Things I like {The beach holiday edition}

1. Change of scene. Change of pines. Change of flowers. No sign of autumn here.

IMG_7824 IMG_7826 IMG_7791

2. The fact that it feels like summer. It does! It’s almost May!


3. Leftovers from Easter that just keep on giving.


4. Whole mornings (and even a little afternoon) spent at the beach.

IMG_7814 IMG_7812 IMG_7808

5. Potato scallops. Enough said.


6. This Australian gin I have taken to (upon the recommendation of our local publican) with gusto. Australia is doing very well with its whiskies and gins at the moment.


7. Perfect holi-days.


What are you liking today?


  1. That looks like perfection! My kind of holiday. I want that potato scallop!! We don’t get them (or decent Aussie-style fish’n’chips here).
    Soak it in!!

  2. I’m liking the fact that my hubby is due home in a couple of hours after having his week away at work. I’m hoping he will stop at the bottle-o at the end of the street at pick up one of our local (Tassie) drops. I love filling each other in on our week over a G & T!!

  3. I love that the gin boasts it uses Margaret River water! What the?

  4. I’m with you on number six – a bottle of The Cutlass is sitting pretty in the pantry. Definitely liking the easy transition from hot cross buns to ANZAC biscuits, though my hips aren’t quite as happy about that!

  5. Today I bumped into a lovely lady I used to work with while treating myself to a bought breakfast. We had a great chat and it was a fantastic start to my day (after it had started rather crappily).

  6. Melanie Pogson says

    Nice. ‘Leftover’ Toblerone.. mmmm

  7. Do not even start with me on Toblerone. I love that stuff in an unholy way.

  8. The weather has been beautiful for this time of the year, winter is nowhere in sight.

  9. Fabulous pictures as always. I must take not of that Gin and purchase next bottle shop run. V x

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Potato scallops yum,looks like you had a lovely break Beth xx

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