When time stops: The first days

It never fails to amaze me that all that time there was a baby in there. A real, whole person. As Harper said to me on Sunday morning “Mum all that time, it was Maggie kicking in there.”


The miracle of a new baby. Is there anything more precious? Finally meeting a new member of your family, the hours of staring and getting to know their face, their hands, their feet. The wonder that they grew from a cell in your body into a whole human. She is beyond beautiful. Another girl. I am the Mum of three whole girls.


There’s so much to tell you guys. About how it all went. How the birth happened. How I STILL cannot work out how Kate walked down those stairs IN NUDE PUMPS AND SHEER HOSE. How I’m home, all of us piled into our bedroom (Frank included) staring at our girl. How life just seems so right now that she is here. What a relief she is safely here. We are all happy, that’s it, just happy.

IMG_6849 IMG_6852

But all of that can wait because time has stopped still. There’s nothing more important than all this staring right now. That’s all that needs to happen. Maybe some tea and toast as well.

IMG_6884 IMG_6880 IMG_6887

But lots of staring.


And a very sincere thanks to every single wonderful comment of love and support and kindness to us all over the weekend. It was overwhelming and meant the world to us all. I can’t even begin to reply to them or even get through them all so I will just say from the bottom of my very happy and emotional milk coming in teary heart…thank you.


  1. Beth she is so very very cute. Enjoy this beautiful precious time.

  2. Just gorgeous! Your days sound perfect xx

  3. Oh precious is she? CUTIE PIE! And whoop whoop to milk coming in. Rest up and thanks for sharing your precious and intimate first few days. x

  4. Domenica says

    She is just beautiful; enioy these special days xx

  5. Dear girl – thank you for sharing just this much.

  6. I’ve just gotten a little teary reading that. There is something about a new born… So precious, so perfect! She is just beautiful. x

  7. goodness me, so precious! Such beautiful words, I can’t even imagine how beautiful it is to see the girls fall in love with Maggie. enjoy the joy, those snuggles, the wonder and the funny little new born squeaks.

    I adore her name. My girl is Ava Maggie, girls are perfect, and you have three! I’m almost lucky. Almost.

  8. Oh, she is gorgeous. No, there’s nothing as good as staring.

  9. Maggie is just adorable! good job mumma bear! Maybe it was a fake Kate he he!

  10. Thank you for sharing these precious few days with us! We are expecting our first little lady in a few weeks time and seeing this post has made my heart skip a beat in anticipation 🙂

  11. She is just divine to stare at. Congrats! xx

  12. She’s such a cutie pie ! Beth just lovely enjoy it all 🙂 x

  13. How utterly, utterly precious. And I love that fuzzy hair on top. She is beautiful, and thank you for sharing her with us! Be well, all five of you–I mean six, counting Frank.

  14. Where’s the scratch and inhale button for your photos??? She is divine.

    Stare away Beth.

  15. What a divine little being she is Beth. Enjoy the staring! xx

  16. Oh how gorgeous she is. So precious and new! Congratulations, Beth – she’s beautiful.

  17. Phillipa Palmer says

    Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. How precious. Look forward to seeing you sometime soon!! Regards, Pip and Ladie Sadie’s Emporium (Sarah).xx

  18. Just divine. Beatiful. Peaceful. Happy. Joyful. All of the world’s blessings to you and your wonderful family. Oh, and some sleep too xxx

  19. Congrats Beth! She is lovely x

  20. It seems that one cannot overuse the words “adorable”, “cute” or “perfect” too many times when describing your beautiful Maggie. How blessed are you and your family to have her and how lucky is she to be born into such a wonderful, caring and loving home? Congratulations! PS. And of course I couldn’t be more delighted with the name you chose!

  21. I felt like I was right there on your bed staring at little Maggie when reading this post. Enjoy your time together x

  22. So utterly delicious. Enjoy your cocoon of family love. Soak every morsel up, because as you already know it’s the best thing ever. So glad to see Maggie has a flat teddy ready. My girls each got one at birth. My 7year old still rubs his ears to comfort herself as she drifts off to sleep, and writes of her love for him in little books with titles such as “The best brown teddy in the world”. I hope Maggie’s teddy too brings her much love and comfort (although I don’t think there will be any lacking for her in that department!). xx

  23. She is so beautiful. You are blessed.

  24. Congratulations on your dear little one. Enjoy, soak it up. Thanks for sharing. x 🙂

  25. Oh my….isn’t she beautiful?

  26. Exfarmersdaughter says

    She’s beautiful. And growing up in the right place for a baby girl to be growing up. Congratulations to all of you. Xxx

  27. Beth, just enjoy, let time stand still and enjoy your beautiful brand new Bub and that gorgeous family of yours. So precious, congrats again xx

  28. Just beautiful. Time does really stop in those first few weeks. It will fly by so enjoy it xo

  29. Beth – CONGRATULATIONS…… look what happens when I am offline and in town for a few days… you go and give birth!!!! So excited for you!!! Take care and she is just gorgeous, love the name! Take it easy and enjoy…I can tell you are.

