Shoes made for walking: BabyMac & FRANKiE4 in NYC

This giveaway has now closed and a winner chosen: ALICIA MACKAY with the following comment: “Okay so as much as I love the sexiness of Izzy – she definitely needs to be popped on for a night of naughty cocktails and raucous one liners at a fabulous bar – I’m also inclined to invite Nat to some chic cafe for bagels, newspapers and excessive people watching. The reality is that Alex has won my heart. I have a toddler. A toddler that would spill something on my fabulous white shoes or smoosh something inside my heels before I leave the house. The brogue is smart enough that I’d forget I’ve become suburban and would also distract me from the constant need for snacks for the small human whilst browsing my favourite market for flowers and coffee – all the coffee all the time. I might be able to pretend I am once again footloose and fancy free if I was wearing those fabulous, modern and totally unmumsy shoes. ( I know it’s not a word but I’ve made it one and being a mum, you know we have rights to do that!) Thanks Beth and Frankie – you guys go alright together for a couple of smart, cheeky ladies ?. Thanks so much for all your awesome entries!

A sponsored post for FRANKiE4 Footwear

I knew that this trip to New York was going to be much different from my last. For a start, the time of the year was different: last time it was the middle of an oppressively hot summer. Cab rides were the travel of choice as hitting the pavements and jumping in the subway were just too hot. This time it was very early spring so we had weather around the 5-15 degrees, perfect for getting around. Last time it was about eating and drinking and shopping, this time much more about visiting as many Museums and sights as we could as it was Rob’s first visit as an adult (he visited as a 10 ryo). Last time it was girlfriends and Sex and the City, this time much more of a romantic together time.

But the biggest difference?

Walking. And lots of it. And I mean LOTS of it. No matter the weather, rain, no hail (but we did get some sleet) and sunshine we hit the sidewalks from about 9am to 4pm every day, resting in the afternoon before heading back out at night to walk the streets again. In total over the 10 days we were there, we walked 136.4kms! And that includes a day when I was so hungover I only walked 4 steps from the bed to the bathroom! So our feet covered some streets, some subway steps, some museums and galleries and a few restaurants in between. No plans, no kids to bribe, just us and our feet, an unlimited subway ticket and the city was ours to discover.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to collaborate with the fantastic Australian footwear label FRANKiE4 to road test some of their new Autumn Winter collection. I’ve long been a fan of this company: designed by an Australian podiatrist & physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch, these shoes have hidden support while still looking good. The balance between practicality and style is perfect and these 3 styles I tried out while on our trip did not let me down.

There were three styles that I took with me that I wore every day. For many, many kilometres.

NAT in white ($229)

ALEX in black $244.95

iZZY in tan $299.95

The beauty of these being that they could be dressed up or down, interchanged with of my wardrobe and had enough support to keep my trotters happy day in, day out over many kms.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

NAT was probably the hardest working shoe in the suitcase. I made sure I had worn them before I left so that they had turned from new shoe into a slipper. The thing that surprised me most of all was how quickly they wore in…they adjusted to my feet perfectly and quickly and were so comfortable over big distances. I love the new rounded toe on this style (I also have some ELLiE’s that aren’t as round) as well as the chic plain white that is so popular at the moment. While I was mostly wearing them with jeans and pants you could totally wear them with dresses and skirts. I’ll be grabbing some more of these in black and I suspect they will be part of my winter uniform.

Even though when you are travelling comfort is usually the choice over style, but I wanted to make sure I had a heel or something I could dress up for dinner or some of the nice lunches that we went to and that’s where iZZY came in. Now I am tall (174cm) so don’t really need any extra height, but I do love popping on a heel to make those legs extra taller – and while you might think a 70mm heel takes away any comfort, I can tell you that I walked well over 10kms in these without any problems. Seriously! And what doesn’t work with tan? Perfect with black or denim and now I’m back home I will definitely be wearing with skirts and dresses and tights. Loved these boots.

And the best in between the sneaker look and boot look? A brogue of course! ALEX is my very first introduction to the brogue look and I have to say it may have started a life long love affair. A dressier version of a flat, I love the laser cut detailing (it even showed my fancy red pedi I had done) and was perfect for the warmer days with jeans…and had I taken a frock it would have worked perfectly too. Comfortable and stylish…I really am a fan of these.

With these three beauties I was able to look good AND feel comfortable and when you are travelling, that’s everything. I can’t recommend them highly enough, honestly. And now I’m home, I can’t wait to give them all a good workout this autumn and winter.

And the fact that I have all these fabulous photos of ME in New York to look back on, rather than just behind the lens? Well that’s the icing on a very good cake. Perhaps from Magnolia Bakery?

Thank you FRANKiE4!

And as an extra special thank you to me FRANKiE4 are generously giving away a pair from their collection to YOU! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which shoe from their collection you’d love to slip your feet into this Autumn & Winter. Giveaway is open from Thursday 20th April until Thursday 27th April 2017 for Australian residents only. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

And of course you can check out the full range here.

And if that’s not all I have an exclusive BabyMac reader discount of 20% of any orders for the next 48 hours (20th-22nd April 2017) for online and concept store only (not valid at independent stockists)

  • 48 hrs only , no rain checks
  • free and fast  delivery
  • not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Just enter the code BabyMac20 at checkout for the next 48 hours only.

How important are good shoes for you when travelling?
What’s your favourite look that I wore?

And for a chance to win, leave a comment below telling me what shoe YOU would love to win!

I was gifted the 3 pairs of shoes from FRANKiE4 footwear to take with me to NY.


  1. Juhel pritchard says

    Beth I soooo want the Alex brogue in the black. They look awesome on you and I would love a pair. I have a pair of nat in cream which are fab 🙂

  2. They all looked fab on you… but I especially loved the ALEX!!

  3. Oh oh oh I would ❤ a pair of tan Izzy boots too. I’m heading to NYC in exactly 2 weeks and the heels would be fantastic for nighttime etc. I have big difficult feet that get sore easily, as a result I never wear heels ! These would be a perfect solution !!!

  4. I’d love a pair of the Nat style!

  5. A good shoe makes or breaks your holiday. Some start off great giving you a false sense that they’ve got you but then you feel the rub and know you’ve got blisters forming. I’m liking the brown boot on you best, how fabulous to be able to step out in a heel and walk as far as you did in comfort. Excellent stuff. Great photos.

  6. The Alex or the Izzy?
    Alex or Izzy?
    They’re both high on my style-O-meter, would slide into my Winter work, play and travel wardrobe beautifully and you say they’re comfortable…that just makes it a tougher choice!
    OK, at a push I’d go for Izzy as she’s a classy chick who’d amplify my little legs whilst upping the fashion feels!

  7. I’m very useless at buying shoes, definitely need recommendations! Would love to try the Izzy boots 🙂

  8. I’d love to win the white NATs. Living in the bush, the thought of white shoes on red dirt is a bit frightening. If I won, then ‘himself’ would NEED to take me on a holiday with paving!

  9. F – for feeling like I’m walking on air every single time

    R – really able to chase after the kids or stand around in the playground pushing swing after swing

    A – actually every shoe I could ever need is in the collection

    N – never have I owned more comfortably stylish shoes

    K – keeping my secret plan to replace my entire shoe wardrobe with FRANKIE4’s – NAT in white is next in my sights

    I – it’s a secret that my feet are being fully supported in these stylish shoes, style never looked like this before

    E- experiencing FRANKIE4 has made me realise just how completely uncomfortable my other shoes are

    4 – 4vea 2gether —Aileen and FRANKIE4

  10. Kylie Hooper says

    I loved reading this! I have been eyeing off Frankie4 shoes for about 12months and never really have been brave enough to take the plunge so reading about how each of these styles worked for you was awesome. I love a boot with a heel so the Izzy would be perfect for me. I will be spending a lot of time in New Zealand over winter so the gunmetal colour would be fantastic – will let me feel wintery without succumbing to the ‘only wear black’ brigade!

  11. Robyn Jokic says

    I have fallen in love with NY even more since your post….definitely putting it on the BL. I’ve recently bought the Nat in cream and am so glad I’ve worn them in before my trip to Hong Kong, I’d love to get the Nat in black as they are so comfy. 🙂

  12. The Nat in black. I have worn my Ellie’s 5 days a week to school, work and life and they always look great, and love the toe on the Nat. I also have to say, I love love love the shoe laces on the Ellie, and Frankie4 gave the most impressive after sales service when I enquired about buying some replacements. I loved following your whole trip.

  13. Nat in white!! Going to Europe in July with 3 children…. lots of walking to be done, wish us luck ☺ sure there will be lots of “I’m tired/hungry/bored/can we go” it’s as we get older and fully understand that we can appreciate it all!

  14. Such amazing photos, Beth. I really enjoyed following this amazing adventure. It has been ten years and two kids since I visited NYC. None of these shoes are what I would choose for myself but you have made me realise how I could wear them – I especially like the look of the Alex.

  15. Hi Beth, just a silly question, what sox did you wear with the white ones? Thanks!

  16. Oh my…..I have just been flicking through Frankies pages…we are currently away in Canberra and doing loads of walking. My poor feet are crying. I have bunions, planter fascia and often in grown toe nails. I blissfully inherited all of these lovely traits from my beautiful mum. I am morphing into her as each day passes…..just hope I can be as spectacular as she was, despite the shite feet. I would love a pair of the white sneakers or the boots. My feet will love you as much as I enjoy all of your posts. Thanks for the chance?

  17. Beautiful photos and memories. I loved watching your NY travels as it has always been my dream to get there. I would love the Izzy boots. I’m short like seriously short but don’t wear heels as I chase 3 boys around. The idea they are comfortable as well ?

  18. Thank you BabyMac and Frankie! I’d go for the Izzy tan for sure. The perfect all rounder, and I am a sucker for a tan boot.

  19. Nic Wesley says

    Oooohhhh … those delicious iZZy boots are calling my name … come to mama darlings!!!!

  20. Wendy Clarke says

    I’d love the Black Alex brogues. I’ve just moved to a new stand up desk and I need a supportive shoe that allows me to be on my feet all day. My usual work heels are just not cutting it.

  21. Choosing 1 is a tall order but I’m going to go with the NAT in white. Love all of these shoes though!

  22. How amazing was your trip! Only a *little* jealous….
    I would love a pair of Izzy boots. I’m sick of buying boots that hurt my feet or look bulky.

  23. Mrs Macca7 says

    I really love the Nat in Black and White, it would be a great all rounder – thanks BabyMac and Frannkie4 <3

  24. I would love a pair of Nats. Wthl plantar facilities and Achilles tendinitis I think my foot would live these for winter x

  25. I would love to win iZZY! I’m not vertically blessed so need as much help as I can get without crippling myself. Especially as my 11yr (almost 12) old is an inch shorter than me and I would rather not have to stop feeding him 😉 I purchased my ELLiE’s after reading your blog and seeing how great they looked and how comfortable you said they were. I’ve been wearing them for aged care placement and I dance around in them even after the end of a shift… Best thing since sliced bread.

  26. I have looked at the white NAT sneakers for ages….my feet would absolutely love these✨ These are my pick ?

  27. Frankie shoes have been on my Wishlist forever. I would love JAZZ cognac navy boots. I promise I would take good care of them and take them on many wonderful adventures with their new best friend – jeans. I would endeavour to avoid stepping in any form of dog poo or other animal faeces and would always loving place them inside at night to avoid the cold weather. I would not allow my children to wear them around the house when the inevitably play dress up in my clothes – I would love them forever and forever and when they could not longer take another step they would be used as a plant holder so they will always be part of my life!!
    Ok so enoigh about me – I love your photos and your trip looked like a dream.

  28. Great post Beth, New York will never get old, dreaming of my 3rd trip thanks to your awesome pics!!!! Jazz in Cognac would be my first pick, I’m way too unco for anything with much of a heel ?

