Best of BabyMac 2015: My picks, your picks

Here we are almost at the very end of the year. I’m where I always am at this time of the year (well for the past 12 years I think bar one when we were in Paris) at the farm spending long, lazy days unwinding from a busy year and restoring some peace and quiet and rest for the year to come.

I do love a good recap episode, and I love the time it takes me to trawl through the year that has been remembering all the things I have done and seen and be too and been through. Let’s take a look at the year in numbers:

Number of posts written: 326
Number of sponsored posts written: 16 (that’s just 5% of the total for the year)
Number of giveaways: 16
Number of dollars of goods given away on the blog this year: 5044
Number of One things completed: 24
Number of recipes blogged: 28
Number of countries visited: 3
Number of babies delivered: 1
Number of years blogging ticked over: 9

I thought I’d share with you my favourite posts for the year: a mixture of emo, baby related stuff, ones that just contain images, some recipes, some silly ones a real mixed grill…

My picks


January: A case of the wandering, vulnerable mind



The School drop off Blues



Shit they don’t tell you in the Baby Books



Autumn in the Village



Maggie’s Birth Story Parts 1, 2 & 3



Retro Goodness



How to pattern clash bed linen



Will travel for custard tarts & hugs



Tea with Mrs C



Travelling overseas with small kids



On Disappointment



MaccaChef The Christmas Bake off

And I was interested to see that some of the most popular for the year were a cross over too. I guess that’s what people get from my blog, a little this, a little that…

Your Picks (top 10 post for the year)

10. Sunday arvo baking session: lemonade scones
9. Getting more without any extra effort
8. When time stops: the first few days
7. Maccachef
6. Shit they don’t tell you in Baby Books
5. The story of Maggie’s Birth Day (business time)
4. The story of Maggie’s Birth Day (the background)
3. Amelia
2. Easter Lunch: slow cooked lamb
1. And then…

I’m still collecting my thoughts on the year that was, and the year that is coming, but I did want to thank all you guys for coming over here through the year, whether it’s for a recipe, a look at Maggie, a laugh at the Preggo or Baby Files, a trip to Italy with us, a refection on an emo post or just to look at some pretty pictures thank YOU. For all your lovely comments and friendships and support and well, just for sticking around. It’s quite the community of good people here and there’s not one day that I don’t thank my lucky stars for blogging, and everything it has given me this year, and every year before now.

Here’s to another big year ahead in 2016 here at BabyMac!

Anything you’d like to see more of in the new year?
Anything you haven’t seen before that you might like a look at?
Got a favourite post that didn’t make the list?


  1. Rowena / Vintagenobility says

    Got me tearing up Beth!
    Happy memories of an incredible year for us both! Blessed with our beautiful baby girls! You’ve been a Spirit sister throughout and I thank you with all my heart for sharing, for caring, for reminding me of all the simple wonders and joys and feelings that we share are all good and normal and valid!

    Enjoy the books, the farm the countryside and the family as you relax out of 2015 and into 2016!
    I look forward (can’t wait) for another year of new adventures, stories and thoughts to be shared as we get wiser to life and all that comes at us!
    Much Love from our family to You n yours! ❤️
    xxx Rowena

  2. Don’t think I missed one post of yours this year Beth. Though I think I was the last reader on earth to discover your pod cast of Over The Back Fence…..I have since been listening to them from episode one.
    May 2016 bring you and your family a year of love, peace and happiness . I look forward to reading more from Babymac xx

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    What a wonderful year you’ve had Beth,love the photos,may 2016 be as wonderful Xx

  4. Hope you have a wonderful 2016!

  5. How about a sponsored post by a fab homewares company where you fly to a lucky reader’s house (Wow… oh, who me? ME? Really? Thank you so much. Okay, how’s two weeks from Tuesday?) and give my bed a cosy, welcome home lover, pattern clashing makeover to end all makeovers?!
    And just keep doing everything you do Beth, I love your blog and the window you allow us into your life and your point of view on everything from fresh flowers to trusting your instincts.

  6. I too am I daily reader! Love your posts…and love sitting with my cuppa reading your daily post after the kids have trotted out the door for school 🙂
    I would love to hear more podcasts!! Happy New Year xx

  7. Finally had a chance to sit down & read back over these after having seen this one this morning. Loved going back over the posts of when Maggie was born. “The school drop off blues” reminded me of my youngest sister. We have an impressive age gap so I was in my late teens, with my drivers license, when my littlest sister was preschool age. She was not a fan of being dropped off at all & occasionally when mum needed a break from the drama of it she would ask me to do drop off. I still, more than 25 years later, vividly remember the teacher peeling her little arms & legs off of me as she sobbed. As I got into my car she had always escaped from the teacher & would be standing, looking through the fence, at me driving away. Absolutely heartbreaking & I wasn’t even her mum ! She was fine once she was there, it was just the drop off. I was so glad that when I was a mum doing drop off I never had a crier so didn’t have go through it as the mum

  8. May 2016 be a fantabulous year for you and your loved ones! xx

  9. Thank YOU Beth, you’re a gem! Really what a year and we went along for the ride 🙂 Cheers to BabyMac for another fab year ahead! Oh I would love it if you and Neighbour could still work your magic and have a chat we can eavesdrop into that’d be fab! Liz X

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