Win your very own Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera!

It’s now been a week since we arrived back home from my very own Royal adventure and the further away from it I get, the more I feel like it was all a dream. A wonderful, magical dream!

But my Instagram and photo roll in my phone tells me something else entirely…it WAS real. Thank GOODNESS for photos and the way that they can instantly transport you back to a time and a place, a moment in time. And for me, with my blog, I will always be able to go right back to those moments on that trip, all captured so beautifully on my little camera (the OM-D E-M10 Mark III)

You can read all my posts from London here:

Before I left
London in the Spring
Living my best London Life
London ready for a Royal Wedding {sponsored post for Olympus}
Pounding the pavements in London
Tea at Claridge’s
The Royal Wedding in Windsor {sponsored post for Olympus}
My favourite bits of London

It’s funny though, when I trawl back through all my photos the ones that are my favourites aren’t necessarily the best ones, they are candid, or silly, or remind me of something instantly and I know that every time that I look at them in years to come that I remember the EXACT moment they were taken. How good is photography to do that? I LOVE how it stops you in your tracks and forces you to take in moment, be mindful, soak it up: the light, the person, the food, the drink, the scene…whatever. CLICK! You got it locked away. I love that so much.

I am so grateful for all these wonderful moments that I created, all from a seed of an idea that came to life. Dreams realised! I loved how many of you got this, all the messages of excitement and happiness and fun, all the following along over the week, I truly felt like so many of you were along for the ride with me, at the end of my phone or camera lens as I experienced it all. It truly was a journey that I will NEVER forget. Not ever. How good were Olympus to jump on board?

And I loved how many of you thought I took good photos. I know I rabbit on about it, but this camera has changed the way I take photos and see the world. It has made me SUCH a better photographer. It’s a pocket rocket.

And thanks to Olympus, who always want you to #neverstopthejourney I have ONE TO GIVE AWAY TO YOU! That’s right, one of these BRILLIANT cameras worth $1000 sitting on my desk at home ready to give away to one lucky reader, ready to start your own journey! I am basically Oprah. OPRYMPUS!

All I want you to do, is to share a moment on your own journey with us. It could be a photo or story from the Royal wedding or related to that, it might be a moment in time in travel, it might be a story or photo about your kid, just share away with a photo or comment your story for a chance to win. You can upload photos directly onto this post on Facebook, or email me ([email protected]) just make sure you also write a comment in the blog post below telling me you uploaded a photo on Facebook or emailed me! I need a comment (as well as your photo) for it to be an entry!

Giveaway opens 6.30pm Tuesday 29th May 2018 AEST and closes Sunday 3rd June 2018 9pm AEST. Open to Australian residents only. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

So tell me, show me a moment of your journey and how this camera will change the way you continue on your own adventures. This camera is amazing, and I am THRILLED that I have the chance to give one away to you. Thank you Olympus, so much.

Comment away! Upload away! And let’s start at the beginning of a whole new photography journey for one lucky BabyMac reader. I can’t wait to see them all unfold….

And thanks again for following along on this adventure with me. I loved ALL your comments, parties, photos, stories everything that you shared with me and I am so glad that I was able to take some of you away from the mundane, on my very own adventure.

Now, where to next….?!


  1. Deb/Dolores/Dolly says

    Oh my! What a dream come true for you!
    If I may, I will upload some of my 13 year olds photography? (For the competition that is, and just because I think she is pretty bloody awesome!)

  2. Lee-Anne Ford says

    I have left a photo on your Facebook page

  3. Ange Morrison says

    Picture and comments shred of Facebook

  4. I loved all your photos! I’ve been eyeing off the camera since your Queenstown trip. My entry is on your Facebook post 🙂

  5. You little ripper! I am about to enrol in Lauren Bath’s online photography course.. so this is perfect timing. No idea how to put a pic here so it’ll be on facey

  6. Contessa Michele Borghesi says

    Gosh I LOVE that spotty frock!
    I have uploaded a photo taken last weekend on your Facebook post with this comment…
    “Solo” Venus Bay, Victoria. Taken on my iphone 6, (NO FILTER) because I don’t own a schooshzzee camera, but would LOVE to, so that I can properly document my garden, the seasons and my gorgeous grandchildren. ❤️

  7. Jess knight-Batterham says

    Oh em gee what a magnificent prize you have to give away – this would perfect for our family of three ( hubby + 2year old) before we embark on a trip from canberra to Noosa and beyond in a borrowed camper trailer stopping at all the “big things on the way” everything from the big fruit bowl, prawn, guitar, pineapple, shell, pelican and everything we can sqeeze in inbetween.

  8. Emma Thatcher says

    I’ve sent you a photo… hint look for the surprise eyes 👀.

  9. I’ll enter via FB 🙂

  10. Have shared on Facebook for the first time in many years, just for the chance to win this lovely camera! Love all of your work Beth, it’s been great to come along for the ride. Cheers.

