The Preggo files #2

You guys SAVED me last week with these:


Thank GOODNESS for people passing on useful tips. While I might have read religiously with my first pregnancy about what was happening with the baby and me, this time I’m too busy, or forgetful or it just doesn’t even occur to me so I have been going about my day, suffering in silence. But these? OH THESE! How they have helped me get through the worse time of the day for me…which is about 4pm onwards. I feel like I have turned a corner this week, the constant nausea has eased and I have been awake past 9.30pm. Sheesh, next thing we know I will be glowing or something.

You know early on when I had blood tests done my glucose levels were elevated and they thought that I might have had gestational diabetes! Yes, even a 24 seconds pregnant. I was meant to have tests, but of course felt so awful and not willing to give up any of the food that was making me feel halfway decent, so I put them off until I couldn’t anymore. Did the tests, came back normal (PHEW) but my ob wanted me to still pretend I had them and forced me to see a dietician because she was worried with my age that I would blow OUT. That was fun! Being told I was “pre” obese, and working out eating plans etc. I’ve been trying REALLY hard to not shovel shit into my mouth, but sometimes only a custard tart will do in these early stages won’t it?


I mean, it’s ALL we have. But, seriously, I am taking it all on board and trying to eat well. Lots of veggies, lots of small meals, lots of low GI stuff, and you know, the occasional blow out chinese meal inclusive of spring rolls, lamb pancakes, honey prawns and sizzling beef and the like. I was spinning in a post MSG haze after dinner on Tuesday night with Mrs Woog and Mama Marmalade.

IMG_3394 IMG_3470

Speaking of triply MSG dreams, what is with pregnancy and weird dreams? Why is it so? The shit that goes through my head on a evening basis is quite extraordinary. In between hot and heavy sex dreams there are everything in between. Sheesh, it’s exhausting.

Kate’s been looking good hasn’t she? Working a coat like it’s nobodies business and her hair is as lustrous as ever.


Mine? Well my roots needs seeing to and this week I made the very early switch into maternity jeans for comfort. So glamorous! But! Perfect for a big turkey dinner. Bring on Christmas lunch….I am ready!


Anyone know any maternity jeans that actually stay up? I got a few pairs from GAP US that look the part but you take a few steps and down they go (could have something to do with a lack of substantial gut I suppose), but I’m keen to hear any recommendations for firm fitting and non daggy maternity jeans. Please and thank you! And yes, jeans! It’s always jeans weather down here (I’m even wearing a jumper today see?)

Next plan is getting back to the gym. Just writing that down makes it a step closer right? I’ve been out walking every other day but it’s time to get my pre-obese arse back on the treadmill. The fear of God put in my by my Ob and that lovely dietician is ringing in my pre-obese brain and now I am not throwing up every so often I feel like it might be a possibility. Maybe. OK, so I wrote it down. Will report back on that.

Anyone enjoyed a custard tart this week?
Aren’t we ALL pre-obese? I mean it’s just a number of how many custard tarts we are away from being obese…3 or 3678 away. Pfffft.
Got any maternity jeans suggestions?
Experienced weird dreams when in the family way?


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Check out Jeans West for maternity jeans. They have a big range now and can even be bought ONLINE!

  2. Maternity Jeans:
    Try Jeans West. Surprisingly yes, but they have great affordable range and they used to offer a good discount for a new pair post pregnancy too

    • Thanks for the tip – I had heard that they were bad stretch offenders so kept away but will check it out 🙂

      • It’s been a long time since I was pregnant but my friend was pregnant last summer and had the Jeans West Mat Jeans, no issues with falling down but the stretchy band was super hot – then again we were in an office with dodgy aircon, on a mine site during 40 odd degree temps so that may have accounted for some of the overheating

    • I will second the Jeans West vote, I lived in them, at least when I wasn’t at work. They handled a very big tummy quite well.

  3. Jeans west had a really good maternity range. Denim shorts and 3/4 length also for summer.
    Good luck!

  4. It’s so hard to get good maternity stuff isn’t it! My baby is Nine months old and I’m still wearing mine! Lol. I grabbed some jeans from Jeanswest. Saved my life! They have some good day to day stuff.

