Just call me Bev: Tuna chimichurri & chips

We don’t eat nearly enough fish round here. Mostly because it’s hard to find it, but to be honest I’m quite intimidated by cooking fish, which is ridiculous, because it really is so simple. And quick! Last Friday night I cooked some salmon in a one pot roasting pan that I’ll share with you next time I cook it, but last night Rob whipped up a cracker! I know you guys will love this – amazing, punchy flavours, dead easy and quick. And HIGH show pony factor. And it might even be good for you! I know! Unheard of. I also picked up the tuna steaks from Harris Farm who now have them available – they were quite good.Tuna chimichurri & Chips
: 2 tuna steaks
: PotatoesChimichurri sauce
: red chili’s (to taste – we used half seeds removed)
: bunch flat leaf parsley
: garlic  (to taste – we used 2)
: dry chili flakes
: dry oregano
: lemon juice (we used one)
: red wine vinegar (we used a glug)
: olive oil (we used a god glug)

: you can make the chimichurri a few hours out (at minimum) but you can make it days before hand to really enhance the flavours
: finely chop the parsley and whack in a bowl

: Finely chop the garlic (you could grate using a micro plane for a finer result if you wanted)

: finely chop the chili, add the dried flakes too, the oregano, lemon juice, vinegar and finally the oil. Taste as you go – if it’s too vinegary add some more lemon juice.  It doesn’t matter if the end result is quite thick after a few hours of sitting it will all break down.

: this is what it looked like to when he was done

: and see about 2 hours later it looks a little thinner?

: simply season your tuna steaks with some salt and pepper

: and whack into a hot pan with a little oil. Cook for a couple of minutes each side – we like our tuna to be seared on the outside and still pink inside

: serve with some oven roasted chips (Rob marinates his potato wedges for an hour before cooking in some lemon juice, garlic, dried oregano and salt & pepper. He then cooks then for 45 mins at 180 degrees covered in foil and 45 mins uncovered to crisp up. A little splash of oil in the roasting pan AND a few knobs of butter.)

: spoon the chimichurri over it’s back. At this point it’s perfectly acceptable to start to sing “Boom chicka wow wooooow” I mean LOOK AT IT.

: and enjoy! It’s quite delicious!

: you could use the chimichurri sauce over most meats – I think it would be fabulous over lamb or beef, as a lighter option than Jus or Bearnaise. Healthier too!

He’s not bad is he?


  1. SHIT YES. Cheers Roberto

  2. Wow!

    I am pretty sure last time Daddy R cooked for me I got toast.
    Daddy R is actually quite a good cook…he just doesn’t like to do it much.
    Good thing he doesn’t mind doing the dishes!

  3. Not bad at all!

  4. God that looks good! Will definitely be trying this x

  5. Yum! At home we cooked fish twice a week as we had a brilliant fish shop two minutes away. I’ve been a bit unsure about the fish here, so haven’t cooked any, but now I’m inspired!

  6. Look like a restaurant quality meal. Hat’s off to you Rob!

  7. Looks absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to try this recipe. The family will love it and we also don’t eat enough fish

  8. You should marry that man ….ha you did !! xo

  9. Yum. Bravo.

  10. that looks delicious! I think we might need your husband’s chip recipe – they look awesome too!

  11. I’m liking what Rob’s done with the chips – they look delish – might give them a try with a garlicky, lemony roast cook! Thanks for the recipe ..

  12. Have just stumbled onto your blog and love it. So much so, I’ve nominated you for a blog award. Congrats 🙂
    PS That meal looks delicious. Am drooling….

  13. Yum. Will have to pin this for later I think. x

  14. Well done Rob. Well done. **Tips hat**

  15. Just replicated your Rob’s chip recipe and sprinkled w pistachio dukkah just because. Fabulous chips – everyone hoovered them up. Am loving your Monday meal ideas, BabyMac!


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