The Preggo files #1

Well you can rest easy that I am NOT going to just leave it at the announcement and then not tell you ALL OF THE THINGS right? Heaven help me, keeping quiet about something is NOT my forte, and not talking about this REALLY big thing that was happening to me was REALLY hard. When I wasΒ pregnant with Harps I just couldn’t even NOT talk about it….but here we are now, ready to talk about it. And oh my goodness CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT PLOISE?

So, I got preggers. And then spent a day doing pregnancy tests. I KNOW I am not the only one to do this right?! The first one is more like a HOLY SHIT IS THAT EVEN A LINE? And it was faint! But there was a line. And of course after I calmed down a bit and spoke to Rob I did what everyone does, I took a photo and sent it to my sister. Just to, you know, get HER to check. And then she would say, do another one, and I’d do it. And take a photo and send it. And then do another one. As you do. And then there was one a couple of days later that was REALLY there. It was true! Duffed!

Instead of photos of dodgy tests, I then spent my days texting my sister every time I went to the bathroom with #stillpreggers because you just can’t quite believe it and think that somehow it will end at any time. I know I’m not crazy, surely?

PicMonkey Collage

I have been REALLY sick this time around. With the girls there was a general malaise, on some days feeling quite hungover, and then usually around the 12 week mark a spew to mark the occasion before feeling great again. This time? Not so much. OK, I am 8 years older(!) than what I was with Daisy, and 5 years older than with Harps. I am OLD now. And have years of sleep debt under my belt. Whatever the case, I have been crook. Vomiting at any time…peaking at the night around 7pm when I would just cry and go to bed because there was nothing else for it. Mornings are my best, the rest can go suck it. There ain’t NOTHING pleasant about the first trimester of a pregnancy. Crazy dreams, exhaustion, looking like shit, feeling like shit. There was many a time that I said “I’m too old for this shit”. You could say I have been a little, um, emotional? CRAZY is another word. There have been lots of tears, lots of members of the family with their heads down, avoiding eye contact. I’m coming good though. Ish.

So the dog seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean I was pregnant! What better time to direct my energies than with training a puppy and nurturing a new member of the family. Those pregnancy hormones told me one thing, the gag reflex from cleaning up puppy wee and poo was another. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Lucky he is so cute. Oh my goodness the amount of times I have thrown up into the kitchen sink whilst washing my hands post clean up!

I don’t know how I got through this:


Organising and running a bloody event whilst spewing and feeling exhausted. It took me WEEKS, in fact I am STILL getting over this now.

I was THRILLED to hear that Kate was duffed too! I mean, sister solidarity and all that! Every time I had my head in the toilet bowl I thought of her and her awful condition. Poor love! I don’t know HOW she deals with that. Hats off to anyone who has been through that. Sheesh. But then, I was all like, COME ON KATE, now I get to look at chu, and then me, and then chu. It was lovely to see her make it in public for an event…she looked wonderful! I wonder how she was ACTUALLY feeling.


Me? Well, I was on the couch like this:


And can we talk about my ample bosom? CAN WE? My boobs when growing and feeling children can only be described as outrageous. They were growing before my eyes so I thought a trip to get fitted as in order. Oh and I was fitted alright. 14F. F for For fucks sake. I don’t know if they are going to continue to grow, it’s like the story the Fish out of water. All I know is that this stretching and growing that will eventually turn to shrinkage is going to have me rolling them up and into a bra in a years time. It’s a glamorous business is all I’m saying.



I have all these pictures on my phone because I was again sending pictures to my sister #stillpreggers and check out the girls!

It’s safe to say that I have a bump. I have had a bump since 3 minutes after I found out I was pregnant. Whilst there was always a gut on me thanks to a love of custard tarts and having two other children already, I had myself some tight pants ON pretty much straight away.


There have been many a trying moment over the past few months, no doubts, and SO much joy. One such moment was when we arrived at Qualia to our room and there was a fresh bottle of French, on ice, WITH COMPLIMENTS. Thank goodness the mere thought or sight of alcohol was enough to make me vomit, otherwise I would have been a bit sad.


Another highlight from Qualia was eating a beautiful breakfast and then promptly running to the bathroom to empty the entire contents of said breakfast. Maybe I’ll get back there to enjoy it another time?

