Easter Sunday

We always have visitors at Easter. Always. But not this year. For some reason we were left with just the four of us, and after a hugely busy day yesterday, it was just what we needed.We spent the morning hanging in our pyjama’s, playing in cubby houses, making a mess, doing Lego, reading. I cooked a simple lunch and we all sat down together (girls still in their pj’s even at 2pm) and enjoyed every last bite. We sat and talked for ages, laughed and laughed, talked about future holidays, and ones we’d been on. We pulled out photo albums and played a mean round of Uno. We then went for a walk as the afternoon cleared, watched a movie when we got home and now that the girls are in bed, I’ve curled up on the couch in front of the fire with a fresh glass of Prosecco.

Despite the sugar crashes and tantrums, it was one of those perfect, unplanned days. Happy Easter indeed.


  1. Bliss Beverley.

  2. how cosy……T xx

  3. Looks like a lovely day…the lazy, unplanned ones always are :0)

  4. I wish I’d had your day! Miss Emily had a huge allergic reaction to something she ate (there was sooooo much food who knows what it was) and I spent the afternoon medicating and calming her down. At least she went to sleep easily! We’re doing lazy next weekend. Hope you had a splendid Easter x

  5. That sounds like my idea of a perfect day!

  6. I fully support staying in your pjs until two…well done girls!
    That sounds like a perfect day.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Perfect.

    Happy Easter!
    After yesterday you deserved a quiet rest.

    Heard you met a stalky friend of mine hehehe

  8. Lovely lady, beautiful photos, as always. Sometimes it’s nice to just be a party of four. We were just that today also. Happy Easter and enjoy the rest of the weekend xo

  9. My kid vomited on me.

  10. Beautiful pics. Happy Easter too. Nice that you find time for you:-)

  11. Looks like a perfect day! I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  12. Sounds perfect to me and just a tad better than Woogs.. sorry Mrs Wood but I had to laugh..not at the silk part but the chocolate induced vomit!

  13. Or Woog even.. damn spellcheck!!

  14. What a wonderful sounding day, as much as I love to catch up with family sometimes those days where you just hang with your own little clan are THE BEST!


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