  11. Contessa Michele Borghesi says

    Love that spotty frock!
    Photo posted on your Facebook post ❤️

  12. China Hampstead says

    I loved your posts, pics and blog – took me back (I’m a brit living In Oz!) to Will and Kate’s wedding, I was all about the royal buzz and watching as much as possible from as close as possible! Anyway I have shared a pic from my daughter’s 5th birthday party – after which we watched the royal wedding with a bottle of bubbles while the kids were in bed! Xx

  13. Pic and comment on FB – thanks for all your beautiful photos, especially your tea at Claridges story!

  14. Your journey sure was! Magical ✨very glad you took us all along.

    My photo ( on fb ) is this mornings sunrise- we often have good sunrises here but this was gobsmackingly beautiful. I got a chair to stand on & just stood & stared for a good 10 minutes … when I really should have been getting ready for the school run. Just an ordinary morning,in my backyard, on a school day, but it was like being stood in a surrealist painting both beautiful and strange. Nearly too beautiful to be believed. If I painted it for you you would think it was my fantastic imagination, but no, it was just Mother Nature reminding us all to pay attention, stop, see the incredible beauty in the midst of the ordinary.

  15. Thank you for the opportunity – I have emailed you my entry

  16. Picture and comment in FB now. I have just arrived home from hospital after having my 3rd. A little girl in the midst of all the testosterone in my house!

  17. Natalie Arditto-Duncan says

    What a fantastic trip you had Beth. Your photos and commentary were second to none, entertaining and inspirational as always xx

    I posted my pic on FB🤞

  18. Photo & comment uploaded to the FB post, only taken with phone as all my camera equipment was stolen and can’t afford to be replaced 😢 This is an amazing opportunity, thank you for the generosity.

  19. Love your trip photos and have entered on your facebook page

  20. In 2006 when my husband and I travelled to Paris, we didn’t get time to visit Sacre Coeur. I always regretted it. Ten years later we found ourselves in Paris in circumstances we could never have predicted back in 2006. Our firstborn daughter Hope was stillborn at fullterm in 2008. After she died I took up running to ease my grief. We also took up fundraising for the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. I ran the London Marathon in 2016 and raised $24,000 for the cause. After the run, we took our two kids, both born after Hope died, to Paris for the trip of a lifetime. Finally I could sit up on those steps of Sacre Coeur and look out over beautiful Paris, this time with two of my three kids with me. This September, we are headed back to Europe for my husband to run the Berlin Marathon. If we hit our $20,000 target, we will have raised $100,000 all up in 10 years. After the run we are taking the kids around Prague, Italy and Switzerland for two weeks, and this camera would no doubt allow us to capture hundreds more memories just like those precious memories from Paris. I’ll email you my photo xx

  21. Jenny Schulz says

    Pic and comment posted on FB. What a treat!

  22. picture and comment posted. Have love all your royal wedding/UK pics

  23. Pippa Rose says

    Love, love, love this camera! 💕

  24. Stephanie Kriewaldt says

    Shared on FB

  25. Oh god I’ve been eyeing this camera off since your NZ trip! Yas! I wanna one of those 😀 and wish I splurged and bought one for our recent U.S. trip.
    Photo uploaded 👍🏻

  26. Stephanie Kriewaldt says

    Shared on FB 🙂

  27. Entered via Facebook! Loved seeing your enthusiasm for your trip and all the magic you experienced.

  28. My 6 year old and I loved following your Royal Wedding adventures. Lots of your pics a reminder of years ago when I lived in London and I shared so many memories with her of that time! I love how photos can bring back so many wonderful memories of times gone by. Thank you for sharing your journey…. it was truly amazing. My entry for the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Is on your FB page 💖

  29. Samantha Jane Vaughan says

    Your journey was ace – loved every moment you captured! How seriously dreamy… a real life modern day fairytale. But, what I really want to thank you for is your daughter Mags! Through having her you totally inspired me to keep going on my five year IVF journey (including 3 miscarriages and 12 transfers) to give my son a sibling. I ended up having twins. Thank you, thank you. Now I need to capture all the beautiful chaos. PS: thanks for the big age gap too. I now have a 7.5 year old and 18 month old twins – please keep blogging – gawd knows I need the big age gap advice. X PS: will upload to Facebook now

  30. It was so great to see it through your eyes! It was a beautiful journey!
    Posted a photo of my daughter just tonight, I was teaching her to sew using the sewing machine! She made 2 small cushions that she will add some dried lavender to before closing them up!

  31. Loved following your journey in LONDON TOWN… Fave moment… nude heals on… THE STEPS!🙅🏻‍♀️!! Nah… loved it all! EVERY picture radiated pure joy!! I have emailed my pic😊!

  32. Shelley Nelson says

    Oh god! I’ve been eying of this camera since your NZ trip. yas! I wanna one of those! So bloody wish I splurged at got one for our recent U.S. trip. Now I only have the memories and the sub standard iPhone6 🙄 shots. Ah well next time . Super dodgy NY photo uploaded.

  33. Jess Malone says

    I have emailed my entry 😊

  34. Wow what a comp! I’d love to win an Olympus Om-D E- M10 Mark III. The photos I would be able to take of my family would be be vibrant, in-focus and full of emotion. That’s what memories are made of!

  35. Corina Morgan says

    Loved all you photos 💕 What an awesome trip!

  36. I’ve popped my pic on the FB post! What an amazing prize – your pics from your Royal vacay were certainly stunning, and how fantastic that you can take great pics on a profesh camera but then get them up on the grams straight away by sending to your phone. MIND BLOWN!

  37. Corina Morgan says

    Loved all your photos 💕 What an awesome trip!