So, here I am, #stillpreggers and feeling a little better. You know deciding to have another kid has been an on and off discussion that we have literally been having for 4 years. There would be times when I was ready, and then Rob not. Times when he was and I most DEFINITELY not. Our trip away was meant to be the decider, a chance to talk about it and decide. Except we were having too much fun to do that! We didn’t talk about it one time! And we took that as a sign that we were done. 4 of us was perfect! We could all fit in one hotel room! We were growing up as a family…enjoying our time together…entering the golden age of parenting after the long, hard slog of raising babies and toddlers. We were sleeping! Having sex!


Except when I wrote this post. And Rob and I both knew where we were at. We went to a funeral where I had a light bulb moment. At the end of your life, all you have, all that IS important is family. And just because things might be hard for a little bit, just because I might get bleeding nipples, be exhausted, not get sleep for another 5 years, you get this whole PERSON that is another part of your family. That’s worth anything right?

Thank you all so much for all your lovely comments. MAN did I feel the love. All of you, all these people from all over the world wishing our family well down the end of my laptop….that’s a beautiful thing. Thank you. I usually try and reply to comments but there are LOTS and I can’t get to them all, so please accept this as a blanket thank you. I REALLY appreciate it.

I am equal parts terrified and excited about what is ahead of us. I am honoured that I get to even do this again and feel blessed that we are the lucky ones that even get to be pregnant. I have a mantra going round and round my head. I CAN do this. I’ve GOT this. I am pushing out all that negative self talk that I am so prone to be learning to just let it go. Be. I can do this, I will do this, and it will be a beautiful thing. I am officially going to be going with the flow this time around. Enjoying every moment, even the spewing in the toilet bit, because it will be the last time. It’s going to be a VERY different experience all round. No working in the city, dropping kids off, dealing with babies and toddlers. I have two big kids who are SO excited. You thought the Frank video was good? Well you should have seen their little faces when we told them the news? Tears of happiness and so much caring since. We are all so happy, and what a lovely thing that is.

So let’s do this. Hang onto your hats because I tend to be a bit emotional. A little angry and hormonal one minute and happy the next. I’m not well, not myself, but I can talk about it. AT LAST. Phew.



  1. My kids would love another one and Marcus and I chat about it often. I am so sure I am done then I read your post and I am so NOT.

    It will be amazing to have the two older ones at school and be able to totally indulge in your newborn.. it is so exciting and your are right #familyiseverything

  2. Cassie Webster says

    So thrilled for you, Beth. It’s such wonderful news. You are a beautiful Mum and I can’t wait to follow your journey xxx

  3. Congratulations!
    I think you will LOVE having a newborn with older siblings- so much joy & the kids enjoy bonding with them.
    oh tits mcgee! I went from a barely A cup to a C cup whilst pregnant and now, nearly 8 weeks postpartum I’m DD…lets hope F is as far as you go!

  4. Just beautiful! So wonderfully written and such fantastic news. I can’t wait to read all about your journey in the coming months and years. Good luck and congratulations.

  5. Very happy for you, Beth. I reckon it’s a boy if you are feeling so sick.
    You are so right, family is everything
    Fiona x

  6. I can’t read you any more.

    … you’ll make me want a third, ha!

    I’m joking. I adore you.

    I am SO happy for you Beth! So bloody happy.

    x x x

  7. Oh Beth I am sitting here at my computer having a cry. So beautifully said….you have a way of making me laugh, nod my head in agreement and I am so happy for you, Rob and the girls. I still remember early on in the piece that vision of you, at our local, drinking mineral water and me looking over at you pulling my sunnies down and your expression said it all. Gold! Love you xxx

  8. What a beautiful post, you managed to encapsulate the mixed emotions that come with such happy news. The paragraph that struck a cord with me is the one where you have your light bulb moment at the funeral. I often tell the story of my aunt who died at only 56 from cancer. She had 6 children and worked full time as a school teacher. 10 years after her death, her children got together and where sharing happy memories of their mother and I couldn’t help but think the same as you, it is our family who are important at the end. Our children will remember us and love us all their lives, we can only hope that as a family we can make happy memories to share. xT

  9. deborah jefferis says

    Your story has brought back so many memories for me. I had 2 gorgeous boys 8 & 5 & life was going perfectly but something was missing &:it turned out to be my darling daughter born when I was 39. What a blessing she has been. She’s now 20. I wish you all the best with everything.