  5. Bought about a thousand pairs of mat jeans (resorted to second hand options so as not to break the bank), couldn’t find any that didn’t fall down. Resorted to some black trousers that had a nice mega stretchy panel, and a kickarse denim skirt that did me for hot and cold weather (add preggo tights for the latter). My skinny-mini friend advised to always go for the big stretchy thing that goes right over the gut, nothing across or under – even on her tiny bod she rated it. They were sage words indeed. Good luck in finding the coveted jeans – and tell me the brand if you do!

  6. Oh how I hated maternity jeans! They always seem to fall down! Even when I had a bump to hold them up! I loved The Belly Belt which allowed me to wear my normal jeans for longer. Glad you’re feeling better, looking forward to watching your bump grow!

  7. I’ve noticed Big White has a variety of maternity clothes. Looked quite nice. When I was up the pole I had dreams about Pink & I doing the wild thing! Hubby wanted to know if he was there too, he was devastated when I told him no lmao.

  8. Jeanswest definitely the go and the shorts too soooo comfy

  9. Jeanswest maternity jeans are THE BUSINESS.
    Jealous of your summer pregnancy, Winter dressing got tricky, I was hankering just to wear some sort of flowy maxi. Alas, it was freezing. Although, the heat of Summer whilst pregnant is NOT ok. I was about 18 weeks pregnant during heatwave in SA, a week of 45-47 degrees. Fun times.

  10. So I got some good ones from Myer, not sure of brand, they cost a small fortune but the feckers stayed up! And I’ll be impressed if you can beat my weight piling on efforts with my three. I put on between 24-28kg with all of them, nothing to be proud of but when upduffed sometimes all that gets you through is food and an entire bag of candy floss EVERY DAY for the past 2 months of pregnancy (that was with my 2nd) Glad you’re feeling slightly better.

  11. ffhousemouse says

    I think you look GREAT! So glad the worst of the nausea is over. Hope you find some jeans asap. 100% shorts weather here! X

  12. i found that all the jeans west ones that have a big stretchy top that goes up over your tummy just stretch and fell down. Plus they are HOT! Get some mavi jeans. Bit expensive but trust me, worth every, single cent. Adjustable side panels! Fit right through pregnancy! Do it!

    • Marvi are fantastic, highly recommended. I think angel maternity & shopbop also stock citzens of humanity, another great maternity jean. Stear clear of style with stocking like front part & go with elastic inserts on waist band. Best of luck!

  13. I have no advice on the pregnancy front but at the moment I am an expert on the need for food. I have been on steroids for weeks now while my health is “having a moment”. I am hungry all the time. Even if I have just eaten & feel full my brain is still saying……you are really hungry…eat, eat,eat !! Your food photos had me drooling on my keyboard 🙂 Glad to hear you have the sicky feeling calmed a bit.

  14. Sorry Beth, I’m 17 weeks post partum and I can tell you, there ain’t no maternity jeans that stay up. Jeans west were the worst offenders. The best of the bad bunch were Target maternity jeans. Try on the size smaller. And here’s to being nausea free!!

  15. You seriously crack me up Beth! This was just the morning read I needed. Somehow it’s lightened my mood and I feel ready to face the challenges of the day ahead..thank you. Ps.. I’m surprised I didn’t give birth to (3) custard tarts..

  16. Tara Mahoney says

    I’m loving these posts! I’m nearly 19 weeks myself and it’s lovely to read stories from the frontline so to speak.

    I really like my Jeans West maternity jeans in dark wash. I find they hold their shape really well and the over bump stretchy bit keeps them up for me. But I know not everyone likes the over bump thing.

    Pre-obese is a bit snarky! I go through the midwives at my local hospital and I’m super thankful that they weigh you once and then don’t really discuss it afterwards! They definitely talk about health and keep you on track, but are so much more hands off than the OBs I have heard about! Sounds like you are doing a good job of balancing healthy eating with sanity-saving custard tarts. I had a sneaky Starbucks frappuccino this morning…definitely sanity saving!

    I’m due in April the same as Kate, so have to walk away from comparing my pre-obese preggo body with her lovely slim one. There’s so much pressure on women to look perfect during pregnancy, and I’m very quick to jump on the pregnancy body bandwagon. It’s such a mind f**k though.

    And my dreams this time around have been cray-cray! Had a few birth dreams, and some intense dreams about my daughter and lots of strange nightmares about being murdered. I hate how they always seem to strike me at 2am and then I can’t fall back asleep for at least an hour!

