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Crack out the footy franks…we are DONE with term 1 here! PRAISE SWEET BABY CHEESES WITH ALL HIS EASTER GOODNESS. Or something. I’ve just got home from the final assembly for the term, my tail between my legs with a completely exhausted and delirious kinder kid. The Easter Hat parade was her undoing in the end (both our undoing) and we just need a little moment to lick our wounds before the holidays can really begin. I just have to get through the next 2 more days and then we can relax. Baking galore tomorrow and set up for our Easter Market on Saturday and a house full of lovely family visitors then we will all collapse into some kind of Easter coma. As for my big girl, well she rounded off one of her best school terms ever with an award. Couldn’t be prouder of her efforts. I wonder if I will see Nicole Kidman again on Saturday? Remember my ridiculous performance with her last year?

It’s also officially Autumn in the village…look!


It’s a bit muggy at the moment, but we are expecting a blast of cool air at some stage tonight that’s bringing wintery weather with it. And showers. But fires! And perhaps even a jumper or scarf. Sweet as!

You know what else is sweet as? And PERFECT for your next winter getaway to the Highlands? This house called House by Them by the clever gals that run my favourite shop in the Highlands Made by Others. This is a holiday house like no other….filled to the brim with all the beautiful stuff they sell in their store as well as creations by local designers, artists and artisans like Laura Jones, Natalie Miller and many of the artists we had at the DnA Festival last year. Look!

320_1 320_21 320_22

Sleeps 6 from $350 daily and can be booked through Highland Holidays on their website here. If this isn’t the perfect place for a girls weekend away then I don’t even know how I am anymore. If you do come invite me over for a drink will you?

Did anyone else see this? Thank you to a couple of my readers who pointed it out to me.

Bake off

GBBO is coming to Australia! Matt Moran and Maggie Beer are going to host it…I just wish I was more of a baker as I would have a crack…anything to get nearer to my hero Maggie. Any of you guys any good? You should totally go for it!!

Now this kind of magical ice cream came to my attention this week:


You can read about this ice cream trend (we’re talking elastic sticky ice cream from the Levantine region) in this article and find out where you can get it. I mean really, I would stick my head into a tub of that and just go for it.

Went into Woolies today for the dreaded Easter shop (you know the one where everyone thinks the world is coming to an end because the shops are closed for one day except then they aren’t even really closed?). Yes, that one. Discovered a world of cheap flowers (heaps of tulips for next to nothing) and this sweet daffodil in this sweet little easter pot for $12! When I got to the checkout we realised that this one didn’t have a barcode on it, so we did the bell ring and inevitable wait, but because of pre-apocolyptic shopping in the air the manager was “not bovvered” and said, “Just give it to her!” SO THEY JUST GAVE IT TO ME. When does that ever happen? Stoked!


Sent this to my mate Mrs Munro last night:


We are both currently OBSESSED with Gogglebox, and specifically the hilarious Greek girls on Gogglebox. How good is that show? It’s one of the best things I have seen in some time…completely brilliant and I won’t hear anything else about it OK? Yes, I’m talking to you little sister Lucy. And I also can’t stop calling everyone a Malaka.

Make sure you catch up on any Easter entertaining ideas in this post that I put up yesterday. Chockers with food and decorating ideas, or just a sticky beak into the past few years and what we have got up to.


So friends, may your Easter platters be plentiful. May your champagne glass be constantly filled and cold. May your fires keep you warm, or your air cons keep you cool (you poor buggers in QLD never seem to catch a break). May the 4am wakeup on Easter Sunday morning thanks to daylight savings be a little brighter with the prospect of chocolate and hot cross buns for breakfast. May your camping be dry, your children not too feral and your partner considerate and kind. May you be safe, share special times with friends, family and loved ones and may you get at least 43 minutes to yourself, somehow, somewhere to just BE.

Do you love the look of House by Them or WHAT?!
Autumn hit your neck of the woods yet?
Loving Gogglebox too? Seen anything else we should be watching this long weekend?

Happy Easter friends!


  1. Oh have the loveliest of Easter weekends! We have guests from Oz coming to stay and had lots of plans but the nastiest sand storm I’ve seen has just blown in and everything is glowing yellow, especially my balcony which I just cleaned yesterday in preparation for a BBQ.

    We get that ice cream over here (obviously) and it’s super delicious. There’s one shop in Dubai Mall where you can watch them pound it with a big stick as they make it and they often dole out samples, so you’ll find my kids watching and waiting patiently for a taste.

    It’s our 10th wedding anni today, so a friend is minding the kids and the hubs and I are having the first time alone since Christmas. Champagne will be cracked!

    I hope you get to put your feet up and enjoy some chocolate and hot cross bun goodness. xx

  2. I can’t stop saying malaka either! They crack me up!!!

    Are you onto Vikings? If not GET ON IT! Lead guy is beyond good looking, like illegally HAWT! But the storyline is great & the scenery to die for.

