And then…

SHE was here.

Babymac proof

Maggie Roslyn Macdonald arrived yesterday afternoon just before 4pm in the most beautiful way. She is a wee one…just 3.3kgs of pure perfection. It’s been a long few days but we got there in the end in the most amazing end to this pregnancy. The girls are beside themselves with their little sister and Rob and I are so happy we get the privilege of raising another girl in this world. Frank has no idea as yet.

A girl. Another girl. I can’t quite believe it. How lucky are we?


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, wishing your family all the best. Enjoy this special time.

  2. Congratulations Beth. Such a beautiful name! Enjoy every second x

  3. Squeeee! So happy for you all. Another gorgeous baby girl with a gorgeous name to match. You can never have too many girls! Congratulations and welcome to the new Baby Mac! xx

  4. congratilations to you all.
    Brings tears to my eyes.
    What wonderful news another sweet little girl Maggie Roslyn.
    Big kiss from raining Patagonia

  5. Congratulations to you all! It is raining girls at the moment. Welcome Maggie to this crazy world. xx

  6. Susannah Trigg says

    Congrats Beth and family!! Cute name. Hope you are settling into life as five 🙂 xx

  7. Victoria says

    Absolutely wonderfull news.Congratulations.Stay well.

  8. Wonderful news Beth, another gorgeous girl….how blessed are you. Congrats to you and Rob….so happy for you all. Welcome to this amazing world sweet Maggie.

  9. Oh congratulations, what wonderful news, welcome Maggie, what a blessing for you all.

  10. Ahhhhhhh, how sweet! Congratulations to all your wonderful family.

  11. Deb Fryer says

    Congratulations Beth, Rob, Daisy and Harper on the safe arrival of little Maggie. Can’t wait to her. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Congratulations. Lovely news and I love the name Maggie. Girls are great. I’ve got 4 ! Xx

  13. That pic is fantastic! So incredibly happy for you all. You are one lucky little girl Maggie McDonald. Big congrats.

  14. So thrilled for you all. You just made my weekend!!!!!

  15. Victoria Ashcroft says

    A beautiful baby girl with a beautiful name! Well done Beth! Much love & happiness from those of us in New Zealand xx

  16. 🙂 congratulations. A house full of girls is both magical and …… “The opposite of magical”! Xo

  17. Congratulations to you all! Big welcome to the world Maggie from New Zealand, xxx

  18. Oh congrats, how precious, enjoy these beautiful early days xx

  19. Such beautiful news Beth. Congratulations xxxx

  20. Well done, fantastic news, with love and best wishes from Britain xx

  21. Congratulations to you all! xx

  22. Congratulations, lovely news xx

  23. Congratulations Beth and welcome to the world baby Maggie (love her name!). Another girl to love – how precious 🙂 Bet Rob, Harper & Daisy are just smitten!!
    Enjoy all those newborn snuggles!! Can’t wait to see a pic 🙂 xx

  24. Jane Hely says

    How lovely for you all! Lucky Maggie! Congratulations. Xxx

  25. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Congratulations! Beautiful news! xx

  26. michelle says

    How wonderful , three little girls!

  27. congratulations and well done beth! … and rob!
    a gorgeous girl! … perfect!
    all very best wishes!
    I love an M name with Mc! … love M:)X

  28. Overjoyed for you all. Congrats Beth and welcome to the world baby Maggie!

  29. yay!!!! Congratulations lovely on little Maggie! So excited for you all x

  30. Congratulations Beth and family ! Welcome Maggie… On my birthday also 🙂 just lovely

  31. Congratulations!!!!! Such wonderful news and what a beautiful name. Much love to you and your tribe xx

  32. Congratulations!!! What wonderful news to wake up to. Maggie is such a gorgeous name, enjoy your precious little bundle.

  33. Karen Leschnik says

    Congratulations! Welcome to the world little Maggie! What wonderful news to wake up to this morning.

  34. Jade @ thyme and me says

    Huge congratulations Beth! How incredibly exciting. I hope today brings you lots of cuddles, lots of milk and some sleep too!

