The fussy breakfast eater: Apple Pikelets

I have one kid who would happily eat two eggs on toast, some fruit and yoghurt and then something else if it was on offer for breakfast every single morning and one kid who doesn’t want to eat a thing. I kind of get the second one, sometimes you don’t feel like eating anything for breakfast but as we all know, that’s no way to start the day and have the energy and focus that you need for a day of work/school/preschool. These pikelets are quick and easy to eat, fill up a little person’s tummy before heading off to Preschool. I once saw Jamie Oliver whack in some grated apple into the mix and it works a treat to sweeten up the mix and give it a bit more substance. This isn’t an everyday thing, but an every now and then thing that works for our fussy breakfast eater.


Apple Pikelets

1 cup SR flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
1 cup grated apple

1. Throw the flour, egg and milk into a bowl and give it a good whisk until smooth


2. Peel and grate the apple and throw into the mix

IMG_7406 IMG_7410

3. Spoon into a hot buttered pan and cook for a minute or so each side until golden brown

IMG_7413 IMG_7416 IMG_7418

4. Serve up as they are (you could add a little butter or honey if you wanted) we go plain

IMG_7421 IMG_7425

[gmc_recipe 7406]

Is breakfast a battle for you or any of yours?
Got any ideas that work?


  1. Yum! Never mind the kids, I want these for breakfast! Maybe with a dollop of cinnamon honey yoghurt from Harris Farm. My preschooler is a pain. We’re doing a tub of yoghurt and a fruit muffin this week but it changes regularly. I wish he was a plain old weetbix kid…breakfast drives me crazy some days. Might give the apple pancakes a go when the fruit muffin loses its appeal. Thanks!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I wish I had a weetbix kid too…I wonder where we went wrong?! Good luck and enjoy…I feel your pain!

    • WeetBix are messy and crusty and get everywhere – I give them to Otis when I can’t face anything else, but much prefer pancakes (2 eggs, 1 mashed banana, 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup yoghurt, whizz with a stick mixer and pan fry in a bit if coconut oil), French toast, hot cross buns, crumpets, corn fritters – anything but weetbix! They are quick to serve but such a pain to clean up, I often wish I’d made something else!

  2. Cate Brickell says

    Apple pancakes are a favourite here, too. We add a teaspoon of cinnamon, and I’m thinking about introducing a dollop of yoghurt next time, just for variety.

  3. Archie Lane says

    I have four ranging from 17 – 13 and each of them are different with eating. My eldest is going through her ‘I am vegan for the next three months’ crusade, my son will eat anything he can get his hands on (god bless him), my third one is following her sister and attempting to save the planet one plate at a time and my last boys face starts to contort in a weird way if he is faced with cereal or god forbid a sandwich for lunch!

    But to their often disgust I have taken the rule ‘if you don’t eat when its served you go hungry’. Funny how they start to eat anything after a few mornings or nights of nothing and also funny how by the time you get to number 4 child if they eat great and if not oh well. Last week I said to my youngest son ‘you know if you lived in a third world country you wouldn’t contort your face at the food you are fed in this house’ and then I stopped in my tracks and thought ‘holy shit I am my mother’ and quickly moved on.

    Pikelets on the other hand are a classic that really never fail multiple days in a row or not.

    • Yvonne Duke says

      That’s so true about when you get to number 4 child ! I have 4 aged 12-20 and if they don’t like what I serve then that’s it !!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      We all turn into our mothers at some stage…it’s only a matter of time. How lucky are our daughters?!!

  4. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    They are a fave here for pancake Sunday at our house. Exact same recipe too. Sometimes we use half yoghurt half milk for the wet mix. Makes them even more filling I find

  5. Ohhh mannn, I haven’t had a pikelet in ages! Looks like some weekend homework is in order. I actually love to have breakfast for dinner when I’m on my own. My fave is 2 scrambled eggs on toast served with a cup of strong tea.

  6. Jo-Anne Lloyd says

    My wee ones are dreadful breakfast eaters…..half a slice of toast and one of those squeezy yoghurt things. I will definitely try these….I’m sure I could feed them to them at night too….as they are wee bastards to feed at night as well!!!!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Good luck – they are delicious and so easy to make. Getting kids to help cook always makes them eat more I reckon.

      • Jo-Anne Lloyd says

        You’re right there….got them helping to make your tortillas over the weekend and we had a small win.

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I don’t lie breakfast so I can understand but these look yum,I hope she enjoys them Beth!

  8. I have 2 girls who could compete in the Breakfast Olympics, my eldest smashes 3 Weetbix, a bowl of muesli and 2 pieces of toast every single morning (we won’t talk about the other meals, I guess she’s still full from breakfast!), but I’m going to roll these out this arvo after a couple of hours in the pool and they’re ‘starving!’.

  9. These yoghurt pancakes are the bomb!
    I add a cup of frozen blueberries. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I feel like I’m working in a Bondi cafe most mornings with the different breakfast requests. This is our go-to midweek pancake recipe except I mash in a banana – and the 6-year-old can practically make them herself now! I’ll try with apple this week.

  11. Margaret Elvis says

    Oh yum! Makes our simple cereal, yoghurt and fruit breakfast seem rather dull.

  12. Thanks for sharing this recipe Beth. Made them this morning and the kids (and I) loved them. A nice change from our normal fruit and yoghurt routine and so quick and easy to make.

  13. Beth, do you think you could make the batter the night before? Maybe just grate in the apple at the last minute?

    • Defnitely…the leaving it overnight will make it better! Just chuck the fruit in at the end. I made a batch of this with bananas for breakfast and then set it aside in the fridge for 6 or so hours and it was perfect…nice and thick.


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