  30. She is just so gorgeous! I remember those first few days, the marvel at how you, your body, actually created this whole tiny human being. It’s just mind-blowing. You’re making me so clucky at the thought of adding another girl to my two (although I’m not sure my husband would be too pleased to hear that!). Enjoy this special time, it goes way too fast xx

  31. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh……….

    That is all.


  32. Thanks to my dodgy heart I was not allowed to get pregnant but as a foster mum my youngest baby was 11 days old, straight from hospital in a tiny hospital gown, cloth nappy & hospital blanket. I spent hours staring at tiny fingers & toes & snuggling him while being totally in awe of the miracle that is a tiny new life. I can’t even begin to imagine how amazing that all is if you have also been the one to grow them. Enjoy this time with your family, they grow so quickly. That tiny baby rang me to wish me happy mothers day, he will be 18 soon 🙂

  33. adorable beth!
    I love harper’s perspective and comment! … just gorgeous and so true!
    enjoy your precious time together lovely!
    yes to mother’s milk! … all goodness! … love m:)X

  34. You’re making me all emotional!! I have tears of happiness and broodiness welling up in my eyes… the screen is in fact blurry!! Enjoy all the cuddles and staring and just being. Once again, so thrilled (to the tips of my toes) for you all. Jx

  35. Oh she is just scrumptious!! Keep staring. My baby (number 3) turns three next week. THREE!!

  36. Fiona Guglielmi says

    I would like to thank you and your family for sharing your journey with all of us, it has been truly wonderful playing along with you, remembering our own pregnancies. Enjoy your newest little miracle and take time to look after yourself as well.

  37. michelle says

    I can’t see a photo of a newborn without remembering sniffing the heads of my boys when they were that little. Such precious moments x

  38. Beth, little Maggie is so delicious! Congratulations xx

  39. Mrs Woog says

    I would like an update every hour, on the hour x

  40. I don’t blame you one little bit, I’d be camping out in my bedroom with my family too and staring and staring at your gorgeous miracle. She is wonderful. Thank you for sharing such a momentous moment in your life. So many people share their stories these days and people don’t’ realise how much of a gift it is. I do, my husband is very private and doesn’t like me to share so much, so to have the pleasure of sharing in these milestones with you is priceless. Congratulations again.

  41. I can’t wait to see you run in the athletics carnival with her strapped to your chest! She is gorgeous. Congratulations x

  42. I’m so happy that you are so happy, Beth. I can only remember my third born’s first days as feeling as panicked and as overwhelmed as I did with my first and it was awful. Please remind yourself of all the good, snuggly feelings as often as you need to and smell that beautiful head hourly!! x

  43. I can’t get used to seeing photos of a baby in your post and the baby is Maggie. She’s yours. She’s not Archie or any other gorgeous baby. I had you filed in the ‘two girls’ drawer for so long, and now there are three. You are a three child family. Amazing and wonderful. And I love that you have both girls at school, your beautiful home and all your ducks in a row so you can happily sit and stare. Not feel that sense of panic that sometimes comes with your first baby as you wonder – what the hell and I supposed to do?? It’s just perfect. The whole thing is perfect and I’m so happy for you.

  44. You have done so so well Beth, you cocooned little Maggie throughout pregnancy, birthed her and now nurturing her with love…congratulations! Maggie is oh so lucky to have been born into such a beautiful family. Keep staring and enjoy this truly precious time. Much love x

  45. Congratulations again Beth, she is just GORGEOUS.

  46. Completely perfect. Enjoy x

  47. Congratulations and jubilations. Enjoy this precious time x

  48. Mine are 8 and 5 years old and I still go into their rooms EVERY night before I go to bed and just stare and stare at their beautiful faces sleeping and think “I made these precious tiny creatures – how lucky I am”. Feels like yesterday I was where you are today x

  49. What a beautiful bubby. Congratulations and enjoy!

  50. Oh Beth, she is beyond words. Congratulations again to you all. Makes me so want another one. xo

  51. Elaine B says

    She’s beautiful! Enjoy! xE

  52. What a sweet sweet little poppet. Simply divine! Congrats again on making another human!
    xx Manda

  53. Congratulations for your super cute Maggie!! She is adorable! My heart just went “Awwwww”, this post made my morning 🙂

  54. My goodness, she is delicious! Enjoy these first days, Beth.. so very, very precious. I got a bit teary reading along and remembering how the time really does stand still.. xx

  55. Margaret Elvis says

    How wonderful it is when we bring a new life into this world of ours and your new daughter is so beautiful. Congratulations to you and the whole family. Love the name. xx

  56. Oh dear these posts are going to be dangerous for me! I have two beautiful girls and would love a third…. cluck cluck cluck!!

