The Story of Maggie’s Birth Day {Business time}

{Pre warning…this is a long post}

There’s no question I am a fan of Beyonce or, as I like to call her, Bey Bey. Her song “Who runs the world?” (GIRLS) is something I will often sing to my girls at any given moment and even though sometimes I get confused by her messages of women and power and sisterhood with her messages of being sexy and grinding up against Jay Z, I will back Bey because: BEY. And the shoes on her feet? She bought it. The rock she’s rocking? SHE BOUGHT IT. Raising girls is a job I take very seriously. I want them to be curious and questioning. I want them to not accept second best, be independent, not rely on anyone but themselves to feel good. I want them to be confident, not give their spirits or love away to just anyone. I want them to look at their bodies and not see flaws but see strength. And beauty. I want so much for them because while we have come a long way, there’s still such a way to go in this world when it comes to women. And choice. And freedom. Man I know the mistakes I have made along the way being a girl: listening to others too often, being too self critical, putting myself last, spending time with people not good for me…you know, the usual stuff. Most of all I want my girls to know just how strong they are.

I don’t know about you but I never really heard growing up just how strong women were. Sure there were the odd comments about men not coping with colds imagine them having to deal with periods…but I mean about REALLY how capable and strong women are. How they can do 15 things at once whilst also thinking and planning another 34. Being a Mum hones these skills even further…there ain’t NOTHING a Mother can’t do. She can survive on no sleep at all, sit up at night listening to her baby with a cold, wake at the sound of feet pattering down a hallway, fill our school notes and make lunches and clean a kitchen bench whilst packing a school bag and getting ready for work. We are well oiled machines of capability and love. And yet so often filled with doubt and anxiety and self sabotaging talk. No one celebrates the mundane work that a Mother can do in one day, and yet as a society we often praise fathers for being so helpful, when it’s often just doing a very small part of a day’s work of you know, being a DAD.

I don’t think I have ever heard once growing up about how amazing women’s bodies are and what they are capable of. A dodgy sex education video in year 6 was enough on what happens when you get your period, and if you were lucky like me, a supportive and open minded Mum willing to answer any questions along the way. I never really heard in those videos about how our bodies are built for the business of getting babies out. Not once. About how amazing it is that our cervixes and can open up to allow the baby to come through. About the placenta, or uterus, or any of it. I do remember hearing how much child birth hurt, and I sure as shit remember the video we had to watch in year 8 of a women screaming her way as we watched a crowning head come out of her vagina. Pain I remember, how bloody amazing our bodies are and what they are capable of, and are built for? Not so much. Maybe the world would be too scared of a generation of women coming into this world knowing just how strong we are.

Girls run the world damn straight Bey.

The key learning that I got from the Calm Birth weekend that we did was the actual understandings of what happens to our bodies during birth. You think I might have had some idea on the matter given that I had done it two times before, but as I said previously head in the sand and all that. I associated pain and discomfort rather than allowing myself to understand what happens in a contraction – what muscles do what, what the waves meant, the machinations of it all. Getting my head around all that stuff was half the battle of understanding what was going to happen to me on game day. Over and over again I told myself “my body is built to do this. This is a natural thing and nothing to be scared of. I can do this. I was built to do this.” Was it going to hurt? Well DER, but it was going to be a labour of love. Look at the end prize. All these thoughts were things I said to myself on a  daily basis. I was also meant to visualise flowers opening and all that but my cynical mind found my eyes rolling a little there – there’s only so much of that stuff I can cope with.

At the first sign of the start of labour, as I mentioned, waking to my “dinner and a show” on early Wednesday morning, these were the things I kept telling myself. This is natural. I’m built for this. I can do this. I won’t lie I was NERFOUS and the minute I knew things were starting off, I had to stop all that talk from entering my mind and focus on the job at hand.

