Easter 2015

Here we are on Easter Monday, not quite at the end of the long weekend, but most of the hard work behind us. When we moved to the village we weren’t quite aware of the work that goes into Easter…we have our annual market (which is also the main fundraiser for the school) and of course we always have visitors. It’s busy, and chaotic and wonderful….now I wouldn’t have Easter any other way. Our weekend starts on Thursday night at the pub…seafood raffles and pizza…everyone comes in to wish each other well, kids running around celebrating the end of school term. The weather came in Thursday night: drizzly rain and mists, cooler weather and there it settled until Sunday morning when the sun came out again.

Friday morning our visitors arrived: my younger sister with her husband and Archie, my older sister who I flew up from Melbourne for a few days so she wasn’t home alone (and I needed her help at the market) my Mum and Step Dad. We spent the morning by the fire eating and drinking, then a long seafood lunch before I headed up to the School for set up. Friday night we had a lovely dinner and an early night for the big day on Saturday.

IMG_6273 IMG_6274 IMG_6277 IMG_6282 IMG_6285 IMG_6287 IMG_6290 IMG_6292 IMG_6294 IMG_6295

The weather was a terrible disappointment for the market, but it didn’t stop lots of wonderful people coming along to support us. It was raining, misty, cold: normal weather I suppose for us…and a change from the run of good weather we have had for the last few years. Rob worked tirelessly all day leaving home at 5 to meet all the market stall holders and got home after 6pm soaking wet. We all collapsed to the fire to thaw out, I warmed us all up with a roast pork and lots of wine for them (custard for me).


Sunday morning we had our egg hunt, soaked up some sunshine at last and hosted brunch for us all (as well as my Dad & Step Mum) with lots of scrambled eggs, bacon, corn fritters, chippolatas coffee and cakes purchased from the market the day before. I wondered why I didn’t host brunch more often: easy to prepare, everyone was relaxed and all gone around midday.

IMG_6304 IMG_6307 IMG_6310 IMG_6313 IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6318

We waved the last guests off towards the coast, Melbourne, and Sydney, did some washing while the sun was shining and collapsed into bed for a well earned nanna nap. I got up in the afternoon and took the girls to see Cinderella before coming home for pumpkin soup and a little time on the couch and and early night.

Phew! Easter done for another year: filled with new memories but those constant feelings of being surrounded by family and people that we love and LOTS of food and drink.

How was your Easter?
What did you get up to?


  1. Oh Easter is just so perfect for family time. I always feel like there’s less pressure than at Christmas and you get a few days to enjoy it – not just a couple at most. I have so many fond Easter memories.
    We did lunch with the inlaws for Good Friday and a little road trip on Easter Sunday to meet family friends at our old holiday spot (they still go – we just visit now). Just lovely.

  2. Your town is just gorgeous, makes me want to move from Sydney that’s for sure! And you all obviously worked tirelessly to pull off a fabulous day. Big claps to all involved.
    It was lovely to see you on Saturday, and as you said, albeit briefly. I didn’t want to disturb you counting away the hard earned cake dollars. And when we came back through, you were gone, I was hoping that you had gone to put your feet up for a minute, but I’m sure you didn’t, and thanks for the directions to The Munro’s.
    From there I had a quick catch up with Brooke, met Colin and introduced hubby to them (the kids went out with their grandparents, so win-win there, as I got to spend some one on one time with my man) Puchased some Munro handiwork and popped into the pub for a glass of red. A little wander around (bloody rain certainly hampered my hunting efforts) and then wandered back down the hill to the hockey field and drove back to Culburra.
    Heading back to Sydney sometime later today, but would love to come back for a visit with Brooke soon.
    We will be back at the Easter Market again next year, hoping the sun comes out to play next year.
    xx Manda

  3. Oh how I long for your cold, rainy, misty weather and fireplace! Nothing but Blue Skies and Sunshine all the time up here in Far North Qld! Beth – I love your blog – I’ve been following for a couple of years now and am hopeless at commenting but you amaze me with what you can pull off so easily – cooking for so many and having visitors while pregnant etc, etc! So awesome! Happy Easter to you – enjoy your cooler weather for me!!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your photos say it all Beth…..beautiful Xx

  5. Oh…your mother and Frank… bless

    Love that!!!

  6. Such a shame about the rain at the markets, so disappointing for all those hard working folks. Had a nice Easter at my parents ‘farm’, kids got to run about in their boots and race around the house on their scooters. We even got to enjoy some green tree frogs! WAY too many Easter eggs consumed and back to apples today.

  7. When is your baby due? Have been thinking of you. Big hugs. La Hola. Xxx

  8. What an eggstravaganza – it looks glorious – all of it! I especially love that pic of your mum and Frank. It’s the cutest!

  9. We have had a tradition of Easter Sunday brunch since the girls have been born. I love it! Not too early and so easy to prepare and clean up after wards. A bit of a buffet. Muesli, yoghurt, crossaints, pastries, homemade hot cross buns and fruit. Oh and a sneaky champagne!

  10. Frank looks much like Amalfi after 4 days of festivities!


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