  35. That’s fantastic!! Congrats I have enjoyed the journey, so far and can’t wait to see her xoxoxo

  36. congratulations BabyMac brood! Welcome little Maggie, beautiful name. Maggie shears that same birthday as my little sister who is a top chick so I can only imagine how wonderful Maggie will be. Enjoy x

  37. Waking up to such exciting new!!
    Congratulations Beth & Rob,
    Harper n Daisy – a beautiful baby girl!
    Welcome to the world Miss Maggie (lovely name). Oh gosh I even woke up hubs just now – as all afternoon yesterday I was stalking urrrmm pacing back n forth from IG to Facebook looking for news!!
    Beth you are my muse through my pregnancy and I look forward to the inspiration as you and your family embark on your 3rd baby adventure through life!
    Thank you for sharing your navigation with us throughout the pregnancy!
    I hope you are bouncing back and soaking in the joy and beauty of your newborn and all the ooohs and aaawwws of your little family as you get to know Maggie. Can’t wait for the babyfiles to begin.
    Sending so much love n light to the Macdonald family – You did it!! xxx

    • Nice words Rowena. I was feeling the same way with anticipation this weekend. Beautiful name, beautiful family. Love that you can still call all your kids ‘the girls’.

  38. Congratulations! And ditto Rowena….I am 30 weeks pregnant and have loved every post from you Beth as you’ve grown this gorgeous girl. Enjoy these precious moments with your family and latest addition. 🙂 x

  39. Congratulations Beth, so excited for you all, Maggie has chosen her family well. What a privilege to raise three beautiful girls. X

  40. Congratulations. Great news.

  41. thelittleredhen says

    Aw. What great news to wake up to. Lovely name, totally cute announcement picture. Hope you are feeling well. Congratulations to your fabulous five☺️

  42. Josephine says

    Welcome Maggie! Such a delightful name! You must feel so relieved she’s finally here! I hope you manage to get some rest in the next few days and that Maggie takes well to the whole feeding malarkey. It’s funny, though we’ve never met I found myself thinking of you throughout the day yesterday!
    May the force be with you all for the next bit!

  43. Congratulations!! And what a beautiful name for your new little lady. So well done. Have yourself the best cuppa and toast this morning. There’s nothing better. Xxx

  44. Shazziebazzie says

    Congratulations to you all! A sweet healthy baby girl and mumma. How blessed you are. X

  45. Miss Maggie welcome to the world. Congratulations to you all, such a blessing and joy x

  46. oh what wonderful news to wake up To! Congrats to you all and welcome little maggie! Can’t wait to share her journey via your blog. Enjoy these precious first days/weeks. Xx

  47. Beautiful news Beth! So lovely to read this morning that your third & dear little daughter Maggie is here! Congratulations To you & Rob & gorgeous D & H.. She’s here! HAPPY birthday to Maggie!

  48. The most perfect birth announcement I have ever read. I can feel your joy in the words. Congratulations to all of you, what wonderful news!! xxx

  49. Oh, so wonderful! That picture really is just perfect! xx

  50. Still crying.

    Oh my goodness.

    So so so happy for you all.


  51. oh that is wonderful news! Three girls are wonderful! Enjoy the newborn goodness! I adore the name! We have a Maggie (well Magdalene but she gets called Maggie for short). Bless your gorgeous family! Xx

  52. yippee! That just made my day! What a lovely surprise to wake up to today! Congratulations! It’s been a wonderful ride you have so generously shared with us all. Xxx

  53. Kate would be proud! Congrats

  54. Yvonne Duke says

    Wonderful news !! Lovely name !! Well done x

  55. I’m absolutely thrilled for you guys. Congratulations and love to you all. xxx

  56. Congratulations! Welcome Baby Maggie!

  57. oh perfection! Enjoy the new born snuggles, squeaks and that smell! So thrilled for you, rest up Mumma you have done so well! xx

  58. Just wonderful! congratulations! I grew up in a family of three girls and it was mostly awesome then and pretty awesome now. My sisters are my best friends. Enjoy this special time. Xo

  59. Kristy Anderson says

    Congratulations to you all! Welcome to the world little Maggie, what a beautiful name! Blessings to you all xxxxx

  60. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Congratulations Beth, I’m sure that she will bring much joy. A family of five. Just wonderful news.

