Preggo files #8

You guys, Kate wouldn’t be happy with me. “Beth darling” she’d say, “I told you those potato scallops, iced coffees and milkshakes were only going to end one way. In tears. Buck up old girl, and get back on the bandwagon, we can do this together. Here, have a nutri bullet juice and go for a jog with me!”

I suspect she got that band aid on her finger from grating some zucchini for her fritters. Happens to me too sometimes. When I’m making zucchini fritters that is.


Had my ob appointment yesterday afternoon and it wasn’t pretty friends. Although she said I look like a punk rocker from Newtown and nothing like someone from Bowral (I’ll take that) the weight gain was not good. Insert sad face:


Time to get focused and get moving. I get it! No need to feel sorry for myself. I don’t want gestational diabetes, I don’t want a 10 pound baby and I don’t need excess wight to lose when I’m trapped on a couch breastfeeding in winter, I get it. And I want to deliver the baby in our little regional hospital which is apparently a problem if your BMI gets too high. I GET IT.

Let’s move on now shall we? Or I will go all Khaleesi over your arse because I am THE MOTHER OF BABY DRAGONS. OK, one baby, not a dragon, but let’s move on.


Any pregnant women out there with a hankering for a pickled cucumber? The Beetleshack has a cracker of a recipe on their blog today. Although the claims that they are better than Maccas can’t be right because MY pickled cucumbers are just like Maccas but better! Not that I would KNOW about Maccas pickles. In any case, got some cucumbers lying about? Now you won’t!

Obligatory progress gut shot (looking a little wide around the girth).


And this was me on the beach in my bikini:


OK, kidding! It’s Carrie Bickmore on the beach with her neat little bump and thin hotdog legs. You guys have seen the hotdog legs website right? Plenty of thin legs out there bronzed on the beach for instagram to marvel over this time of year. My legs don’t look like hotdogs at the moment, but I do like hot dogs!

There are a LOT of preggo women out there at the moment aren’t there? Or perhaps it’s like when you are looking for a new car and then ALL you see if that new car phenomenon, but there seem to be a few. Sonia is getting ready to pop, Asher Keddie too I believe (although she has no instagram), my beloved Kate. And me! And of course plenty of you too!

Plenty to do once those kids get back to school next week, there’s the whole, you know, having to buy EVERYTHING because we threw EVERYTHING out because we were done with the kids! Huh. I have to book the hospital (totally forgot that was even a THING but believe I had it booked at week 13 with Daisy) I have to get my arse into Calm Birth training, STOP LAUGHING I CAN BE CALM. I have to work out where the baby will sleep and set up some kind of nurturing and loving environment for it (although I suspect a loving corner of the lounge room will suffice) and get my arse to the gym 5 mornings a week because Kate would want me to. See? Totally high giving me this week in her collection of sensible and stylish coats.


Craving: green smoothies. What? Positive thinking and all that.

Drinking: Tonic water with a squeeze of lemon and a few drops of lime cordial. You can ALMOST believe gin is in there.

Dreaming: Of a desire to eat healthily and tackle exercise with gusto and enthusiasm.

Worrying: About what Kate would think AND about my carefree state of not even remotely being concerned about the fact that I am pregnant. As my ob said to me, all of a sudden you will be like “Oh right, I’m in labour” this is a good thing right? RIGHT?!

Cheers to you friends with my beloved tonic water. Don’t you DARE tell me to try the diet one because tonic water has lots of calories and the diet one is a better choice because IT DOESN’T TASTE THE SAME IT JUST DOESN’T.


Got any good suggestions for preggo exercises? Besides my pelvic floors that is.
Like a pickled cucumber? Me too!
Do your legs look like hot dogs? Me either! But I would like a cucumber on a hot dog…


  1. I stacked on SO much weight with my third – 28kg from memory. It was horrid. Enjoy the full strength tonic water, a girl’s got to have some treats when upduffed!

  2. I’m with you all the way Beth – that diet tonic water is disgust!
    I don’t have any pregnancy exercise recommendations, but I did read JuJu Sudin and Sarah Murdoch’s Birth Skills book when I was pregnant with my second. It made a massive difference to my labour – a 9 lb 5 oz behemoth with no epidural.
    Who’d have thought I was capable? Certainly not me!

    • BecauseImTheMum says

      I’ll second that! What JuJu Sundin doesn’t know about birth isn’t worth knowing. I struggled through the births of my first two and I was determined to make it easier for myself the third time around. I studied her book like my life depended on it and managed to remember a lot of what she said. My third birth was MUCH easier than my first two, and it wasn’t just because two others had come out of there first!

    • Oh, I recommend that book too! I had a 9lb7 drug free water birth. It was an amazing experience!

    • What a legend…thanks for the tip!