  38. Jane Lyrstedt says

    Wow, thanks Beth. Entered via FB. A photo of our new veggie patch and site supervisor our dog Bella. This is our journey to grow as many vegetables as we can. Fingers crossed.

  39. Thanks for taking us all on your journey. You have such a way with words, and pics. It felt like we were actually there.

    I’ve shared my photo on your FB post.

    Thanks 🙂

  40. Alice Coomans says

    Pictures posted on Facebook! Thanks for sharing your journey. It was fabulous.

  41. Carmel King says

    Hello, I have entered via Facebook! Loved following your Royal Wedding Adventure! 😍

  42. My six year old and I loved following your Royal Wedding Journey. I lived in London in my mid twenties and your pics reminded me of some amazing times I had there and I got to share some stories with my daughter of that time. I love how photos can take you back to those special times in your life. Thanks for including us in this magical occasion we loved every bit of your coverage. Entery via your FB page.

  43. I went on a weekend trip with my little fat pudding of a 9 month old; beautiful sunrises, beautiful meals, laughing rolly baby- the stuff photo dreams are made of! But because I ONLY HAVE MY BLOODY IPHONE and am somehow totally inept I failed to notice a small smudge of what I suspect was tomato ketchup over a bit of the camera lense, and all the photos have a sinister dark smear across the bottom centre. Not to mention the ones that also have my finger covering a bit of them because apparently I take photos like my grandpa. Anyway I truly believe that a lovely Olympus camera will help me overcome my greatest impediment in photography; that being- myself.

  44. Carmel King says

    Hello, I’ve entered on Facebook! Loved following along for your Royal Wedding Adventure 😍

  45. Jill Brown says

    Entered on FB! ❤️

  46. You rock Beth what a giveaway 📷
    My journey of photography started once my Evie Rose was born and my passion for snapping endless photos has grown throughout my work and family life.
    I’ve chosen just one photo from literally thousands on my iPhone & uploaded to Facebook….fingers & toes crossed!

  47. Hi Beth, just uploaded a photo to your facebook. What a generous giveaway!

  48. Hey I left my photo and comment of FB. The challenge of having kids supervising my cooking and photography at dinner time. All done with my iPhone

  49. An amazing prize! Photo and comment on FB. 😊

  50. Amazing giveaway Beth. I’ve uploaded one of my snaps from the Camino to the facebook site. xx

  51. I have emailed my entry to you. Such an amazing giveaway!

  52. Suzie Richetti says

    Love your pics! Entered on Facebook

  53. Oh my goodness what a give away! I ahve been drooling over your pics and this camera for a while now.
    Crossing all the important bits!! Will share a pic on FB.
    Thank you!
    Vanda Sofia 🙂

  54. Hi Beth, what wonderful adventures you have with Olympus! I have posted a photo and comment on your facebook post. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  55. Gaby Laudams says

    What an amazing experience and thanks for documenting your trip for us! (Photo posted on FB)
    If only I could be the lucky winner, about to go on another trip ( ‘armed’ with my iPhone)!

  56. Leigh Goodman says

    I would adore to win this little baby!! I uploaded a pic on your Facebook – it’s one of those moments you described, my fave ever pic of me and my guy, snapped by our little girl when we were on our holiday of a lifetime in Greece a few years ago! Travel and amazing photos….just go hand in hand right!!??

  57. Hi Beth .. I loved your post of the wedding .. I would have loved to have been you .. I’m such a royal girl .. obsessed .. so I have posted my photo on Facebook book my Santorini moment

  58. Leigh Goodman says

    Damn I just lost my comment! I would LOVE to win this baby! There’s nothing like travel and awesome photos to capture all it means and feels!! I posted a pic – my fave one ever of me and my guy, snapped by our little girl when we were on our holiday of a lifetime a few years ago. Travel hey, there certainly is nothing like it!

  59. Damn I just lost my comment! I would LOVE to win this baby! There’s nothing like travel and awesome photos to capture all it means and feels!! I posted a pic – my fave one ever of me and my guy, snapped by our little girl when we were on our holiday of a lifetime a few years ago. Travel hey, there certainly is nothing like it!

  60. I’ve entered on facey! Thanks Beth!

  61. Hi Beth,
    I’ve emailed my photo and entry 😊
    Awesome competition, sooooo very Oprah 😉 🙌

  62. I just emailed my entry 🙂

  63. Carmel King says

    Hello, I have entered on Facebook! 😍

  64. Just love your blog Beth and all your recent adventures. Photo uploaded to Facebook ❤️

  65. Anita pender says

    Uploaded pic on your Facebook post

  66. Love your blog Beth and seeing all your adventures . Entered on Facebook ❤️

  67. I’ve posted on your Facebook post Beth😃thanks for the opportunity 👍

  68. Chris Driver says

    Hi Beth, I’ve put my photo on your FB page taken with my iPhone. We don’t own a camera and are currently traveling Australia for eight weeks. The little blue mushrooms were a surprise find at a waterfall in Lorne Vic last week! Cheers, Chris. ps, yep I’m a bloke!

  69. Oh! I love photography! And contrary to so much of the ‘screens take you away’ narrative that we’re surrounded with, I think having my camera in my hands makes me a better parent. It for sure helps me to see beautiful moments but it also helps me create them..I’m so much more likely to say yes to fun and adventures when I know that i’ll be as creatively fulfilled shooting them, as they are in having them.
    Technically I’ve always been a lumix shooter, but have long been Olympus curious, and with a broken-beyond-repair camera body, it would be a wonderful time to try ;). Thanks for the chance to enter!