  61. can feel the happiness radiating off your post congratulations! Beautiful name!

  62. Congratulations and big hugs to you Beth, and your family. What a precious little gift. Exactly 2 weeks after Kate, I hear she is super proud.

  63. Oh yay! She’s here . Three girls – it’s good to have a specialty Love the name. As you may already know, I’m very partial to a Maggie.

  64. Welcome Miss Maggie , a very happy b’day to you . Such a blessed family !! Congrats to you , Rob and the gorgeous D &H …..a little sister to play with …..squee!!!

  65. Congratulations! What lovely news to wake up to this morning. Such a beautiful name and bet the girls are just brimming with excitement. Rob will have his hands full now with a full house of women! Wishing you a peaceful couple of days where you get lots of rest. xo

  66. Congratulations to you all. Fabulous news xo

  67. Oh congratulations, that is such awesome news!! I love her name too.
    Well done Beth! Enjoy your precious baby girl.

  68. Congratulations on the birth of Maggie, such a beautiful name. Glad to hear your dioing well. Xx

  69. Have been waiting for news since last night so first thing this morning had to check. Congratulations. And you actually have three girls and a boy (Frank!!! :)))

  70. aw little girls are wonderful! Congratulations and welcome to little Maggie. Beautiful news.

  71. Congratulations Beth. Well done. Hope everything is going well. Love the name. Maggie Mac.

  72. Congratulations, such a wonderful thing to have three lovely children.

  73. Congratulations!!!!!!! Wonderful news

  74. Congratulations to you all. I’m thrilled to hear that it all went well and that darling Maggie is here safe and sound. Wishing you all the best as you settle into your new life together. Xxx

  75. Sooooo very HAPPY for you all! I too have been waiting by the sidelines for this wonderful, joyous news! Beautiful name, welcome to the world and welcome to your beautiful family Maggie 🙂 and LOVE the announcement picture xxx

  76. YAY!!! Congrats! Welcome to the world Maggie

  77. Who run the world – girls!
    Welcome to the world wee Maggie Macdonald – you’ve chosen well, what a blessing to have a third girl to love and guide and teach and grow, huzzah! My sister and a few of my friends are in the three girls club, and it seems all pretty special. SISTERS, yes! Enjoy soaking up Maggie and her deliciousness, a little thing for sure, what a little poppet! I bet she is just a perfect little bliss bomb that those big sisters are loving on.
    Well done mama bear – you did it!

  78. Welcome little Maggie and congratulations to all the family. Well done Beth and I look forward to reading more of your continuing journey through life.

  79. Welcome to the three girls club Beth. It’s a fabulous place to be.
    Jacqueline x

  80. Lisa Aherne says

    Congratulations. I did miss you on Instagram yesterday and now I know where you were, you were busy! Love the name and so looking forward to the photos I hope you spoil us with! Xx

  81. What lovely Sunday morning news – congratulations on the safe arrival of Maggie – a sister for the sisters ! As one of 3 girls I know that is a special family blend. Rest up and when you are ready I look forward to photos and updates:)

  82. What wonderful news, congratulations

  83. doreen rowland says

    Welcome to little Maggie Mcdonald and very well done Beth may you enjoy good health ,lots of laughter and good friends all your life.

  84. Happy Birth Day for yesterday Maggie. Congratulations to you all for a fantastic result. I have three daughters. It’s the best. They are all in the mid to late 20’s now. You will never be short of female company that is truly honest and genuine. That includes their opinion as well. Lol!

  85. What a gift indeed, love her name. Rest up. I’m one of three girls so much fun. x

  86. Congratulations! How exciting. Enjoy your new baby girl.

  87. Congratulations. Welcome to the world little Maggie. I have 3 girls and am one of three girls, it truly is a beautiful and special thing. Enjoy getting to know your new little bundle

  88. You little ripper! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday Maggie. Hang on to your wee nappy, you’re in for one hell of a ride on this crazy trip called life. You’ll have the best time ever!!!!! Beth……you rock xx

  89. Such gorgeous news to wake up to on a Sunday morning! And I am seriously crushing on your picture in this post – what an awesome thing to have for your home!