  29. Alicia Mackay says

    Okay so as much as I love the sexiness of Izzy – she definitely needs to be popped on for a night of naughty cocktails and raucous one liners at a fabulous bar – I’m also inclined to invite Nat to some chic cafe for bagels, newspapers and excessive people watching. The reality is that Alex has won my heart. I have a toddler. A toddler that would spill something on my fabulous white shoes or smoosh something inside my heels before I leave the house. The brogue is smart enough that I’d forget I’ve become suburban and would also distract me from the constant need for snacks for the small human whilst browsing my favourite market for flowers and coffee – all the coffee all the time. I might be able to pretend I am once again footloose and fancy free if I was wearing those fabulous, modern and totally unmumsy shoes. ( I know it’s not a word but I’ve made it one and being a mum, you know we have rights to do that!) Thanks Beth and Frankie – you guys go alright together for a couple of smart, cheeky ladies 😉

    • Congrats Alicia! You have won the giveaway! Thanks so much for entering…have emailed you for next steps! Beth x

  30. They all look fab, and such a bonus that they’re comfy- essential these days! I’d love a pair of Izzy boots- that heel looks perfect and just want I want this season!

  31. I love the Izzy!!!! So stylish I have Plantaris Fascia, ouchy!!!!! My last visit to the Podiatrist I was given a very uninspiring shoe brochure ? These shoes are so much better xx

  32. My legs are way shorter than yours ? but I loved the look of the boot in your NY photos. I am hoping I could strut the Ashley boot with the same stylish aplomb.

  33. Melita Maidment says

    I am another 6cm taller than you so I reaalllly don’t need any more height which is why I’d love the Alex brogues. It’s really hard to find a dressy, comfortable, chic flat for Winter. I think these could be a winner.

  34. I would love the Nat in white! Wanted them a couple of weeks ago, they were out of stock and I bought a different brand. Big mistake, but spent s crap load on them so I’m stuck for a bit without a giveaway ?

  35. Mandy Mason says

    I really love the SALLi boots. I start teaching rounds as part of Uni soon, they would be perfect!

  36. I had a similar holiday in NYC3 years ago – it’s pretty special to be there with just the 2 of you. I did not pack shoes that could hold up to the walking though – which made for stressful panic purchases and the wearing of sneans. Not the cool NYC vibe I was after.
    For me – I think the brogues.

  37. I have long worn converse everywhere with everthing, but my feet!! Getting too old to put up with sore feet!!! Nat is calling my name:)

  38. Oooh a pair of ALEX please…

  39. Katherine says

    The laser cut outs on the Alex brogues are unique and fabulous!
    With dodgy knees, they’re the ones for me!
    I could look dressy as I can never wear heels.
    I’ve never been to NYC. Beth, your trip let me feel like I was there too.

  40. I just had four days in Melbourne over the Easter long weekend and took the Izzy boot for its first outing and walked over 30km in four days in that boot. Highly recommend it. Would love to try the Alex brogue or the Nat for a flat alternative to my Izzy boots.

  41. NY looked Amazing and you looked like a local!!! I’m loving all things brogue at the moment and I would love the Black Alex brogues if I was so lucky to win a pair. Nothing quite like a comfy shoe that is stylish as well. ?

  42. The SALLi Tan boot would be the ultimate. Good for school drop-offs, dancing and exploring. So versatile and hot to trot.

    PS: Loved your New York photos. Such an awesome city.

  43. Shai Knight says

    Oh Beth! I have been eyeing off this whole range for months. I’m an Preschool Teacher and ‘Nat’ would be perfect to come along for the ride. Your holiday looked so dreamy but, I bet you’re happy to be home with your girls,

  44. Michele Farrell says

    Wow, I just love your photos! How great is it that by having these wonderful shoes to show off that you’ve come out from behind the camera and now have some fantastic memories of yourself taking some me time with your husband Rob. So very important when our everyday lives don’t often allow the time to reconnect! I love the look of all the shoes but I think Izzy stands out the most for me, she’d look great with my tan bag and would be a great addition to my winter wardrobe!

  45. These photos are amazing Beth! I’ve got my heart set on the Salli’s in Tan but they are out of stock 🙁

  46. I have been lusting after the tan Salli but they no longer stock them at Frankie4 sadly.
    I would instead go for the Nat.
    They look great with jeans and the cool NYC vibe you have going on Beth.
    Nailed it.
    I love Rob’s photography too. It’s awesome.

  47. Decisions! Decisions! It’s a toughie but if I HAD to choose I would love and know I would live in a pair of ALEX brogues (love the champagne colour ❤)
    Everything crossed ?

  48. Wow, I just love your photos! How great is it that by having these wonderful shoes to show off that you’ve come out from behind the camera and now have some fantastic memories of yourself taking some me time with your husband Rob. So very important when our everyday lives don’t often allow the time to reconnect! I love the look of all the shoes but I think Izzy stands out the most for me, she’d look great with my tan bag and would be a great addition to my winter wardrobe!

  49. Ohhhh I love the Izzy – I would wear them everyday, BUT … I don’t own a single pair of flat shoes (bar some gum boots) so it would be fantastic to lose my fear of having short legs to such a comfy pair of kicks, so the Ellies or Nats would be an awesome first intro xx

  50. Annette Morrison says

    I so want a pair of Izzy Boots to look after my feet while travelling this beautiful country ….. I so know people would comment and want to know where they could purchase Frankie4 shoes what a great advertisement as I sing there praises

  51. Oh my, the Nat whites are beautiful. Actually they are all beautiful and I would sell one and a half kidneys and my first born (it’s alright, he’s 16. Actually I would give him away for a bottle/box of Moscato right now ?) for several of their shoes but those Nats in white, ooohla la.

  52. Sonia Nunan says

    Would luv a pair of Jazz black /white , thinking if the boys Rugby Union season starting next weekend , long day’s out and about x 2 days each weekend . Comfort is vital . Here’s hoping

  53. Julie Gilpin says

    Would love a pair of Nat’s in black for work as I stand all day, but those Izzy’s brogues with the cut outs are adorable and would go lovely with dressier pant, skirts and dresses.
    So hope to win one please, and then buy the others!

  54. After scrolling up and down through all 47 pairs and umming and aaahing I think the IZZY in tan is definitely number 1! (Although it’s closely followed by PIPER in snake! Perhaps if it was the start of summer not the start of autumn ? )

  55. Melanie M says

    It’d be the Izzy boot for sure – although I’m torn between the Tan and the Gunmetal!!

    Heading to NYC for winter, and could definitely do with some good walking boots that don’t look outta place in the big apple. You’ve done all of the hard research work for me ?????? Thanks!


  56. Thanks for sharing!!!
    The Nat in Black/White for sure. Classy and classic. Totally what I’d love.
    Thanks for the opportunity xo

  57. I love Jazz in Navy it’s really out of the box for me .I am am such a black shoe girl .Frakie is a out of the box company ,so are you Beth ,New York looks amazing and you do too .Great photos ,great looks .

  58. I’m a bit of a shoe snob and I’m big in how a shoe looks I had only seen the brogues in the rose gold ( not a fan ) but now seeing how you’ve styled the black I want them.

  59. Such a hard choice, but the izzy. My dodgy feet (thanks mum) make wearing heels almost impossible – but I am so hopeful these would be comfortable enough to wear!

    And yes – like you, whilst I don’t need the height either, I love a heeled boot in winter *swoon*.

  60. Kerry Hendry says

    I would love a pair of Alex Brogues. I am going to the UK in July to see my son. They would be great with jeans or a dress. Love Frankie 4s.

  61. I love the look of Alex, especially in the metallic colours! Such a fun neutral. I love that they’d add some spunk to my winter wardrobe

  62. Such amazing shoes! So hard to choose but I think I would have to go with a pair of Nats in white. They would be perfect for chasing my toddler around and going out and about. I might have to save up and order the IZZYs too for Autumn ? ! 🙂 #frankie4footwearforthewin

  63. Beck Rands says

    Alex! My feet ache so much and I am on my feet a lot as I have gone back to studying fashion design – in my daggy old trainers for my pooor sore old feet. These would save my feet and my outfits too!

  64. Hi Beth! I would love to wear the Alex brogues in champagne! I have orthotics and it’s so hard to find shoes for work that fit them in. These would make me feel young, and comfortable and supported!

  65. I’m staring down the barrel of a looong Victorian winter with no holidays in sight. The Nat in white would bring some NY street style to the school run, playground visits, uni lectures and even the weekly grocery shop, making the grey days to come a bit more chic!

  66. For me it is a tough choice between the Alex in black and the Nat in cream, but I think I would go for the Alex. I love love love the cut outs in them! Super stylish with black pants and jeans so sure to be worn frequently.

  67. Allyson wolhuter says

    I would love the Izzy please. I’m a boot freak and they seem to relieve my foot arthritis. Please please please?

  68. Love Salli or Izzy. Ive got Nat and Ellie so boots would be great.

  69. I would really love to win the Alex style – four year old twins, a four month old and being four hours away from our capital city with no shopping to be had inbetween, puts shoe shopping at the very bottom of my ‘to do’ list!!! ? Ps great pics, I’ve enjoyed reading about your NY adventures!

  70. I think the Izzy would be perfect to help me be that mum with style. I’m constantly running from school drop offs to the train to the office, and ballet flats just don’t cut it.

  71. iZZY…….In those boots I could feel as though I were a million miles away, pounding the streets of NYC, options endless and everywhere to be (not stuck on the dusty roads of country NSW)!!! Size 10, flat feet = a life-time of sad, limited options for footwear so am pleased to hear Frankie may have something for me. That tan colour is to die for too!!

  72. Maxabella says

    Champagne Super Alexes for me!!

  73. Great pics and you make all of them look good but if I could choose I would love ❤️ the white Nat sneakers ? ?

  74. Alexandra Clancy says

    Hi Beth,
    I’m going to New York with a girlfriend in November. Definitely hoping to get back with my husband though. I’m a bit of a boot fanatic and love the Izzy. Don’t actually have a tan pair of boots in my collection ?

    Love the New York blogs. Keep the coming. x

  75. Belinda Sundaraj says

    I would love Alex in black. We’re doing Europe in July with three kids as well. I’m taking an entirely handmade vintage style wardrobe which I’m working on now. I need comfy shoes that I can walk in that compliment a 50s style wardrobe. Brogues are the thing to have but so far I haven’t found comfy ones. These sound perfect. I’m going to use that discount code as well. Your photos and post have inspired me to up my shoe game. No point spending hours sewing vintage outfits and ruining the look with bad shoes.

  76. Megan Bartlett says

    Nat in White please. Having a wide foot and being a nurse for the past 20 years means cheap shoes aren’t an option! Would love to win a pair to walk the streets of Sydney next month for my mummy and son holiday.

  77. What magnificent photos. New York looks extra good with Frankie4 in the pictures.
    Having just bought the NAT (damn you discount code)…. I would love a pair of boots. G=]Fingers crossed and thank you for the chance to win!

  78. Oh how to choose! I am a hairdresser and busy mum so am on my feet ALL THE TIME! I’ve been lusting over Frankie shoes for a long time and would be thrilled to wear any of them but probably the Alex in black would be my favorite. ?

  79. Fiona McKinnon says

    iZZY for me! I’ve actually been looking for a pair of low tan boots. I was impressed with the price of the Frankie4 range, seeing they’ve been designed by a podiatrist & they’re Australian ??

  80. Linley Simons says

    Just one? I can only choose one??

    Well in that case it would have to be SALLi… Black or tan? Black or tan? Too hard. Ok, Tan then.

    I’m taking the trip of a lifetime in just over 6 weeks and heading to the UK with my parents (and without my kids!) to surprise my elderly grandparents who I haven’t seen in years! Excited is an understatement (hope I don’t scare them too much lol) The SALLi is just the shoe I’ve been dreaming of, perfect to take me on adventures whilst away, then it will fit seamlessly back into my mum-life back in Oz.