You know people actually take photos of their “show” and put that shit on the internet? THEY DO. I know this because I went back to bed grabbed my phone and asked google if it meant that I was in labour now that this had happened. It didn’t mean ANYTHING had happened, but it meant that something could happen. I tried to get back to sleep but of course Harps woke with a nightmare and of course wanted to hop into bed with us, and of course generally made me focus on her rather than what was potentially happening to me. Typical. I got up early, it was Rob’s birthday and I wrapped presents acutely aware of every pain and inner movement of my body. Was this it? Was that it? We woke and gave presents, I told my sister who was staying with us that something was happening and so we walked up to school to get things moving. I spent much of that cold Wednesday in what I thought was pre labour. I was getting a decent braxton hicks every 15 or so minutes but by the afternoon they had pretty much stopped. I walked and walked that day, thinking about what might or might not be happening. Walking the garden, the village, the block, the house.


I eventually told everyone to go to bed, get a good nights sleep and we would see what the new day would bring. Which turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. Huh.

Thursday came and went and Friday morning came with me waking at 4am with a pain decent enough to wake me up. And then another 15 minutes later. And 15 after that. I got up, wandered out to the fire, added some wood and sat and made a cup of tea in the dark, quiet house. This felt different. It felt like it was the real thing. Instead of feeling nervous and anxious I was calm and ready. I had little chats with the baby…telling the baby that they knew what to do, I knew what to do, together we could do this. daisy wandered out first smiling and telling me what a good nights sleep she had, dreaming about our family and how we had super powers and no one could hurt us. It was like she knew too. I had a shower just before school drop off and as I was getting dressed I realised that my waters had broken. Nothing dramatic, more of a trickle than a gush, but things were happening. I called the hospital who told me to come in and have a look at what was happening so we dropped the kids off, and went into the hospital. An internal confirmed that the membranes had ruptured and things were underway. I was told to keep moving and come back whenever I felt the need to. So we headed home, walked and walked and called my sister to come back down to mind the girls. It certainly felt like things were moving and I was sure my the time with kids needed to be picked up, we would be back at the hospital. 3pm came and went and after a play with friends down the road, the girls were back home. Want to know how to close a cervix? Throw 2 overtired kids into the mix with a tantrum or 45 about bed time. I was getting tired and mostly frustrated by all these false starts…just when I was thinking it was happening it had stopped. AGAIN. We got the girls to bed and after a cup of tea and toast and a good talking to by Rob and my sister things were back on track. More waters leaked, more pain, I knew that things could move quickly and as soon as I felt like a 2o minute drive would be a really bad idea if we waited longer, we headed into the hospital around 9.30pm. That drive? Well of course it meant that everything stopped. My head, getting in the way again. An internal showed me that I was 1cm dilated. 1 CM. I was so disappointed. And anxious. I mean shit, there I was all day and what for? 1CM. I spoke to my ob on the phone who told me to stay put, stay the night and first thing in the morning the drip would go in (that dreaded bloody drip I was doing everything to avoid) and that in any case there would be a baby tomorrow.

I was given some sleeping tablets and started to drift off to sleep in the delivery suite we were staying in when all of a sudden in the darkness came the sounds of a woman giving birth. Next door. The groans of a women well into her labour were enough to rouse me from my slumber. I sat bloody bolt upright in fact. Now this woman was quite young and from what I heard, a first time Mum. And she was not enjoying the experience one bit. All we could hear was “Fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkiiiinnnnnnnng HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I can’t do this, make this stop, tell them I can’t do this Fuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkiiiinnnnnnnng HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.” Rob looking at me trying to calm me down as he knew my mind was racing at a million times an hour. I was sitting in the dark thinking of fucking lotus flowers opening to the back drop of this poor woman. Talk about frightening. I got the giggles, then would pretty much start crying and then quietly cheer this woman on telling her she COULD DO it. This went on for about 45 minutes, getting worse and worse and then? A baby cried. A baby! What a miracle. A baby. It was an amazing thing to listen to from such close quarters and perfect for giving me a boost of confidence. Our bodies are built for this. While it is going to hurt look at what the end result is. A BABY. I managed 2 or so hours sleep dreaming of pain and babies whilke my cervix stayed shut.

