From snow to ancient forests: day 2 in New Zealand

We woke yesterday morning to a drift of snow on the mountains across from our house so we decided we better go and find some snow for the girls to play in. Anyone who knows me would know that I have wrote the obsession with snow – finding it, wishing for it – it just seems so magical to me. I have never been to the ‘proper’ snow, like in skis and the like so I am quite the annoying child when it comes to this stuff. Even Rob called it ‘tiring’ last night.

But we got to see some snow – have a play and drive through some gorgeous Otago mountains as we went. It was a stunning morning and scenery and we had 4 happy girls. Thanks Rob!

We then drove back down to Lake Hawea via a gorgeous wee village of Tarras where the views went from this:

To this:

Lake Hawea was the most serene and stunning (and QUIET) place that quite literally took our breath away when we drove down to the water. A few locals in sight, walking their dogs but otherwise the place was ours. Truly magnificent!

We found a local shop for supplies and went for a picnic by the water before driving past Lake Hawea through the mountains to Lake Wanaka – truly the most STUNNING drive you could do. Past Lake Wanaka and down the valley through Makarora to Mount Aspiring National Park where we went for a walk to the Blue Pools. This was perfect for us having a little one as it’s an easy 30 minute return walk through the most beautiful ancient forests, suspension bridges to some glacial pools the most beautiful crystal clear blue. The river runs along stony shores where you build ‘peace towers’ with the rocks. It was the best – we all loved it!

It was home via Wanaka to grab some more supplies for dinner, then time to unwind, light the fire and have dinner before watching a doc together and then bed. So wholesome. So lovely. And the best family time we have had together in ages.

Thanks New Zealand for your beauty. It’s being appreciated by us all.


  1. lovely, thanks beth,
    yes it truly is a beautiful place … beautiful memories for you all.
    i am a bit like that with snow too! because i don’t know it,
    i got so excited when we were in austria and it was the first dusting … certainly magical!
    much love mxx
    daisey is soo tall now! … beautiful!

  2. Sublime, what a dream!

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