  81. Alison Wells says

    I would absolutely love a pair of the tan Izzy boots ?

  82. Hayley Beveridge says

    I would love to win the NAT sneakers in white. I love sneakers but have a wide foot (thanks to my babies for that) so can’t find any that are comfortable. I’d love to finally find comfort in this type of shoe!!

  83. Leanne Vickery says

    Ohhh love them all but my feet would especially love a pair of white Nats. Loved following along with your NY trip.

  84. Fiona Black says

    I ❤frankie4! So comfy but with lots of style. Izzy for me please. X

  85. I wasn’t familiar with the Frankie4 shoe range until you posted this fabulous post. The shoes look stylish and I love the fact that are designed by a podiatrist so I know they will support my feet and will feel great on. I would love to wear any of the Frankie4 shoe range however I was drawn to the look of IZZY. It would be incredible to wear one of these professionally designed shoes.

  86. Pat Rahmann says

    I’m heading to NYC at the end of this year too Beth, and with a dodgy achilles, I will need all the support I can get! I have a pair of black Ellie,
    but would sooo love a cream pair of NATs!! I love the photos your gorgeous hubby took of you – my girlfriends want a photo just like yours crossing the road in front of the New York skyline (shades of the Beatles, perhaps ??)
    Hoping I am the very lucky winner, and good luck to all ??

  87. Nat in white, I really need a pair of comfortable shoes for lots of walking.

  88. I would love the JAZZ Cognac Navy shoes…. they look amazing!

  89. Nat in white without a doubt. It is time for my sore old feet to break up with the ballet flats and embrace a new style and some comfort. My 12 year old daughters eyes have rolled across the room at the thought of her Mum wearing a white sneaker – that makes me want them even more!!!

  90. Hayley cook says

    I love the Nats in white!! Stylish and comfy? No better combo!!

  91. Nats in white look super but I would be happy with anything comfortable to take me from A to B! Thank you.

  92. Corina Morgan says

    Hi Beth 🙂
    I would loooooove the Izzy in tan. Unlike you I’m a shortie so these would be perfect for dinner dates or lunch dates or any dates!! I seem to gravitate toward black boots/shoes but I have recently fallen in love with tan!! Thanks so much 🙂

  93. Deb Jefferis says

    It would be amazing to win a pair of Alex Brogues in black. So hard to choose. I might have to use that 20% discount code as well.

  94. It’s so fabulous to get an honest review on shoes – and what better way to road test than on a NY holiday!!! I’m desperate for some winter kicks that are hard wearing and COMFORTABLE. After having my first baby 6 months ago my stupid feet have gone up a size so I need to get my hands on some great new shoes! I will wear the NAT in white to death if I won them!!!

  95. I’m poor and I need Izzy in my life … in tan … so I can look like a super cool 50 year old and not a kind of frumpy-middle-aged-single-mother-with-two-teenagers nobody. AND it is the one year anniversary this week of when I was in NYC and I am pining – like PINING to be be back, but I need new boots more than a mended broken heart and great quality tan boots like Izzy are a little out of my price range (single mum of two teens and all that). (PS I adore your NYC photos, I may have screen shot some of them … not in a stalkerish kind of way of course – purely buildings and streetscapes ;).

  96. I’d love to win a pair of Izzy in gunmetal. I might not be walking the streets of NYC anytime soon, but visiting there is top of my bucket list, so maybe it will make me feel one step closer!

  97. Beth, your photos are incredible and give me so much to look forward to – NYC is the first stop on our dream travel list!
    The Nat in black would be perfect for me for work and placement (I’m a student nurse!), on an average shift I clock between 11-13km and my feet are always killing me by the time I get home. How good would these be?!

  98. Alischa Handley says

    What I wouldn’t give for a pair of Nats in white! I’m a teacher… on my feet all day. To be comfortable on the run would just be a dream. Everything’s crossed!

  99. Annaleis Topham says

    I need the Nat. I need a hard working and wearing shoe that looks great. I love the pic of you with 57th street. Thanks for sharing your holiday – NY seems a little out of my reach.

  100. I have been drooling over pictures of Frankie boots this Autumn and trying to justify their purchase. My very beautiful oven died a sad and tragic death last week (I CANNOT BAKE OMG) and *just like that* my Frankie boot dreams flew out the window…one *does* need an oven after all…especially given baking is my therapy ?. SOOOO…I shall cross my fingers and toes for the IZZY boots…mainly because you sell them with that photo of you walking across a NYC street! I also NEED the height but am a teacher who needs to be able to WALK around on playground duty (!) and I’ve never been game to try a tan boot…so I should start with the *best* right?

  101. What a fabulous trip, beautiful photos and fabulous feet!
    I would love a pair of NAT sneakers in white, to go to the park. Because going to the park, parK, paaaaark, park-park-park is what I do with my 1.5 year ball of energy and would look super stylish and at least my feet could feel like they are walking on clouds and flying away to anywhere but the park….because it is the park !

  102. So hard would love them all and loved reading your trip around NY I would love a pair of the Nat in white please…fingers crossed xx

  103. Don’t you love how walking counters all the scrumptious holiday foods!
    If I’m chosen for the comp I would looooove a pair of Gemma tan. Classic!

  104. I would love to have a pair if Izzy boots on my feet. I have been drooling over them for a long time trying to convince hubby I need them.

  105. The Nat in White would be perfect for our trip to Japan later in the year. I expect a lot of walking will be done and these sound brilliant!

  106. I’d be stoked with a black Alex. I have a slowly healing broken toe and can’t squash my poor foot into anything but a sneaker shape at the moment, and Alex would spare me the indignity of wearing sneakers with a suit for the next month! Beyond that I suspect they’d become a work staple.

  107. I know how hard post holiday blues can be, so to ease back into real life I’d love to take iZZY on a wonderful walking tour of Canberra.

    Look, I know Canberra is perhaps a bit more 40w enviro-friendly light globe than the bright lights of New York, but I think she’d get a lot out of her adventures and have a thing or two to show everyone around here. She could show the town that you can be dependable, sturdy and a little bit sensible WHILST looking fabulous and a little bit fancy.

    Instead of top of the rock, how about top of Telstra tower? Swap a day on the highline for highly adventurous daycare drop offs? A meander along the Hudson for an amble along Lake Burley Griffen?

    It’s an exciting proposition, I’m sure, and one that I know iZZY would totally take in her stride. If she feels like a getaway, I’d love to show her around. (Thanks Baby Mac and Frankie4 xx)

  108. Love them all ….
    But would absolutely love a pair of the “Alex” brogues in black x x

  109. Sarah Smith says

    I have to admit to having an obsession with Frankie4 shoes ever since I saw them on a certain SY blog.
    I dismissed Alex when I first saw them, a brogue style is not something I would ever have considered I ‘needed’ in my life.
    Well, after reading your post, I was clearly wrong. They look fabulous on you!!!
    I need Alex in my life, clearly!

  110. Ermagahd I bought 3 pairs of Frankie4’s last week!!! Could’ve saved myself heaps!!

  111. Oh Nat in black or white i woukd love.

    Omg your photos are fabulous, i want a photographer on my next trip, might need to practice my poses first. Although child free makes for a relaxed mum.

  112. Kutira Bandte says

    Oh, your New York trip sounds wonderful! I’m booked on a Europe Trip in September and would love to take a pair of Jenni Gold or Ellie Silver Star for all the walking I’m going to do. They look so stylish and would be perfect to wear with my travel capsule of jeans, shorts and skirts. I actually don’t own a pair of Frankie4’s as yet, so am really looking forward to my first pair and would love to get used to them before I leave to go on the trip!

  113. I’ve enjoyed all your NYC posts here and on insta, Beth. It’s been 7 years since hubby and I visited there and I’m longing to go back. If only my hubby was a bit more interested in taking photos, all of our holiday snaps are either selfies or photos of him!
    I love all of FRANKiE4’s styles but if I had to choose I think I’d pick the iZZY in Tan xx

  114. Beth

    You converted me to Frankie4s. After more then 10 years of only wearing sand shoes as casual shoes they opened up a whole new world for me. My Frankie’s and I can walk anywhere now (orthotics hidden inside).

    I have black, red and silver Ellie’s and love them all. I think the Nats would be great addition to my collection.

    However the boots would be a great treat and be a fab look at your lunch get together. I am not tall so the extra height would be a nice change. Haven’t been game to try boots with heels but maybe now is the time!


  115. Just used the code to buy a pair of Gemma in black I have been lusting over. So thank you! But would love a pair of those Nat sneakers in white too! A pair of tan boots wouldn’t be bad either. Hoping the sizing is ok- my silly big feet have been problematic recently with shoes- size 11! So will be interested in all the extra foot beds to help with that!

  116. What an amazing holiday you had!! I would LOVE a pair of the Alex in black. I’m a photographer and photographing weddings with 16 hour days is exhausting. A pair of heavenly shoes to keep me going would be,well heaven!!

  117. Oooh! I’d love Nat in white. Perfect for stomping the streets of Disneyland later this year with the tribe! And it’s my name too 😉

  118. It’s a tough choice as all the Frankie4 shoes are super stylish. For something I can wear everyday this winter I think the cute Salli boots in black are the winners for me.

  119. I’m quite the pygmy so really only wear a heel and trotted my way around Europe in heeled boots last year. I have a pair of boots very similar to the Izzy so I’d be going for the Nat or Alex, for something different. I have never worn a shoe like the Alex before, but would be keen to branch out and give them a go – you make them look great! I think they’d look even better if I got to wear them in New York though – the prize includes and all expenses paid trip for two, yeah?!
    As for what look I loved best on you – well all of them. But as for the pics – that pic of you crossing the road in the Izzys? Get that fucker blown up on a canvas for your lounge room wall. What a keeper xo

  120. Marian Wiltshire says

    Not sure what happened to my comment?
    Anyways I just used the discount code to buy a pair of Gemma in black that I have been lusting over since the weather started to get cooler down here. But I would love a pair of Nat sneakers (hello parent of small kiddos) or maybe a pair of Tan boots too.
    My big feet (size 11) have been troublesome to buy shoes for of late, so hoping that the extra foot beds help ensure the Gemma’s are perfect!

  121. Nat in white please! ☺

  122. Nat looks like the business to me- with a busy 2 year old to chase after comfort is key!
    And if you can look stylish at the same time that’s a great bonus:)

  123. Super Sarah says

    Definitely Alex! I love the look of a brogue but haven’t been brave enough to try one!

  124. So here is the thing. I love the Emma shoe in nude. So edgy, so stylish. But right now they wouldn’t be the shoe for me this year because I’m recovering from major spinal surgery so even comfortable heals might not be a good idea right now. But a comfy flat and stylish pair of shoes that I could wear to chemo and radiation visits sometime soon would be perfect. You see after the surgery they did a routine x ray and found a mass which eventually was diagnosed as a benign yet invasive tumour that was all too close to my heart so it needed to come out. Which required more major surgery and after it was out, uh oh. Tests came back revealing it contained a rare aggressive cancer. Lucky it’s in the early days. So hopefully it’s a good prognosis. Waltzing into treatment in the Alex Black brogue. Because how swish are they yet practical? Plus Alex is my hubby’s name so that’s got to count for something. And they remind me of a childhood pair of brogues I was given to as an 8 year old by my little childhood sweetheart who wore them once during a dance concert and then flatly refused to wear ‘girls shoes’ again and gave them to me. I wore those little shoes to death so it would be nice at this time to look down at my feet and think happy thoughts and feel sweet fuzzy memories.

  125. Love love love the Alex shoes! Super stylish, loving the look you created with these! You just rocked every outfit with those shoes! Fell in love with them the first time you posted the photos! Plus, I need to update my wardrobe from frumpy Mum to fabulous! I will be taking on a few of your styles for sure ?✌??