  3. I’m not preggers, but totally have to agree about full strength tonic water. The diet one tastes rubbish.
    I sympathise with weight gain – I have been preggers four times, and each time put on between 12-20kg. Varying amounts, but its still a pain to lose any weight while sleep deprived and caring for a newborn. Pfft it disappears with breastfeeding. You need a full-time nanny and personal chef so that you can sleep properly, eat properly and exercise to lose the weight after a baby – how else do you you look like kate did 3 months after george was born?!
    It’s all worth it though to cuddle that newborn softness. Squishy ears, tiny noses and snuggle time……just beautiful. Love a newborn. sigh

  4. Dude diet anything apart from yoghurt tastes hideous..

    Try and eats lots of greens to fill you up and lay of too much sweet fruit as too many sugars, I am thinking massive bowls of fresh cucumber, poached chicken breast, BIT of avocado, tomatoes and fresh salt and pepper..

    Apples are good as a filler with little sugar and low carbs..

    Lots of iced herbal teas and if you have a sugar craving make banana ice cream, just freeze bananas (chopped) and whip up in food processor x

  5. Yup…I stacked on 28kg in my pregnancy (5 years ago) and suprise surprise have kept a wopping 10 kilos of it. Couldnt get enough of malted milk

  6. You don’t want gestational diabetes Beth. It will make you sad. I have been lucky to be able to monitor it with diet but getting on that diet was so depressing! Still is at times but I am getting there three weeks or so in. Also have only 3 weeks to go so that light at the bowl of pasta is getting brighter! 🙂 Good luck with getting back on track. x

  7. You know what? My first bub was a squinky little 7 pounder at 39 weeks, who was unhappy, refluxy, jaundiced, and needed an epidural, stitches and a vacuum to get out. My second was a whopping 10 pound 7, born at 40 weeks + 12 days.. He required no epidural,no stitches, no pain relief, no anything! He was the easiest delivery and the most contented little baby. He slept like a dream. He wasn’t a huge tubby baby either, he just looked like he was about a month old on delivery. He was perfectly healthy, and so was I. He was just…big. (Apparently a lot like his dad was when he was born). Believe me, there are plenty worse things than having a big baby Beth. Good luck!

  8. PS Check out story posted this morning ‘Why big hips and butts rock for mums’

  9. Debs Sutton says

    Diet tonic…YEUK!!!
    Here in UK we have Schweppes with elderflower extract…marvellous as Kate would say!!!

  10. The best thing you can do for you’re little person within is to be as stress free as you can…so whatever that means for you is where it is at. Of course you’re doing the health are a smart woman…beyond that each pregnancy and child is unique…go towards the peace and light Babymac…wherever you can find it…in a nutri-bullet…or a faux g&t…throw in a good walk and a nap and you are golden. This baby is going to be a total treat!

    • Totes agree with all of this.
      You look gorgeous.
      I am so looking forward to your baby, no more in our fam, my niece turned 7 (our fam’s baby), boo, will be looking to cuddle colleague’s babies and tune into you this year.
      Take Care, x

    • Thanks Kris 🙂

  11. katie clews says

    Oh Beth, I’m feeling your pain!! I gained massive amounts with both kids.. First time round I had Gestational Diabetes.. lost tonnes of weight post baby#1 then gained it all back (and some like, 28kg) when I was preg with baby#2… I just wanted to eat sleep eat sleep it was a never ending cycle of BAD BAD BAD!!! You should get yourself a Fitbit.. I have just recently bought one and it is the best motivator to get your arse moving and off the couch!!!

  12. My calm birth was due to the epidural going in before I got induced – it was awesome! Soooo calm

  13. I believe the all day morning sickness kick starts the porkiness – speaking from my own experience – eating what I could (which included things like snickers ice-creams) when I could, I wasn’t thinking about health but what would stay down. My 14 wk baby is already big for its gestational age & I’ve already had gestational diabetes with my 1st (this is my 3rd) so know what that is like. But will start being healthy – promise. I looked at Kate on Tele the other day & thought I actually look bigger than her – at 14 weeks!!!!!! Crazy. & no diet tonic water – ever. Walking & eat carrot sticks & make a good guilt free veg soup over here. Good luck (I just had to correct the Freudian Goodlick spelling mistake

  14. I believe the all day morning sickness kick starts the porkiness – speaking from my own experience – eating what I could (which included things like snickers ice-creams) when I could, I wasn’t thinking about health but what would stay down. My 14 wk baby is already big for its gestational age & I’ve already had gestational diabetes with my 1st (this is my 3rd) so know what that is like. But will start being healthy – promise. I looked at Kate on Tele the other day & thought I actually look bigger than her – at 14 weeks!!!!!! Crazy. & no diet tonic water – ever. Walking & eat carrot sticks & make a good guilt free veg soup over here. Good luck (I just had to correct the Freudian Goodlick spelling mistake