  70. Adele Tyson says

    Hi Beth, I have emailed you my photo! Cheers

  71. Domenica says

    I’ve posted on your facey post, Beth. Loved living vicariously through your trip. That time with your sister would have been good for the soul! Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Domenica says

    I’ve posted on facey, Beth. Loved living vicariously through your trip x

  73. Danielle says

    My 13 year old spends all day taking photos, especially of nature. She has a great eye for taking photos from all different angles. She currently takes photos with her trusty old iPhone or iPad but I’m sure her photos would be even more beautiful through the lens of an Olympus camera.

  74. Danielle Nowak says

    My 13 year old spends all day taking photos, especially of nature. She has a great eye for taking photos from all different angles. She currently takes photos with her trusty old iPhone or iPad but I’m sure her photos would be even more beautiful through the lens of an Olympus camera.

  75. What an epic competition and prize to boot! Good luck choosing!!!!
    Thanks for giving us a great run down of “the” wedding- it felt like I was there! Your photos and blog are a delight as ever!

  76. Danielle says

    Posted on Facebook

  77. Kairan Meek says

    What a fab competition and amazing prize! I’ll upload mine on Facebook 🙂

  78. Hi Bev, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’d love this camera!! I have a clunky canon that I begged my family for when I turned 40 and sadly I’ve hardly used it – too big and awkward for everyday use – I have my three girls and we are super busy – I don’t have room in my bag and who has time to plug in cords these days?? I need Bluetooth and wifi baby!! Seriously, I would adore this prize so much!! Have posted a favourite iPhone pic on your Facebook post xxx

  79. Stacey Leclerc says

    loved your photos and ‘coverage’ of the royal wedding!!
    Since have my iphone I snap all our family photos on it, having this beauty will definitely get me back into using a real camera.

  80. Elizabeth says

    Comment/pic on Facebook post!

  81. sue paterson says

    Totally agree about the ability to be ‘right back there’ with a quick look through the photo album – even if your photos were taken on a tiny pocket digital & all seem to be missing the glorious mediterranean light I remember.
    It’s been 10 years since we were married in Greece, and in 5 weeks the Hubster, kiddo & I are headed back Greece & Croatia for 5 magnificent weeks!
    This will be the first time my 7 year old will meet his greek family, and there has been much scrimping, saving, researching, discussing & planning this time around – let’s hope it lives up to our dreams!

  82. This is such a great giveaway and so generous. I’ve emailed you a pic! I’m snapping away on my phone but have a sneaky project on the boil and will need a flash camera…helloooo Olympus!

  83. Oh how I wish I was in Australia right now to be able to enter! Your pictures were amazing and I am seriously in the market for a new camera! I moved to a rural area almost a year ago and would love to be able to take great pictures. I have an older cannon that I used but my gosh the IPHONES take better pics! Good luck to some very lucky Australian out there! One because you live in a beautiful country and two because you get to win this camera and take great pictures!

  84. Cathy Lawrence says

    Ever since I did photography I have wanted an Olympus camera but since having kids I have never had the opportunity to buy one. Here is hoping with fingers and toes crossed for a dream of mine to come true. Photo uploaded on Facebook page

  85. Oh I love photography! And in contrast to the ever-present idea that *screens* distract us from really experiencing the moment,
    I’m convinced that I’m a better parent with a camera in my hands. Yes, photographs help me to see beautiful moments, but I’m sure they also help me to create those moments too. I’m far more likely to say yes to adventures and experiments and shenanigans of all kinds when I know that i’ll be as creatively fulfilled shooting them, as my kids are in having them.

    On the technical side of things I’ve always shot with (enter competitor brand here!) cameras but I’ve been Olympus curious for a long time. And with a camera body that is currently broken beyond repair, I’m really loving this opportunity to enter. Thanks Beth and Olympus!

  86. Uploaded to Facebook 😁

  87. Gosh I love how photography brings the warmth inside us by being able to look back on experiences that evoke memories .
    Uploaded to Facebook 😁

  88. Louise Byrne says

    So much fun was had following your Royal Wedding adventure, and the photos …. Wonderful
    I’ll pop a pic on FB – could do with a new camera

  89. Claire Hope says

    So exciting and wonderful pictures to remember such a beautiful moment. Adventures fill your soul!

  90. Tonya Gibbs says

    I’ve loved the photos you’ve taken. I’ve left a pic on your facebook post. What anazing prize.

  91. Lisa Ennis says

    This is a wonderful giveaway!
    I have uploaded a picture and comment on your fb page.

  92. Melissa Steep says

    Uploading to Facebook

  93. Picture and comment posted on Facebook. Thankyou for this amazing opportunity

  94. Photo and comment posted to Facebook. Thanks for this amazing opportunity

  95. I uploaded a photo on Facebook.
    I hope to be able to take better photos than using my phone at kids sporting events.

  96. Samantha Verri says

    I love capturung moments too. Have uploaded to facebook.