  17. Just Jeans maternity second skin were ace for me. And they have an adjustable waist band with button/elastic. Three months post birth I’m still wearing mine… Thank gawd for that adjustable waist band cos I ain’t fitting into my pre maternity jeans any time soon

  18. Maternity jeans I wore citizens of humanity, they weren’t cheap but the only ones I wear now (in non maternity style that is)..

  19. I got one great pair of casual black maternity pants by Esprit from the website Queen Bee. Had a stretchy but tight fitting panel across the front but also still had belt lugs so I could wear a belt with them until I got huge. I still think they’re the comfiest pants ever. Jeans West jeans just got saggy in the arse and slide down – plus it was way too hot for them last summer.

  20. I second the Belly Belt suggestion! I did buy some maternity jeans, but ended up returning them, as the Belly Belt did the job.

  21. Pre-obese!? Thats just mean!!
    I joined aquaerobics during my pregnancies. Quite a good workout. Looked like someone had put a beachball up my cozzies…..
    Oh and i didnt bother with any mat.pants that did not have the huge kangaroo stretchy top to come alllll the way up over the bump. Only ones which would stay up on me xx

  22. My asos maternity jeans were cheap cheap but wont stay up either and I even have the belly to hold them now! Im just using a belly belt and my old jeans- works much better. Weird dreams ahoy and also lots of giving birth dreams. Funny, it’s never painful when Im dreaming about it – delusional much??!

  23. Congrats Beth! I loved my JeansWest maternity jeans and shorts, they were comfy and didn’t look like ‘mom jeans’!
    I had gestational diabetes and talk about a pain in the butt! Or finger seeing as bloods needed to be checked 6 times a day! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Such a party pooper when the cravings for hot chips and creamy pastas kick in but the menu calls for a small serving of salad and protein with no dressing – boring!!

  24. I think my mat jeans were Citizens of Humanity or were they Seven for all mankind? I cant quite recall. They were quite exxy but cost per wear minimal after 2 pregnancies. I bought them from a maternity shop in Mosman, not sure its still there. They were amazing and I was so attached to them. May have almost cried when I passed them onto a friend to borrow.

    Glad you are starting to feel a little better. Custard tarts fix EVERYTHING! xx

  25. Hi Beth,
    Sussan actually has good Maternity jeans! (And Jeggings which are super comfortable). And they have a good range of maternity basics. Think you can buy them online. Also Szabo does good Maternity jeans too. X

  26. I found the colour Black always works for me! LOL… Looking great Beth, just enjoy the ride I say!

  27. You’ve sacked your dietician right? And shoved a custard tart where it wasn’t meant to see sunshine? Seriously, find one that isn’t a judgemental bitch, and definitely one that doesn’t look like a dried up, humourless twig. Avoid those ones at all costs! I had gestational diabetes with number three, and I only weighed 50 kilos. T’wasn’t fun, but thinking up ways to murder the dietician kept me going through the endless nausea, finger pricking and comments about how old I was (at 34) :0> Ps. stress will affect your glucose levels quite dramatically. xx

  28. Just Jeans maternity jeans are the bomb (or at least they were 2 years ago). Über comfy (almost like wearing leggings!).

  29. ASOS Maternity everything – jeans, leggings, dresses. I bought 3 pairs of jeans & they were all great – stayed up, on trend, I even sold them second hand on eBay & got a bit back as I knew I wasn’t having any more bubs. Glad you’re feeling better

  30. Hi Beth,
    You’re gorgeous – as you say, we’re all ‘pre-obese’ ’tis just a question of by how much?!

    I loved Maternal America jeans from Queen Bee, Ripe Maternity has some great stuff and I wore my Szabo jeans for a shockingly long while after #3 was born. In summer though, I vote caftan with something smart and cropped underneath.

    have fun browsing!

  31. Everyone recommended Jeans West maternity jeans to me too and I hate them. other than the fact that they fall down, that big nude panel? NOICE. My recommendation is Mamalicious which I got online through Asos. The belly panel is grey marle so if your top rides up at the back at least it doesn’t look like you have spanx on under your jeans. Plus they are a great fit, I like them more than my normal jeans.

    As for dreams, last night I dreamt that all of South Australia was evacuated due to a tyre fire and my whole family had to come and live with me in Perth. My older sister kept walking around nude with a big Carmen Miranda-style pile of fruit and flowers in her hair. I would love to know where my brain comes up with this stuff.

