Easter lunch: slow cooked lamb

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An Easter tradition for our family is a long lunch on Easter Sunday. Long after the chocolate hunts are over there is time for everyone to sit around and enjoy something delicious for lunch before heading off for a long afternoon walk in the crisp autumn afternoon and then head to the fire to spend the evening eating leftovers and more chocolate. Of course.

The one thing that stays the same each year on the menu is lamb. Now while our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating all things spring and that includes spring lamb, I still always try and make it the centre of my Easter lunch menu. While fresh, pink lamb says spring to me, when we are in the cooler start of autumn, it means lamb that is seasoned, heavy in spices and flavour and cooked long and slow.

This simple butterflied lamb recipe is something you can pick up at the supermarket while doing all the regular shopping for the long weekend – the flavour of the macro organic lamb is the best you can get in the supermarket and the combination of slow cooking and spices means that you can concentrate on time with your family while having something delicious to eat at lunch.


Slow roasted Easter Lamb

1 kilo butterflied lamb
4 sprigs rosemary (leaves stripped)
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 tablespoon ground coriander
1 tablespoon cumin
1 teaspoon mixed spice
4 tablespoons olive oil
Salt & Pepper

1. Into a bowl place the stripped rosemary leaves, crushed garlic, spices, olive oil and a good amount of salt and pepper and mix together


2. Take a large piece of aluminium foil and a piece of baking paper and place the baking paper inside the foil. Place the lamb onto the baking paper and pour on the oil spice mix

IMG_7462 IMG_7463

3. Wrap the foil loosely around the lamb and place into a baking tray. Place into a 150 degree oven for 4 hours


5. During the cooking you could open the foil and add a splash of white wine or chicken stock to the lamb to keep it moist

6. After 4 hours take the lamb out and let it rest for 15 minutes or so in the pan


7. Take the lamb out of the parcel and shred – it should just fall apart


8. Place onto a serving platter and pour over any cooking juices. Add a large dollop of natural greek yoghurt on top and sprinkle with a good handful of torn mint leaves. Some pomegranate seeds or some kind of nut would be a nice contrast as well to add on top. Add some extra salt and pepper on top for seasoning as well as a good squeeze of lemon juice to cut through all those meaty flavours

IMG_7513 IMG_7522

Serve with some roast potatoes and some simple salads – something like an ancient grain salad with freekah and quinoa or you could add into wraps with a greek salad…the slow cooking keeps a delicious crispy outside with sweet, soft, fragant meat inside.

[gmc_recipe 7544]

The Woolworths Macro organic lamb is only available in 203 stores across QLD & NSW only (for a list of stores please contact me and I can send them through).

Do you have an Easter lunch favourite?
Does lamb feature on the menu?


  1. Cybele @ BlahBlah says

    Seriously yum. I need to eat this right. now. And thank you for reminding me slow cooked season is here. Giddy up (er, slowly) x

  2. Yum. I did a slow cooked lamb shoulder a couple of weeks ago for friend’s birthday lunch and it was fab. I have a lamb leg in the freezer I might have to do on Sunday, but it will be for dinner rather than lunch as it’s an ordinary work/school day in our part of the world. Have a fabulous Easter, my dear. xx

  3. Just one word: YUM!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family Beth and enjoy your lamb xx

  5. Life Living says

    Looks absolutely delicious! We enjoy lamb here on Easter Sunday as well. The best part of Easter for me 🙂 Happy Easter to you xx

  6. D E L I C I O U S. Can I come to yours for Easter Sunday. Happy Easter Beth. x

  7. Oh. YUM! I love a good roast lamb and this looks incredible. Thanks for sharing another cracker of a recipe.

  8. Kelly Smith says

    This is in the oven now for Easter dinner, thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Love the recipe – I’m cooking it for dinner for friends tomorrow night. Can you tell me if I need to trim all the fat off the lamb or will it be ok with a layer of fat? If so, should I spread the rub on the fatty side or the other side? Sorry for all the questions!!

    • babymacbeth says

      The fat can be left on…helps with the flavour and turns all delicious and gelatinous…as for the marinade whack it all over…it’s cooked so slowly it won’t matter what side it’s on. Good luck and enjoy!

  10. Hi,

    are you able to cook this in a slow cooker instead of an oven? if so, how long for and would you put the slow cooker on high or low?

    • I imagine you could…but I don’t even have a slow cooker so would be unsure of the times I’m afraid. I hope google can be more helpful!!

  11. Hi there – I’ve just made this as a practice run for Saturday night dinner – and thank goodness as it’s come out dry and pretty awful (lovely flavour though!). It’s a good quality piece of meat – about 800g so I took it out after 3 hours 30. Any thoughts on what to do? Is 150 too hot? It was not on fan bake either. So I’m not sure if I should be cooking longer on lower temp or cooking shorter on 150. Thanks, Tara

    • Did you have any liquid in the bottom of the pan? Maybe make sure you have some more of that – use white wine or chicken stock and make sure that it is well covered so that it doesn’t dry out. I did it on the weekend following this (making sure it was well covered) and cooked it for almost 7 hours and it was OK. Good luck!

  12. Amy McCarthy says

    Hi BabyMac,

    This recipe has become a staple in the house over the past year. Any special occasion and this is the ‘go to’. We all love it so much, it’s going to make a special appearance on Christmas day.

    Thanks for sharing, it’s made me feel like a fantastic home cook!

  13. Alyssa Wright says

    I love this recipe!! It works so well every time.


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