And so the next day…

We were up bright and early with our bags packed to be transferred to Hayman by ferry. We had another conferencing session in the morning before hightailing it back down to the ferry to be transferred over to Daydream Island for a chance to feed some stingrays and fish. Daydream Island was like stepping into the set of Muriel’s Wedding: the brassy, bright tones of a 1980’s still going strong – but we had a great time touching various sea creatures, feeding the stingrays (strangely enough they feel a little like snot) and getting up close and personal with a shark.

We were then lucky enough to get a chance for a helicopter tour across the islands – including the beautiful Whitehaven Beach that we travelled to on Thursday – back across to Hayman Island where we stayed last night. Turns out Mrs Woog doesn’t like helicopters, and turns out it’s very difficult to take a photo on a chopper when your hand is in a vice like grip from said friend having a panic attack.

Hayman Island is quite fabulous: lush green gardens, amazing bars and pools and design interiors. I’ll be sharing a little more on that place later…


  1. Rach aka Stinkb0mb says

    Sounds like you’re having a good time.

    That poor shark, why the need to take it out of the water? We can look & touch without removing it from the water. Sorry but stressing wildlife out for human pleasure is a massive pet peeve of mine, it’s so unnecessary.

    • The marine biologist was telling us that sharks can be out of the water for 12 hours or something?! We were all a little concerned too. Apparently it’s all fine though…

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