  32. gibbergunyah says

    So glad to have skipped the Ob – the midwives at Bowral never worried too much about weight – lucky because I put on 20kg with my first.
    I never found maternity jeans that stayed up, although ones with the band over the tummy were slightly better. I second the recommendation of a denim skirt for summer. I found skirts much less trouble because they didn’t get pulled down by walking, sitting and all that other stuff you still have to do. Queen Bee have a great range of maternity wear.

  33. Last time round I had 2 pairs of Jeans West skinny maternity jeans & I loved them, they lasted me right through and the stretch didn’t blow out. This time around I’ve bought Maternal America over belly ones (dark blue with white dots, very cute) but they have no belt loops & are falling down so the bump needs to expand before they get more wear. Also got some ASOS skinny over belly maternity ones & they have belt loops & adjustable tabs & I am loving them. I’ve also taken the old Jeans West ones to the tailor to have them narrowed at the ankle and shortened a bit – a few years on and the old skinny legs practically looked like flares compared to today’s super skinnies. Good luck shopping!

  34. You are NOT pre-obese; you look GORGEOUS. That dietician is a motherplucker.

  35. I had no probs with the jeanswest maternity jeans, just don’t size up as I fou d them a big fit- the skinny leg were awesome right through preg and first couple of months post bub. ( They have the over bump jersey which is good to go over a belly band or recovery shorts) Their skinny denim shorts are great in summer too. Mavi maternity jeans are also the greatest but a bit more pricy but worth it I think ( these have stretch side panels so less obvious and not as hot as they don’t go over bump. Asos maternity are so good and cheap for fun tops and dresses so you don’t feel daggy too.
    Glad you are feeling better x

  36. check it out! Amazing maternity stuff and I lived in the Palazzo Pants during my geriatric pregnancy – isn’t THAT a confidence boosting term!! Good luck with the perfect jeans hunt…

  37. espirit maternity jeans via queen bee, or try soon maternity. Loved their stuff with number 1. This time around I lived in a clingy tshirt style dress from target.

  38. Bellybiz, an Australian company BTW, have maternity melonbellies which I bought for my daughter. They kept her jeans up and supported her bump. They also have tummy tuckers which I wear mainly for the keeping up the pants factor even though I am not pregnant, and they support my back. I can shop all day now and not get a sore back. I have no affiliation with the company but I find them really good.

  39. Jeans west mat jeans are awesome! They’re not daggy, they’re comfy & cheap! (Also long – bonus for us tall mumma’s!)

  40. Its a couple of years ago now, but when I was pregnant I really rated the few key things I bought from Egg Maternity. I loved my denim skirt so much I had it altered and still wear it now!

  41. Helen Maclean says

    The Mavi Jessica jeans are awesome – they are really comfortable and have the side panels which are a lot more comfortable than anything stretching over your bump. I got loads of compliments wearings them all the way through and still pop them on now and then (Zac is 6 mths!).

  42. Topshop maternity jeans are the best! I also found acupuncture to be really helpful for morning sickness if yours happens to come back. Looks like you are onto a winner with the Travel calm though… wish someone had told me about those!!!

  43. You are seriously not pre-obese – how rude! It’s been a long time since I was preggers, but I loved the Belly Belt – meant that I could wear my own jeans and was not too tight or hot across the gut.

    I’m a personal trainer with a special interest in pre/post natal training, and my advice to you would be to just take your beautiful dog for a good, long walk every day, eat nourishing (and good-for-the-soul) food to keep the nausea at bay, and when you’re feeling a bit better, ease into a gentle exercise routine.

  44. Jeanswest maternity jeans are the best!!! Super comfy and still stylish

  45. Currently wearing my jeans west mat jeans at 28 weeks (wear them every day at work as i dont fit the King G’s anymore).
    was wearing the sussan ones earlier on too (until i grew out of the 12’s). The denim in the sussan ones was much better than the jeans west, the held their shape nicer and didnt stretch out.

  46. Great that you are feeling better, there is nothing worse than that tired nauseous feeling…all day…. I had gestational diabetes with number 3, it wasn’t too bad just had to watch what I ate!!

  47. Try Pea in a Pod or Ripe Maternity. They have jeans that have an adjustable waist, so you can alter them as you grow, to avoid them just falling down! Both of the leggings at both stores are also great, don’t fall down and look great with long tops/tunics etc. I’m eating a custard tart as I type…hope you are eating the same whilst you are reading these posts : )

  48. No way you’re pre-obese – you’re looking great! But I guess you’re right that we’re all technically pre-obese lol 🙂 Hope you continue to feel better and enjoy a wonderful pregnancy!

