{More} Adventure Awaits

It’s a cold and dark morning here at home. I am the only one up huddled close to the fire under a blanket with the glow of my laptop the only light on in the house. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, but moreso, it’s Mum excitement. The joy and excitement of some adventure even sweeter when you know the demands that are on you day in, day out as a parent.

The girls will wake up soon enough as they know this morning is the day that we’ve talked so much about. Having (luckily) done so much travel last year, we are getting better at being apart for periods of time, but we have to talk about it (A LOT) and knowing that Rob will be with them has made things so much easier. Then I’ll pack up and head out the door to pick up my travel companions and venture off onto our own adventure.

My little sister is leaving her kids for the first time, and it’s the first time in 4 years that she has been on a plane (last trip was Croatia for her husbands 40th when she was pregnant with Archie). She’ll be nervous and excited and teary and I can’t wait to hold her hand as we soak up every moment of the next 10 days. She used to live in London pre-marriage and kids so it’s a chance for her to remind herself of all that she was, and all that she has become since.

Travel is such a privilege & joy to be able to experience. It fuels my heart and spirit and opens my eyes and heart every time to the world around us. It makes you grateful for all that you have and reminds us that everyone, no matter where we are from are all the same: we want to be happy, surround ourselves with family and friends and be happy with the simple things in life, no matter where that may be around the world.

I can’t wait to be able to take you all with me in the next 10 days for a little arm chair travel just like I did 5 years ago now when I went to New York with Mrs Woog, and have been lucky enough to do lots of times since to the UK & Croatia, to Italy, to New York Again, the Maldives, New Zealand and Hong Kong. How lucky I have been and how lucky I am!

Here’s the thing though with adventure, sometimes you just have to make it happen. When we went to New York I made some pretend boarding passes and just thought STUFF it and we went 9 months later. There’s been other times when things seem so unrealistic and far fetched but then you think WHY NOT and sometimes you can pull it off. I know that childcare and expense can be hard, but I also do think that having goals can be so helpful in making plans happen. I suppose you make things happen if they are important to you.

I can’t believe that I a little STUFF IT WHY NOT moment is turning into this adventure and that Olympus have trusted me to do it. That sounds flippant: we have worked hard to get here, and I will work hard to get the job done. It’s going to be quite the ride you guys, I hope you don’t mind travelling along with us as we go. There will be blog posts and LOTS of social media. There will be fashion and outfit shots, travel shots and not enough sleep and probably too much prosecco – come back in 10 days time for normal scheduling of my stuff if it’s not your thing – otherwise strap yourself in because THIS is going to be a lot of fun!

Now if you will excuse me, I have some last minute packing to do and then later this morning we will hit the road before flying out this afternoon. Follow along with my hashtag #babymacsroyaladventure on Instagram for all the insights, scoops and photos of our trip, our little apartment in Notting Hill, and a wedding that is on this time next week, you might have heard about it…

See you on the flip side friends x

I am travelling to London to cover the Royal Wedding thanks to Olympus and my trusty OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera which is the perfect travel accessory. It will be working hard to bring you all along with us on the adventure, capturing every moment perfectly. Thank you Olympus for trusting me with this, it’s going to be a LOT of fun.

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  1. I know that you ladies will have the trip of a lifetime. How special that you get to experience this with your sister. I can feel your excitiment. Thank you fo r taking us with you. ❤

  2. Have the time of your lives Beth & Lucy. I’m so excited for you both & I myself am going to stay at my sisters in the country next weekend to have a Royal Wedding Celebration of our own while it’s on the telly. My 2 sisters & I are even wearing fancy hats for the occasion! 👒👑🎩👰🏻🤵 Have a blast 🥂

  3. I can’t wait to follow along on your adventure! I’m leaving for London when you get back but I don’t think my trip won’t be nearly as exciting as yours! Can’t wait to virtually tag along on the socials!

  4. Can’t wait to follow along! Have THE BEST time and say hello to Haz and Megs from all of us x

  5. It’s “a given” that you will have an amazing time. Let the adventure and “Olympus” happy snaps begin for us all to enjoy. What’s not to love about London, especially at wedding time? 👸🤴

  6. Can’t wait for your royal reportage. Have the best time!!

  7. So excited for you & Luce! Have the BEST time!

  8. I didn’t realise you were travelling with your sister, how fun!!!

  9. enjoy your journey with your sister beth!
    much love mx

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