Never Stop the Journey: A BabyMac Royal Adventure

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When exactly did my love for the Royals come about? Well, it could have started in July 1981 when Mum cooked us Steak Diane for dinner and we were allowed to eat it in front of the TELLY as Prince Charles married the beautiful Diana Spencer. 4-year-old Beth watched on in my dressing gown at that in awe. It most definitely was in April 1983 when Mum and Dad took us to Albury Airport when we were visiting the area to see Diana and Charles again on a Royal visit while we waved flags and watched their magic unfold. Even baby Wills was there!

I think the whole world fell in love with the Royals exactly 28 years later in April, when William married Kate Middleton and the pomp and ceremony of the Royals was once again in favour after what seemed like years of controversy and scandal. We hosted our own Royal Wedding Party at home here with friends, complete with dressing up and little Daisy watching on the telly in her own princess costume much as I had 30 years earlier.

It has certainly been in recent times, perhaps when Kate and I were preggers at the same time as Charlotte and Mags and when they were born 2 weeks apart?

That was some time wasn’t it Kate? Now look at them! And you! Ready to go alone. Happy to chat with you vis-à-vis that whole third child thing just as soon as you are. I’m here. It’s going to be OK.

And of course in the past few years with Netflix creating the remarkable TV series The Crown, I think everyone has taken much more of an interest with The Queen and the history of her reign since she took over in June 1953.

Maybe it’s just me? I don’t think so though.

I love to share photos of any Royal visits, pictures of George and Charlotte and of course was DELIGHTED in November last year when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were engaged. Onya Haz.

I know that their upcoming wedding at Windsor Castle in May this year will have the whole world watching. I mean who doesn’t love a wedding? Who doesn’t love HARRY? And whose heart doesn’t skip a beat at a potential Spice Girls Reunion? In a world of endless bad news at times it seems, these nuptials bring with them hope. Simple hope in the form of LOVE. And Fancy Royal Stuff.

I’m beyond excited.

It was when I shared the news about their engagement that a seed was planted. A ‘what if’ seed. So many of you guys were excited too. I wasn’t alone! This was one of those seeds that takes you breath away with excitement and potential but it seems SO remote and impossible that you only let yourself take that thought out every now and then to entertain it, before reality pushes it back into the AS IF pile.

But that seed of WHAT IF, well it wouldn’t go away. What if I went over to England to cover the Royal Wedding in an unofficial capacity? What if I just booked the ticket and went and soaked up this moment in history because isn’t life all about adventures on our journey? Even if I am just a Mum at home looking after 3 kids most of the time?

What if?
What if.

You’d know that I have been lucky enough to be working with Olympus since last year on the launch of their fabulous camera the OM-D E-M10 III. They have already taken me on wonderful adventures to the top of mountains, to change the way I take photos and to now be able to shoot and edit video all from this amazing little camera.

I decided to share with Olympus my little seed of WHAT IF. And being all about travel and adventure, about pushing yourself on your own journey through life and you know what?

They really got it.

Are you sitting down? They have decided to sponsor me on this BabyMac Adventure to visit the Queen (OK, not quite) but to cover this Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan for ALL YOU GUYS in my best unofficial Royal Correspondent way.

YOU GUYS, I AM GOING TO THE WEDDING. Ok, outside the wedding on the streets of Windsor, BUT I’LL BE THERE.

I know!

I’m going to be travelling over to London in May with my Olympus OM-D E-M10 III and I will be capturing this moment in time in the flesh. As you saw when I was in New Zealand this little pocket rocket of a camera is THE ultimate travel accessory. It’s small size and weight means that I can throw it in my handbag without having to drag a big camera case around. The interchangeable lenses means that I can quickly change lenses to suit where and what I am doing: I can whack a 25mm F1.8 lens on for portraits and street photography, the longer lenses for when I want to get up close and personal and the stabilisation means that even when I am shooting on the fly, the shots will be clear. My all time favourite feature of wifi means that I can edit and upload to Instagram on the go too…no need to get the laptop out to get a perfect shot. And of course I will have a crack at some video too now that I know how to shoot and edit from my digital SLR too.

All my bases will be covered with this camera.

I will be chatting with people, visiting as many places as I can and getting swept up in the celebration of the year on a once in a lifetime adventure! I’ll also be giving away one of these amazing cameras for one of you back home. It’s going to be one great week and SUCH an adventure; I cannot wait to bring you all along with me.

Time to roll out the superior beige carpets at Windsor Castle…BabyMac is coming!

Obvs Haz and Meghan are thrilled at the prospect. They were kind enough to sit down with me this week to have a chat about it all.

While the last time I was at Windsor Castle it looked a little like this…

This time it might look a little like this:

And all I can say is BRING IT ON.

I’d love to hear what you guys want me to cover off as your unofficial Royal Correspondent on this special adventure….

The dress?
The People?
The sights of London?
A one on one with Her Maj?

And again, can you even believe it? I can’t. Thank you Olympus.

And I will see you guys soon!



    holy actual shit.

    That video… 11/10 Macdonald crew, a round of applause for you

  2. OH MY GIDDY AUNT! The video!!!

  3. Make sure you pack some nude pumps….have a ball!! Xx

  4. So you totally need someone to carry your bags and make sure your camera batteries are always charged. i have a passport and I can book a ticket in lightening speed…….😜😜

  5. best news ever. We live just outside Oxford if you need a place to crash! You are very welcome.