  49. I had GD with bub number 3. Damn near killed me not eating bread but the bonus was a healthy bub & only gaining 7kg the whole pregnancies. It’s the age they tell me & my dr seems to think boys do it to your hormones more than girlsl.
    And I could slam a custard tart or 5 right now!

  50. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Sorry no tips from me hon I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better though and you do not look one bit pre obese what a thing is that,but indonremember the dreams especially the sex ones,enjoy Xx

  51. Pre-obese??? Oh holy crap – what would that make me next time I decide to have a baby (provided all went my way)?? *gulp*
    I got a call from my doctor’s clinic to go see him about my diabetes. My gestational diabetes. That I had 3 years ago (and confirmed 6 weeks after birth that I was rid of it). I agreed to the appointment for shits and giggles. The receptionist was quite persistent, when I questioned it so what the hell? Why not? Haha. Should be interesting.
    Guess I’m due a check up 😛
    Glad you feel slightly better!

  52. Hey guys! Australia ranks third highest among OECD countries for obesity. Yes, we are hot on the tail of America. Not a pretty thing!!
    Beth, dear, cut back on the custard tarts and Lurpak, go for lots of walks and just keep active. You don’t need to sweat it out in a boring smelly gym to lose weight.
    And your Ob has your best interest at heart, true!
    My speciality is looking after people with diabetes, and gestational diabetes increases the risk of developing diabetes later in life. You really want to do all you can to prevent this. Life can still be delicious and fun, true!!
    OK, lecture over….
    No more tarts…

  53. Crock of shit.

    We’re all pre-everything. Eat the odd tart fucksake.

    I think you look better than Kate xxxxx

  54. No can do on the maternity jeans. Just thinking about jeans is making me feel SO HOT! And fearful of Saturday when it is supposed to reach a whopping 41 degrees in Brisbane. What is a pregnant lady to do when it is that freaking hot?

    Glad you are starting to feel human again.

    I have never been weighed whilst preggers…thank goodness.
    We celebrated Thanksgiving early today and I ate my weight in pie!
    And just when I thought I couldn’t eat another piece, I did!

  55. Just jeans are great if you don’t like the over belly elastic option, also online Top Shop UK have a great maternity range

  56. I had some 7 for all mankind maternity jeans, they are gorgeous, look and feel as much like your normal jeans as possible, and let’s face it, you wear them for nearly a year afterwards too, no matter what size you are..:) I’m an every day jeans wearing person so the cost per wear for me was worth it. I also had high glucose readings with both kids, and had to do those horrible carb gestational diabetes tests which I juuust passed. I didn’t put on much weight with either pregnancy but had pretty massive babies (both over 4kg) for my size & my husband. Ob thought it was probs due to borderline gestational diabetes, which anyone can get with any size or shape..

  57. Sarah Aberdein says

    My hot tips, in case you are interested…. Jeans West jeans literally fell apart on me – the fabric just tore away, there were a stretchy concoction fabric. Just Jeans – have those monster belly band things to hold them right on up – for colder weather it might be fine but in summery Queensland, horrible. And they both fall down.


  58. Mavi maternity jeans are the BEST. And they don’t have a giant band that goes over-bump like the Jeans West ones. Had Jeans West first pregnancy and then Mavi for the second, and they were so much better. I actually struggled to let them go when I finally deflated enough to wear normal person jeans.

    • Oh my stars they are the BEST! I went online and got some after your recommendation and they rived the next day and I haven’t taken them off yet!

  59. I’m rocking the Target maternity jeans , I had a little trouble keeping them up in the beginning ( and I could not stand anything tight over my bump so wore the band folded over ) but now I am wearing the band pulled up they have been really good. I’m 34 weeks today. My vice preggers or not is Mars bars. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol when pregnant but I do eat chocolate and a lot of it !
    Oh and my dreams are crazzzzy !! In all sense of the word. Enjoy x

  60. Bit late but I loved my Mavi jeans even bought a pair of normal jeans afterwards that looked exactly like them because I missed them so much. I got gest diabetes with my 2nd pregnancy it was the pits but the benefit of being forced to eat well really has it’s positives on the other side with no excess weight issues yay 🙂

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