Sultana Night: QT Sydney & Lobo Plantation

A few weeks ago now I was checking my Instagram feed when I came across the phrase on one of my sister’s photos saying she was on “sultana night”. I had NO idea what she meant until I read the hashtag #likeadatebutnot. I love it! (credit goes to her friend Betty who coined the phrase I believe). Date night never really happens around here anyway – we lost our regular babysitter to Uni (we miss you Pene!!!) and we tend to stay in or eat at friends places rather than go out to a restaurant. Anyway! Last night we got to go on our very own sultana night as Rob was working in Sydney for the ever fab QT hotel so I got Gma down here while we headed up there for the night…see? Not really a date, but a night together in between work.

Do you know the QT? I’m always raving about that place namely because I love it so much. SUCH great interiors and use of space – combined with a cheeky sense of humour, great food, cocktail bar and the world’s comfiest beds I endorse this place 100%. I even wrote about it last year (which was probably the last “formal” date we were on!). Note: I just like this place and have no obligation/paid sponsorship to do so. Just ask the Mum’s at School who always hear me go on about it…

Anyway…back to our night. I got to go shopping in the late afternoon which was throughly depressing because there are only black and white/grey clothing to choose from. I couldn’t find ONE thing that I like. Not one! So I hightailed it back to the hotel for a long bath where I watched Bold and the Beautiful from. I was able to catch up on it from the last time I watched it 7 years ago.

IMG_6872 IMG_6876 IMG_6880 IMG_6885

Then it was off for a quick pre dinner cocktail at The Lobo Plantation on Clarence Street. From the street you wouldn’t know it was there and then inside the most wonderful green, dark, underground room filled with rugs and palms and of course some pretty good cocktails. I felt young! And relevant! For at least the 45 minutes we were there.


Yes, they really served up a cocktail in a tin can. My eyes were rolling.

IMG_6889 IMG_6893 IMG_6894 IMG_6896

They stopped rolling when the side order of PORK CRACKLING came to our table to eat while I sipped on my “Havana Night” cocktail. Disappointingly, the crackle was NOT up to scratch (pardon the pun). Chewy and not crackly at ALL it was like pork skin chewing gum. And you know my thoughts on pork…I was very sad about the whole thing. I even left some! I know, I was disappointed in me too.

IMG_6901 IMG_6905

We went to Mejico in Pitt Street for a delicious dinner of tacos, guacamole and rib eye before heading back to QT for a closer in the bar.


While Rob worked a little more, I found myself shopping at their gift store/cabinets filled with all kinds of quirky delights…and managed to find myself PLENTY of things I was ready to buy.

IMG_6921 IMG_6946

In bed in time for Q&A and a solid nights sleep….now THAT is what I call a good night. I was up and out the door bright and early leaving Rob to finish off the rest of his work. But what I did do as soon as I came home was pop some new dahlia’s into my sultana night purchase…have you EVER seen anything quite so mad and fabulous? I just plain love it! Woof!

IMG_6968 IMG_6971 IMG_6975

Is this the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen?
What is it about reaching a certain age where the purchasing of homewares is SO much more appealing than the purchasing of clothes? Or is that just me?


  1. Little Munch says

    Give me a headless dog over a frock any day! Dahlias are seriously the best flower ever. It took me a while to get the whole sultana/date thingy, clearly I need to get out more!

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That sultana night purchase is something else Beth… it! I have never heard that term either but I like it.I have not gone physical clothes shopping for winter yet,still too hot but I have bought a few things online at Gorman a cream orange and grey top and a pair of orange flats,a pair of leopard print Italian loafers and some more soft pants and I did look at Susan’s online they have bright jumpers so have a look.I look at homewares too,so many lovely things to buy.

  3. Beautiful images, sad news on the pork. A friend in Bris has this vase – BEST!

  4. How awesome is QT?.. Just something out of the norm for once x

  5. My husband stayed at QT on the GC over the weekend and he said to me, “you are going to LOVE it here when you come for your bloggers conference!” – CANNOT WAIT!
    And yep, I’m already at the Homewares Shopping stage. It doesn’t matter if your hair looks shit or you’re bloated from PMS, homewares always look good.

  6. What? No mention of our date night at the QT … in our special room 😉

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      How could I forget?! You know I was back in that exact same special room on the day of the dreaded stomach bug where I spent A LOT of time in that disabled bathroom x

  7. Think of the fun you will have putting in all kinds of different flowers for a different “head” look. I love it!

  8. Emma Steendam says

    Oh lordy, we don’t even have a kid on the ground yet and I am still drooling over your hip sultana night! Must rectify. Although with husbando’s new job I’ve already taken advantage of him traveling and met up with him for hotel night + Mexican, so I guess that’s sultana? Pork belly can be disappointing, I’m always nervous about the whole affair if ordering somewhere for first time. Chewy be gone. To be honest I’ve been in the homewares phase for quite sometime…quite possibly the past decade…and I’m 27. Ask any of my friends and they will agree Emma likes cushions over clothes, every time. The dog vase is disturbing me slightly as it looks just like my little Tessa…only headless…

  9. Annette Hill says

    Those bowler hats – love! Sounds like a great sultana night Beth.

  10. Margaret Elvis says

    Wow! What a wonderful afternoon, evening and night you had. I’d not heard the expression ‘sultana night’ and am a wee bit too old to even think of planning one now but I like the concept.
    That vase? Not sure but it would probably grow on me. Certainly different if nothing else. Would I enjoy having a headless dog? Love those dahlias though, they are such gorgeous flowers.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Oh Mimsie…never too old for a sultana night! Hope you got that rain the other day? And that the weather has cooled a little x

      • Margaret Elvis says

        In my case yes, far too old but it’s nice to dream and no Beth, no rain. Am posting on my blog a piece from Perth Now explaining all about our lack of rain.

  11. vase is brill, I need to plant some flowers in the garden, the veggies and herbs are doing so well. But flowers are next!

  12. TheMorleyReport says

    I just ADORE all of the QT Hotels, so funky and fun!! But I have to say that vase def has your name written all over it! It makes me smile….. Are vases supposed to do that? I think so 🙂

  13. OK I have to say I love the hat pendant lights! Uber cool. The headless dog vase kinda freaks me out a little. But I can’t stop looking at it so I get it.
    Our babysitter is about to move to Melbourne and I have no idea what we’ll do when she’s gone. Finding that perfect person you trust to look after your child is so hard. I’m trying to book a weekend away for the hubby and I at the moment. We desperately need it and as long as there’s a good size tub in the room for a long soak, excellent food and wine and a comfy bed we’re happy.

  14. I love Lobo Plantation, thanks for the tip off about the Pork Soggies. Loving your new purchase – it’s positively canine divine! In fact, the QT sounds so awesome, I feel like I should have a little staycation there just to say I’ve been and just so I can have a dog vase as a souvenir!

  15. MotherDownUnder says

    Sultana night! I love it! I think I need a sultana night in my life!
    And mason jars I can handle…but tin cans? Maybe I am just getting old, but no!

  16. Yay, looks fun! I can look at that headless dog for too long though ;-). We’re looking forward to a rare child free get away at QT Sydney very soon. Do you have any recommendations of hairdressers in the area? We are going to a wedding.


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