At 7.30am the next morning the drip went in. Rob was prep talking me. I was prep talking me. I treated the day ahead much like a dreaded run that I have been on many a time. I never enjoy a run, I spend much of the time talking myself out of it, then into it, and back out of it again. Making excuses, creating little goals for myself along the way and briefly enjoying only 3-4 minutes of it out of about 45. I’d never make a marathon runner, I talk myself out of it too much. I put my running play list on, imagining myself starting out, completely zoning out of the room and trying to get my head into the right space. Poor Rob was left alone for over 4 hours as I did this, dealing with the increased contractions and heading off in my mind here and there. Around lunchtime I had something to eat and drink and that was enough to get me out of the zone I was in. Things seemed to have stopped. AGAIN. Was this really happening again? An further internal from my ob showed me to be 4cm dilated. 4 fucking cms. She broke some forewater/hindwater I can’t remember what, and cranked up that drip. After they all left and Rob could see me crying in disappointment again, I tried to refocus and get that head back into the right space again. I was determined to get this happening. A further virtual slap to my head (mostly inside my mind) we were off. Again.

From 1pm until about 3.15 things got serious. The midwives left Rob and I to ourselves and we were off. Contractions were strong, getting stronger, shit they were getting strong. I found myself covering my head, hiding from the world outside (I remembered a Native American Indian notion of women going off to birth land that I had heard about…they go into themselves and travel off to get a star from the sky…their new baby)  as I rode those waves and pains acutely aware as each contraction passed that I was one step closer. Similar to those images I had folded up and put away, I left each contraction on the side of the road and walked on, a step closer to the end destination. It was just Rob and I, him talking to me from close by, but far away in my mind…I felt so far away from everyone…unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Kind of like those contractions. Holy mother of SWEET BABY CHEESES a contraction. What a force it is. Somehow my mind told me it was meant to be, there was no room for fear, this was all normal and natural and how it was meant to be, and I was OK with it. Huh. There was never a mention of drugs to take, and my mind was so busy on everything else that it didn’t even have a second to think about it, about getting an out. I knew they were getting closer, knew from the woman the night before that the cry of my baby would be soon. All of a sudden I found myself saying to Rob  “I NEED TO PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH” and that buzzer was pressed and things got serious quick. It amazed me how I had no option BUT to push, our bodies know exactly what they are doing, the baby knows what they are doing. What a thing it is.

My ob made it in the nick of time. I pushed through about 4 or 5 contractions, amazed at what was happening naturally, completely out of my control my completely within my control as I pushed her out.


And then she was here. Maggie breathed her first breath in this world.

And the pain stopped. And she was quiet, barely a cry from her, just this little alert thing snuffling away on my chest. She looked at me, deeply into my eyes, turned when she heard her Dad talk, I don’t ever remember moments like these with the other girls. It was quiet, an experience I will never forget, not ever. I think it was 15 or so minutes before we even looked to see what the sex was. I delivered that placenta (holy shiz the whole previous epidural situation was quite something else all together when it came to the after birth stuff when you do it without any drugs. Sheesh. Ouch.) And after a feed and an hour or so of just us she was finally weighed, I got a shower and we walked out of the delivery suite into our room where the girls came and met her a little while later.


Rob allowed me the next few hours of saying “I CANNOT believe I did it. I DID IT. We did it.”

Because I did do it. We all did it. Rob, Maggie and I all did it together. Just like everyone else can do it and has done it. The most natural and strong thing we as women can do. Give life. What an amazing privilege. How strong we are.


I’ve said before that this pregnancy has taught me so much. Healed me in ways that I didn’t even know I needed healing. I remember writing that this child may just be my biggest teacher, and they aren’t even here yet. Now she’s here and I know that whatever she does in this world she has already given me and Rob and our family so much. My wise little teacher, what a gift she has given me, something that was there all along but I just didn’t listen to, or believe. I’ve got this.