  57. She’s so beautiful, Beth. Congratulations to you and the family. Take it easy and enjoy your third gorgeous little girl. Leesa. xo

  58. These photos are gorgeous, Beth. Beautiful post. xo

  59. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read this post. There is nothing as magical as a newborn, and how lucky is little Maggie to have two big doting sisters? And a Frank? From the start of your blog, all those years ago, announcing your first pregnancy, to now…what a journey, Beth! xx

  60. This is such a gorgeous time! How wonderfully you’ve captured that newborn bubble of everything’s the same but everything is now different with Maggie. I felt like something clicked and was completed when my youngest was born. I felt like I was on drugs, I was so high, despite the fatigue. I was amazed at my lot and so, so grateful. x

  61. Such a beautiful description of your delightful new baby Beth and the interaction that happens – how wonderful to have 3 girls xx

  62. There’s tears in my eyes because is truly the best, most beautiful time in a family xx

  63. Beautiful, precious, amazing miracle! You are so very clever Beth. New life never ceases to astound me. Enjoy every moment xxoo
    Annie M

  64. She is lovely.

    I only just had those days and already they seem so very far away.
    Stay in your bed staring at her for as long as you can!

  65. Lisa Mckenzie says

    All of you in the bed including frank staring at Maggie priceless Beth ,enjoy sweetie you’ll never get this time back Xx

  66. What a wonderful precious time. I’m completely in awe you managed to write about it and capture it on film- SuperMum!

  67. She is just so beautiful. I am so happy for you all. Congratulations. Stare as much as you can for as long as you can – soak it up 🙂

  68. Oh. My. That was the most beautiful post. I’m all tingly, and clucky, and a bit weepy. Enjoy that time has stopped… Enjoy the wonder of it all.

  69. Perfection! There is nothing else in life… you have it all. Enjoy every precious second. Xx

  70. Congratulations again, she is just divine. Those first few days when all you can do is stare at them is magical x

  71. As everyone else has said she’s just so precious, enjoy these days you’ve earned it. Congrats to the whole family and thanks for sharing such personal moments with Maggie.

  72. Wow! Such a beautiful post for a beautiful little girl! You enjoy this precious time! My ovaries are singing 😉

  73. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. What a lovely little addition to your family 🙂

  74. A new little life really is such an amazing miracle, and something that definitely warrants a lot of staring. And love. And contentment. Enjoy it all xxx

  75. Nathalia says

    I’m right behind you with one week to go and I’m sooooo happy for you! She’s just beautiful beautiful beautiful and three girls is such a blessing! What wonderful friends they will be!!!

    Enjoy these new days! This time we swapped places, right? I was the obsessive refresher on your blog!! Hugs!!!

  76. Oh. The golden days. I miss them, fleeting as they are. Thank you for sharing just a snippet of your baby girl, she is too much!

  77. She is just gorgeous, congratulations!!! Be prepared to get nothing done..they are such little time wasters…all that cuddling

  78. What an absolute little darling she is. Congratulations and enjoy those newborn snuggles…they are the best!

  79. That baby is delicious! I want to eat her. Congratulations on one gorgeous baby. xx

  80. Smykolandia says

    She is beautiful:-) the sweetest present:-)

  81. Congratulations, she’s just beautiful…love the name too!

  82. She’s just beautiful! Enjoy these special days together x

  83. You make perfect babies. Congrats. Enjoy every precious moment xx

  84. Awwwwhhhhh….so beautiful.
    Keep staring at her.
    Maybe you can wear nude pumps at her first birthday party!

  85. oh she is perfect. Love how sweet babies smell – miss that so much.
    Enjoy those cuddles, they grow way too fast xxx

  86. I …. MUST …. HAVE … A …. BAYBEEEEEE

  87. Oh my………what a Beautiful little girl!! Well done Beth. Enjoy every moment xx

  88. “Mum all that time, it was Maggie kicking in there.” – oh Harps, you just got me. Tears! Love! x

  89. I’m in love – she is just so beautiful!


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