  126. Tamara Crowe says

    Love, love, love the Izzy. Your holiday photos were spectacular and my favourite look on you was the all black outfit with Izzy boots. I’m sure that I’m not just speaking for myself (but for all of us who regularly follow you) that it felt like we were on holidays in New York with you both as well. With my 40th b’day fast approaching next week (27th April), winning a pair of Izzy boots would most certainly be icing on the cake ?

  127. Celia Carroll says

    Hi Beth, I would so love the IZZY boots, for three reasons:-

    All day during the week I wear high heels for work. They hurt. A lot. I have bunions, flat feet and am in constant pain.

    My marraige ended last year after 15 years. I feel like a frumpy middle aged Mum and don’t know how to get myself back wearing funky clothes again – I have lost my wardrobe mojo and am not sure where to start!

    My daughter’s name is Izzy 🙂

    Thank you Beth, Celia

  128. Your Tan boots rock…sooooo me!!!!!!!
    Unfortunately I am a size 11 Australian womens so I probably won’t make the cut… NOWHERE sells my size????.

    Your photography is spectacular too. That photographer has an equally spectacular Aussie mum, who my mum calls her best friend.

    Great spread guys, me love them tan boots woohoo?????.

    Phoebe Donohoe ❤?❤?❤?❤?

  129. Sarah Chegs says

    I NEED a pair of Nats for my puffy prego feet to help them through the next few months. White or cream i can’t decide. They would go nicely with the 3 other pairs of FRANKiE4s that I have unfortunately its getting a bit cold for Margie now!

  130. Naomi Pullar says

    I would love love love a pair of Alex! I have terrible feet that I struggle to find shoes that fit and are comfortable and as a result I get one pair I wear to death!! I have had terrible tendinitis in my feet since the birth of my 2 kids and my lack of supportive shoes is making it worse. These would change my world right now!!!

  131. As always great pics.

    I think Izzy and i could become firm friends.

  132. Julie Harris says

    I would love to win the Izzy, because I am already a customer of Frankie 4. I have recently purchased the Alex in silver and love them. I decided I have to finally take the health of my feet seriously and have thrown out a bunch of old shoes. So now I only have two pairs of shoes. I completed the 30K Coastrek in Sydney last year and in the process (wearing Asics) apparently did nerve damage to my foot. I had surgery in March for a Mortons neuroma and was on crutches on my birthday. Last year on my birthday in March it was the day after Coastrek and I was in pain and home with my daughter who had whooping cough so I missed my nephews wedding. My husband and 12yr old son went and I sat home feeling sorry for myself. I think I deserve now to look after my feet and feel stylish. And I am determined to only wear good shoes. Apparently Asics gel ruined my feet according to my orthapaedic surgeon.

  133. Sue Flewell-Smith says

    I would love the iZZY. I tend to avoid heels as I’m on my feet all day every day, but the description of these beauties gives me hope that I can wear heels again. ?

  134. They are all fabulous! But would love the Nats, I’m hoping to get in lots of bike riding with Miss 4 this autumn and I’m thinking with a skinny jean I won’t look too shabby when we stop for a much deserved coffee ?

  135. Michelle Fanning says

    Totally in love with the Alex brogues. I’m a fan of this style from waaaay back (I’m talking late 80’s early 90’s) but these look so much more stylish. I don’t drive, so walk everywhere and love that these are not a sporty looking shoe (as much as I love them) and it’s awesome to have a choice for a comfy walking shoe!

  136. The iZZy in Tan would be my next pick!! Have recently purchased the Nat in white, and are by far the most comfortable stylish shoes I’ve owned!! Being a taller person it’s difficult to get well fitted and stylish shoes that can be worn year round, however I truly believe Frankie4 have mastered this! Love my Frankie4’s ❤️

  137. Lowanne O'Brien says

    Sooooooo hard to pick just one to add to my Frankie4 Collection but I think I would have to go with a pair of Nat.

  138. I love the Nat, in white of course. They look super comfy and perfect for a busy mum.
    NYC treated you well!

  139. I would love a pair of cream NAT. My three kids (God help me!) and I are going to visit my family in Lithuania in June. It’s been 3 years since I last saw my parents, sister and grandparents. And I will finally get to meet my new (and only) niece! So I’m very excited and need something comfy and stylish to wear during European summer 😉

  140. Supernashwan says

    I would love the Izzy’s for my wife. She unfortunately has collapsed arches and finds it very hard to wear many stylish shoes for more than an hour because they just destroy her feet/ankles/knees. Something with some support and a nice heel would be a dream come true for her.

  141. I am a new convert to Frankie4 and I can’t believe I didn’t try them sooner. I recently purchased the Nat in cream and really love them. My old hooves are as happy as when I’m wearing my Nats.

    Its a tough call, but I think the pair I need the most would have to be the Salli in Black.

    Thanks for sharing all of your amazingness on the Blog Beth – your holiday has inspired me to get to NYC soon.

  142. Michelle L says

    You have made me fall in love with Frankie4! So hard to pick just one pair. I would love Izzy to join my wardrobe!

  143. I just love those Nats! They look so comfy..

  144. Jaimi Layt says

    Impressively styled from daytime to night,
    Zip up and go! Dance till the twilight,
    Zarraffas for coffee then Zara’s to shop,
    Yes, I simply need a pair of Izzys in my life..full stop!

  145. One dodgy foot and two small people to chase after – I definitely need some NATs in black in my life for the comfort + style solution

  146. new season, new york and new shoes equals new woman xo

  147. Megan Penning says

    Alex in Champagne ? Please!

  148. I’d love to ROCK some cream Nats this winter ?

  149. I just love your look crossing the road and getting a view of downtown. I find myself coming back to this image and dreaming of my own NYC getaway often !
    The all black with the Tan Izzy boots was the winning look for me and seeing as I’m a good 20 cm shorter than you I could definitely do with the height in those babies ?
    So glad you had an awesome trip x

  150. Annette Luchich says

    I have recently returned dorm a holiday/ family visit to France – I walked and walked wearing Ellie in silver they were amazing but wish I had taken a short boot like Jazz with me they would be perfect with jeans or skirts and I want them so so much. Love the photos Beth xxxx

  151. Wow – ELLie in Rouge is absolutely divine…they look so comfortable….I love how Frankie4 give you the option of re-payments too – will be taking up that offer. Many thanks x

  152. Kate Mills says

    Nat style all the way. They look perfect for school pick up and drop off.

  153. Kerrie Hammond says

    Oooh those nifty Nats in white would soon become my faves I feel! So versatile and the way you describe how comfy they feel takes my covet level to HIGH!

  154. Lisa Peters says

    BETH, All those styles look gorgeous on you Man…I have been admiring the Salli in Tan, and would love a pair of those on my cold winter toes.
    Thank you.

  155. I would love the Ellie in silver! So comfortable and need to keep on my toes chasing two active little ones.

  156. I need ALEX in black in my life. How hawt is she? She just knows her own mind and where she’s going. I need her.

  157. The Alex brogue would make my winter. Put me in the draw lady! Thank you x

  158. Michelle Sequeira says

    FRANKiE4 Footwear – Where have you been all my life?? I’m so happy to make your acquaintance, and I am certain we shall become very close friends, you and I. You look as though you will comfortably fit my wide sore feet which stand long hours in a classroom, patrol giddy students in the schoolyard, chase after my own two boys in the park or prowl down supermarket aisles. NAT in any colour, you are for me!

  159. Beth, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve literally been looking on the Frankie website for weeks & weeks & weeks fantasising about the Jazz boots. The cognac navy ones to be precise! Back & forth I’ve gone, telling myself it’s ok to but myself a quality pair of boots that I’m sure will last me years but alas, I’m yet to buy them. Any time I try to spend more than $20 on myself I spiral into a pit of mama guilt & come up with 59 things that money could be better spent on. I’m an idiot!
    And all those photos of yourself have me thinking maybe I want to be someone who wears brogues! They look so bloody good!!

  160. I have been umm-ing and ah-ing over these shoes for such a long time. I can’t tell you how many times I have visited the website and shown my mum and sisters my preferred styles.

    I’m on my feet all day everyday both at home and at work. So comfort plus style are the winning combination I’m always searching for, and these seem to be the goods.

    What really clinched the deal for me is that I’m taking a group of 20 students on a Literature Tour of the UK and France in July, I am so excited and the students are beside themselves. So I wanted something that will hold up to the serious walking we will be doing, without making me look like an old, frumpy hag. My husband suggested I just wear sneakers and jeans. Sneans. And he wasn’t being ironic.

    So a pair of highly recommended and clearly highly sought after FRANKIE4 shoes would be nothing short of amazing. My pick of the bunch is NAT in white. They look amazing on you. Though I am also very interested in some Gold Hi-Tops, but only from NY!!! ?

  161. Yvonne Duke says

    Love all your NY pics !
    I would love to win the IZZY in grey!!

  162. Your ability to take us all on the journey with you is really something special Beth! You’re such a story-teller. ? Feel like I lived vicariously through you to see NYC!! Definitely on our bucket list. Great pics too! ?? Izzy in gunmetal for me – love the idea of boots with a heel that you can walk comfortably in!! ❤?

  163. I’d would love a pair of good looking comfortable shoes but I’m a size 5 so I don’t get the luxury.

  164. Katie Clews says

    You look fab in all of them Beth.. I’d love a pair of the Nats in white as they look super comfy and suit my more relaxed everyday style ?

  165. I would love the Nat sneaker!

  166. If there was a pair of shoes or boots called ” Helen ” (after me) I would definitely pick them. Being Frankie4’s they would look and feel amazing . My second pick would be the Ellie in silver as who can resist a bit of sparkle cloud comfort in their day.

  167. Mrshanksy says

    Oh dear Lordy me! I reckon a Nat in white is the go for sure! I have the very poor Witchery cousin/version but they are trashed after only a year! But imma gonna go online now and have a squiz at the Izzy. Is there an Elle? I feel like there was an Elle – I might just need to use my BabyMac20….. watch this space….

    • mrshanksy says

      Oh bloody hell – it’s the Salli boot I was after and there’s none in stock – don’t suppose they’ll still honour the 20% off for when they are back in stock, any idea when that will be?

  168. Maree Henson says

    How to choose from so many lovely shoes??? But if I really must….Gemma, in tan – I’m quite a fan 🙂

  169. They all look fabulous, however considering my lifestyle (at this point in time) I’d have to go for Nat in white.

  170. I’ve been lucky enough to own two pairs of FRANKie’s and they have been my go to shoes for work comfort, plus style when going out (rarely haha), and I’ve been able to wear a heel for the first times in many years! I would LURVE the ALEX in my life;) I’m so glad I found this spectacular brand with it’s ultimate design for style and comfort.
    Karen xx

  171. I would love to win the “Alex” in silver or black. It would make the best belated birthday present and help feel fancy after chasing little people all day!

  172. Bronwyn Beazley says

    I am all about comfortable shoes while travelling because I’d hate to miss anything because my feet couldn’t keep up. I’d love a pair of Izzy in tan as I need something smart for winter.

  173. They’re all gorg. But the Alex is for me! 🙂

  174. Izzy in tan. Puhlease! Incidentally, my iPhone tried to autocorrect izzy to oxygen. It’s a sign – I need them to live!

  175. I’d love a pair of Nats because apart from the super stylin’ look and reputed ah-maxing comfort… you just can’t go past the name.?? Must be perfection! As you said yourself Beth, Nat is always hard working, adaptable and so tres chic! This Nat needs a pair of Nat’s ASAP! ???

  176. Jacki Fanto says

    Beth I watched your NYC trip with joy and zealous eyes. I knew that you would show me different things I need to see. I am headed over to NYC in 9 weeks with my family and these amazing shoes would be the perfect travelling companion for my feet. If they are happy, I will be over the moon. Thank you so much.

