So that was Easter…

The last of the guests have left, the floors cleaned, rubbish picked up, excess food eaten and packed up and Easter done for another year. We had such a lovely weekend packed to the brim with time with my beautiful family and friends. We did not stop eating or drinking, chatting, laughing, sitting around and enjoying the pace that you only ever seem to achieve on an Easter long weekend.

Friday Rob and his Dad competed in the local Father son golf match while we all had a lovely slow afternoon in the sunshine and a delicious Good Friday dinner prepared by my brother in law. Saturday we had a huge day working on the village markets before collapsing into a heap Saturday night.ย I even got to serve Nicole Kidman at the Primary School cake stall! Yesterday we had a long, late and slow afternoon in the sunshine enjoying a delicious slow cooked lamb linner (you know when it’s lunch and dinner together?) before an early night. This morning everyone left while we ran around cleaning up the aftermath. I won’t need to eat or drink for a week. We are all absolutely exhausted. But my heart is filled with wonderful memories of special times with people that I love.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and if it’s still going…enjoy!

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  1. The Plumbette says

    Beautiful pictures and your deli platters have made me crave soft cheese!! So glad to hear you had a lovely Easter. We had a full on weekend with family and friends too. Your home is just beautiful Beth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How absolutely lovely. I reckon your family & friends left feeling mightily blessed by your hospitality Beth.

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Looks like a winning weekend Beth and the weather has been glorious beautiful pictures from your weekend ,thank you for sharing Beth!

  4. I call linner ‘lunner’ ๐Ÿ™‚ We too had a beautiful weekend. Love having guests. The effort is always worth it, don’t you think?

  5. Well, despite not living in the beautiful “our Nic” Highlands, and being 9 hours inland from Brisvegas, we managed to have fresh prawns and two crayfish for dinner on Fri night (gotta love Neville’s Seafood Van)……………..have mulched the garden like crazy people for the remainder, and went to a celebration of the one family being on the same property for 150 years!!!! Oh, you’re fire pit picture reminded me – we ordered a cracker of one from Good Wood Designs in Wagga…………….now – just to get it 11 hours north?!?!?

  6. Lisa Aherne says

    I loved this post and the inspiring photos. We started with my birthday on Good Friday and finished up with family roast night last night. A lovely time was had by all. That’s what it is all about, happy people getting together and having a happy time.

  7. Lovely! Ours was a garden affair as well. So much sunlight and love. x

  8. Beautiful Easter images – we headed up to Sydney for lots of time with the family and it was lovely and relaxing… Ate a little too much as always, but it was hidden this year by a growing baby bump ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Just beautiful! I felt ridiculously homesick yesterday, especially as Clint went off to work and I longed for some time just like you’ve mentioned above. Family, friends and laughs. Enjoy the rest of your hole. xx

  10. Driving back to Canberra I told hubby to divert and we had a great time at the markets on Saturday. So so so busy!!! Got myself a funky little necklace, the kids got a lucky dip and we had a ripper sausage sanga from the P&C.

    I was very excited to see you, and I was going to come and say hello and introduce myself but your very gorgeous Harper was mid foot stomp about having to leave the rides so I digressed… So been there done that! My own girls had one about 5 mins later about having to go home! We still had a 2 hour drive home to tackle after a big few days in Sydney. Lucky we left when we did, we saw a nasty crash on the news after we got home at sheepwash rd that we must have missed by minutes. That intersection is a nightmare!

    If I could move to your little village I would in a heartbeat!! There was a lovely house for sale that I saw while hiking up the hill from the car park that if money was no object, I would be in it right now!!! It had a studio! I could do my painting/craft/sewing without disruption!!! heaven!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That house is a cracker…can’t seem to sell it though. Glad you enjoyed the market – perfect weather and it all went well. Happy Easter!

  11. Kylie Gardner says

    Your photos get more and more beautiful every day. That dog, that sunshine, that sleepy guy! Captured so well ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I think Kevin Bacon may have had too much to drink! Happy Easter xT

  13. Looks idyllic Beth, just love it!

  14. Jo-Anne Lloyd says

    Lovely photos….gorgeous puppy dog, we have a Border Collie who is as mad as a cut snake, we got him from down your way. We had a great Easter with friends and a visit to Mudgee for the break, loads of food, wine and chocolate. Had a trip to the country races where the kids ran and played and thoroughly enjoyed being kids.
    Just curious as to where you got your fire pit from. We have been searching everywhere for one and am struggling to find something that I like……showed this one to hubby and he asked me to ask……

  15. i did have a wonderful time in a cosy cottage in the Yarra Valley. Good cheese, wine, and a fireplace was had by all! Well, except the kids who had oodles of easter eggs and strangely, said no to the wine.

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