  15. it’s not an easy time beth, with those hormones changing at a rate of knots!
    kate was always a fitness fanatic! … therefore one to aspire to or ignore!
    those carbs and sugars are the devils work!
    my craving was for mr whippy icecream!!! I lived in Melbourne and was working as a hairdresser up to 6mths hellooo! OMG how did I do that?
    take time to smell your beautiful garden of flowers hun! love m:)X

  16. I think you look great lady, beautiful bump shot. I really enjoy your preggo files, they make me laugh & most days, I need a laugh. I put on 24kg with Bonny, I have found the weight loss post birth the most difficult of the 3 babies…but I think that has more to do with my chocolate addiction AND not having enough free time to hit the pavement. I’m loving all the preggo’s out there too, so nice to be watching from the sidelines this year 🙂 Take care lovely lady, JJ xo

  17. Ahhhh memories! I remember getting enormous when pregnant with my twins!! Yep all 5ft and a smidge of me! I was like a rolly polly ball! Just remember – BREAST FEEDING – sucks that weight right off of you! I was a shadow of my preggo self after feeding those twins for a bit! Same when I had my daughter tho not quite as slim as after feeding those twin boys!! Remember lots of the weight gain is fluid! Don’t worry too much ’bout it Beth – just eat healthy and try and move a bit. I think you’re looking gorgeous! I need to lose weight now but aint no way this old duck is getting pregnant and then breastfeeding in order to lose some weight! lol

  18. Victoria devine says

    I’m loving your preggo files! Currently 27 weeks and last night took myself off to the pool. It’s ridiculously hot in Perth but I also have to do more exercise, I did about 15 laps but have never been a swimmer so lots of those were just walking or a version of breast stroke which more closely resembled doggy paddle!! I’m taking myself to aqua aerobics tonight….. It’s totally fabulous to feel weightless and float about – highly recommend doing something pool related. I also love body balance /yoga. Good luck!

  19. Ok I just want to say you won’t get gestational diabetes from gaining lots of weight. It’s a hormonal thing, nothing to do with your non hot dog legs ok?
    I gained 21, 25, 7 & 15 kg for each of pregnancies & guess which one I got GD with? Yep, the 7 kg one! Don’t let the weight thing get you down. From what I see on Insta & here on your blog you eat pretty healthy so I’m sure your little bub is doing just fine. So what if you like some scallops & ice coffee? Just relax & enjoy the only time in your life you can gain weight & blame someone else. I’m sure you look bloody great!

  20. Diet anything sucks and is much worse for you than the real stuff. Enjoy it in all its glory, with NO guilt!

  21. Diet tonic water – ick. I can’t abide full strength tonic water. What is that stuff about?
    Nu-uh, I’m not convinced. If I’m having gin I want it with some lovely pink grapefruit fizz.

    I’ve ditched diet soft drink and it is GOOD! I could still slam a cold can of Coke on a day like today, but I’m not gunna.

    I’ll stop and pick up some more LLB cordial later, and chuck back a pleasing soda once this day of endless boring ‘work for the dole’ hell is over. The guy next to me has been playing a shoot ’em up video game for hours and the guy across from me knows all of the things. You don’t even have to ask him. He just tells you.


    Stay goodly Beth, you’re quite lovely.

  22. I am not pregnant but recently had to be on high dose steroids for a few months. They made me feel the need to eat everything ! I put on a few kilos but none of it went near my legs which still look like pale chicken legs 🙂

  23. I’ve got gastro and every time I read ‘potato scallop’ or ‘iced coffee’ my stomach churned.
    Now that holidays are over and routine returned it will be a lot easier to be good. When you’re on holiday and everyone around you is having a cheeky prosecco you feel you totally deserve that iced coffee. Now, hand me a bucket! Cx

  24. Diet tonic water is grim…pregnant or not.

    Do you know what I read today that is SO cool.
    Mothers are primed to give their newborns lots of kisses so that whatever bugs are on the babies skin then get into the mother’s system via her mouth, the mother creates antibodies to those bugs, and then passes the specific antibodies that the baby needs to the baby through breast milk.
    And proof that your instincts know exactly what to do when it comes to growing, birthing, and raising a baby!

    And PS my baby still doesn’t have a dedicated space…I lovingly park her nurturing pram/bassinet next to my bed.

  25. One and only book you should read is Birth Skills by Juju Sundin. Coming from a lady who was in labour for four f@#$ing days with a posterior 36cm head pushing into my small framed pelvis, read the book. I used so many techniques learnt from that book, and now despite the long ‘difficult’ birth say that I actually did love giving birth, even if she was a heffalump (still is). Difficult birth does not equal bad birth. Hmph. Rant over.
    Oh and for my first (and only so far) I don’t think we booked in to the hospital until about 28 weeks…and she was most definitely shoved in a corner of the lounge room for many months. Goodness what will happen to our third?! HA!