Maggie Roslyn Macdonald born 16th May 2015 3.40pm.

We did it.

{Final part 3 to follow…too many thoughts to contain in this post. Apologies for the length of it}.


  1. I just love all of this. It’s actually really good to read a birth story instead of hear it because it means I can’t interrupt with bits of my own stories like I normally would.
    I know this is for you but I love that you are sharing it with us xx

  2. With my first I went into labour 3 times over 2 weeks then 11days overdue, induced, 36 hours of labour I welcomed a son via c section. Bub 2 was induced…with pain relief to allow my body and mind to get on with it…6 hours later another son- natural delivery. Our minds are powerful and our bodies hear every thought! What a journey Beth and so much growth…enjoy your family xx

  3. Rachel Noble says

    Oh Beth. Such a beautiful birth story. I felt every disappointment, every anxious moment but the love, the joy, I felt that the most! Congratulations Beth on your beautiful Maggie. Xxx

  4. What a glorious post. Brought back many wonderful memories of my two natural (induced) births. I recall visualising each contraction as a wave breaking and the pain heading back out to sea. I also felt like my husband was very far away although right there with me. All the very best with your newest teacher x

  5. Lovely..just lovely. Reared up reading this. Well done Beth.

  6. Oh Beth! So beautiful! What a gorgeous little soul Maggie is and how lucky is she to have you as a mum.

    Parenthood (beginning in pregnancy) is so different third time round (at least for me). I’m so glad we were both brave enough to do it.

    Before I had kids and I was working on a pregnancy magazine I read a single line that changed my whole outlook of childbirth. It was something along the lines of you don’t have to think about making your kidneys work or your intestines to function, they just do it and childbirth is the same, just trust that your body knows exactly what to do. I think that (and luck) helped me have two wonderful births (the third was out of my hands).

    Enjoy this precious special time. xxx

  7. Karen McClay says

    Now that is what I was talking about!!! An absolute privilege to read Beth. Well done honey xxxx

    • Gibbergunyah says

      Me too, Karen. This is what I was talking about Beth! Walking down that hall (possibly even from the same room), feeling well and strong and blessed! Thank you for sharing your story, I’m so glad it went so well. Apologies to your Dad Karen, I owe him two birth stories, having done Calmbirth twice with him.

    • Thanks Karen!! SO much x

  8. Kate Reilly says

    Wow, beautiful story. The last paragraph totally teared me up- that’s exactly how I felt after the birth of our third. So healing and like I’d conquered a long running fear of all things child birth. Completely healing. Thank you,

  9. Gosh I am back to when I delivered Oliver, he was almost born in the shower, I just knew he was coming and my hubby almost had to carry me out of there, such an emotional thing. Oh Beth, I’m elated for you. All those feelings. Yes I’m crying, again. I almost want 4, almost. xx

  10. What an amazing story. You have made me cry again Beth, at work thankfully not many people around.
    It is so beautiful and women are so strong. All mothers are.
    Maggie is beautiful and I am sure she will teach you so much. I have wanted to have a third child but my partner is not into it, says he does all the work. Not true I carried both my other kids and pushed them both out myself and breastfed them till they were older and did not require me and I am there for them doing everything. Women do so much.
    Now i fear I am too old and not patient enough.
    I loved the bit of this story where you got up early it was dark and had tea. That is when you were ready. The truth is it was Maggie that was ready. The babies do all the work, thats what my grandmother who was a midwife told me before I had kids. When you are having a baby, you need to be so in tune with your body, and remember to breath, as it is the baby that needs the oxygen so then they can work and come into the world. What a feat for all women for all babies being born. So incredible, lets not take life for granted.