  10. The morning sickness is one reason why I won’t be going back for a number three. I can remember lying in bed ,pregnant with no 2 desperately hoping that it would all turn out OK as there was no way I could do morning sickness again. I had 20 weeks of it last pregnancy (which I know isn’t that bad compared to some). It has been worse with every pregnancy for me so I dread to think what the next one might be like.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you start to feel better soon!

  11. Congratulations! What a wonderful journey and how totally normal you are – well I am 7 pregnant with my second, the first being 4yrs old, and reading your post was like I was reading about myself. Phew, these crazy behaviours are normal! But oh dear the BOOBS! They might grow a few times, not fun. I think you have a great outlook on it all. Enjoy every moment and keep sharing!

  12. Congratulations! Such wonderful news. My yearning for a 3rd never quite went away – too late now @47 & menopausal & with my darling girl about to finish Yr12 in 2 yes 2 weeks!
    So I’ll live vicariously through your baby posts, like I did on your holiday this year! Big congrats again & take care. Xxxxx

  13. A big congratulations!! I love this news. I have been reading your blog since I was on maternity leave with my son. He is now 2.5 yrs and my daughter is 6 months! Number 3 child possibility is already a discussion we are having!! I look forward to following your journey! All the best x

  14. Kirsty Michalzik says

    So much love.
    I’m also pregnant and going through a very difficult time in my life. I have found comfort in knowing you’re also pregnant. Hope you’re feeling much better, very quickly. Xoxo

  15. After two girls and hardly feeling sick at all, then the third pregnancy I was all meh! Not hugging the toilet but no appetite and I actually list weight the whole way through. And have made up for it ever since!! It was a boy πŸ˜‰
    Exciting to share this journey with you- We are done here but I am happy to be excited for others! It IS exciting, the miracle of growing a baby isn’t it!!!

  16. So thrilled to hear your news. I was like you this time around with my first two pregnancies. Then as a surprise (read shock) I was having number three 6 years after I thought I was done. Wow. For me, I was so much more relaxed and my new boy was the most perfect baby and did all the things perfect babies did in the books. ( unlike his two siblings ). I was afraid third time around, but it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life because I had TIME. The other two were at school and I had TIME to just enjoy being a Mummy for what I knew to be the last time. All the best Beth, you will be wonderful. When the negative voices start knocking,SLAM THAT DOOR IN THEIR FACES!
    Much love xxx

  17. Here’s hoping the vomits leave you soon. My mum vomited until I was born. She ended up in hospital with her kidneys going funny…….but she still went on to have two more babies.It took her a little while to get brave enough though, my sisters are13 & 15 years younger than me πŸ™‚

  18. So, so happy for you and your family. That is just the best news! I had my third at 40 with a four year gap between the next child and while at first it was a shock – our little surprise is just the best person to have around. She is eight now and makes our life complete. That bit you said about family being the most important is so true. Those early years are over in a snip and next thing you know you’ve got a smart mouthed 15 year old talking about getting a car and leaving home. Enjoy all the bits. xx

  19. Congratulations Beth. When I read your news on Instagram, I went back to your previous posts until I found that one at 36 years, 11 months, 3 weeks…it was my most favourite and one that really resonated with me. I think I’ll be having a little discussion tonight with husband. I will just love going on this journey with you (and Kate, of course). Much love xx

  20. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    “I am honoured that I get to even do this again and feel blessed that we are the lucky ones that even get to be pregnant.”

    This. Thank you for saying it. I only wish more people realised and voiced this, rather than taking it for granted, which far too many people seem to.

    Hope the next however many months [6? 7?] are sticky [for a baby that stays], calm [for an enjoyable pregnancy] and smooth [for a trouble free birth].


  21. A death in my family was our lightbulb moment too. We were umming and aahing but it made us realise just how much joy kids bring into your life. We would be sitting around, sad, and then one of the kids would do something funny and we’d all burst out laughing. That’s when i thought, sleepless nights, sickness, pain? That’s nothing compared to what I’ve just been through.

    I hope you feel better soon x

  22. Beth, I have to admit that when I first saw your wonderful news, I had to look away. Of course I am so happy for you!… but it hit me that we would have been due around the same time πŸ™ I’m very blessed to have 3 boys – one big one and 2 little ones – and I’m OLD (starts with a 4!), but like you described in the other post you linked to, sometimes I actually have a vision of another child playing next to my little boys. I’ve been trying so hard to be ‘done’, god knows it would be for the best in so many ways to be done….but bloody hell, it just doesn’t go away.