  26. Agree – Juju Sundin is a legend. Read her book and did her classes. Her strategies got me through a very difficult labour.

  27. Calm Birth classes with Peter Jackson are fantastic Beth. I drove from Sydney to Bowral for a couple of weeks for private classes when I was pregnant with my third daughter 10 years ago. It was worth every bit of the effort it took. During the course of that pregnancy my brother, grandmother, grandfather and obstetrician had all died within the space of 5 months and I credit Peter and the Calm Birth sessions I did with getting me through to 36 weeks. I had previously given birth to twins at 29 weeks and had early contractions with number 3 from 30 weeks. The Calm Birth exercises really helped to slow things down and get me that extra bit along. They are good for the soul too and without wanting to sound like a total smuggy pants they really worked. Drug free and all over in less than 3 hours from woe to go.

  28. I love your honesty. I often think what Kate would think of me. not a lot I think. at least you won’t have the world media on your doorstep when you waddle out of hospital with your baby!

  29. Lady, you are so not alone. Preggers with my third and wondering how much weight I can actually carry before my guys splits AND I’m only 19 weeks. I’m so over the twins gags ALREADY. My last was a 9 pounder something, so I’m might scared for the sake of my vjay-jay.
    I don’t take to dieting and exercise during pregnancy fondly. I’m kinda allergic to it then again I don’t have an OB throwing threats around. I’ll give you a pat on the back however when you get on the preggie health bandwagon. You can give it a shot for the both of us x

  30. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I’m sure your not as big as you make out Beth ,your a lovely tall girl not a short arse like me ,though I had an 8lb 8 baby the first time around and 55 cm long and put on 7kegs and next time a 6lb 12 girl who was 53 cm long and put on 6 kegs and not from lack of eating it just happened ,don’t worry walk a bit and take frank with you and soon you’ll be breastfeeding those kegs away and no I didn’t spell that wrong my daughter calls its kegs and it’s stuck with me.
    The baby will be happy anywhere it doesn’t care you know ,it will be alright in the end hon and yes your pickled cucumbers ARE the best I like them cut up

  31. Oh Beth – don’t worry so much (hard not to). I was pregnant with my 2nd at your age at the same time as Kate was pregnant with George. I wasn’t as glamorous as her but…who cares. It was my 2nd pregnancy after a 4 year break from the first. I had something naughty (or a few naughtiest) to eat every day but didn’t overdo things. I just really wanted to soak the whole experience up and enjoy it – being the last one and all. I did pregnancy yoga for the 1st which was good for weight gain and stress etc but did not have the time for the 2nd. I didn’t worry too much if washing and cleaning were behind a couple of days – life is about family and great times. Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. This time is fleeting and I am sad it is over.

  32. Who the fuck makes a drink with the word water in it… that also has calories? Good luck with the healthy eating!

  33. I did Calm Birthing for my second pregnancy. It was the best thing I have ever done. It still hurt like hell but I managed the labour a lot better, drug free, it was over quickly and I still use the techniques now in everyday life. Amazing stuff!

  34. Put on 22kgs with baby 1 and 25kgs with baby 2. I did exercise during both pregnancies, lots of walking etc even the odd aerobic workout. I never wanted to admit it, but I think being fit etc before conceiving helps. I did managed to lose the weight after each pregnancy, but it’s the usual boring cliche – exercise, moderation and time.

    Don’t stress it, enjoy it now! It’s the perfect time to justify it. And in the end it does it really matter? You know you’ll get motivated to get moving when baby come out.

  35. My legs are more like pork sausages 🙂

  36. Would you consider sparkling water with a squeeze of lime and dash of lime cordial and drop the tonic water for a bit? One way to slash and burn a hefty dose of sugar from your day. Still tastes good.

  37. Read the words pelvic floor…and I instantly do my pelvic floors. Thanks, Beth.
    I didn’t do any birthing classes. Just lived in denial until the very end for all three then it was all “oh crap! This is labour. What the eff was I thinking? This hurts” thankfully my labours were short- 6, 3 & 1 hrs.

  38. Ha ha ha ha, just checked out that hot dog leg website, too bloody funny. And as for potato scallops……YUM!!!! I even had a couple while I was on holidays, best served with chicken salt I believe. Yum Yum Yum!!!! When I was pregnant I thought it was open slather on anything bad or deep fried, in fact the deep fried good made me feel better in those early weeks when i had a touch of morning sickness…. and a packet of Smiths Crisps – Mr Chardy was positive the baby would come out looking like the Gobbledock. ha ha ha. Take care.

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