Monkey Magic

You know you are missing your girls when you look at baby monkeys and think “Oh look! They look like sisters.” But they do. Kind of. OK not really.


  1. But they do!!! x

  2. I agree they do!

    I am petrified of monkeys…eeeeek!

  3. okay — well done (and yeah they do look related).

    NOW – back to the beach, the pampering and the . . .

    (so happy I’m virtually there!)

  4. I went in here 2004, I refused to go back on our trip last year. I am TERRIFIED of monkeys.

    I had them climb ALL over me. Trying to get into my bag and find food. I had my hands out saying ” NO MORE, NO FOOD, GO AWAY” but they didn’t listen. I ended up leaving the tour group and waiting by the bus for the rest of the hour. Haha.

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