  11. Lovely. Just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate time with all of us. Welcome to the world gorgeous Maggie xx

  12. Beautiful words Beth, and so glad you’ve written them down to revisit in the future.
    I remember my first appointment with the midwife and she explained to me that childbirth is totally natural and that we are meant to do it. She explained how the hormones in our bodies are the same now as when we were cavewomen giving birth, so any kind of stress or anxiety that creates adrenaline will pause the process because it’s a self preservation thing. She told me that if I stay relaxed and focused on what my body is doing, nature will take over and it will all be okay. It was really reassuring to hear that and I think it will help a lot having midwives who will remind me of that during labour. Because you’re right, the representations of childbirth are all of pain and stress and nothing of the fact that we are designed for this and can do it. Thinking about the natural aspect of it helps me not worry about the birth and not be afraid of the pain.
    But we’ll see how I go when my time comes!!

    • Sounds like you have got a smart midwife there! Keep remembering that…no room for fear, NONE and you will do it! Thanks Lauren x

  13. You’ve told the story of your birth so beautifully. It’s got me all teary. God dammit you really did do that. Amazing 🙂
    So happy for you xo

  14. How wonderful. That Rob can read this, an account of what you went through, shared together, but through your eyes, just beautiful!

  15. Beth, you just took me back to the Delivery Suite, where I had the honour to support many women through their labour. You see, I was unable to have babies (endometriosis) but didn’t know that until I was in my late 30s. I loved being in the Maternity Unit and there is nothing to equal the miracle of a baby entering this world. Each and every birth was uniquely magical and every mother showed amazing strength throughout labour. Women are strong and resilient and awesome and superhuman! And then there are the really lucky ones who have a fabulous partner who walks, in step, beside them through the wonderful birthing experience and beyond. Thanks for sharing your story…I have a smile on my face, feeling the wonderment of your experience…I am glad you overcame your fears this time around…Welcome Maggie…congratulations to you, and Rob and the girls….oh and Frank…of course.

  16. here I am blubbering in the corner. Calmbirth, such a beautiful birth <3
    Thankyou for sharing this, I can't type anything more, I'm a sniveling mess. Just the most beautiful words, raising girls, creating women, strong women. wow.

  17. Oh thankyou Beth – your absolutely divine journey has taken me back to the births of my two children. I should have had three but that is ok. I have tears pouring down my face and I have absorbed every word you have written. Congratulations!! Xxx Julia

  18. Katie Elliott says

    So beautifully written Beth. We went into labour on the same day- Wed 13th! My beautiful boy arrived that day but boy do I sympathise with your lengthy labour of love. As a first time mum, I truly understand that term now. Never have I felt such pure love than when he looked, really looked, into my eyes for the first time. So happy for you and your lovely family x

  19. just a bit teary here…. love it. love all those wrinkles. she is the bomb.

  20. Kim Bibby says

    Oh good god, I am tearful on so many levels. Funnily it has answered some of my own questions along the way.
    What a little treasure Maggie already is…. I think she will touch, heal, inspire all of you on so many different levels. And she is also blessed to have such beautiful parents, sisters & family to love and guide her through life.
    SO SO pleased that you have had your #3. It was SO meant to be!!!

  21. sharon Hampton says

    Beth, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the first journey of your beautiful girl. Our third baby was also calm and so alert and in tune with our voices..he’s 16 now and continues to hold my heart in his soulful grip. I can’t wait for your next’re a bloody inspiration. Xx

  22. Thank you Beth, thank you for sharing. What a beautiful post and well done! How incredible are you. I loved reading this as a fellow calm birther. I didn’t have the story of going off to get the star, I was swimming down a deep ocean to reach a cave & get my baby & bring it back to the beautiful sun. Eye roll worthy for sure but it worked. Couldn’t get into visualising the old lotus flower opening thingy though. So many people told me it hurts so bad you will be screaming for that epidural, all trying to get in my head & mess with it but I kept it out & I’m so glad did, sure it hurt but not once did I even consider wanting to not feel what my body was doing, my body & mind were doing it together & that felt good. The end, that beautiful baby & the I DID IT feeling well I just wanted to high five myself like you wouldn’t believe, I won’t ever forget it. And I get to do it all again in less than 12 weeks! Your gorgeous Maggie is making me seriously impatient to meet my bub now!!! Best wishes to your beautiful family, and again, thank you xx