  97. Thank you for sharing. I am not an avid photo taker like.some but ai do love going back over the ones I have taken to relive the moments. The photo I have emailed takes me back 5 years. We were so tired, a stop over in Hawaii, a stop over in Dallas, having to find our luggage at JFK Airport – mild moments of panic. Two tired, emotional teenagers and a partner who likes to have everything under control. It was the beginning of an amazing 6 week U.S. adventure and the girls still talk about little things such as what the flight attendant said on one if the journeys, chasing squirrels calling out ‘Allan’, and the way the waiter at the diner just produced a a straw at exactly the right time.
    Thank you for the opportunity and all the things you share.

  98. Penny Whormsley says

    What an amazing prize!! I’ve entered on the Facebook post. I always love seeing your pics and posts and the camera sounds like it’s easy enough for even me to handle!! 😂😂

  99. Thanks Beth, waiting for you posts each day was the highlight. Best Royal Wedding💗

  100. Lauren Parsons says

    Have uploaded a photo on your Facebook post. 📷

  101. Libby Timms says

    I’ve loved following you through the UK. It brought back many happy memories. Your pics are amazing! BTW, I’ve posted a pic on your FB. XX

  102. Bridget Redford says

    I have emailed my story and photo to you as it’s a bit long for Facebook ☺️

    Such a great opportunity! Thanks for putting this competition together!

    Bridget x

  103. I’d love to win this camera because my last Olympus sadly got water damage on a fun holiday – it’s a long story but I’ve learnt my lesson and would look after this baby.

    My Royal Wedding moment is an emotional one rather than a visual one. I got back to Oz Saturday morning after a week in Bali on a yoga retreat. Precious time out for a busy working mum. I got home and let’s just say the house was barely holding together. Full laundry baskets. Empty fridge. Dirty kitchen bench. I tried desperately to hang on to the holiday zen but by the afternoon was having a major tiff with hubby. How could he make such little effort knowing I was coming home? Fast forward to a moment an hour or so later when I realised he had set the tellie to record the wedding on multiple channels. He said he wasn’t sure how tired I’d be after an overnight flight so thought he’d record it just in case 😍 in that moment I felt loved. I whizzed through the jobs and sat down feeling tired but happy to watch it unfold in all its glorious splendour.

  104. Wow, such an adventure! And that’s what life is really about! I was listening to Sir Ken Robinson last night and a quote that stays with me is, if you don’t seek out new things or break from the routine how can you discover who really are and what your hidden passions may be?
    You are wonderful at seeking out new adventures!
    As I said on Facebook, I’m sad that all my adventures in recent years are just snaps on my phone because those snaps really are more precious than any of the trinkets that I picked up along the way.
    My photo I put up shows my stormy journey in Brisbane to finally finding a sense of ‘home’.

    Don’t ever stop your adventuring!!

  105. I’ve left a pic and comment on your Facebook page. I found your blog through Mrs Woog and have really enjoyed reading and seeing your world. I too am an escapee from the city to a beautiful county life, some twenty years ago and have never looked back. And, although I am a country girl now through and through it is my life goal to be able to spend two to three months living in NYC every couple of years. I love that place. Go well. 🙂

  106. Lost my comment (although maybe takes some time to pop up) so just in case…have posted a pic and comment on your fb page. 🙂

    • Ok this one has shown up..what is it with me and tech 😜 I first came across your blog through Mrs Woog and have so enjoyed your take on the world. I too am an escapee from the city to a wonderful country life some twenty years ago and have never looked back. And, although I am now a country gal through and through, it is my life goal to live in NYC for two to three months every couple of years – I know from your blogs that you love that place too. Ain’t life grand!

  107. Charlotte Pointeaux says

    Emailed you about this Beth! Keep on rockin’ on,
    Charlotte Pointeaux

  108. Added a pic to your FB page. Loved the joy and unbridled excitement about your wedding shenanigans. You could see how much you were bursting with happiness. Brilliant. As a stay at home Mum my journey is often a little less exciting including doctors visits lately. So excuse me for the mundane pic but it does make me laugh!

  109. Charlotte Pointeaux says

    I’ve emailed you Beth, my first comment here looks like it’s not gone through, trust me to mess that up. Anyway, here goes, keep on rockin’ on,
    Charlotte Pointeaux

  110. Victoria Lenton says

    Hi Beth, I emailed you my entry with my beautiful daughter Thanks Victoria

  111. Just put this on Facebook…

    Hawaii. 5 days with some dear friends. Found this amazing creature. Just the 2 of us and her. Such an emotional moment.

  112. Oh I’d love to improve my shots, and be able to load them right up to fb and instagram. This camera is it!! ❤️

  113. Anne Davis says

    Photo on Facebook 👍😊
    On our trip around WA in 2014, I used a boogie board in the surf below Geraldton and went snorkeling at Ningaloo Reef. I’m not confident in the water and hate putting my face in so they were both massive for me in ‘mind over matter’ 👊😜
    Cheers for the opportunity!

  114. Maria O’Loughlin says

    Oh I would really love one of these gorgeous cameras been following your blog it’s amazing. Love love all the photos of London. I posted a pic of our tabby on your Facebook point:)

  115. Loved following along on your royal journey! I’m on my own photography journey, capturing my family and other things I love. Learning to use an slr again is definitely on my to do list, this camera would be amazing!

