Comfort food: Mushrooms on toast

Comfort food is called for at the moment. It just is. The weather has turned properly cold, and in my little fragile state simple,easy food that tastes delicious is essential. Today’s lunch was an easy choice. There was a bag of mushrooms from our last organic veggie delivery and seeing as NO ONE in my family can eat them, they belong to me. I also had a huge bunch of freshly cut herbs from my sister’s garden yesterday. Throw some butter into the mix and you have a match made in heaven.

Mushrooms on toast
Handful of mushrooms (any kind)
Bunch of herbs (I had Mexican tarragon and thyme to use but any would do)
Decent wedge butter
Dash of cream (comfort food isn’t meant to be healthy)
Lashings of salt & pepper

Roughly chop the mushies, and rip the herb leaves from the stem. Preheat frying pan with decent slice of butter and wait until sizzling then throw mushrooms and herbs in. Fry off until browned then add a wee splash of cream. Season with salt & pepper and serve instantly on hot, toasted bread.

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Comfort food to me is delicious home made food. While your brain might be telling you its hot chips and junk, you actually want things that TASTE like something. The sound and smell of butter or oil and garlic in a pan will make you feel better too. Don’t know why, it just does. Feels like you are actually doing something worthwhile, if  you know what I mean?

What’s your ultimate comfort food for a fragile mind and heart?


  1. Fi @ My Mummy Daze says

    Nommmm!! I tried to make mushrooms on toast without butter a couple of weeks ago. Fail! The unhealthier, the better!! Fi xx

    • Without butter you say? Well there’s your mistake. NASTY. Was it all watery and nasty? BUTTER FIONA, makes everything better. (yes all those caps were required).

  2. Cake… I love to whipp up the fudgiest of fudgiest chocolate cake and eat it warm with vanilla ice cream… In my comfy clothes under a doona on the lounge

  3. Chocolate. Unfortunately.

  4. daddownunder says

    The common theme is that it tends to involve melted cheese. Your mushies look lush (English for yummo)

  5. Kim Moussa says

    I love mushrooms and yes, I have the same lovely dilemma as my kids won’t touch it. I must say apple pie and ice cream is my comfort food. I also love a creamy boscaiola every now and again.

    • What I would give for some hot PIE. Any pie! Cold pie too! You know the cheap, frozen ones? Well a cooked apricot one of those, then left over in the fridge overnight. I AM DONE. Yum!

  6. What_Sarah_Did_Next says

    OMG, I adore mushrooms. Raw, cooked, sautéed in butter, any way they come, I WILL EAT THEM ALL. Food of the Gods. Of course, now I’ve looked at those pictures I’d murder a plate of them!

    Oh, and my own favourite comfort food would have to be my cauliflower cheese topped with crispy bacon. Dee-lish!

  7. Oh I love this. A cafe I worked in ten years ago had a similar thing on the menu and it quickly turned into a home made comfort thing for me too. Mushrooms on toast with butter and cream, ESPECIALLY when there is tarragon involved is the best thing ever. Since I have not eaten anything but the odd scrambled egg, mashed banana or jelly since last Thursday (wisdom teeth removal) this post is making me VERY hungry. It’s going on my meal wish list (extensive) for when I am well again. x

  8. Prue Gilfillan says

    Oh god, mine is a huge (like, so obscenely large I hope no one sees me eating it) bowl of spaghetti with a big teaspoon of tomato paste and about a cup of melted tasty cheese stirred through. Yep, there’s that cheese element again! It’s plain and unsophisticated, but for me there’s nothing better than sitting down along with my tomato spaghetti and ideally a whole season of Real Housewives to watch. Alone.

  9. Perfection. That’s exactly the kind of simple, deliciousness I was thinking of.

  10. I am very generous with my butter. I have quite the penchant for it!

  11. MotherDownUnder says

    You forgot to butter the toast!

    Really excellent fresh bread toasted with lashings of butter or smeared with olive oil and salt and pepper and maybe a bit of parmesan…my mouth is watering…carbs are my comfort.

  12. ahoy.jenni says

    Same problem in my family, I am the only one who eats mushrooms. Hubby hates them.
    Funny though he was in supermarket with daughter 9 yo and she put some mushrooms in a bag and said ‘mummy’ (think I told you my girl has Down syndrome so she doesn’t speak very well but she doesn’t miss a thing) and so I now have mushrooms in my fridge and I will cook them in butter and herbs any day now! I will even break out and eat bread too! A good Turkish from our local bakery. And I will top it off by streaming season 5 Big Love while sitting in bed. Great in theory but the mushrooms will probably be past it by the time I get around to it…LOL.

  13. Carly Findlay says

    Mine is mac and cheese made with bechamel sauce, feta, roast tomatoes and spinach, baked in oven.
    Are you ok?

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I agree,like soup on a winters night,I like to make chicken soup and with the new recipe for bread you put me onto they will go nicely together.I am not a fan of Mushrooms,i like them raw in a salad!!! but my husband and son love them so I will remember this recipe for them.I love asparagus and cheese on toast as a comfort lunch and Like you no one else likes asparagus so they are all MINE 😉

  15. Luisa Munoz says

    Love this – I actually made this after you initially posted it. When I was pregnant with my second I basically had these ingredients with zucchini, bacon and chilli – add cream and fresh pappardelle pasta. Oh my fudge. I ate this every day in my last trimester. XX

  16. thegingerfox says

    This looks delish!! Mushrooms, spinach and butter with a fried egg on sour dough mmmmmmm… Beth I’d love to know what sort of frypan/saucepans you use?

    • I have a real mismatch collection. I have a frypan which I think I either got from the supermarket or sowmehere equally as fancy and most of my saucepans and pots are Le cruesset or scan pan.


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