    I really hope you feel better soon. I’ll be living vicariously through you for the next several months and look forward to more instalments of the Preggo Files πŸ™‚ xx

  23. That baby number 3 bump just pops right out there doesn’t it? I think mine popped out before I peed on the stick! I look forward to seeing your growing bump but do hope you start to feel better soon. xo

  24. I have 3….its ridiculously exhausting, but fabulous at the same time.
    Could not imagine life any other way AND could not imagine having any more..

    But reading your posts will make me a teeny tiny bit jealous, and I love that I can live that through you and not me!

  25. oh I just love this post…except for the throwing up part. I am still SO excited for you. So much good stuff is ahead of you and your family and I can just imagine how wonderful your girls are going to be as big sisters. Hope the throwing up stops for you soon…..I would know the morning sickness feeling anywhere and always know I must be pregnant before I buy the test (always first response in a 3 pack) but I never throw up. Cold comfort to you but probably why I go back for more babies.
    rest up, hope you’ve got lots of lemonade and jatz crackers, good movies and might be time to get those knitting needles out again:) πŸ™‚
    soooo happy for you all and keep sharingxxxxx

  26. Oh darling heart, isn’t it the pits??? And isn’t it easy to forget? I’m thinking you’re on the outer now. You’re all smooth sailing from here. You’ve totally got this.

    The Dolly Parton inflating boobs are always a dead giveaway someone is knocked up. No doubt about it. So excited for you x

    • That’s it! You forget it entirely until you are going through it again and then it’s all like HOW COULD I FORGET HOW AWFUL THIS IS? I imagine the contractions will be the same πŸ™‚

  27. Congratulaltions again Beth!
    Recovering from a good round of goose bumps after reading your post here. Enjoy your little number 3 adventure. I have to say our number 3 adventure completed our little family perfectly, we are so very grateful and content to have our 3 little munchkins!
    Enjoy what’s ahead including rolling up those boobs (I’m living that dream, with the added souvenir of an umbilical hernia!). And you know what?…I’d do it all again even knowing these little keepsakes were ahead of me!
    Looking forward to your posts ahead.
    Hope you feel better soon xx

  28. Congratulations !~! May the throwing up stop and the great times begin.

    Boobs to HERE both times. My belly Never. Stuck. Out. Further. Than. Them. Tits. It was awful-being hit on a million times a day cuz no one could tell I was carrying a wee one under that shelf of mammary mountain.

    Your family will be so fun after this one comes. I love it when the older kids are actually old enough to be of some help and have great time with the babe too. Lots of love to go around. Can’t wait for pics and the birth story ! Do you share that stuff with us??? I hope so…

  29. Such exciting news for you and your family Beth. You will survive my friend! I remember going to bed crying when I found out I was preggers for the 5th time. What was I thinking ?? Well that baby is 10 now and he completed our family ….
    PS I do still go to bed some nights wondering ‘what was I thinking’ !

  30. Reannon @shewhorambles says

    Its a bit ridiculous how happy & excited I am you, someone I’ve never met but I feel like I KNOW you & that you are my friend!

    Here’s hoping that shitty part pisses off soon & you get to the ” glowing ” stage real fast xxx

  31. Hoping the sick settles down and let the glow begin. I am so glad you are having the third child we decided not to. I shall live vicariously through you and Kate whilst sleeping πŸ™‚ xxx

  32. Where would we be without sisters? I think they are the only ones who can really put up with us when we are raging with hormones. “The love of family is life’s greatest blessing” this is what I found in a fortune cookie last night and it is so very true. Wishing you much sleep.

  33. Congratulations! Hope that you feel heaps better soon.

  34. Really the best news Beth! Congratulations to you all….I can’t wait to hear more about this journey xox

  35. So so exciting !!! Congratulations to you and the family, such wonderful news and you absolutely can do it and will do it beautifully and honestly. How gorgeous it will be to bring a little bubba into the world and for your bubba to grow up in that lovely community that you talk about so often. I can imagine how excited your girls must be and they will be the best little helpers….xo

  36. Oh I’m soooo thrilled for you Beth! You had me laughing and empathising the whole way through. I love that your girls are so excited. What a special time for you. Yes you got this!