    I would love the MAGGIE BLACK. hahahaha. Ironic hey!

  177. Marnya Watson says

    Those white NAT shoes would be perfect for my style!! They look brilliant on you Beth.

    I just had a look online and …SOLD OUT!!! *sad face*

  178. Omg … I just pooped a bit over the beauty of Alex in the black. Please choose me …. my tootsies will be your lifelong slaves if we win ?

  179. Oh! I have been eyeing off the NATa for ages! I would love a pair!!

  180. You wear all those shoes with such spunk and style. The brogues are so amazing win that laser cut style.
    As a mum of two little people I would love a pair of the Nat shoes to funk up my wardrobe whilst chasing them around for miles.

  181. I love the NAT’s! I am heading to NY for work soon and after rupturing my Achilles tendon last year I am finding it so difficult to find comfortable shoes for everyday/work/travelling! Would love to give these a try.


  182. Great photos Beth !

  183. Aimee Moore says

    Your New York posts are making me yearn for Tokyo! A big busy city full of amazing sights, sounds and flavours! I had such sore feet after walking miles and miles around Japan, I wish I had known about FRANKiE4 then! I love the White NAT on you Beth. I am sure I would get heaps of use out of a pair myself!

  184. deborah lee says

    I love a good sneaker so the Nat in black I think would be my pick. I’m also tall and I just recently got a beautiful pair of tan boots for my birthday so I have the more dressy look covered but really, for everyday I need something with good support that’s in it for the long haul with me!
    Looks like a fab holiday. Lucky you 🙂

  185. Anouschka says

    I’ve loved following along on your trip to NYC, the photos are awesome. I have never been and now it’s definitely on my list of places to visit.
    I love all 3 styles of frankie4 shoes and how you styled them. I think I would have to choose the izzy in tan, they would go with so many outfits and I would finally have a heeled boot that is comfy!!

  186. Hi Beth,

    Loved your posts, pictures & Frankie 4 inspiration which inspired me to purchase a pair of Nats today black thank you for the discount opportunity & thank you Frankie 4 for the after pay option very handy with stretching the budget! I have a pair of Ellie’s & Nikki’s I wear to work most days I swear to god they are as comfortable as slippers, this coming from someone who normally looks like a goose in heels! No joke total gumnut in heels ? Your posts have inspired me to save for a trip you & go on an adventure & look at the world with wonder, easy to feel stuck on the treadmill.

    I would love to win a pair of Nats for a dear friend of mine Nat who has had a tough road lately, not sure if she would prefer the white or black either one I am sure would put a smile on her dial, she is a good scout.

    Great collaboration Frankie4 & Babymac ?

  187. Well you gave Izzie such a glowing review, that’d be my pick 🙂

  188. Wow they all
    Looked amazing on you, super stylish with comfort so on point ? I would love ❤️ to win a pair of cream Nats to go with my stay home mums uniform ( I could do with some style injection ).

  189. Loving the Izzy in gunmetal!! Post kids I don’t wear heels – I find them so uncomfortable but perhaps I need a pair of Frankie4s??

  190. A pair of Nat would simply be divine on these hard walking feet of mine, my feet would be in heaven with these on 24/7!
    I do love the Izzy on you & seriously how important is it to have comfortable shoes when travelling, it can make or break you with all that time on your feet.

  191. I would love a pair of Ellie’s in beige! My current sneakers are falling apart (literally have multiple holes) but shoe shopping with a toddler has kept me from replacing them… Plus it would be nice to have something a little bit nicer to make me feel a bit more presentable (and less like someone who is wearing sneakers full of holes). Being a mum can be hard on your style.

    Also your trip looked amazing! It is very much tempting me to go back to New York.

  192. Fab photos! Major NY jealousy over here! I’ve been eyeing off some Frankie 4s for ages – particularly the Alex brogues. I’m on my feet all day at work and they’d be perfect ??

  193. Lauren Adams says

    I would love Salli in Tan! I literally don’t own a high heel boot as I’ve never found one comfortable enough but I think Frankie4 and Salli could be the answer to my prayers ?

  194. Nat in white, though I love all 3. Also a recent brogue convert! We are heading west coast US for my 40th in September ( a month child free, which equally terrifies me and excites me) and a comfortable but stylish shoe is on my to-do list at this very moment. I’ve had a pair of Frankie 4s before which I adore, nothing better than a stylish but ridiculously comfortable shoe.

  195. Gahhhh – I am DYING for the new Alex brogues – they are so gorgeous! I had horrible plantar fasciitis from working too many long (but fun!) nights as a wedding coordinator and I ordered myself 2 pairs of Frankie’s as a treat. I’m CONVINCED they fixed my sore foot, I’m now good as new! I’ve been recommending Frankies to everyone!

  196. I admired your Instagram photos from your trip and have been enjoying my first pair of Frankie4’s (the pipers are keeping me going at work). The nats and the izzys are so lovely, they’d be such a nice addition and keep my flat feet happy

  197. Ooh Beth, I have been stalking the frankie website for ages now tossing up which pair I need to get on my feet. I love the Salli and Izzy boots they are just gorgeous. This preggo needs some comfort for her aching feet. I’m def going to make use of the great offer as well. Thanks

  198. Christine Clarke says

    Taking my younger brother on his first ever overseas holiday in 5 weeks. NAT in cream for walking every where every day on our upcoming US West Coast holiday. Would also be delighted with any of the ALEX for those dress up occasions.

  199. After much deliberation……I would choose the Izzy in gun metal. I have loved following your NYC posts. Please and thanks

  200. I’m “lucky” that thanks to neuromas I can only wear flats. So that cuts down on the choices available to me in shoes. But what choices! I love all the (flat) Frankie4’s. If I have to settle for one, though, it would be the JAZZ Black flat bootie. BE still my heart!

  201. Ashley in black oily nubuck. ✔️
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  202. Love these photos! I keenly followed your Insta for updates of your trip! I’ve told my husband to start planning as we need to do the same!
    I love my Frankies and believe you can never have enough pairs! For me I’d love the Alex. They’re so stylish and I know they’d take me anywhere!

  203. With recent plantar fasciitis on board the Nat shoes would go down a treat on my poor sore feet.

  204. Beryl Hickey says

    Loving your photos of NY just amazing. I would go with the Nat in cream or maybe the Alex in black. Decisions, Decisions.

  205. I would love any of these Frankies, but feel I may NEED the Nat for the rounded toe. I have the Ellie’s but my toes are not as happy as they possibly could be! Thank you for the opportunity! ?

  206. I would love to win the Jenni sneakers in black. I’m all about comfort and​ these look super comfy and would go well with my everyday attire of jeans and T-shirt.

  207. Beautiful shoes and amazing photos. I’m throwing my hat in the ring for a shot at a pair of Ellie Rouges. It’s my 43rd birthday on 27th April so I would be delighted to receive a pair of Frankie’s for the occasion!

  208. I wore my Ellie’s in New York (saw you at the High Line!), they were so comfortable and we walked everywhere. I would love a pair of Nats in white ?

  209. Oh gosh I think Nat and I could say out a Queensland winter together – pop her on with jeans, stripes and a puffer vest for brunch or weekend trips away safe to say she would be well worn. Thanks for the chance Beth and Frankie4

  210. Michelle Collins says

    Nat’s in white need to walk the stairs in Santorini with me. They’ll fit right in.

  211. Kerry McGuffie says

    I have several pairs of Frankie4’s and I LOVE them. Would be thrilled to win a pair of SALLi ‘s for my friend Janice of 40 plus years. She’s had an ankle injury and has difficulty getting comfortable footwear to support her ankle. I know she would love Frankie’s just as I do.

  212. Beth, I am yet to find a pair boots with a heel that will elevate my short legs with any kind of comfort. I would love a pair pf the Izzy’s- they look good and sound super comfy. Photos by your Bertmag are also ace 🙂

  213. Izzy boots please ???

  214. IZZY IN GUNMETAL! They are stunning & comfortable. What more could One want?

  215. What an awesome trip and no wonder you are exhausted after your holiday with all that walking. As for the shoes I love the NAT shoes. I have always wanted a pair of sneaker type shoes but that aren’t sneakers and added comfort is a bonus.

  216. Fantastic photos and travel stories Beth. Just got me some Nats yesterday so looking forward to wearing them this weekend. Can never have too many FRANKiE4’s however, despite my Emelda Marcos shoe issues, would love Alex in the metallic finish. Thanks for the opportunity.

  217. I have been lusting after a pair of Frankies for a while. Heard such great things about them from so many fellow nurses. My 40th birthday in a few days,would be a great present…. a pair of Frankie Ellie!

  218. I desperately need a pair of Nat’s in white that would be the bomb for my 5th birthday present!

  219. The Alex brogue looks amazing, as do they all. Aren’t we all in need of stylish but comfy shoes. Will definitely be checking them out. Awesome giveaway!

  220. a great give away thanks beth!
    I started a poem then visited frankie 4
    came back and have to start over
    so … if the shoe fits. wear it I say!
    I love walking through cities
    soaking up the nuances
    observing life closely
    walking on cushioned feet
    making it all the experience
    all the more wonderful!
    in alice’s wonderland!
    she would love nat in cream
    or jazz in cognac and navy!!!
    she doesn’t drink anymore but she is a shoeaholic!
    and spelling is up the creek without a paddle!
    they would be perfect for her perth trip in a few weeks and queensland in july!
    much love m:)X

  221. You had me at gunmetal Izzy (please)….literally packing for my trip to Bright Vic this morning for some autumn leaves …. Some frankie shoes would have been fantastic for rustling through those leaves….but alas my Salli boots are in the mail… great are autumn leaves ? Almost as good as lurpack and prosecco….almost….

  222. Have loved reading about your New York trip, the photos were amazing and I really felt like I was there too.
    I especially loved your posts in the lead up to your trip where you were equally parts excited and also feeling guilty about taking the time away from your children. I have struggled with this myself, the desire to travel and the attachment and responsibilities of being a mum. You have inspired me to plan a trip in the future instead of waiting for the ‘right time’.
    And I have loved the Nat sneakers in White since I first saw them, life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes! And I’m always on the lookout for the perfect combination of comfort and cool style ?

  223. I can’t wear heels due to a bung back and plantar fasciitis, so I’d love a pair of the Alex in black to oomph up my outfits. I love that this shoe is so versatile that it can be worn year round! It’s dead sexy, too ❤ PS. You look hot to trot in these photos – they’re a must print!

  224. The look I love the most ( because it would be how I would like to look) is the leather jacket, white shirt tails and ripped jeans with the white nats, I am off to New York in June and heading to western New York to finish a log cabin build
    Loved all your New York photos

  225. I LOVED the look of all of those gorgeous shoes. I’d love a pair of Nat in black/white, they look super comfy and would be great to teach in all day!

  226. I would love to try any of these!
    Heading to LA in August so the Nat White would be awesome, I also need to replace my boots due to a bit an alcoholic accident on my 40th last year ?

  227. I think you’ve convinced me. I saw the white sneakers (Nats) on some of your New York instagram posts and loved them. Maybe this is a sign for a chance to own them! Nothing worst than sore painful feet when you’re travelling and they look pretty perfect for my trip in June.

  228. loving the Salli black – would be a winning combo with my fave jeans – rock chic, but in comfort!

