Easter ideas

It’s now the Wednesday afternoon before a very busy Easter weekend and I have only just allowed myself to think about the food needed and shopping to be done for the weekend. I am unsure why just everyone shops like the apocalypse is coming, but I do know that my trip into Bowral tomorrow is not going to be pretty. Not pretty at all.

If you’ve started thinking about the weekend ahead and are looking for some inspo I thought that I would send some your way. I think my favourite part of the weekend is either Good Friday because it usually involves champagne and prawns or Easter Sunday for a long, lazy lunch with no where to go. A chance to cook something delicious, and of course set that table for a special occasion. A tablescape if you will!

Here’s one I did a few years ago using lots of pinks and greens.

easter table-2 easter table-3 easter table-4 easter table-5 easter table-6 easter table-7 easter table-8 easter table-13 easter table-16 easter table-19

Or another with a few more colours thrown in:

IMG_7032 IMG_7050

I’ve also got a whole range of stuff you can look back on too if you are interested: food, decorating or just a general sticky beak as to how we spend Easter.


Good Friday ideas:

Salmon en croute
Whole baked salmon in salt
Chilli prawn linguine
Salmon one pot wonder
Moroccan spiced salmon
Smoked salmon stacks
Tuna chimichurri & chips
Tuna pasta
Prawn & Mango salad

Easter Sunday lunch ideas:

Cheat Easter cookies
Slow cooked lamb
Lamb shoulder with Quinoa salad
Slow cooked pork
Fattoush Salad
Risoni Salad

Decorating ideas

Table ideas
Table decorating ideas using flower pots

Some past Easters and how we spent them

2014 and this post too
2011 and this post and this post too

Whatever it is that you have planned I hope you have a wonderful time surrounded by friends, family and loved ones. The weekend is the perfect time to take it easy, rest and enjoy all those days off in a row.

And if you are hitting the shops tomorrow, good luck!


  1. Oh that table! Thank you for the lovely pics. And the apocalypse-inspired shopping explains why my local supermarket was so cray-cray this afternoon when I just ducked in for nappies!

  2. We are in a state of total panic here. My youngest sister is getting married on Saturday & she is totally laid back & unorganised & it seems our middle sister has been left with all the last minute details. Good Friday will see us trying to put a photo montage to music for the reception. There is a huge list of last minute things for my sister to do. I am hoping I don’t freeze in terror when I have to stand up at the ceremony & do a reading. There won’t be many relaxing moments here this weekend 🙂

  3. People do go mental about the shops being closed for Easter & Christmas, don’t they?? I’d bet all the hot cross buns they sell tomorrow that a lot of the stuff people rush to stock up on won’t even get eaten.
    Do you know in my family we have NEVER gotten together for an Easter celebration. Never once in my almost 47 years.
    Roast pork for one?

  4. Your table decorations are stunning. Easter Sunday dinner is at my house this year, so I will be ploughing through your recipes tonight before I hit the shops tomorrow as well. Happy Easter to you and your gorgeous family Beth xx

  5. You might bump into me tomorrow and as of now ..11.36 pm, I don’t have a clue what I’m cooking!!!.., lovely photos Beth xx

  6. We’re having people around on Sunday for lunch. Shops are closed here in Sundays anyway, nothing unusual, normal in Deutschland. I had a look at meat today. Beef and lamb for roasting are non-existent and the only pork comes from big factories. I’ve never seen pulled pork anywhere here, but pork knuckle is common. Nut roast anyone?

  7. it all looks gorgeous beth!
    a bit of table scaping will go on here!
    having a family seafood lunch here on sunday!
    there will be couch slothing on Monday!
    good luck with the fete!
    love m:)X

  8. Hoppy Easter to every bunny in your family… including the bun(ny) in the oven! x

  9. Your Easter table looks so nice! Here is a link to free place-cards and decorations for the table if you would like something new this year http://funkie.com.au/products/easter-freebee-1

    Your post about running with your daughter made me cry so hard I got the hiccups, and I’m not even pregnant hormonal 🙂 she is a lucky girl to have you as a Mum!


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