  37. Hi Beth, I am a lurker;).
    I just feel so compelled to write to you as we were you and Rob two years ago. We had a 6 and 8 year old and this niggly question as to whether we were done. We were back and forth for four(!) years and it was exhausting. Like you, we eventually took the leap. It has been scary, hard, wonderful and insanely fulfilling for the entire family. The nights are long and the days super full, but the gorgeous sense of family and the special bond between the older siblings and the babe is something too special to be able to capture in words. So much so that we have thrown caution to the wind and are welcoming number four in May 2015!!! I know….insane?
    Anyway I just wanted to reassure you that this WILL be amazing and you will cope brilliantly. BRILLIANTLY!!! Congratulations xx Megs

  38. Marian Wiltshire says

    Oh god the all day sickness. I still have flash backs when I walk into our bathroom some days. Hope it gets better for you really soon. Hats off to you for coping with other children at the same time.

    What a poignant paragraph in your post back in August about that dream child. God I’m nearly crying and I’m not pregnant (well at least I think I’m not!)

    How wonderful too to be pregnant at the same time as your sister- I shared that with my little sister for a few months, and the fact the cousins will be so close in age is awesome

  39. Oh, Beth. What a wonderful post. You’ve nailed all the indecision, the pros and cons, the emotions, all the aspects of adding another family member to a smooth-running family unit. And then to be sick on top of all that.

    But you have such joy to look forward to.

  40. OH MY GOODNESS – OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just got back from a trip to NZ and haven’t been reading blogs so I have missed this FABULOUS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m still a bit in shock really – a bit like I was when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd. I did about 35 tests and it took me MONTHS to take in the news I was in fact upduffed!
    I can’t believer you’re pregnant – WOW – that is just massive, but awesome and just the best news for your family. To have been so sick for the past few months sucks so bad…
    Seriously it sounds silly but I have farking goosebumps Beth, this is the shock of the century, and while we only know each other in cyberworld I just feel so happy for you.
    Having 3 kids is hectic but amazing, s/he will be such a fabulous blessing for your family.
    After deciding we were content with 4 in our family, I can’t imagine life without my surprise. Every day I tell him how special he is. Shit I’m almost getting clucky………. here’s to feeling better less shitty very soon. Em xxx

  41. Oh you poor thing, everyone I know was more sick with number 3.

    I’ve had days when I think about how much easier life would be if I stopped at 2. But there wouldn’t be my little joy who we all adore and he more than makes it worth it.

    For me, it was easier as you’re so busy with the other two (picking up and dropping off) that they just get dragged around. Three years on and he’s still with me picking up & dropping off. I’m also still waiting for the novelty of having a little brother wear off with the girls, they’re still smitten.

    Can’t wait to share the journey with you!!

  42. It will be so different this time – I reckon having a baby when the next one is at school is just about perfect. And you know that saying about how it takes a village? Well you have your village now.

  43. As a long-time reader (but first-time commenter) I was so thrilled to read your lovely family will be welcoming another bub next year. Congratulations!

    I will be following along quite avidly with these baby posts too since I am also expecting our 3rd bub in April 2015 (we have 2 boys: a 6yo and 4yo). And a bit like you, there was much deliberation and indecision over last couple of years, and in the end we just thought lets got for it, and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. And as it seems, it is!

    Hope you start to feel good again real soon! May the force be with both of us huh. A gorgeous yummy newborn (and probably a big champers) is at the finish line!


  44. You should have seen Flynn’s face when we told him … maybe not as excited as Harps and Daisy but close!
    PS. The Champagne was awesome and I’ll buy you a bottle when bub is born x

  45. Congratulations Beth!! I am so very thrilled for you.
    I sit here with my son who turned three on Monday and a 32week pregnant belly and feel absolute joy that you are going to be a mum again πŸ™‚ I hope you aren’t like me though and your all-day sickness goes away soon. Like my first pregnancy I have 24/7 nausea – but thankfully this time I have not yet vomited. I’m on the final countdown (due NYE) and while I feel blessed and grateful to be pregnant, I definitely won’t be having a third.
    I look forward to following your journey – especially during those night feedings when I need something to read that makes me feel sane again πŸ™‚

    All the best xx

  46. So bloody happy for you!

    A funeral for my favourite cousin who took his own life is what made me want a third. And 7 years later he is the light of my life! I saw a clairvoyant last week and even she said ‘this child was sent to you to bring your family joy and love’. Which he does every single day.