  229. I would LOVE a pair of Izzy boots – I need the height to avoid looking like a round little Oompa Loompa, but most shoes with height are sooooo uncomfortable. The holy grail of comfortable boots with a heel seems within reach…

  230. Chloe Pile says

    I do love the Alex especially in the champagne although I really need a one shoe fits all and I think my feet would get cold with the winters we get here. I also love the Izzy, but with a runner toddler who loves to escape, don’t think I could do my quickest dash time…. and you do have to bring your PB to catch her. My heart is fluttering for Salli in nude, and my head gives the tick on these too. Definitely could get to a 2 second over 10 metres in those gorgeous girls. Plus they will go with my ‘for good’ uniform over autumn/winter/spring – jeans in black denim and white (I know hold your horses they’re wet look, can wipe sauce right off), t-shirt in black and denim jacket with many a scarf. I truly will seperate the workshoes from the look goods!!!

  231. Start spreading the news, I am in heaven today
    I want my feet to be part of it, Alex Brogues, Alex Brogues
    Those perfect shoes are longing to be
    On my feet and looking neat, Alex Brogues, Alex Brogues

    I want to wake up and know that my feet
    Will be cushioned, supported, and looking neat

    Those fashion problems are melting away
    As I dress at the start of the day, with Alex Brogues
    Dresses, Skirts, Skinny Jeans
    Crop Pants and Blazers
    It’s all down to you , Alex Brogues, Alex Brogues

  232. I would love a pair of Nat in black or white. I am a Teacher Aide and graduate as a teacher in a few years. I am on my feet all day and I have previous issues with my feet. I just love the look of all of the Frankie4 range, but the Nat’s are the schmick for the dreaded lunch time duty!

  233. Hi Beth!

    Of the three you wore it would have to be the Natt in white. They looked very trendy (I know, no one says trendy anymore) but I do have my hear set on a pair of Gemma in black. Actually I’d wear any pair as they feel so good on.

  234. OMG what a treat – I don’t know if I can decide though……..Nat’s, Alex or Jazz..???????

  235. Katherine says

    Izzy in tan. I would love to get me some comfortable heels.

  236. This post was the best of armchair travel and a fashion shoot Beth! Stunning shots of NYC. I especially loved the ones of you in IZZY. I can see myself wearing them in tan all Fall and Winter long.
    Takes me back to my time there in 2009, but my footwear unfortunately was not so glamorous 😉

  237. jenelle newton says

    I would just love the NAT. I work in a ski shop, and that cold concrete floor makes my feet ache all winter long! These look perfect for my tired little feet.

  238. Hi Beth – I loved following along with you in New York, it made me want to head back there asap!! I would definitely choose the Izzy – what a perfect little boot for winter!!

  239. Deb Lewis says

    Oh oh oh!! NAT definitely. …… they look ssooooo comfy….. I know I’d just flog them to death!
    Awesome pics of New York. .. I read all of your blog posts and felt like I’d been along for the ride (other than the hangover!).

  240. Kate Cummins says

    Like most, I’m a busy working mum of three. My kids have the most amazing collection of shoes, nothing but the best and without hesitation I can justify any new purchase for them. Yet, when it comes to me I settle for $10 Kmart ballet flats, why? Why aren’t I ‘worthy’ of good shoes too? Why is it so hard to justify new shoes for me? Shoes without guilt! I’d love a pair of Nat’s or izzy’s.

  241. Alex, the Brogue, where have you been all my life? ?

  242. I would love to stomp about in the Izzy!

  243. Omg the Alex is gorgeous and would be perfect for my new job as a beauty tutor!

  244. Oh wow, I’ve never commented before ☺️ …. just prefer to quietly enjoy the blog and the ‘gram feed … but the temptation of those shoes is strong!

    Tough to choose a favourite and I do love the brogues but there’s something about those tan Izzy boots. They look (and sound – you did say you walked 10km+ in comfort!!) amazing, so they would have to be my pick. And while they are a bit fancier than my normal style, you’ve inspired me to shake things up a bit.

    (Since I’m here now, and unlikely to pluck up the courage to comment again, let me just say how much I enjoyed following your NY trip. And while I’m at it, making and eating Chadds bread is now one of my life’s pleasures, and makes me seem very clever to my family and friends, so thanks for that too!! X )

  245. Hi! How amazing is NY, I was extremely lucky to go there last year so understand the amount of walking and the need for good shoes. I would love to try the Izzy in tan. Thanks! ??

  246. After having my little one I need my orthotics in my Frankie 4 Jennis everywhere I go now. Especially with all the travel that we have been doing of late. I do love the Alex to add that bit of ‘dressing up’ while travelling but out of practicality I would probably have to go with the white Nat. Nothing like a white sneaker 😉

  247. ALEX ALEX ALEX – loving the brogue.
    My love affair started last winter with a pair and I have loved them to death !!
    Beth I loved your posts of NYC – your photos are amazing and I can’t wait to travel there myself. I am definitely going to look into the hotels that you stayed in they looked amazing.
    My fingers are CROSSED X

  248. I am a shoe lover (or addict…however you choose to look at it). I think i would save my shoes before my husband in a house fire!!!! Unfortunately, i find it hard to find stylish closed in shoes that are also COMFORTABLE and suitable for a full-on day in the classroom. I adore the new brogues trend for this reason. I would love the Frankie4 Alex this season.

  249. Kat (Tan), they will become a great addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe, in all honesty they’d become my shoe of choice getting tonnes of wear. Being tall, I don’t need any extra height that a heel brings, so these for me are perfect 🙂

  250. Jennifer B. says

    Those 10,000 steps daily are needed but I can’t live in pavement pounders,
    Eye-catching beauties thrill, but comfort usually flounders.
    So I’m loving cushioned and trimmed SOPHiE II in Navy!… Such an elegant all-rounder!!!

  251. I absolutely love Frankie4 shoes, your blog has introduced them to me and I just want them all now! My favourite one’s would be the Nat in black/white. I wear VERY basic Mum clothes 99.5% of the time and these would go perfectly with my ‘uniform’. It would make my day if I won a pair!

  252. Surely, the Nat in white…I’ve always shyed away from white sneakers cos I live in Melbourne and well, they’re not black. But you’ve inspired me to take the plunge – it was great to see you rocking a very similar style to my own and totally nailing the white sneaker.

  253. Izzy Gunmetal would be awesome! And how good are your photos! I was more mesmerised by that than anything else. I love NY!

  254. Ohhhhh so annoyed to see this now I spent $780 on boots the 16th for my birthday present (on Monday) Wahh they haven’t even been delivered yet. Oh how a crystal ball would be so nice sometimes. Loved seeing your travels through New York Beth and congratulations on your new niece!

  255. Im sure A pair of nat in black/white would love to come and live with my growing collection of Frankie4 shoes. I have worn my white nats nearly everyday since they arrived.. Think I may have a Frankie4 addiction

  256. The Izzy Tan would look great with a pair of jeans.

  257. Charlotte B says

    I’d love a pair of the tan Gemma Shoes. They look awesome and would suit most of my pants.

  258. Gabriella H says

    Would have to say the tan Izzy shows – my favourite colour and I love the style.

  259. Nicci Van de Ven says

    White nats to accompany me on a trip to Spain

  260. Izzy in Gunmetal. Great photos, looks like an amazing trip.

  261. I’d love a pair of Nats in white so I can run round the park after my kids (three under two and a half) in comfort AND style.

  262. I wasn’t going to enter but then thought … gotta be in it to win it. So here I am. I love the boots but I think the best pair for me would be Nats in White. My converse are about to die and I’d like to upgrade a bit.

  263. Angela Mitchell says

    Love your NY photos!

    If I was lucky enough to win, I’d like the SOHPiE II Red Patent shoes, please!

  264. Eeegads!!! This post is very timely as I have been incessantly worrying about comfortable (but not daggy) footwear of late. I have a trip booked to go to Hong Kong in a couple of months, but the amount of walking expected has me dreading it.

    I have a rather unfortunate bone eating tumour in my right foot, which has caused all sorts of damage and means walking any distance is, well, a bit of a bitch.

    The white Nats look like they could really help me in the walking stakes!!! I’d be so grateful to be considered.

    Thanks so much!!!

  265. I’m a Mummy to four happy, busy little people and spend my week running from school to ballet to soccer to gymnastics to playgroup and more. I’m a practical girl so would naturally go for comfy and sturdy looking Nat in white. The thing is that I have LOVED travelling with you to NYC- vicariously anyway ? and I need some of your spunk and a bit of sass, too. Gorgeous Izzy in tan would give this busy Mumma a much needed stylish boost! Thanks for the chance in this fab giveaway xx

  266. I would LOVE a pair of GEMMA in Tan, they have been on my wishlist for so long. I have a small foot so finding sleek and stylish footwear that fits and isn’t a children shoe is so great. Thanks FRANKiE4 and BabyMac!

  267. Ooh…It’s like choosing your favourite child!…I think it’s the white Nat’s for me.

  268. I’d love the Izzy boots #justlikeyours

  269. Oh how good to the Alex shoes look, I love them. NYC has a piece of my heart although I’m sure these shoes would be great for my first trip to London and Europe next Month. Can’t wait to see how many km’s I will walk but I bet it will be a few.

  270. Eek how do I choose just one!! I think I will say white Nats for that casual look with jeans that you rocked on your trip!

  271. Definitely the Izzy. Loved your pics, you’ve inspired us to work towards an anniversary in NY!

  272. Tania Hanlen says

    Oh Beth, NY looked truely wonderful, as did the Izzy Tan boots! I may never get to NY (or not for some time) but I could definitely see myself sporting a pair of those boots! Regardless of the lucky person chosen to have a pair of the Frankie4 shoes, your blog is fabulous and one as a Mother I thoroughly love reading!!!

  273. Danita McMurray says

    I would love a pair of Nat
    Nat is my best friend and if these shoes are the perfect fit for me like my bestie is then those shoes will last me a lifetime and bring years of joy and comfort to my soul

  274. I would love the Izzy in Tan, I know I would get so much wear out of them this Winter in the Highlands and would make sure I tell everyone where they are from. The day you flew out was the day my beautiful sister passed away from breast cancer that had spread to her plural cavity. She was 44 and left behind two beautiful little people aged 10 and 4. I moved here to the Highlands because of my gorgeous sister, kinda like your lovely sister has just done for you. Sisters are so special, I am not sure what I am gonna do without mine x

  275. It's Leck says

    From the lady with holiday envy from three pairs of shoes, Izzy in Tan! Granted they’re completely unsuitable for the “active wear, active wear, folding piles of washing in my active wear” life I lead. However, I feel like Izzy and I need each other in our lives. Come home Izzy, come home.

  276. Jo Butler says

    OMG, I love the tan Izzy boots. They just keep popping up everywhere on my Facebook feed. I keep daring to imagine them with some of my winter outfits. I don’t really wear heels but these have my dying to try them.

  277. Kate Knapman says

    My feet would be singing in a pair of the cream NAT’s. I have numerous foot issues including multiple bilateral neuroma’s and an arterial thrombosis which wrecks havoc on my poor feet. We are off to Croatia and Italy in 50 days (but who is counting?) and I NEED the perfect walking shoes that are not only accommodating for my orthotics and foot issues, but are stylish too. I thought I was asking too much, but I am in LOVE with Frankie4 shoes and would love these to keep my feet happy on this amazing trip.

  278. I thought that you were mental for wearing such shoes whilst exploring NY. I’m so impressed that they look so good and are so comfortable.
    The Alex in black, they are amazing!

  279. Hey Beth,
    The old Tony Biancos have bitten the dust after a good 3 years. I’ve been searching for the perfect heeled boot for aaages and there they are on the old bloggo!! I’d be rapt to score a pair of IZZY!! Whaddya reckon ???

  280. Meredith DallaSanta says

    Oh the Alex Black would make my day…in about 10 weeks when my little bub is born! I’ll finally be able to see my feet again and admire them in these gorgeous shoes AND see my painted toenails – bonus!

  281. Allison Bossini says

    I would love an Izzy in gunmetal! I’m a tiny size 5, but after looking at the website, reckon I could rock a 6 with a thick sock. Which is ideal for winter walking.

