Happy Easter friends!

I hope that right now you have a drink in hand, sleeping, happy children collapsed in bed either at home or away for a long weekend with friends or family. Easter is my very favourite holiday in the whole year – while we are always trapped here at home in the village for our big Easter market on Saturday (please come visit us!) I still love that the weekend has always bought family together to celebrate these magical autumn days filled with cold nights and warm days and the most impossibly beautiful light.

I have so many wonderful memories of Easter here over the past 7 years, in out home, in our village. These are the times that I cherish the very most.

A very Happy easter to you guys, stay safe. Enjoy a little break from the crazy start to the year and take the time to stop, look around, and see just how lucky we all are. I sure know I will be.

Enjoy x


  1. Wishing the Macdonald clan a very happy and memorable Easter, full of the things you love the most

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