Preggo files #7

Coming into week 3 of ‘proper’ holidays and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed them! Spending time with Rob and the girls, reading, sleeping, not cleaning, going to the beach and spending time with friends it has just been the BEST. HOWEVER, there have been some difficult preggo moments. Namely trying not to get concerned when people around me sip on an ice cold prosecco or delicious cocktail. But no need to panic! OH NO! I have these.


My sweet, beloved, salty potato scallops that ask no questions, only deliver. It’s been dangerous friends, DANGEROUS. It has to end. In fact, it’s the main reason that this holiday NEEDS to end…time to get back into routine and normal food and exercise and mundane. I keep telling myself, “Beth, what would Kate do? Would Kate roll another scallop?”


Um, no. No she would not. According to the morning TV I have been watching, she would make herself a nutritious drink from her Nutri Bullet is what she’d do! Never mind Kate, I’m happy to eat them for you.  At least I now have a visual when contemplating bad food choices. WHAT WOULD KATE DO?

Another great beachside find has been the old lady chair…perfect for the expanding guts. I’m not sure I will ever let it go, guts or no guts.


I have been nesting around the place the last few days. Desperate to get home just so I can clean up the Christmas decorations that are STILL UP. All the shit from Christmas morning laying about the place MOCKING ME as we come back home. I have been thinking about driving down for the day just to clean up so it’s nice when we get home. The nesting urge is growing, and it may not stop. Trying to focus on the here and now and letting stuff go. It can wait. I think perhaps this may be new mantra for this year.

PicMonkey Collage

It can wait. It can wait. It can wait.


So we have just had little Archie come and visit us for a few days. ARCHIE! So adorable. Honestly, it was so lovely just to have him here and hang out with my sister and her husband and Kevin of course (Frank was thrilled). I did forget, however, just how much TIME a newborn takes up. Days are spent feeding, settling, changing nappies, feeding, settling, sleeping, feeding. SHIT. It is all coming back to me. How about that time from 4pm-9pm when they can be a little feral? How about that’s the time I am usually the busiest? Homework, after school activities, dinner, bath, getting ready for bed….except I will be on the couch feeding. The anxiety levels were on the rise that’s for sure. I KNOW I will be able to do it, I have no choice and EVERYONE does it, but it certainly was a good wake up call. I’ve got a few months left to sort myself out and get ORGANISED.

See? It can wait. It can wait. It can wait.

Has Bey announced her pregnancy via Insta?


This is the question plaguing many people this morning. I’m only thinking about all that sand. SO MUCH SAND by the sea side. I’ve taken to wearing thongs at all times just so I don’t have bloody sand stuck on my feet at all times. How do you beach side living people COPE? All the best Bey if you are knocked up…you will nail it!

Had a visit from Emily from The Beetleshack/Bohemian Traders fame a few days ago. And she came bearing gifts! In the form of clothes that fit me! Always a good thing for a woman not feeling great about herself. I have this frock in navy but now I have it in red too! And with the weather being a little cooler I have been able to wear it. You will note the spots of food on the front thought…just for added effect. The guts are growing and with it comes the shelf for food to be caught on.

IMG_5176 IMG_5178 IMG_5180

Craving: potato scallops and bacon and egg rolls. And not just craving, SATING those cravings. What would Kate do Beth?!

Drinking: Soda water and ice. Ice and soda water. And milkshakes, sweet, thick milkshakes.

Dreaming: I was an official Lurpak rep for the Australian cricket team. WORK THAT ONE OUT. The dreams have been out of control. Absolutely BONKERS.

Worrying: About those Christmas decorations, dead tree and dead flowers in and outside the house. It’s keeping me up. Seriously.

Cheers to you friends with my very favourite holiday drink…the ICED COFFEE. Oh holy shit, how long have THESE been going on? I’ve been making me own home made ones as well. That may or may not have a scoop of Maggie Beer burnt fig & caramel in them. WHAT WOULD KATE DO BETH?! Those nutri bullet shakes can wait.

They can wait. They can wait.



  1. Outdoor showers- that’s how us beachside people roll. That and you just get used to sand being EVERYWHERE. I don’t even notice it anymore. There’s always a little pile in the corner of the shower. And my car has half of Woonona Beach in it.

  2. Talcum powder! It dries your skin and the sand just drops off. Watch out especially for the kids as your feet can be quite slippy walking in thongs afterwards.

    Easy to say but try not to worry about baby. It will just have to fit in with your routines. And the slow cooker and one pot in the oven meals are your friends!

  3. I now seriously want to sit on the beach & eat potato scallops. It looks rather overcast out my window at the moment & I couldn’t be bothered driving all the way to the beach so maybe I could just sit here on my lounge & eat potato scallops instead………now all I need are the scallops . Love watching the progression of your bump, can’t wait for the chance to see squishy baby photos 🙂

  4. My Xmas tree is still up, think it was mid-Feb before I did it last year so I’m still ahead. Yes all that stuff can WAIT! Had to tell you this, my son just walked in as I was reading your blog and he said, and I quote, “oh mum look at that crazy lady licking the chocolate off the spoon, she’s funny”.