  23. I have no words except thank you for sharing with us all.
    You do realise, don’t you, you will need to share Maggie’s every milestone with us?
    Enjoy your beautiful girls xx

  24. Damn straight…x

  25. Lovely Beth. I’m so glad you posted this on Friday night. Gave me a chance to really read it. Tea in hand. No kids asking me ‘who’s that baby/lady??’

    You are a bloody warrior. Wed – Sat. That has to be some kind of record. I am so happy for you that you did the Calm Birthing. If only we’d all discovered back at baby no 1. Almost makes me want to have a 4th. Almost.

    Hope you are enjoying snuggles by the fire tonight with that Maggie girl.

  26. I have no words, your post is breathtaking. xx

  27. Just beautiful. You original post that describing the other child standing off to the side confirmed my own thoughts and am now finally pregnant with no.3. Such beautiful words, I feel so honored that you have shared them with us.

  28. Thankyou for sharing this. I have two little sisters (13 &15 years younger than me) Both of them were lovely enough to let me be there when they gave birth to their first babies. As my dodgy heart ruled out pregnancy for me this was the closest I would ever get to birth. Just being there was such an intense experience. Both times I somehow ended up with a ringside seat at the business end of proceedings as each of the girls was born. It was the most amazing thing ever & I will never forget holding each of my nieces when they were a few minutes old. The look on my sister’s faces as their held their daughters for the first time after the hours of pain & effort was just beautiful. Reading about your experience took me back to both of those amazing days I was able to share thanks to two thoughtful, caring sisters

  29. Fiona Guglielmi says

    I love the way that you write.. So honest and heartfelt and I can so relate to you. Thanks

  30. Thankyou for sharing Maggie’s story Beth. I found it so interesting to read and felt parts of it comforting as I could relate them to myself and my own mothering journey. I love the way you freely put your words together, it makes the crazy feel normal and the everyday more beautiful. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant with my second bub and am starting to feel the countdown to her arrival. Hence me commenting to your post at 12:04am! (Hello insomnia/over thinking.)
    You have made me think more about my upcoming arrival and the choices that I can make that were different from the first time around, so thank you. Also you made me want cold custard at midnight when there was absolutely no possible way of getting it. So thanks not so much. Haha hmmm.
    Ice cream had to do. Will be shopping for custard tomorrow.
    Enjoy your girls, you did great!

    • Ha! Thanks Kelly, good luck with the next 7 or so weeks…very exciting! Keep that headspace clear and focused and you will do great!

  31. Beautifully described and written, Beth. The things are bodies are built to do, GROW a whole human without us having to willing it to and then, when the timings right those muscles know the drill, almost like its a regular thing to happen to them. It blows my mind. What a blessing to your family she is and how lucky she is in turn to have you all.

    I look forward to reading the 3rd installment, the sweet taste of that post labour cuppa and toast!

  32. how lovely of you to share your story with us thankyou beth!
    “who runs the world? GIRLS!” … indeed! all of the above!
    amazing little maggie! I love that 1st photo all crinkly from the womb!
    and soo calm! … you did very well!
    enjoy your changed state of being!
    much love m:)X

  33. Debs Sutton says

    Thank you Beth got Part 2 before I fly off! Crying quietly (it’s 23.20pm here in UK) as such an amazing,powerful post…..such a privilege to have you share it with us, thank you my

  34. What a beautiful birth story and so many feels. I totally got goosebumps, and maybe a tear in my eye. I can’t wait to see the memories you are going to make together x

  35. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It sounds like it was about as perfect as it could ever get. I’m so happy she is here safe and sound, and that you write these fears and thoughts down. One day Maggie, and your other gorgeous girls can read this, and know their birth stories. I am having a cry, reading this, this morning, and smiling from knowing just how lucky you all are.
    Well done Mumma bear.

