Armadale Castle, Isle of Skye

The clan Donald (Macdonalds that we are) established itself on Skye in the 15th century occupying castles a few miles from here and at Duntulm in the north (where we visited yesterday). From the 1650’s they started to stay just down here in a version of this castle, until 1790 when a new mansion house was built and the gardens planted and then an extension of that formed in 1815 to the castle that lies here (albeit in ruins here today). In 1855 fire destroyed much of the house and in 1925 the Macdonald family left it to the winds and rain.

The castle sits on the same grounds of the cottages where we are staying so today we walked down to explore the castle ruins and gardens. Whilst it sits as just a shell now, it is still very beautiful and the gardens and nature walks that surround, just glorious. You can imagine this place over hundreds of years – from the older clans to the wealth and aristocracy that came later.

I paid my respects to my natural home…the laundry ruins. And of course we searched for fairies, which Harper was sure that she found in the base of one of the hundreds of years old trees. SUCH a beautiful spot…well chosen Macdonalds.

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You can find out more about the castle here.


  1. Margaret Elvis says

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of the place where my great-grandfather (and his sister) were christened. I imagine that Stephen (1831-1907) and Isabella Anderson had possibly also been born on the Isle of Skye. I do know my great-great-grandfather, James Anderson, was a shepherd before immigrating with his family to Victoria.
    I can just imagine you walking through those ancient places and the magic you must feel. I am sure there are fairies hiding there, somewhere.
    It’s great to know you are having such a wonderful time.

  2. Really loving your travel posts and gorgeous pics. Thanks for sharing them. Enjoying a little vicarious travel.

  3. Wow! What history!

  4. Christine says

    Just when I think that scenery couldn’t get any more beautiful your new post proves me wrong.
    Thank you!

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