Preggo files #14


What’s that you said Beth? You went to your Ob appointment this week and got a gold star because you only put on ONE KILO IN THE PAST 3 WEEKS did you say? Why yes, yes I did Kate. I knew you would be proud. High fives all round!


And in some Scottish tartan nonetheless. Thank you m’lady!

It’s TRUE. Tuesday morning I wore as little clothing as possible for my weigh in at the ob and got a gold star from this very strict little woman. Of course I immediately went out for breakfast afterwards and then breakfast dessert (my favourite meal of the day) and then the next day breakfast and then morning tea and THEN lunch, but I did it.


It’s been a shit of a week…Harps was very sick on the weekend with asthma and then I managed to get that cold and are still coughing and spluttering up my guts each day and night. I discovered that eating with a cold is BULLSHIT because you can’t actually taste anything and a hot toddy with out the whiskey is just a lemony bullshit drink too. Not good people, not good at all. I then had the terribly sad news about the passing of a beautiful young woman so it’s just generally been an exhausting and emotional week.

Kate’s been busy!


Out and about each week with a different coloured coat on…seeing Mr Carson nonetheless! I’d be giggling too Kate if I was that close to my spirit animal. I love that man.


Speaking of housekeeping, did you see that Kate and William are on the hunt for a housekeeper? If I didn’t live in Australia, have 2 kids and almost another and a husband I would be on that job quicker than you can say “pass me the gumption!” If anyone else is keen, here is the actual ad you can apply to…closes April 5th so hop to it. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? I do believe I would do a superior job and channel me best Mr Carson for any job that came up. And then Kate would see that I’m actually MORE than just a housekeeper and even though she would know not to mix with the staff we’d become the BEST OF FRIENDS and our children would end up getting married. The end.  See how my brain works?

Oh also, one more Kate thing, her due date has (supposedly) been discovered as the end of April! Kate! What am I going to do when you are no longer pregggers?


In other baby news…both Asher Keddie (boy) and Carrie Bickmore (girl, Evie) have given birth this week. Always lovely to hear of the safe arrival…I wonder what they had as their first suppers? The comments on this post were the BEST. And I have remembered to pack into my hospital bag LOTS of chocolate and food for snacking.

I had someone send me this link this week about 15 baby names on the verge of extinction. Names included:


Can’t say that there are any that are grabbing me there…and I also heard on Richard Glover (ABC702) that no one has named their son Gary since 1992. Is it time to give it a run for it’s money? I might leave Gaz up to Kate and Wills I think.

Had a complaint through to management this week that there have not been enough baby bump photos. Tried to remedy that with some this week. I tried to take some myself, but they ended up looking like this:

Demented tit shot, and guts.

IMG_0444 IMG_0445

So I asked Rob to take photos of me this morning and after he stopped rolling his eyes (I knew I should have asked the kids before they went off to School this morning) and I got this:

I tried my VERY best Styling You pose and then a little reality of what’s actually going on under that top. Angles are EVERYTHING people.

IMG_0480 IMG_0486

Nikki has a great post on her blog today on how to take photos and you can even win an Olympus camera as well that’s worth a look. And my Mum (who felt like a celebrity on the day) even makes the cut. Nikki has to be the star of posing for photos, I always end up feeling like a fuckwit, so rarely do it.

Had these sent to me this week:


12 cupcakes with butter frosting, otherwise known as pregnant lady crack. I mean DEAD SET, don’t go sending that to a lady in my state. I must say, I showed restraint, I only had two. TWO and that was it. The girls ate the rest over the course of the week. You can find out details about the company here. NATIONAL CUPCAKE DELIVERY.

Craving: Pretty much all the things, and usually knocking it on the head. I bought my friend a neenish tart at the bakery yesterday and ended up eating it. It’s not pretty. Thankfully there has been cravings for lots of greens as well. And most nights I have been skipping dinner…there’s no room left in my guts the bigger this kid gets.

Drinking: Pine orange poppas. I reckon I’d be rolling about 8 a week. 8.

Dreaming: Of cold champagne and raw fish. Mostly the champagne. I miss champagne. And gin.

Worrying: Too much. Trying to just be, let it be. Whatever happens, will happen, and I am OK with that.

This weekend Rob and I have a special treat – 2 nights away for our 10th wedding anniversary! We’re heading up to Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains where I plan on sitting and reading and eating and sleeping. No kids, no puppy, BRING IT ON.

Cheers to you friends with the world’s best iced chocolate that is available from the Tea rooms at Dirty Janes in Bowral. I had this with scones (told you I wasn’t holding back) with one of my oldest friends who came down to visit me this week. We wandered, ate here, wandered at the shops and then went out for lunch. SEE? ALL OF THE THINGS.