  36. I feel your pain with the false labour, I had it twice and then had to wait another two weeks before the real labour decided to show up. She’s so cute its making me want another.

  37. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    Dearest Beth,

    Part 2 did not disappoint. In fact it took me straight back to reliving the birth day of my four precious ones. That first greeting, that look of love & adoration in my husbands eyes is something I will never, ever forget as how proud he was of his child but also of me, that first feed…..everything we are meant to do we do & our magical female bodies allow us to do it. He used to tell me after the birth of each one ‘I love you with all my heart & soul, I will protect you against everything the world delivers, but there is no way In Gods world I could be as brave as you and do what you have done today & for that my eternal love I will be forever grateful’ I hear these words & his voice saying it like it was yesterday.

    Maggie new when the time was right. She was just giving you a lesson that when your head was right, when you packed away the frustration of stopping & starting, when you accepted what would be & embrace it then she would be here. Your greatest prize.

    With my cup of tea in hand I am in tears once again sitting quietly while my precious 4 are sleeping and reliving many joyous moments of their individual birth days in my mind through your story.

    Once again Beth your words resonate & that is one of your many gifts.

    I am woman hear me roar

    Amanda xx

    • Such an amazing experience to have with our partners…it’s one of the things I’ll remember most about Maggie’s birth was how together Rob and I were. Thanks Amanda xxx

  38. So, as the tears stream down my face, I look at your beautiful little creation. Isn’t she just so lovely. What an adventure the two of you are on. I hope it’s the loveliest most exciting adventure of your life.

  39. Congratulations Beth and famuly. Beautiful story for you to keep and cherish. I’m a grandma and don’t have too many memories of giving birth, more of the recent birth of my grandson. How marvellous it is!

  40. That is a super cute photo of your 3 kids.

    I’ve never been in labour or experienced any of the stuff in this post, but like you, I had a super positive, perfect birth experience that resulted in the most gorgeous and loved child ever. It was the best day of my life and always makes me feel lucky.

    There is nothing better than a baby.


  41. Beautiful strong woman you are! X

  42. I had tears coming down my face reading that.No1 was early and emergency ceaser – no labour No 2 was late and induced 3 times.
    I always joked that if we went for number 3 I might be able to actually go into labour like ‘normal people

    • Oh Dee..there is no normal with birth…so many variations and complications along the way. I was glad I got to experience it this way after the first 2 🙂

  43. You express your heart so well! What a powerful experience for you and Rob to share, the whole pregnancy from start to finish, another layer of cement binding your hearts together. I do think babies heal us by challenging us to understand, face and ultimately triumph over our fears and put our faith in love. And then we have the most wonderful privilege of raising them, being their parents and continuing the learning. Each one teaches us so much. I too am raising girls, hoping I am doing the right things so that they know their value and make good choices as they grow. I am a great person for me, but one thing I’ve learnt since becoming a parent, is I am an even better person for them and because of them. You did do it. And Maggie, best reward ever. X

  44. I loved reading part two, and thank you for reminding me how amazing we are, how amazing our bodies are, to be able to create life and nurture it, and give birth.

  45. You did it!

    Your post and what you felt is exactly why I am so passionate about birth.
    Women are amazing.
    You are amazing!
    I honestly don’t remember any pain when birthing Lyddie…just incredible power.
    That urge to push…and the way my body did push…and actually being able to feel Lyddie working with me…I hope I don’t ever forget the strength that I hold within me….and likewise Lyddie within her.

    And for a bit of fun, when Maggie is between two and three, ask her about the birth. It is a bit woo woo and freaky but children do remember…and their recollections are often spot on. Charlie said that at first he was excited and then afraid…which was exactly what I felt. And then he said he saw the floor!