  90. roksalanna says

    Congratulations Beth and Rob! And Big Congratulations to Big Sisters Daisy and Harper. Love the names you have chosen. Please tell us how you came up with such beautiful names?! Welcome Maggie Roslyn. x

  91. Oh Beth, WELL DONE. You did it ! What a beautiful name for i’m sure, an equally beautiful little lady. Congratulations to You, Rob, Daisy and Harper.
    Enjoy this new and wonderful new chapter. These are the days.

  92. Catherine rankin says

    Congratulations to you and your family Beth, well done

  93. Sue Palmer says

    Beautiful news! Congratulations! I have tears of happiness in my eyes.
    I just love her name, welcome to the world little Maggie! You have chosen an amazing family and your life will be filled with tons of love & laughter.
    Number 3 is a breeze Beth, they just fit in so easily with the rest of the family.
    I too belong to the 3 girls club.
    Best wishes to you all.

  94. CONGRATULATIONS!! What beautiful news!
    So pleased for you all. And how considerate of little Maggie to choose to arrive on the weekend.
    Your new little addition is going to bring you so much joy, enjoy! xx

  95. Congratulations Beth – beautiful news! Xxxx

  96. yay! how exciting. Congrats!

  97. wonderful news!!! Congratulations to you both!! Xx

  98. Precious! Congratulations xx

  99. Congratulations!!! I just love her name. Bet you’re all smitten, Frank will be beside himself xx

  100. Congratulations, a beautiful girl and a beautiful name xxoo

  101. Maxabella says

    A huge welcome to sweet Maggie. Wishing you a smooth fourth trimester, Beth. Love your family pic up there!!! x

  102. Jodie Ansted says

    I’m one of three girls, and my parents – my Dad, especially – absolutely LOVED that they had three little ladies. All the best to you all. Such a blessing. xxx

  103. Oh my gosh!! What gorgeous news. Huge congrats to you both and welcome baby Maggie. So excited for you all. Sending lots of love. Jx

  104. Congratulations on your new arrival, Beth! Such a pretty name too!

  105. What a gorgeous name ! Looking forward to hearing the adventures of the BabyMac crew over the next precious months. I’m sure Maggie and Charlotte will be as close as yourself and Kate !

  106. Congratulations on the birth. Well done.

  107. Stupendous news!!! Congratulations to you and your whole family Such a beautiful name too, you have 3 gorgeous girls with equally gorgeous names. Congrats again!

  108. Oh Maggie!.. You are one lucky sprogett.. the most fantastic name ever and a family to match. I can’t wait to see more of you over the next few months x

  109. Yay Welcome to theThree Girls Club!! xxoo

  110. Welcome to the world, little Maggie! Xx

    Congratulations, Beth and fam. Hope you got that well deserved tea and toast after.

  111. Oh my! What tremendously happy news…nothing more precious than the arrival of a little bubba! Maggie is extremely clever to choose you guys as her family…pure perfection all ’round. Frank will be as besotted as you, Rob and the girls xxx So congratulations it is with a 21 gun salute!!!

  112. fay scott says

    Good job, well done, xx love the name x

  113. Congratulations! Welcome to the world baby Maggie. Sugar & spice and all things nice x

  114. Hooray!! She’s here! Congratulations to you Beth! All of us readers are so thrilled for you. What a lucky girl little Maggie is with two big sisters to care for her and adore her. Good luck with recovery and enjoy getting to know each other!

  115. Elaine B says

    Congratulations! So happy for you all xE

  116. Welcome little Maggie, you are about to be loved and treasured more than you can imagine. And congratulations to the whole family. I’m thrilled for you. Look out Rob, you are so outnumbered now, but I’m sure you’ll love it. Congratulations again.

