Eating my way through 2 days

Thank goodness for the week. If it wasn’t for those stretch of seemingly endless 5 days between Monday and Friday I would be the size of a house. You see, as soon as Friday afternoon comes around a switch turns on and I seem to eat and drink, and then drink and eat. It usually starts with cheese and wine from about 4.30pm Friday afternoon. This past weekend was no exception.

Saturday we drove up to Sydney so that I could go to High Tea at the Observatory Hotel in Sydney as we had given it as a gift to my Mum for Mothers Day. I went with my little sis and gorgeous sister in law and we had the best time – eating and well, drinking (tea & champagne) and then eating some more. We sat in fabulous high baked leather chairs, drank out of china and used lovely silver cutlery. It was very ladylike! We even had our tea leaves read which was very interesting indeed. I have never had any kind of reading before from a psychic or anything and I was amazed at what she had to say. How do they know all that stuff from some leaves in a cup?!

I occasionally looked up from my food to look at the surroundings. Look at this room – don’t you think it looks very White Housey? That is, of course, if Michelle Obama was into chintzy Blue and White. Actually, this room is quite Southern Highlands…in any case, it was fancy. And lovely. And a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Sunday we had lunch at my Mum’s place to celebrate my little sister’s birthday which was a few days ago. Like anything my family does – there was fabulous food and wine and it was so nice to spend a leisurely few hours all together doing what we do best. The kids played, we ate. Parfait!

Mum made Jamie Oliver’s deconstructed pumpkin salad which is in this month’s Delicious magazine and it was amazingly good. And simple. Some roasted squash topped with coriander, fennel seeds and something else, parma ham, rocket and marinated boccincini all squished onto some toasted bread. I could not stop eating it….

As you can see here:

There was also some roasted prawns (what a way to cook a prawn) on pesto and ricotta toast. Um. YUM.

Some beef cheek pies served on mash with roasted fennel & asparagus washed down with a lovely red. It was a great lunch.

So. It’s Monday – which is good because I need to get into some black tea. Some rice crackers. And plenty of air because this long weekend coming I have (almost) everyone in my family (all 6 adults & 3 kids) coming down here for the weekend. We have our town’s annual local Ball up in the hall on Saturday night, Lunch here on Sunday to celebrate my niece’s 3rd birthday then on Sunday afternoon & night the pub hosts Fire cracker night. In between all that there will be plenty more eating and drinking and eating. This is my family we are talking about here.


  1. I completely know what you mean about eating non stop on weekends. If it weren’t for the structure of the working week, I’d also be a blimp.

    It looks like you had a perfect and delicious weekend. Must go and buy this month’s Delicious mag. I always find great recipes in there, and that deconstructed pumpkin salad looks amazing.

    Have a great week. I’m already counting down to next weekend’s food fest xxx

  2. Ummm yum!! What a feast of a weekend!

    We’ve got a voucher to stay at the Observatory and I can’t wait. It’s my fave hotel in Syd.

    Glad you had a lovely weekend.


  3. Your family sure knows what a good meal looks like, BabyB. I love the way you dine! Your mum is just an amazing cook. x

  4. this is exactly what you need(ed). So in the darkest of nights sitting next to a child willing them to sleep. During another mindless round of some inane game surely designed to make your brain bleed from your ears, just remember the next weekend – and all the food, laughter, wine and company that is but a few days away.


  5. Wow there was some pretty spectacular food there..always the best when shared with family.

  6. OMG your Mum cooked all of that – I am in awe of her, I hate cooking, how I wish I had inherited that gene though – it looks amazing.

    I love having high tea and haven’t done so in ages, think it is time to do it again.

    And I would like to ask, having me you IRL, do you have hollow legs?? ‘Cause like, you have an amazing figure!

    Um, what that a bit stalkerish???

  7. Wow, can I become a memeber if your family, how good was that spread!!!! As well as high tea! Congrats on a great blog, love coming to visit to see what you have been up to. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your Mum is amazing with her culinary delights. That pastry B on the pie gets me every time :o)
    High tea sounded beautiful indeed, I must do that one day xo

  9. Your weekends are fabulous! My family also know how to eat great food and drink a lot of good wine. Has to be done!
    High tea looked completely decadent too. Just lovely! xx

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