Anyone going to apply for the housekeeping job?
Think Gary would be a nice name for a boy?
Had an iced chocolate lately? Topped with CHOCOLATE PERSIAN FAIRY FLOSS?

Have a great weekend, whatever it is you are doing. Hug your loved ones a little tighter for my friend Amelia x


  1. Hey Beth
    May I ask when you are due? I seem to have missed that along the way.
    Btw, crushing on that red and blue top in your Preggo pics. Doing it in style Bev xx

  2. My friend had a beautiful baby boy on Tuesday – his name is Marley!

  3. Oh my god I want to be Kate’s housekeeper too! I had similar Mary fantasies. We were married a few days apart and of course that meant we were destined to be best friends. I mean we’re both Australian so doh.

    Can’t believe I haven’t sent you my fav boys name. This was Grace’s name if she had a willy. Lorenzo. Enzo for short. xxx

  4. The day you went to the OB I almost bumped into you. I smiled and kept walking. Didn’t want to be that weirdo that says hi like she actually knows you 😉
    Man it was cold in Bowral that day.
    You are looking fab btw. Happy Anniversary weekend.

  5. Beth, you look great! Where is your gorgeous top from?

  6. Oh my Beth, that iced chocolate is decadence in a glass!! My late pregnancy favourite thing was a whole lot of ice and golden circle pineapple juice in the blender. Yes, I adored that stuff! Feel free to nab Tobias if you have a lad, or indeed William or James – our lad has all three of those names!! Gary is indeed due for a bit of love, we have a very good friend I grew up with who was always Gaz. I can understand if you are leaving it to others to revive. Though you are most probably assured that he would be the only one under 5 on the whole of the southern highlands, no other kids would be turning their heads in the playground when you called him!!

  7. You look beautiful! I always envy the taller pregnant ladies – I literally looked like a beach ball (155 tall and 110 around!) And where did you get that gorgeous blue shirt? : )

  8. You look gorgeous, Beth. 🙂

  9. Love the photo with bump on display……baby bumps are beautiful. Have a lovely time away this weekend. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.
    My day is interesting, I have a wedding to go to this afternoon, never been to a wedding on a Friday before. I am too hot to get dressed up but need to get ready. What I really want is your iced chocolate……looks so good

  10. That’s not Mr Carson that’s the Irish lad! Married to Anna?

    Love the bump!

  11. Oh BEV, what are we going to do when you’re not pregnant … can you please continue the Preggers Files as the Baby’s Out Files or something? Please.

    As for my posing technique, the fact that it works so well you don’t not even look preggers should be taken on board as its winning ways. Loved having your mum at the lunch … she might need an agent soon. x

  12. Oh man, breakfast dessert is THE BEST. I had a sneaky brownie for breakfast dessert this morning. Obviously I’m very good at this being healthy business.

    I was sorry to hear about your friend Amelia.

    You would be a FANTASTIC Royal Housekeeper. Maybe husband should get you a crown and a lovely frock so you can be that anyway.

    I would LEGIT name my child Inigo if I ever get to have another one.

    Happy anniversary!

    Also WHY DOES THIS NOT LIKE TO TELL ME WHEN YOU REPLY?! So rude. So rude, internet. (Brownie for breakfast means I’ve got the sillies now. Disregard.)

  13. Ohhhh my stars Beth, if only I had known that Dirty Janes did that far out fabulous ice chocolate I would’ve stopped for one. I was right there 2 weeks ago but was too busy browsing when I should’ve taken a seat at the tea rooms. Duffer me!!!

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Well done at the Drs ,you look so gorgeous preggers Beth and enjoy it while you can ,time goes so fast,enjoy this weekend away and have a restful weekend Xx

  15. Oh my God Beth, this post is gold. That iced coffee…seriously, if a girl can’t have alcohol this is just the thing I reckon. Do you know I am completely obsessed with all things royal and I can only imagine what being a housekeeper for Kate and co might involve. Wishing you an awesome child free weekend x

  16. Gosh I love that bump shot, you do look fab even if you don’t feel it. I want those cupcakes! Happy 10th wedding anniversary – enjoy the serenity!

  17. Happy anniversary, enjoy your escape.

  18. I kid you not, there is a little boy in my son’s year two class named Gary… Scary stuff

  19. Gorgeous bump shot. I love that top, and you are definitely working those angles.
    I’m in the ‘wow I have a proper bump all the time and it feels quite large and awkward’ stage. No doubt it will get even more weird more me as time goes on.

  20. I would wear that top and i’m not even pregnant. Love the idea of Breakfast dessert, very civilised x

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