  6. Yay!!! I’m so excited. I love all your royal excitedness (I know that’s not a proper word….but) I’m so excited for and I look forward you your photos.

  7. WHAT IF… You take me to carry your Olympus camera bag? Beyond excited for you!! Will be watching on! 🙌👑

  8. Ha! Go you girl!

  9. Fabulous fabulous FABULOUS!!!!

  10. That is so fricking awesome!
    I grew up in the UK and am royal obsessed so will follow this and be very jealous the whole time! Give a wave to my family over there who I miss so much, and get lots of pics of the patriotic Brits with their flags and paraphernalia.
    The what if thing…..really can work. I set out last week wanting a 2 day a week, school hours job in our local regional town and just kept telling people and yesterday I got one and start next week! My youngest of 3 just started full time school and I wanted to return after 10 years but thought I was being unrealistic. Just put it out there people, anything can happen!!!!

  11. Shut the front door!!! That is amazing! So excited and I feel like I need to use all of the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh my GOD. How fabulous! I too was at Albury Airport circa 1983 and shook Di’s hand- I refused to bathe for a week. Such a beautiful memory!

  13. Amanda G says

    I love you and I hate you!!!! This is going to be bloody awesome, best thing since sliced bread, but I hate you , I hate you, but I love that you are going and doing it and who cares about anything other than this!!!! Ok I really don’t hate you but I am really bloody green with jealousy!!!

  14. What an amazing time you will have. I will be waiting to read your reports with bated breath. Congratulations!!!

  15. Woohoooo!!!! This is amazing. Congratulations.

  16. Karli Lancaster says


  17. So excited for you! And that interview was pure gold!

  18. Oh my god!! This is so exciting!! Good on you! Always love your Royal posts and THIS is going to be amazing for you and for all of us following along! Best pack your nude pumps!

  19. That video! So, so bloody excited for you x

  20. Beth – so cool!

  21. Love to see all the Royal Wedding Plates, cups and other knick knacks. The cute and the bizarre!!

  22. Unfuckingbelievable!! That is so amazing!

  23. OMG! That’s fabulous! So excited for you. Looking forward to your royal reportage.

    That video is priceless 😂 Recipe from the blog? You crack me up! 🤣

  25. Golly gosh. Awesome

  26. This is so amazing! Absolutely fabulous! I am so excited for you! Can’t wait for the wedding. The girls and I will be in our finest drinking Proseco while enjoying an evening high tea. So excited 😊😊

  27. Hehehehehe! That video……Just bloody beautiful! And oh my god….I’m so relieved you’re going for the wedding! Now we’ll get all the details no one else will spill. Yayyyyyyy!

  28. Maxabella says


  29. How exciting and I am so freaking jealous! My mum is going to be there too! Well she is there the week before she is doing some ridiculous round the world trip on all the Queens so I am ridiculously jealous of her trip and now your trip i think I will just hibernate!

    PS while you are there can you get Megan’s mob number for me I know she and I would be besties you can have Kate! I will have Megan ok?

  30. SHUT.UP!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…..can’t wait!

  31. That video is gold Beth. 😊

  32. That is so cool. Live about 20 mins from central London and 30 mins from Windsor- if you fancy a cup of tea and some homemade cake please pop in. Also can tell you about places like Columbia flower market shoreditch and my favourite Marylebone high street.

  33. So exciting! Any chance of a BabyMac gathering in London while you are in town Beth?? 😀

  34. Thrilling ! Love some royal action x

  35. Amazeballs , so exciting. Loved the video 😘

  36. So excited for you ! Love the video ! If I had an Olympus camera I could be having more adventures in life ?? Please share the dress, the vibe, the souvenirs, the people ! I will be glued to Intagram and the blog !

  37. Sonia South says

    Bloody Awesome Mate! Can’t wait to see all the snaps, I know you will do a great job. Capture whatever sparks your interest through the lens. Think I might have to invest in one of these beauties. I did photography for work experience over 30 years ago and unfortunately never pursued it-wish I did. Maybe one day????

  38. Missed your calling beth!
    Just sayin!
    Love mxx

  39. Shut up! Shut the F up! This is the BEST thing ever. I am beyond jealous. I’m sure 143 other people have offered to carry your bags. Add me to the list. I posted on FB as soon as they were engaged – girls trip to London in May?? – no takers. So disappointed in my friends. Where were you woman? Er may gawd this is so cool. I will be inhaling the Baby Mac on Royal Tour goodness like a bowl of hots chips. Can’t wait to be ring side. Go Olympus for getting it. Very cool.

  40. Trisha Hansen says

    That video is absolute gold. I hope those magical social media powers work and that lands on H&Ms desk. They would be lucky to have you at their wedding in any capacity. Still laughing 😂

  41. Beyond excited. Your video is sooooo good. Can’t wait for your official commentary xx

  42. Cannot get enough of this video. Watched it on IG and now on here. Bloody love it. Hilarious.
    Sooooo glad you’re coming over for the wedding. Can’t wait to see your photos. X

  43. Elise Schaefer says

    Praise be Olympius!!


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