    Thank you so much for sharing Beth!
    You did it!

  46. Divine.. I was all natural second time around as I wasn’t fearful in the same way and to be able to be so present in the moment and feel it all was a truly unique feeling.

    I would go back again and again just for the miracle of birth if I could afford it x

  47. Don’t you dare apologize for the length of it. You made a baby. And just delivered her safely to this world. Not a damn thing to apologize for – in fact, I believe there should have been more use of capital letters and explanation marks. Because you did it. All three of you. DID IT! And I love that you shared it with us. For you, but with us. Thank you Beth, Rob and Maggie x

  48. Beautiful birth story Beth, such a precious gift to share with us all to read. You got your healing birth. I am genuinely so, so happy for you.

  49. Congratulations Beth and family! This is really special, so many beautiful memories all of your girls will appreciate reading one day. Maggie’s birth story reminds me quite a lot of my first. You did a spectacular job, lady x

  50. You make my baby-lovin’ heart sing Beth. xx

  51. Birth is profound. All the blood, sweat, shit and tears. All the crying, love and happiness, sometimes in the same breath. Trusting in your body to do this massive thing. It’s amazing to look around and think we all arrived here the same way. Profound, Life changing, hard, amazing, humbling. Miraculous really. I look at my two little humans at 9 & 7 and still sometimes can’t believe that I grew and birthed these two amazing peeps. Congrats on your beautiful new babe x

  52. Absolutely love it. Congratulations looking forward to the third post

  53. Goosebumps! People look at me like I’m crazy when I say I loved labour… Sure it was long and painful but seriously how amazing is it? I am in awe of the female body and what it can do.

  54. amazing read – what a beautiful story and of course beautifully written. How special, hope all is well and congratulations. I cannot wait to read the third post! xx

  55. I had my third girl 3 months ago. Thank you for reminding me about being a strong role model to girls, and yes, they are truly amazing!
    Many midwives told me that third births can be so unpredictable…. after 2 very fast babies, number 3 took her time. Probably the sign of things to come.
    Congrats again on Maggie, she’s beautiful.

  56. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Thank you for sharing Beth ,I am so pleased for you that you got a lovely calm,no drugs,and most importantly no stictches birth,well done ,you should be very proud Xx

  57. Wow. Just wow.
    YOU did it!! xx

  58. Awwwhhhhh! Beautiful story.
    I have only given birth once, and you reminded me of that completely utterly wonderful moment when pop, out comes the baby, after all that pain! Thanks and best of luck with the next few early weeks, sounds like you are on top of it all though. Go the custard tarts!

  59. It’s amazing what our minds can do during birth, that place that we go where nothing else exists, it’s such a strange thing, but so important. I think it’s something that is often so overlooked when it comes to birth, it’s just as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one, maybe even more so! Reading this brought back so many memories, thank you for sharing. I was trying to tell my sister about it yesterday (she is having her first baby in August) and how the mind is an amazing thing and how everything, time, pain, comes to a complete standstill the minute you lay eyes on your baby. It really is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Thank you for sharing your’s and Maggie’s story and congratulations again!

  60. Oh Beth, I soooo needed to read this. I had the dreaded drip with my second and it was hellish (I may have not have been yelling similar things to your neighbor towards the end……). I am 34 weeks pregnant with my third and it’s so reassuring to know that labour with the drip can still be a beautiful thing.

    • Claire I had the dreaded drip twice before and both times it was a bot of a disaster but this was great – we had the time to take it slowly – there was no rush and it really made all the difference. Good luck!

  61. I’m just in awe of you. Seriously. What a beautiful story. x

  62. That was really quite moving and beautiful and I totally get the mind stuff and head space and totally get the freaked out feeling after 2 difficult births myself. What a beautiful thing she has done to your lives.

  63. Thanks for sharing. You DID do it – you’re bloody amazing! Maggie is just a little peach and you are incredibly strong. We women are completely awe-strikingly amazing. xx


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