  117. Marian Wiltshire says

    I had to add my congratulations here too. Love her name. Three girls! How perfect. Hope you enjoy your time in hospital- drink all the milo and eat all the biscuits! Hope Rob had that bottle of gin chilling to celebrate!

  118. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Congratulations on the birth of your little baby Maggie, I’m sure the girls are besotted with her and I can’t wait to see a pic,enjoy this special time with your loves

  119. Congratulations! Hope everything went well for you all and Frank enjoys his new little human lol

  120. Gorgeous beautiful news Beth! Welcome to the world little Maggie & congrats to all the Macca’s xx

  121. Congratulations! Sweetest name ever! 🙂

  122. Congrats Beth. Welcome to little Maggie Mac.
    Enjoy the baby smells and snuggles.

  123. Amanda McEvoy says

    Huge Congratulations from Tasmania! Meeting your new baby has to be in the top life experiences ever list – so pleased she’s here safe and you and the family can now enjoy her and being wrapped in the new baby bubble. Happy family of 5! Oops, sorry Frank – 6!

  124. Congratulations Beth and family! Hope we’ll get to meet Maggie at Problogger!

  125. Roslyn Astoria says

    Congrats Beth and family! Beautiful names- I especially like the middle name 🙂

  126. Congratulations! Best news I have seen all day. Wonderful x

  127. Congratulations on the birth of your darling Daughter Maggie. May Maggie enjoy a life full of health,wealth,love,joy and laughter.

  128. Ahhhh sheer bliss. Much love and serenity to all xxxxxxxx

  129. Congratulations on this wonderful news. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Maggie will be totally spoilt by her big sisters. xxxx

  130. sharon Hampton says

    A million congratulations to you and your beautiful brood. Another beautiful girl in this world. Perfection. Xxx

  131. Such lovely news Beth! A huge congratulations to you all x

  132. Debs Sutton says

    I woke up this morning wondering if your baby has arrived yet??! What amazing news, beautiful name & much love to you all. Xx

  133. Welcome Maggie Mac!!!!

    lovin’ it

  134. Welcome to the world Maggie Mac! You have no idea yet how much fun life is going to be!

  135. julie@mrstiddlypip says

    Congratulations Beth, Rob & girls. How lovely! Good luck & may the sleep fairies be with you!

  136. I have been thinking of you all day!
    I hope that you are feeling great and have been soaking up those first few amazing hours of new-ness.
    I am sure the girls are absolutely in love with their little sister…sibling love is so amazing and now there is triple the love.

  137. So lucky and girls rule! Congratulations! x

  138. Kathy Herder says

    Welcome to the world little Maggie and Congratulations Beth to you and your beautiful family xo

  139. Oh that is wonderful *sigh*
    Big congratulations.
    Love a Maggie!
    But where are your nude pumps! Disappointed …

  140. Oh how lucky you are indeed!! Three girls – blessed you are 🙂 just gorgeous! Love your FB photo out the front of the hospital! Kate would be proud! Well done Mumma, you did it!!
    Big hugs from Liz XO

  141. PS- how did you enjoy the post labour tea & toast?!

  142. Yay…girls rule!!! Gorgeous name too, congratulations xxo

  143. this has made my morning. congratulations Beth, I love the name, and your family drawing xx

  144. Congratulations lovely Macdonalds! And the most beautiful name! Enjoy this wonderful time xxx

  145. Congratulations!

  146. Louise Thomsen says

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Such fabulous news! So great to hear you are both doing well :). xx

  147. MLMDVV888 says

    Congrats, and all the best to the whole family.

  148. A huge congratulations to you and your beautiful family on the arrival of your precious bundle Maggie! We just love the image too! Jen xx

  149. Welcome to the world Maggie.

  150. Congratulations Beth, Rob, Daisy and Harper! Wishing you wonderful times with your new little treasure! xo

  151. Congratulations!

  152. Congratulations to the MacDonald family! Well done Mumma.

  153. Oh sweet news. congrats Beth. Hope the delivery went well xxx

  154. Welcome to the world, Maggie. We’re lucky to have you here. x


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