  5. I love these preggo files. They make me nostalgic which is FUCKING RIDICULOUS !!! I have PLENTY of children & spent two consecutive summers pregnant but hearing you talk just makes me go ” aaaawwwww”

  6. You are an outstanding preggo woman. Just wonderful. You keep it real and it’s glorious! Love these updates. The Kate visual? Hilarious.

  7. just relax hun! … you need to rest while you’re at the beach!
    outside shower or rig one up!
    I went for a walk on the beach without visitors today! … how nice was that?
    beautiful! …
    then it started raining but it was warm! just gorgeous!
    lots of families and people doing the ausi beach thing! lots of those shelters too!
    when you go home will be time enough to tidy that up! … one thing at a time I say!
    then you can shift your craving to something healthy!;0 … lol m:)X

  8. Our xmas tree is still up and we’ve been home all holidays.
    Sand… you just get immune to it everywhere. My mantra is ‘leave the sand at the beach’ to the kids, but they don’t listen. Yep, my car is full of it.
    Dress looks fab and please enjoy your body, thats what I like about you, you enjoy yourself and you are proud of who you are. Bugger what Kate would do, I say!
    Don’t think about the baby, bet he will be totally chilled out and fit in.

  9. Oh, I just said ‘he’ referring to the baby and not even thinking about it.
    Mmmmmm…have you told us or did I make that up?

  10. Thanks Beth, now all I want more than anything else is a bloody potato scallop.
    I hope you feel sandy tonight for that!! (Actually, no I don’t. It’s a shit feeling. The worst.)

  11. Janelle Spear says

    In my first pregnancy I would have to have potato scallops every day. I would eat my lunch at work and then walk down to the hot box and get two scallops. Would have those suckers eaten by the time I got back to work. So yummy!! I reckon this is why my now 14 yr old has always loved hot greasy fried food. Oh well, eat up and enjoy!! Just think of the grease and how easy it will be to push that little bundle out!! LOL 😀

  12. Those potato scallops look goooood! I reckon Kate would totally roll 3 in one sitting if The Queen let her.

  13. Ha ha ha, had a good chuckle over the musing of your pregnant self. 🙂
    Love that pic of Kate, that visual will stay with me for a while.

  14. No. 3 for me was, dare I say it, the easiest. He just fit in. He didn’t have a choice. Breast feeding standing leaning against the fence, while watching his big brother at soccer training. Crashing in my arms, facing outwards while talking to other soccer mums. Feeding leaning against a tree while his big sister had horse riding lessons. Being cuddled and soothed by wither his big brother or sister after they’d finished arguing about whose “turn” it was, (not because they didn’t want to, but because they both wanted to!) while I made dinner. I wore him. A lot.

    You’ll be fine Beth. And if you can learn to embrace “it can wait” now, all the better. Xxx

  15. Love the preggo files, love the dress, not sure about the scallops! Enjoy your hols Beth. My tree will still be up on the 24th when we’re home from our trip, it really bothers me, first time ever past twelfth night…

  16. You’ll be able to do it Beth, no worries! Just pop that babe into a sling and she/he will be right. Or, everyone can have (self made) eggs with toast soldiers while you settle on the couch. Either way, you’ll be right 😉
    I was preggers for last year’s festive season and my drink of choice was Claytons … “the drink you have when you’re not having a drink”. It was *sort of* like Pimms… when I added all the extra bits, cucumber, orange, fizz, etc. I could pretend hah! Scallops are another excellent option though, to feel like you’re getting some kind of treat while everyone else indulges.
    Love the bump shot. Love a baby bump!

  17. Oh yes the potato cakes (yes CAKES, bloody New South Welshwoman). They were my downfall BEFORE I was pregnant, let’s be honest… My food memories of pregnancy heavily involves loads of silverbeet – we had an absolute abundance in our garden and I nailed it with heaps of garlic, heaps of butter, heaps of pepper for lunch every. single. day! Great for the iron levels and energy. Nom nom nom.
    I love your beach cover thingy? Being the pasty convict that I am the beach sun scares me! I don’t do beach well, but I’m thinking a cool umbrella or that groovy thingy you have would be great.
    I find myself CONSTANTLY thinking/questioning/wondering/asking how on EARTH I would do a, b and c with Eleanor + another baby. It’s on my mind all the time, HOW WHY WHERE WHEN HOOWWWW?!! I’m sure by the third you just sling it under your arm and all is well. You’ll be fine, promise xxx

    P.S. Looking bloody fabulous with the gut, love it!

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Potato scallops yum,and don’t worry about your house Beth it all can wait,enjoy the beach and your sandy bed

  19. I was raised orthodox and it is traditional for us to keep our tree up for the “old new year”, which is in fact, tomorrow. People in my ancestral country actually have the tree for old new year, rather than Christmas.

    So there’s that. You could say its deliberate, you know, making sure it’s up for ALL of the festivities 🙂
    You’re welcome 😉

  20. Maggie beer burnt fig & caramel ice cream the best..enjoy

  21. You’re friggin’ hilarious! I love you pregnancy posts. They’re the bomb. Love that stripey number, and yes, the healthy eating can wait 😉 x

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