  116. I thoroughly enjoyed your royal shenanigans!! I have emailed my entry to you. Thanks, Kate

  117. Great photos and sounds like you had an awesome trip!

    I’ve emailed my entry to you.


  118. Ruth Jones says

    Living my royal trip vicariously through your travel/wedding blog!!! Happy trails xx

    Have included photo on your FB feed

  119. Michelle says

    I’ve sent my photo via email. Thanks Beth, I’d love to take one on my next sister trip!

  120. Katy Dunne says

    Posted on Facebook

  121. As an ex Southern Highlands chick now living in South Africa I love so much sharing in your adventures. Your photos and experiences fill me with so many emotions. I uploaded a photo to your FB comp. Thanks so much. xx

  122. Linda Alexandra says

    I’ve posted my pic on Facebook earlier with our cottage in Tasmania
    Linda Alexandra is my Facebook name
    Linda Alexandra Dunsire

  123. Jill Unsworth says

    I’ve entered via FB this his an incredible giveaway @babymac !

  124. AMANDA WATSON says

    Got that Royal wave down pat @BabyMac>

    I have posted a humorous attempt on your FB thread to gain attention and infamy via the only ‘Royalty’ in our household but really all I was revealing was I am a #SadMiddleAgedCatLady … LOL

    About to embark on a pretty big adventure with my DD so fingers crossed.


  125. Rebecca Bramley says

    Loving the spotty frock too!

  126. I’ve just shared an image to your FB page too. Thanks for an awesome comp! 📷

  127. Samantha Trist says

    I’ll enter a photo though fb. What a wonderful competition Beth! I love your photos and would love to be able to capture all those little family moments of my family on one of these amazing cameras.. xx

  128. Jacqui Northey says

    Going to leave a message on your fb page 😘

  129. What a fab giveaway!! My trusty Olympus Pen E-P5 is on its last legs as it’s been dropped by my kids 35,000 times (but it’s held up well, considering). I LOVED watching your journey on Instagram, it felt like I was there. So happy Olympus sent you in this fab trip. I’ll enter over on Facebook!

  130. Emailed entry & thank you! I love the real. Loved the real tears at the Lindo wing Sista! I was feelin ya x

  131. Hi there this is such an incredible gesture and I can’t but help to think this was meant to be as I’m in desperate need of a camera. I emailed you my entry thankyou so much 💜

  132. Alison Thelan says

    I have left you a photo of how we
    celebrated the Royal Wedding at our house, on Facebook! Thank you for this lovely opportunity. Fingers crossed for this amazing prize 🤞🏻

  133. Chris Ennis says

    I’m not a massive blog post reader but yours is interesting. Your pictures are top notch. I would love to visit England and the rest of the UK with my family someday.

    I have also posted a photo on your Facebook page of something a little closer to home. Thanks for your work and I wish everyone luck in the competition. 🙂

  134. Jacki Fanto says

    Thank you so much for this generous gesture. I have been ogling all your beautiful imagery from the Olympus camera and am just desperate for that camera. I have commented on Facebook.

  135. Natalie Codling says

    Tick. Have entered. Photo: big hand holding toddlers hand on sheets.
    I have googled this Olympus since seeing your terrific shots in London and Queenstown. It looks like a brilliant camera. I would love to know what lenses you used on high rotation whilst away?
    I adore taking photos and my trust old model iPhone is what I take them on- as I find that when I use to use my old big SLR it was too big to lug around with all the kids stuff. Anything smaller/ more convenient/ wifiable would be a Godsend.

  136. Nina Evans says

    Have uploaded a photo to your Facebook post (name is Nina Bert on Facebook) xx

  137. Nina Evans says

    I’ve uploaded a photo to your Facebook page – FB name is Nina Bert!! Xx

  138. Nina Evans says

    My email address was wrong in last submission I think – typo! Pic on FB as Nina Bert (joint FB page with hubby!)

  139. Kerri Burt says

    My photo entry is on your facebook post George the wonder dog ( named after prince George) leaping into the air to catch a ball… would love a fancy pants camera to capture family memories.

  140. Kim Bond says

    Love following you Beth. Love your pics & I love taking photos also. Would love to win this awesome Olympus camera. Thanks for the opportunity. Posted a pic on your fb post 🤞📷

  141. The evening rain is thumping on the roof here, and I am so thrilled I got out in the earlier sunshine. Need to grab those moments whilst we can! (Also a huge fan of the spotty green frock). Have shared my pic over on the FB post. Cheers.

  142. Out with the old and in with the new technology I say. What a generous giveaway. I love trying to capture moments in time with the kids as I have with my daughter at a random chance meeting at The Mallee Rallee back in June last year. I didn’t know what to expect, nor did the kids but when the first couple of race cars flew around the bend, well the reaction was priceless and it was exactly what I was thinking about it all too. I have emiled you the pic Beth, Cheers.

  143. Kristina M says

    Hi Beth,

    Loved following your journey while you were away!!
    I love living vicariously through holiday pics!
    I have emailed you my entry.

  144. What an amazing prize! Have be shopping around for one of these, need a replacement after selling my 2 Nikon’s , wanting something small and easy to travel with. Your photos are amazing ! I have added my photo to our FB page,
    Thanks again 📸

  145. Hi Beth,

    I’ve emailed you a pic and an essay, whoops!