  282. Michelle Dukes says

    The Izzy in Tan are Gorgeous! Would love to have a pair to call my own.. I need some gorgeous boots in my life that are as comfortable and versatile as these FRANKiE4!

  283. Michelle Jenkin says

    I would love the ALEX brogue! I’m yet to venture into the brogue area of shoes, I see so many I like and can’t decide on any. But these look like a bomb-diggity! Of course they must be comfy because I have to chase around 3 little girls as well, which demands a comfy shoe!

  284. Can I have all three please? Seriously they all look amazballs. But if I had to pick one…. Alex! Dressy but not all the way. Totally my kinda shoe. So pretty please can I have a pair ?

  285. I love love love the Nat in cream. I visit the Frankie4 website regularly just to look at them!

  286. Kate Pearce says

    I loved following your NY trip thank you for sharing it with us. I would love izzy in tan. I think they look amazing and if you were able to walk so much in them then they must be best. ?

  287. Hi there, I’d love a pair of the Izzy tan boots. I have a pair of last season’s frankie4 boots and would love a new pair for this year.

  288. I love the white NAT! So crisp & cool.

  289. Can I have all three? They all look amazballs! If I had to pick one…Alex. Fancy but not too dressy. Could still wear with jeans for the school run aswell as going out. My kinda shoe. Now just to win a pair ? xx

  290. Sandra james says

    I would love a pair of Nat. But then again I don’t own a pair of tan boots. Izzy would go with lots and lots of clothes. Then Nat would be so comfy for running around during the day. A hard choice it is.

  291. I’m intrigued by all the waking in the 7cm heel boots but I’ll take your trusted word for it and would give the Izzy a run for their money!
    P.s used the discount code too for a new pair of Ellies, woo hoo!! kx

  292. I would love the Izzy please! I have developed a stupid geriatric problem with my foot (even though I’m only in my 30’s!!) and can only wear good quality sensible shoes, otherwise I’m in a world of pain. A pair of these would make me very happy!

  293. Izzy izzy izzy! Sooo hot? No way I’m getting to New York any time soon, but I could strut around the south coast and pose in front of some deciduous trees and pretend I guess??? Loved your look in the black outfit with these – very much my go to for working mama life, wipes clean, grubby hand prints and drool and dog hair don’t show so badly ?.

  294. Gemma in black would be my choice. I can’t believe how uncomfortable my old boots are now that I’m so used to wearing my other Frankie 4 shoes.

  295. Simone Dora says

    Nat would be my pick – nurse/mum of 2. Flats all the way!

  296. NAT in cream is divine. Love that these shoes are designed to be super comfy and stylish. Running around after my little ones after you’ve walked NY in them (I’ve done it and wish I had been wearing these babies) will be a breeze.

  297. Oh…….four…. FRANKIE’S SAKE… IZZY… it just has to be you… It’s always been YOU!?

  298. Jaclyn Lindstrom says

    Nat in white would be the perfect addition to my mummy style winter wardrobe and slowly growing Frankie4 collection!

  299. Too hard to choose so did Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, and the lovely Izzy came out on top ??

  300. I never thought I liked brogues that much but you make the black Alex look fab!

  301. I’d love izzy in tan.
    Cause why not? I’m allowed nice things too. ?

  302. natalie arditto-duncan says

    You look great in all 3 pairs Beth and look totally like a real New Yorker with your FAB style.
    I personally love the NAT in white. I just had a peek at their website and see that they go up to a size 12!!!!! That’s fantastic, it’s so hard to find comfortable, gorgeous shoes in my size.

    Natalie x

  303. I love the Izzy in tan. I walk about 20,000 steps a day getting my daughter to and from school and a pair of stylish shoes that are actually comfy would be wonderful please!

  304. Patti Page says

    Oh the Izzy! Izzy please 🙂 With my existing Ellie’s and the flat ankle boot from last year (can’t remember the Frankie4 name but they are so comfortable) my Frankie4 shoerobe I’d have everything covered.

  305. I would love a pair of the Nat’s in black. They look so comfy and versatile.
    Love your pics. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing.

  306. Thanks so much for sharing your trip to NY! It has always been an ultimate travel destination. All the shoes looked great on you. If I could win any shoes I’d hope for the ALEX brogue in black. They looked really cool on you. Thanks for the opportunity to enter x

  307. Ooooh, I pick the Nat-aramas! I can’t wear heels at the moment (recovering from a slipped disc) and in the weeks before my 40th I need to prove to myself that I am still pretty cool (Nat would help for sure). You were like an international model on assignment in NYC for Frankie4 shoes – what a great photo shoot you did!

  308. Catherine Rowland says

    Oh I do love the iZZY in tan! I’m tall too (180cms) but think the heel looks like a great height. They look totally fab on you. And the tan colour would go with most of my wardrobe. Love, love, love!!

  309. To experience the lux, comfort and style of the Izzy boot would be a dream.

  310. Oh definitely the Nat in white! Been dying to get myself a pair and seeing them styled so many ways I am hooked!

  311. Rochelle Rimmer says

    I would love a pair of White Nat’s. It’s difficult to narrow it down to one out of such a great range. Have loved seeing your photo’s….reminds me of a trip I did with my hubby just before we had kids!

  312. Jen Sexton says

    The Nat in white please. How fantastic that would be!!!

  313. I’m a shortie and can not wear heels ecayse they’re not comfy but maybe the IZZY could change my mind

    • Clearly baby bumped me while breastfeeding i mean because i haven’t found a comfy pair of heels

  314. Marcia Dymond says

    Hi Beth,
    Fantastic pics!
    If I had a choice it woukd be the Izzy Tan. BUT they all look awesome!
    Safe travels!

  315. Melinda M says

    Oh my, the tan boots are gorgeous! I live in Canberra, so a comfy ankle boot for winter is a must! The GEMMA in tan would be the perfect winter shoe to jazz up an otherwise black and boring wardrobe.
    Side note – I followed your NYC trip on Insta and was so epically jealous. I spent 5days in NYC back in 2015 and fell in love. Can’t wait to go back.

  316. The Izzy to heighten these less than tall legs would be top shelf! x

  317. I would love the iZZY in tan, to give these short little legs of mine some much needed length and I need to see if a heel can actually be comfortable for the many steps I walk..

  318. I’d love a brogue, and I think Alex and I could step out together this season!

  319. Izzy would be my boot of choice, love the idea of being longer in the leg 157cm and being able to be on my feet all day at work.

  320. The IZZY – Sophisticated and stylish just like NYC.

  321. Bree Vallance says

    The Izzy in Gunmetal for me please.

    Perfect timing for Mothers Day to me.

  322. Alison Eskdale says

    Oh how I adore the ALEX in black. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

  323. Natalie Ware says

    I would love love a pair of Nats… and not just because my name is Nat! I need a pair of super comfy and stylish kicks… for work or for chasing the kids around on the weekend!

  324. Deirdre Capuano says

    I’m loving the IZZY gunmetal. I could easily wear these at work as well as live in the on the weekend. I think they’re my “go to” boot this season!

  325. Oh Beth…I’m lucky to walk much at all at the moment so shoes are the last thing on my list. You see – I am waiting for spinal surgery so live vicariously through people like you (and the beautiful Mags ?) and Nikki (StylingYou) and many other bloggers with your day to day, sometimes hilarious, adventures which may seem mundane to some but, oh, how I envy you all. One day, when I am back on my feet (fingers, toes and everything crossed) I will be out there struttin’ my stuff in a pair of Izzy (Gunmetal) and absolutely rocking them!

  326. Oh my, the tan izzy’s for sure! They are stunning, and will suit my wardrobe so well! I am constanly running after two kids (one of which is named Frankie – independent, strong willed and stubborn child she is!), and I’d actually be able to wear a heal and do that! Say whhaaaaat! I love autum and winter fashion, and these would make every outfit the tits!
    You rocked all three pairs!!

  327. Took me 0 minutes after reading this post to start shopping and in 10 minutes purchased GEMMA in tan. It arrived today, have popped them on & OMG they felt so soft & my feet are so well supported. Can’t wait to wear them to work! Arch support and forefoot cushioning are like magic words when you’ve got bad feet. I have bunions after years of wearing high heels in my 20s… Life’s too short to be uncomfortable so I always value comfort over fashion but with Frankie4, I can have best of both worlds so I’d love a second pair in the name of NAT (white please).

  328. Oh, the Chloe or Libby would be just perfect.

  329. The Nat for me! Would love to try it.

  330. Em Weckert says

    Would LOVE the Izzy in Tan x

  331. So hard to choose between the izzy and the alex. Haven’t tried a brogue myself yet but in the end I can’t resist the tan izzy!

  332. ALEX and me sitting in a tree…

  333. When I see izzy in gun metal I think Alecia Keys “Empire State of mind”. I get transported to New York, to a glamorous world. A dark skyline, rain and lights. I can almost feel the buzz in the air as the cabs cruise by. A life far away from the cold playground and sore feet that casual teaching brings.

    Tomorrow they might transport me to the stunning country side of Tuscany. A breeze in my hair, the golden sun warming my face, a glass of chianti in hand. …these boots were made for walking. Think romance, happiness, laughter and elegance.

    Yep I can imagine myself in a pair of Izzy boots. Dreamy. Classy. Elegant. Comfortable.

  334. Claire Findlay says

    Speak my Mind! It’s IZZY I desire. A Future trip to New York City with my lover, is something I will not miss. New York City has been on my mind, with all theses Instagram Feeds, that dreamy hotel room, filled with the starry night sky is where I want to go. With my Frankis on my feet, my lover hand in my mind, New York City will be mine.

  335. I’ve just decided, whilst shopping for yet another friends 40th gift that next year when it’s my turn, I’m heading back to NYC to visit my sister. Just like you NAT would be the perfect addition to my baggage. I found last time, I never stopped, I went from day to night, from this place to that and boy do you walk and NAT seems like she’s just the gal to join me.

  336. Amazing photos of such a wonderful city! I was following your every move whilst there, sounds like a fab trip! I’d love a pair of the NAT, have wanted a pair of the black but won’t be choosy as white look fab too. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby & busy on my feet chasing my very active 2 year old (as you’d now). Looking for a comfy yet sophisticated pair of sneakers & this pair tick all the boxes! Thank you

  337. So hard to choose, they all looked great! I would love a pair of Nat’s to include in my Winter/Autumn (& beyond) wardrobe ?

  338. I want them all. But if I had to pick the Izzy in Tan speaks to me on a spiritual level.

  339. It’s taken me so long to enter because I couldn’t decide!!! I’ve been swooning over the website and dreaming of walking up 5th Avenue or strolling the High Line in my own pair…. but the boots have won out. Who wouldn’t want a pair of comfy, sexy Izzy boots?!?! I certainly do! (Fingers & toes are crossed!)

  340. Oh wow. Definitely the Izzy Boot. ??

  341. Frankie 4 shoes are so comfortable if I had the funds I’d own them all! But the ones I’ve really been lusting after lately are the Izzie in gun metal grey.

  342. Lucretia Stewart says

    Izzy in gunmetal would be my choice for comfort this winter while chasing my 3 teenagers around and getting them off to all their sporting commitments. This mumma loves to be comfortable but also look amazing as well

  343. Clare Moerman says

    Izzy boots look divine!
    would love to take my feet in them to NYC x

  344. Another Izzy in tan vote! Melbourne winter is setting in and a snazzy pair of boots is just the ticket I need to cheer up!

  345. Love the JAZZ Cognac Navy! They would be perfect to replace my well worn boots I bought myself in Dublin years ago and are now on their last legs/feet! ❤

  346. If only I could retrace your steps Babymac! What a delight it was to follow along with you, thanks for sharing. Recently told I need to start keeping my feet warm I’d love some of the JAZZ Cognac Navy Boots! and the Alex I will dream about tonight…

  347. Shannen Bielby says

    Love the SALLi in black. So versatile and Toddler-wrangling approved.
    Can I just say, your entire travelling wardrobe was fabulous! Every look is one I wish I could pull together.