    I wish you the same!

  47. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love this post so much Beth ,I am so so happy for you,I do hope the sick part goes away quickly,I love that the girls are so rapt in having a baby they will be the most amazing helpers and what a beautiful village you have to bring a new baby home to,can’t wait to go on your preggo journey with you and see all the cute and beautiful things for the bubba
    Your dream was right ,here’s to more sleep while you can and no more growing boobs….. F is big enough Xx

  48. I am thrilled for you Beth! But the sickness is crap hey? I vomited the most with my third bub all the way to 20 weeks. But Phoebe is worth every spew and she completes our family. I’m secretly glad I’m over being pregnant and those early days of no sleep cos Phoebe slept all day and was awake all night. I have to agree that family is everything and our third was a surprise and it was great because it made the decision for us on whether to go for a third. Rest when you can and eat musk sticks. Helps a little with the morning sickness. X

  49. Oh goodness, here I was thinking that you were going to go down that route of not saying much at all…!!! Which would have been FINE, of course. But selfishly that wouldn’t have been fine with me haha. So very special that you made the decision, what a decision, that little person WAS waiting there, ever so patiently, and has chosen so well that your his/her mama bear. You write so often about the good decisions you’ve made as a family in the past, but I know SO much more goodness and happiness and joy is still yet to come! HUZZAH!

    P.S. NO good re: vom-vom. I did a fair bit, but eased by 15 weeks. How far along are you? I constantly held a little container of ground ginger under my nose! Eased it. Best of luck, am thinking of you and your bun xxx

  50. I had to read this three times…. Just love the story…. And ofcourse it brings back decisions with this regard in my life!!! So happy for you all!

  51. congratulations beth!
    you sound pretty happy about it and that is all that matters!
    oh yes can certainly empathize with you on the sickness side!
    luckily those memories fade;0
    all the best … love m:)X

  52. Your CRAZY, crazy mad even….that will be 11 years sleep deprivation by the time this one gets to school! Hope Harps eventually sleeps on her own or Rob will be Sleeping out the back with not even a whiff of an action like for eva!!! But geez looking back when your grandparents will be lovely…more kids to look after you and choose your nursing home

  53. Congrats on the news.

    You are going to hate me but I threw up twice during pregnancy, that is once for each pregnancy. Considering how bad my mother was during her 4 (six were planned) That is amazing. Blood pressure is a whole other story..

  54. Oh Beth, I am pregnant with my third too and while daunted I am really excited about what this new little person will mean for our family. I am only 5 weeks along and am feeling surprisingly fresh, but we will see what the next few weeks will bring. I was sick (projectile vomiting weetbix all over the wall sick) with my second, so I am hoping I will be spared this time round. One thing that is different this time is the hormones – I actually took myself off to the bathroom to do a pregnancy test after loosing my mind when I couldn’t get the tower of baking trays in the cupboard to stop collapsing. SO MUCH RAGE!!

  55. Congratulations Beth, such lovely news! xxx

  56. Dee Walker says

    Hiya congrats, I have a son 12yrs (adhd) so he is full of life, a 7yr old daughter and a foster daughter of 3.5yrs, we found out about the foster daughter and its funny like you say i was not done, but miss 7yrs was ivf and i was not doing that again, but this little girl came along and mad e me done and made our family complete, i joke to my friends stay at two as its so much cheaper when you holiday, but seriously 5 is such a good number. xxx well done and all the best for your number 5

  57. Dude, you’re making me clucky! That bit about the funeral and life and family. Man! Makes a girl’s ovaries cry. So happy for you all x

  58. All the best, Beth it’s wonderful news….glad it’s you not me

  59. Absolutely love hearing about baby news, congratulations to the whole family. I can only imagine the excitement of your girls and how wonderful that must have made you feel through that dreadful nausea. We have 2 kids and haven’t decided yet If we have finished with babies. I am torn. We both are. I loved being pregnant and feel very blessed to have not experienced much in the way of bad pregnancy symptoms. But 3 I’m just not sure. Good luck with those boobs. Highly recommend More than a Handful on druit street just across from town hall. The bras are expensive but they have very experienced fitters. I am due to go back myself. I stopped BFing a couple of months ago and am still wearing my 10G (God can they get any bigger) flexiwire nursing bras. Really must go back as the girls need all the help they can get in this fight against gravity x

  60. I have huge knockers (for me) now too…only problem is their size is disguised by a more enormous belly.
    I was full of rage the first time around. Testosterone? Maybe?
    This time I am more mellow. Maybe a girl? Maybe sleep deprivation has simply robbed me of the energy to get angry.
    Anyway, I am seriously so thrilled for you!
    Although watch out…my May baby is a Taurus and I swear I need to write a book called Toilet Training a Taurus! They are stubborn from the minute they are born!