  146. Sharni Montgomery says

    Heya, I posted a poignant moment of when my two cats bowed their head in silence for the deceased rodent.
    Thanks for the opportunity, loved your royal adventure!

  147. Love your green spotty dress!
    I have always loved photography, studied it a bit in school, but just haven’t found the time (or money) to get into it.
    Pic shared on facey x

  148. Thanks Beth. I love that you follow through on your dreams and take a seed of an idea and make it real. I have posted a pic on your Facebook page of a dream I fulfilled.

  149. Posted on Facebook.

  150. Looks like a royal lovers trip of a lifetime.

  151. I have emailed. You are awesome!

  152. Kirrily Howden says

    Emailing you my photo entry. Thank you for the opportunity 💕 Love the Royal Wedding pics!

  153. Photo and comment left on Facebook.

  154. Jodie Thomas says

    Have uploaded a photo on your Facebook post that my 6yo son took of our rescue dog Penny – a Staffy x Shar Pei. Have had a few dogs before that the kids loved but sadly they had passed on. We decided to purchase a rescue dog and got Penny from the local pound. We don’t know her exact age or history but know that she was meant to live out her days with us. She is a temperamental, feisty little miss but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

  155. Your trip looks ahhhmaaazzziinnggg! What I wouldn’t do to have something as remarkable as a new camera that is so super easy to use in my hot chubby hands! My candid little shots of everyday life would be elevated to #art status! ( or am is that a little much :-))

  156. Kylie garvin says

    I left a post on facebook

  157. I uploaded a pic of my family skipping along to Facebook. Loved following your Royal adventures 👑

  158. As a Brit living in Brissy, I adored following you on your Royal Wedding antics 🇬🇧 Loved your fabulous photos showcasing that fab trip! Posted my pic on the FB thread 📸💝

  159. I have emailed my entry 😊👍🏻 Thanks for a pretty cool opportunity and keep up the awesome work Baby MAC!

  160. Martine Grant says

    Hi , I have enjoyed following along on your most magnificent adventure, loved it all , your enthusiasm was palpable. I need to visit the U.K. sooner rather than later ! I’ve entered a pic on facey ! Great competition, thanks Beth 🤞🏻😃

  161. Bec Ramsey says

    Hi Beth,
    I have emailed you a rather long story and photos.
    Thank you for sharing your travels, adventures and photographs with us.
    My favourite is still you in your nude pumps on the stairs. Iconic.

  162. Meredith DallaSanta says

    I’ve commented with a photo on your Facebook post 🙂 Loved following along on your Royal adventure!

  163. Hayley Vinnicombe says

    Facebook posted!

  164. Just sent you an email 🙂

  165. Jenna van Bentum says

    Post on the FB post. Here’s the story:

    A friend of ours ran a 100km trail run through the Blue Mountains that day. All of our husbands were his support crew and followed him around at the checkpoints. The wives, our kids and myself hung out at the fabulous Fairmont Resort Leura while we waited for the runners to come past. It was freezing!! As soon as our friend ran past we rounded up the kids and hightailed it to the hotel room to watch the main event of the day!! 😜 Oh what fun it was. Such a highlight being with friends and dreaming of our old lives and when we lived in old London Town. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  166. Susan Hughes says

    I have entered on FB.
    Thanks for a great prize opportunity!

  167. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. 🙂
    I’ve emailed you my photo. xx

  168. Rachel Whelan says

    Hi Beth

    So many beautiful stories and photos. What a great opportunity for someone to win this camera. I’ve emailed you my photo. I must admit when I took the photo it made me think of you and your beautiful (prize winning!) floral entries in your local show. I think flowers have the ability to brighten any day no matter what and especially home grown roses! Love reading about your adventures and life. It is my dream to make a tree change one day and seeing how much you and your family love it, I can’t wait!

  169. Rachel Whelan says

    Hi Beth
    I’ve emailed you my photo.

  170. Lizzie Mc says

    Oh my goodness me! What a dream
    I have emailed you my photo and story
    Crossing all my fingers and toes for this one xx

  171. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely UK trip, it was so fun to follow along – sending you an email now with my photo entry.

  172. Such a lovely Comp! Pic posted on Facebook

  173. Kathryn Parrish says

    Awesome photos Beth. Have left a photo & comment on your fb page. Cheers

  174. Roma Smith says

    Loved reading about your recent adventure, travel tips and seeing all your great snaps Beth. Also love the green dress, you’re rocking it! I have one very similar and gets lots of nice comments when wearing it. I have posted my photo and story on your FB page. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition….what a great prize to win. xx

  175. I love taking photos (I even studied photography at uni) and due to hubby deciding our Canon camera is now his baby, I have missed out on using our digital SLR camera. It would be nice to finally have a camera just for me. For my blog, my personal projects and for the family. Your recent trip to England for the royal wedding was wonderful to follow. Having a new Olympus camera would be a dream come true. It would be amazing if I was so lucky. Thanks so much OPRYMPUS.

    My image that I wanted to share was of all my three kids on the last day of the school holidays. It was just before term two started. I took it on my iPhone 6 and thought that it was a good image to change into a black and white.

    I love this image as all kids are looking at the camera and any parent knows how hard this is to accomplish. Plus each child looks happy and is looking natural.

  176. Kate Lloyd says

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter this competition. I have emailed you my photograph.