    Have a great weekend Beth x

  3. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family Beth.
    And Gogglebox …..
    I’m addicted xx

  4. Gogglebox is a the best! I’m making your slow roasted pork belly again this Easter, it was such a hit last time! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

  5. all good thankyou beth!
    winning hun with those daffodils!
    have a very happy easter and don’t over do it at the fete!
    you might have to sit sometimes! … funny story about Nicole last year!
    lol m:)X

  6. Off camping in the Expanda tomorrow. Kids both back from school camps. Waiting for the 13 year old to slam a few doors in true teenage girl fashion – so far so good. Hope you have a fab Easter too Beth xx

  7. Oh bless that was such a sweet message, especially the part about kids not being too feral and the air cons keeping us cool – so humid up here. Happy Easter Beth, enjoy being a family of 4 at Easter for the last time EVER!

  8. Have a lovely Easter Beth – no packed lunches, no alarms, no school runs, no pressure. Best of luck for the upcoming arrival. x

  9. I LOVE Gogglebox ! I love it that much, I tape it and watch it several times. I had to look up what a malaka was…. Too many funny bits to mention them all, but I won’t look at a New Zealander the same again lol. Happy Easter to you and your family x

  10. Happy Easter & thanks for the giggle – love reading your posts! I’ll be making your fab Fat Mole Salad to take to the family Easter Sunday gathering – delish!! I hope you also manage to find 43 minutes to yourself these holidays. My 43 mins will consist of me lounging on the day bed with my new book & a glass of bubbles & some salty snacks nearby. Giddy up!! Xx

  11. Aren’t you just about to have a baby?! Slow down Beth, sit on one of those gorgeous couches and relax!
    Easter hasn’t started well for us I have to say-my Maggie (named after the Maggie – and would you believe we gave her the second name Simone – Rob couldn’t help himself), needed to be picked up early from care after vomiting up her Easter egg after their hunt. Hasn’t kept much down since! Uh oh, hoping we don’t all come down with it tomorrow!

    • Oh I hope that didn’t hit you all Marian!

      • Wouldn’t believe it – thought we’d missed out as nobody else was unwell. So travelled up North (tas) for a family lunch – the best sort of feast: gravlax,cheese, roast pork, salmon, three desserts- I became suddenly nauseous between entree and main- and couldn’t eat anything! Spent the whole afternoon feeling rotten before taking a spew in my sister in law’s garden just as everyone was leaving! Much embarrassment and I missed out on the food and wine! The joys of 2 year olds!

  12. Apparently I’m related to the Kidd family on Gogglebox – did you know the malaka that is the eldest son of the family is a bus driver who is fluent in Russian & Mandarin! And make sure you don’t push yourself too much this weekend, you don’t want your egg hatching too early …

  13. Happy Easter my friend xx

  14. OK, so I may have left a bag full of groceries in the fridge at home (eggs, bacon, cheeses, dips, salad stuff)… but I did an emergency dash to the local supermarket and I am now curled up on the couch of our beachside holiday house with a glass of wine in hand. Happy Easter to you and yours, my friend. x

  15. I love Maggie Beer! That is all. Not really, have a fabulous Easter long weekend!

  16. Debs Sutton says

    Happy Easter to you all too Beth! I too have been baking like crazy, lemon drizzle cakes, hot cross buns & first ever simnel cake which looks LUSH!!
    Enjoy the holidays my lovely…toasting you with elderflower gin & tonic.xx

  17. Disappointed that Season two of The Great Australian Bake Off is on Foxtel. I guess the first season didn’t rate well on nine. How will I watch it now?

    I’ve yet to try Gogglebox. I don’t have to time to watch the TV I want to watch let alone watch other people watching TV. I just know that I’d probably love it so would have to fit into my schedule somehow. Staying away.

    • Me too! Loved season one of the Aussie version -and thought the judges and hosts were great (Shane Jacobsen and Anna Gare are no Mel and Sue, but still fab). The cookbook from that series is awesome too-everything I have made so far looks like the picture in the book. Bring it back to free TV!!

    • Good idea Jess x

  18. With all this frenetic activity from you I’m thinking the arrival of your bump is getting close

  19. supernashwan says

    I do love the look of House by Them. But Weekends start from $450pn plus a $50 booking fee. Starts getting a bit out of my price range!

  20. I can’t wait for the Bake Off either! Matt and Maggie – just like the chocolate named after them, M&Ms, I think that show is going to be all kinds of delicious! That house looks divine, I wonder if they could also make a smaller more bijou version, like a little love nest for a romantic getaway. Anyways, hope everybunny at Chateau Mac has a cracking Feaster full of all good things. x

  21. OH FUCK BETH! You have made my day. I freakin love Gogglebox too. Like I literally love all the people on it. The family with the two daughters. Oh my big love. And the gay guys? I want them to buy the house next door and be my neighbours. Keith and his wife, I cry laughing with them. And the two young guys, and the older couple? I forget names, but I love them all <3 <3 <3 Sorry not to comment on anything else, but I'm just chuffed to bits you love the goggle!

  22. Ha, Malaka – now that takes me straight back to the second language of Paddo Public in the 70s!! We watched gogglebox when we were winter holidaying in the UK, must work out when it’s on here!

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