Things I like {The Dottie edition}

This morning we  popped over to visit Miss Dot who is now a whole 6 days old. Not even a week! Luce got home from hospital under 24 hours after Dorothy was born and is settling into life as a family of four. There’s lots of baked goods being consumed, endless cups of half drunk tea, delirium and teaching gentleness and patience with a 2.5 year old.

Oh those first few weeks, don’t you remember it well? {Here’s a recap of Maggie’s first few days for those wanting a trip down memory lane i.e. ME).

And while you are in it, they may stretch on forever, but I know just how fleeting those newborn days are. I mean, look at these two. Weren’t they just born?

Aunty Tricia bought over her signature bake, the Ginger Fluff yesterday so I thought it best that I help Luce out with that.

And while the sun is shining, it’s bitter outside today, but it’s arm inside with a fire on, and the sweetest little lady I ever did see brightening up this world with a smile. I don’t care what they say about babies and smiling when they are this new, they can smile. Maggie did. And Dorothy does too. What’s to be cranky about?!

I love her so much. And Ginger Fluff. Man, that’s a good cake.

What are you liking this cold Thursday afternoon?


  1. You’re right – those newborn days go by so quickly. My baby is 4 next month. You’ve made me a little teary!

    • It all goes by too fast!

      • Rowena/VintageNobility says

        Goes by Soooo very fast! Don’t WE know it!
        This time – I really really am just gonna live vicariously through your posts about Dotty! (Love these old classic names!)

        She is Gorgeous; and heck yes newborns absolutely do smile!
        Beth Please do give her another sniff n kiss…from me and Ruby! Oh and pour Luce another cuppa from us too; help out with those baked goods!
        Ooooh that newborn scent!!!

  2. Hi Beth,
    Congrats on being a new Aunty to the adorable Dottie! At present I am labelling our natural and organic hand wash, freshly poured into bottles for @_exult a small business started by my sister in law, Catherine Morton. Wonderful products for Mother’s Day. Keep us in mind for all of the fantastic women in your life. Enjoy the ginger fluff and baby cuddles x

  3. How precious is little Dotti. And doesnt Maggie and Archie look, so much older. Keep the photos coming. My babies are 28, 26 and 22. How I miss not having a tiny little angel. Enjoy them and i love Dotties little smile.

  4. And the new born baby smell.. you just want to eat them up?? my babies 3 where did that time go??

  5. Look at Maggie’s face! Priceless!!!

    And what a gift you’ve given yourself Beth, that with a click of the mouse you can go back to when Mags was just born. I know blogging has given you so much but I think having your memories on tap, recorded while fresh & new, would have to be the best thing of all 🙂

  6. Would Aunty Tricia be willing to share the Ginger Fluff recipe?

  7. Wishing I could turn the clock back to my boys newborn days. Blink and they are gone. Dorothy is gorgeous, and so are those other two ratbags. Maggie’s haircut is so sweet xx

  8. She has s definitely smiling! And those eyes too, so alert and happy to be with you all. Gorgeous!

  9. Dottie is just divine! Nothing like a newborn!

  10. Dot’s so sweet, and tiny! And man, that cake looks amazing. I think i’d inhale it…

  11. I must consume this ginger fluff cake or it will consume me. My kingdom for the recipe

  12. Dottie is divine but let’s talk about those other 2! The causal lean from Archie and the knowing look from Maggie. Trouble! Of the cutest kind.

  13. Oh my goodness Beth? What a beautiful baby girl, thanks to your lovely sis for sharing these pics. And those cheeky toddlers to top of the cute factor. Enjoy this special time with your family Beth – these are the days to remember! Luv Liz XO

  14. ….Also, is there anything better than a baby in a Bonds Wondersuit?! Just heaven…. Liz XO

  15. Nothing makes you smile faster than seeing a baby smile. Precious.

    And those toddlers… imagine the gift of family you and your sister are giving them by living so close to each other. You can’t match that bond of having grown up together. I see a “pack” in those pictures.

  16. Tell us more about the Ginger Fluff….. please 🙂

  17. how sweet she is beth!
    I love her bouncer rocker it’s super! … very bespoke!
    I nearly killed myself 100 times on those old bouncers!
    what about mr and mrs Trouble … for sure! … giggle worthy everytime I see them!
    luce is lucky to have you nearby! … a great support network indeed!
    ginger fluff looks naughty but nice!
    much love m:)X

  18. 1. With a 19, 16, 11 and 9 year old, I feel like I’m in a sweet spot of parenting, BUT sometimes – mainly looking at Maggie and now Dot, I have a pang for those early days, and to be back there. Just for a day.

    2. NOTHING makes your toddler, your baby, look more ginormous than when you (or your sister!) have a baby and suddnely they are GIGANTOR.

    3. Need Ginger Fluff. Stat.

  19. Oh my gosh my mum used to make ginger fluff, just bought back so many memories! And Miss Dot is just gorgeous ❤️

  20. this child has been here before. trust.

    My ovaries have just exploded. What is left of them and the baby cuteness overload that hits me on the daily. I would love to have another baby, but that boat has sailed long ago.

  21. What a gorgeous little cherub. Any chance for the ginger fluff recipe??? Looks delish!!!

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