  61. Massive congrats to you and your fam Beth. Such wonderful news! I too was done and dusted after our two boys. I even gave baby stuff away. Then, just quietly, something changed and we went again and had our third when our older boys were 3 and 5. He was the hardest baby by a long way but I just loved every second of him and was so happy I could have burst. Three years on, having him was one of the best decisions we ever made. We have travelled even more since we have had him and he is just the ace-est little bro and son. So ace we contemplated a fourth but now are settled with our three. But never say never!

  62. Huge congrats to you all Beth! I’m sure Daisy and Harper are thrilled. Hang in there with the morning sickness πŸ™‚ I look forward to following your next (very interesting, no doubt ) chapter ahead x

  63. Old? Phfted. Age gap? Phfted. I had my first at 24, second at 43. Spewed my guts out 24 hours a day every dam day until Jarvis came out. My only saving grace was ginger. Oh and I wonder if your boobs will grow as much as mine? I went from a 10B to a 12F. Yup that is a huge growth.
    For some one up the duff you look amazing.
    When is your due date?

  64. That is bloody brilliant Beth! You just took me in a wonderful ride in that post πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to read more, how wonderful for your family xx

  65. I’m just so excited for you Beth! I actually can’t believe how excited I am for someone I have never met but I AM!!! I can’t wait to follow along on your gorgeous journey, and you’re right, you CAN do this πŸ™‚

  66. Congratulations!!!! Hope you feel better soon. I’m 8 months pregnant and grateful those early miserable days are behind. All the best x

  67. So happy for you Beth:) Living in the indecision bit is the pits!

    We have a 4.5 yo & weren’t sure for ages if we could go to two even, but now were expecting number two in about a month & couldn’t be more happy & thrilled as is our boy who is besides himself excited to be big brother in a few weeks!:)

    Hope that sikkie bit passes soon for you it’s so hard yakka isn’t it?!

  68. Congratulations sweetie, I am thrilled for you and your family.
    Beck xx

  69. Gorgeous Beth – I’ve been thinking about you ever since I read your post – it really is the BEST kind of news ever! Three kids takes the chaos to a whole new level but it’s a beautiful kind of crazy, worth every single chuck and sleepless night. You’ve TOTES got this honey! And we will all be here cheering you on xxxxx

  70. dat baby bump!!!!!

  71. Gorgeous! So happy for you Beth! x

  72. How exciting that we get to go along this pregnancy journey with you. I am super clucky, but no more for me. I look forward to reading it all the good and he not so good. You are amking a little person and that is just fantabulous. V x

  73. Wow!!! yay that is just the most awesome news!!!! Congrats Beth xxxx
    Here is to no more spew xxx

  74. Firstly, Qualia = incredible. I came back from Hammo a few weeks ago and I still have island fever. Secondly, I’m already an E cup and I’m so not looking forward to hooters, each the size of Kosciusko when I start popping out little Padburys. My man is though, he thinks its going to be the best time of his life. Douche.

  75. I’m going through all your #stillpreggers posts and am laughing, crying, feeling. It’s so bloody awesome! Last weekend we headed over to Adelaide for our family Christmas and while talking to my girl cousins about whether we were finished or still going, my eldest boy (our kids are the same age) tells everyone he’d like another baby brother. Oh bless. Then to top it off, my very wise cousin Sharne said, “Most people on their death bed wished they had more children.”.

    You’re SO doing the most awesome thing. And you now have little mothers ready to help. It will be so much easier this time.

    Still so bloody excited for you! xxx

  76. Beth, so lovely re-reading this post several years after the first time I read it! Knowing how gorgeous Maggie is and what she has added to your family. Almost in tears when I read ‘At the end of your life, all you have, all that IS important is family.’ Pregnant with number 1 and feel this is why we wanted to start our family. Off to re-read the Preggo Files!

    Thanks for sharing xx

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