  348. Nadene Dietz says

    Ok think ‘ Empire State of mind’ Alicia Keys…
    I’m going to New York…..
    Concrete jungle ‘Frankie’ are made ‘4’
    I’ll be walking in your shoes
    Im going to New York….
    Loving ‘Izzy’ heels in the tan please comfort & style is what I need.
    Mum’s holidaying in New York…..
    Leaving kids & hubby at home you see
    Baby Mac loving what I’ve seen of your trip back to New York, New York, New Yorkkkkkk…. ???❤️

  349. Nadene Dietz says

    Ok think ’empire state of mind’ Alicia Keys

    I’m going to New York…
    Concrete Jungle ‘Frankie’ are made ‘4’
    I’ll be walking in your shoes
    I’m going to New York…
    Loving IZZY heels in the tan please, comfort & style is what I need..
    Mum’s going to New York…
    Leaving kids & hubby at home you see
    BabyMac loving all that I’ve seen, of your trip back to New York, New York, New Yorkkkkk….???❤

  350. Nadene Dietz says

    Ahhh sorry now up twice for my comment I didn’t think it posted ??

  351. I would love a pair of the IZZY boots I have been looking at them for such a long time and they look a lot better than my current boots state.

  352. Oh I love they IZZY tan boots! They would look so cute on my NYC trip in may!

  353. Awesome! What could be nicer than having a magical shoebox arrive for me! Having just replaced 7 pairs (!!!) of my kids’ shoes I think it would be rather nice if some arrived in my size for a change ? I’m loving the look of the Gemma – she and I could really go places (other than kiddie shoe shops!!)

  354. This 30 week pregnant mumma would love to strut her stuff in a pair of GEMMA boots post baby as I walk out of the hospital. I am currently stuck in flats, thongs and ugg boots. So something a little fancy like some Frankie4 footwear would be just what the doctor ordered!

  355. Would LOVE a pair of Gemma boot in black ?? Awesome photos from NYC, cannot wait until I have a chance to visit.

  356. A pair of Izzy boots would suit me to a tea ?? Something to keep my feet warm at the kids sports that gives this shortarse a bit of height ?

  357. OoOOOO I like the Nat in white! I think that was my favourite of your looks, though they all look great because NEW YORK.

  358. The NAT would be perfect – soon to be on mat leave with my first bub, they would be a precious treat for pounding the streets with my new edition, coffee and pram!

  359. Oh gosh, I’ve lusted after frankie4 footwear for so long but they are completely out of my stay at home single income families budget! I’m a size 11 tugboat when it comes to shoes so I’m going to enter as my feet will definitely thank me if I win. I would love the Nat in white shoe as I literally spend my days running after 3 boys and we walk to school (mostly in my daggy flip flops) How cool would my tootsies look in a new pair of Nat shoes!!! I can only imagine they would feel divine on my tugboat feet haha Thanks for the opportunity Beth & frankie4 footwear gotta be in it to win it as they say x

  360. Katherine says

    Oh a pair of those lovely NAT’s would be perfect! Have been promising myself ‘proper’ shoes for so many years now….each time I purchase another $10 Kmart cheapie I hang my head in shame and swipe my card and scurry out! NYC looks amazing.

  361. Yes please would love a Nat in white. Need some comfy new sneakers to get through winter. Won’t be going to NYC but the school run – hell yes!

  362. Oh wow how I loved (need) some!
    My stay at home wardrobe is looking quiet glum!
    I’d chose SALLi in black
    I’d have my stylin’ mojo back!
    I could then be the best looking Mum! ?

    Nothing like a last minute rhyme …haha but seriously wish I could pull the ALEX off! They look great!!

  363. Never seen so many comments on your blog Beth ?can I add my sixpenneth and shout out Alex brogue in black for alldayonmyfeetatwork relief ??

  364. Lucinda Cullen says

    Hello Beth,
    I would love a pair of Alex Brogue in Black please.
    What a wonderful adventure you’ve had. Your trip will be such a great resource for when I get to go one day. Thanks for sharing your life so brilliantly.
    Lucinda 🙂

  365. Wow! Great photos Beth.
    I’m not really into buying shoes because so many seem over priced but poor quality. I can’t even remember the last time I bought a new pair but I have to say I really enjoyed hearing about Frankie4 footwear in your post! I think a pair of Nat shoes in the black/white would be amazing.

  366. I have very bad feet and knees. It goes back to my dancing days. Since being told by a podiatrist recently that my feet and knee injuries make me walk like a duck, I’ve been eyeing off those white NAT sneakers like you wouldn’t believe. I however can’t afford them right now so they were put into my one day dream box. Maybe one day I’ll be able to call them own

  367. White Nat would be lovely so I can give my Tarjay kicks the boot ?

  368. Shel Bird says

    Beth, I read this post with anticipation….- I’m heading to NYC in July for a Girls Trip!!
    You know, maybe my feet would love a pair of NAT to retrace your steps in comfort XO

  369. Your trip looks amazing! It’s on place I am dying to get back to….
    I would love a pair of the Ashley boots – comfort and style, how could you go wrong?
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair ?

  370. Patricia reynolds says

    Nat in white… for a mum on the run all the time, it would be awesome to keep up
    In style and comfort!

  371. Josephine says

    I’d love to throw my hat in the ring for a pair of the Ashleys! I love the detailing and I could wear them with my entire winter wardrobe. As it happens, both my long boots and ankle boots have just given up the ghost after 4 winter seasons of solid use – I literally wore a hole in the soles of both pairs! I loved my long boots so much I even took them to a cobbler in the hope of a resurrection, but the cobbler declared them to be beyond hope!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a new pair!

  372. Not the easiest of decisions, but I’m in love with Margie, pewter Margie to be precise. She’s just what my wardrobe needs to take with me to visit my sister in Cairns a little later this year. Margie it is.

  373. After years of chronic knee pain I finally had bilateral knee replacements 6 weeks ago. I’m so ready to hit the walking tracks and a pair of Nat sneakers would be a comfortable and stylish way to get me on my way.

  374. Stylish and comfortable – has my name all over it! As a mum of 2 young boys I’m currently missing the first part most of the time so I would love to strut my stuff in the Izzy boots.

  375. Would love a pair of cream Nats.
    I just got some orthotic inserts and realized none of my existing shoes are orthotic friendly so I am in the market for some and these look perfect!

  376. Bronwynne says

    I would love either a pair of white Nats or the tan-coloured ankle boots- I’m hopeless at spending money on myself so this would be the best gift! Thanks for the chance to win!

  377. I would love a pair of Izzy boots in Tan to rock with my (almost) all black and denim wardrobe! You look fab in NYC!?

  378. Great pics! You rock all the looks ?
    Love all the shoes…so hard to choose!
    Would have to pick the Nat in white…look so comfy & stylish ?

  379. Conor Weule says

    They are all pretty amazing, so its hard to choose, but I am going to Ireland soon to my sisters wedding, so think I’d have to choose the Nat in cream – comfort plus by the looks. Then again, Jazz boots do tug at the heart strings!

  380. Sweet baby cheeses these are seriously good toe tappers! I’ve been eyeing the Izzy (gunmetal) off for some time now, but the old budget doesn’t stretch that far. I’m vertically challenged. The Izzy’s would help me come up for air!!!

  381. Having had my second bub 9 months ago I’ve been in a bit of a ‘frumpy mum’ style rut since and like most Mummas put myself last on the ‘buying for’ list. I would absolutely LOVE a pair of tan Izzy’s to make me feel a little like my old self again!

  382. Hey Beth, I would love the PENNi Black Reptile as it is always sandal weather here on the Sunshine Coast. And I think I would look spanking running our tuna business and 5 boats in these hotties. Plus they’d be perfect to wear when chasing after my 4 and 2 year old when I get home from being a hottie at work. ?Cheerio Heidi

  383. Louise Lowe says

    I would love the Izzy in tan. How awesome would they be. Beautiful and comfortable ?

  384. I’m a Nurse, I know it’s not New York, but I feel like I walk 10k’s a day too! Maybe the Nat’s in white are the answer to my sore feet at the end of a shift. The bonus is they look funky too.

  385. Izzy in Tan was the reply I got when I asked my feet what they wanted to wear – I figured that I should ask them!!!!

  386. My pregnant lady feet would love the Nat in Black! But… I’m not currently based in Australia. However, my Mum is not much for the internet so I would love to enter on her behalf, and I think a pair of Salli in Black would be lovely and smart for her. She’s planning a trip overseas (to visit me for bubba’s arrival!) and went shopping on the weekend for comfy walking shoes. I was so excited when she told me she had bought her first pair of Frankie 4’s! And maybe a bit jealous! Very sad I missed the 20% off, I should have read this post sooner! Thanks Beth!

  387. Marianne pollock says

    The NAT sneakers look amazing, perfect for my trip and o NayC in August! Eek ( excited squeal)

  388. Well thats a hard choice, they are all gorgeous and I look so versatile. iIf I have to pick just one I think I would go with Nat. I could see me getting lots of wear out of those. Thanks so much for the chance to win a pair!

  389. Rebecca Rodgers says

    Love the Izzy ?
    I walk a lot and wouldn’t love to walk 10km in these stylish boots. Also love NYC. Thanks for sharing your pics makes me want to go back

  390. So hard choose just one pair! The Alex brogues would be perfect, for work & play. Loved this post, reminds me of the 2 years I lived in Brooklyn & makes me want to go back! Thanks Beth.

  391. Amy Lawson says

    Oh gosh I have been admiring the Ashley boots in black since they were released…My size 11 feet could definitely do with some podiatric comfort rather than the knock off that I tend to wear!! I look forward to the day when I finish a day of relief teaching and my poor little totsies aren’t hurting!! Yes please baby-mac proper fitting boots for the win!! ??

  392. I would love love love a pair of Izzy boots! I might be a little younger than your average reader (I’m 22), but I’ve been following along with your blog for a couple of years. I love seeing woman, like yourself, who seem to have made the lives they’ve wanted for themselves – successful careers, happy families, and lives they enjoy. Gives me hope that I can balance all those things for myself in the future!

    But back to the boots. I’ve just landed my first real job, like a not-waiting-tables job, and have decided it’s time to start investing in a proper wardrobe. My bank account hasn’t really shared the sentiment though. I would love a pair of beautiful boots like these to wear to work and feel like a grown up in ha!

  393. As much as my own Izzy would LOVE me to choose the Izzy boots, I cannot for the life of me walk in boots. Instead, I can’t go past the Ellie in beige. Perfect for running around soccer saturdays, theme park days and long shopping trips!

  394. I’d love to win Nat and take her on an adventure exploring the UK later in the year! I know we’d have a trip of a lifetime together!!

  395. Natalie Bailey says

    Well, I’d have to go for my namesake shoe, Nat, in white. I am a nurse and wear Frankie4’s for work. I’d love to expand my collection.

  396. Natalie Bailey says

    Well, I’d have to go for my namesake shoe, Nat, in white. I am a nurse and wear Frankie4’s for work. I’d love to expand my collection.


  397. Wow! I’d love the Gemma boots in tan! ?

  398. My Hazel is almost two and I’m at the point where my mum uniform is pretty much down pat. Jeans, flat boots and sweater. Throw in a necklace or scarf for colour. Easy right!? But no pizzaz. I’d love some pizzaz. Spice up the uniform. Throw in a bit of texture and a bit more style. The Alex brogues are so it. I wanna rock those girls!

  399. Sal McDonnell says

    Oh! I hope this entry makes the competition! I would love to wear any pair of Frankie shoes that would fit my giant size 12 feet and made me feel slightly feminine. My current shoe wardrobe consists of thongs. And men’s sneakers. Attractive.