – once again thanks!!

  19. Mouth watering! That pumpkin salad is so going on my menu for next weekend! And that torte looks delicious. And don’t even get me started on that lamb… Ooooh I want it all right now!

  20. Yummo! Looks like I’m buying butternut pumpkin today! That salad looks amazing ๐Ÿ™‚


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