  177. Shelley Cummims says

    I am off to Bali in just over 3 weeks. Only my second ever overseas trip in my life ! Having never owned a camera anything like this , I would love to win one to take away , and to make many treasureable memories with it ! I have posted a pic of my grown up children and I on mother’s day , taken with my phone 😊

  178. Sara Keli says

    I’ve left a photo on your post. So many amazing photos shared. And your royal wedding coverage was fab!

  179. Thanks to Olympus and you for the opportunity to win an amazing prize. I have entered a photo that my daughter took – capturing how beautiful nature is on your Facebook page.

  180. Christine Poole says

    Amazing prize! I have just emailed you – thanks for the opportunity!

  181. Posted my entry and photograph on your Facebook page. Looked like you had so much fun in London!

  182. What an amazing experience for you. Plus that Olympus came on board haha….I would so want to win just like everyone else. I will comment and load a picture on Facebook for you. It will be from my private Facebook group. Bree Dixon

  183. I emailed you a photo of two of my most favourite people in the world.

  184. Sara Orsi says

    I have really appreciated all the beautiful moments captured since you have been using the Olympus camera Beth, especially NZ and the recent London photos! I have an older Olympus camera that requires a long overdue update and I would like to use a new camera for a blog about my local area in Perth 😊 My entry is being sent to your email. Keep up the inspiring blog and beautiful photography x

  185. Nicole Evans says

    Have uploaded my entry to Facebook Beth.

  186. Hi Beth, thanks you to Olympus and you for this opportunity. I started reading your blog 8 years ago when I was on maternity leave and I have loved seeing it change and grow over the years and I have always loved your beautiful photos. I have emailed my entry to you,
    All the best
    Shannon x

  187. Hi Beth
    I have emailed my competition entry to you.
    Thank you!

  188. Heading over to Facebook now to leave my pic. Thanks Beth and Olympus 💚

  189. Hi Beth – loved following along on your amazing Royal adventure. The stunning pics brought your stories to life. I would truely love an Olympus of my own to capture the stories of my family – 3 little girls too. Photo posted on FB xx

  190. I’ve shared our moment via email. Thanks Beth.

  191. LOVE the moments you have captured on your Royal adventure! The places are wonderful, but I think it’s the faces of people enjoying life’s experiences that make captured moments truly special – your smile in the green polkadot dress says it all! Have entered a picture via Facebook – thank you for your competition!

  192. I’ve emailed you my entry Beth x

  193. Thanks Beth!
    Entry emailed.

  194. Leanne Doyle says

    Hi Beth, how lovely it was to follow along on your Royal adventure 👏🏻🇬🇧 We had our own little wedding party at home with gorgeous girlfriends and our daughters. I had some interesting gems to share, too, after following along with Throne Rangers 😉 OMgosh, how wonderful it would be to win my own little OM-D E-M10 Mark III!!?? I have four sweet babes and have wanted to do a photography course and get myself a good camera since I became a Mum over 10 years ago. This would be such a great reason to fulfill that goal. Thanks for the chance! Photo uploaded to Facebook xxx

  195. Thanks Beth.
    (Entry emailed),

  196. Hi Beth, I’ve emailed you my photo!

  197. Just entered now via email. x

  198. Caroline says

    📷 uploaded!

  199. What a tops prize! Have emailed my entry, thanks Beth.

  200. Hi Beth, I have loved following along with you on your Royal adventures!! Your joy was infectious 😍🇬🇧👰🏻 We had a lovely night celebrating Hazz and Meg’s big day with a bunch of girlfriends and our little girls (photo posted on fb). I even had some Royal gems to share after listening along to the Throne Rangers! 😉 OMgosh, I would absolutely love to win my own spunky little OM-D E-M10 Mark III !! It would be wonderful to be to able to capture those special everyday moments in a more creative and beautiful way than my usual iPhone snaps. I have four babes aged between 10 and 4 and I’ve been wanting to do a photography course since before my eldest was born. This would be just the motivation I need to do something special for me (and them!) in capturing those special childhood memories. Thank you Beth and Olympus for the chance!

    Sorry if I’ve posted my comment twice…tried to post earlier but can’t see it xx

  201. Sally Matthews says

    I loved following along for your Royal Wedding Adventure. This time last year I embarked on my first Solo London and Europe trip and loved every minute of my journey, walking miles and miles each day discovering things around every corner to snap and falling more in love photography. My photo was taken on one of those days outside the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, what an iconic shot with the red phone boxes!
    The photos from your Olympus Camera are stunning and I’ll love to win it to use on a trip I’m planning to Canada! Maybe I might snap Meg’s and Harry stopping over for a quick trip down memory lane!

    (emailed photo entry)

  202. Leah Martin says

    I’m about to embark on my own British wedding journey, Beth! My Dad and I are making a once in a lifetime memory-making trip to Scotland for a family wedding. I’ve got my passport, a frock for the wedding, some brand new BETH Frankie4s for walking in style and enough cash for my first glass of bubbles when I land. Now I just need an amazing Olympus camera so I can capture all of these incredible sights and memories to come. Your London pics have me so excited to get there and be a part of it and if I could capture those memories half as well as you have, I would be thrilled xx (My pic is on your Facebook post)

  203. Fiona Ferguson says

    Hi Beth, last second entry, only just found out about the competition. I have emailed you my submission

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