London calling

Rob said to the girls this morning that travelling is all about “hurry up. Now wait”. And it’s so true. Travelling with kids is a tiring business – the sheer hours confined to a seat is one thing, but the WAITING is another. The lines. Passport queues. Baggage queues. Check in queues. Customs queues. Taxi queues. It’s a business.

The girls after 2 days of queues were less than impressed with the cab ride into London this afternoon. Daisy had eyeballs falling out of her head but REFUSED to admit that she MAY have been tired. Dear lord that child has refused to sleep her entire life and almost 8 years later, nothing has changed. Harper was hanging off me and in between complaining of the heat and the fact that she was FIRSTY, she asked 1368076 times are we THERE YET.

And then we got here. And we’re there. And it’s wonderful. And worth all those waits. And lines. And queues.

Our apartment is just wonderful – met by our lovely host who showed us everything, an apartment filled with the most amazing light you could imagine, space and loveliness at every turn. We took a walk down the Thames, got an ice cream, got some supplies from the supermarket, filled the fruit bowl and cupboards and I cooked the girls dinner while Rob went out to meet some mates. It was normal and simple but NOT BECAUSE SOMEHOW WE ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD.

It’s the small things I love in London. The taste of the water. The taps and the shitty water pressure. The green John Lewis delivery vans. The summer days that last until 10pm at night. Supermarkets and all its cheap goods. Cabs. Buses. The parks. The gardens. the soft free grass. I can’t wait to get out there again tomorrow and explore some more.

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  1. Beautiful. You lucky things! Have a wonderful time xx

  2. Welcome to London! Glad you’ve made it safely. Now you can listen to everyone exclaiming at how hot it is at 24o!!!!!!! 😉 But those long summer evenings … they are just sooooo lovely.

  3. Enjoy every minute. Thank you for taking us in this journey with you. Have a fabulous time. V x

  4. Sha Egan says

    Welcome to England waves from Yorkshire. Read your blog all the time and never comment but as you are here I just have to say hello xx

  5. Wow! Just beautiful.

  6. Fashionista says

    Out of all the fabulous European cities that I have visited, I would be back to London in a heartbeat. I can’t even define what it is, but I just LOVED it. Enjoy your time!

  7. Archie Lane says

    Beautiful imagery! Enjoy this wonderful adventure x

  8. Hooray for holidays! I’m living, well, holidaying vicariously through you Beth – do us proud!!

  9. Love…oh how I miss England in the Summer.


  10. Sounds SO wonderful! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy xo

  11. I love that you cooked!

    It’s such a shitfight for us Aussies to get anywhere because we’re so far away but when we do, it’s all so worth it. It looks beautiful Beth, so happy for you xxxx

    • Thank you darling…of COURSE I cooked. It’s how to ground myself. I need to see how much stuff is in a supermarket, then smell cooking to feel comforted x

  12. that apartment looks divine! You’re making me miss London and I can’t wait to live vicariously through your travels xx

  13. Lisa Aherne says

    Uh oh now I’ve got itchy feet. Great post, lovely pictures. Lucky you.

  14. Looks amazing. So jealous!! Enjoy every moment. Hope the girls slept well for you. Jx

  15. I felt the exact same way when we lived in an apartment in Paris for a week. To be able to cook, do the washing and feel like you’re one of the locals is amazing. Enjoy!

  16. As I said yesterday it looks like perfection.

    And isn’t it wonderful, as Aussies, everything is so cheap (esp in supermarkets) when you travel! xx

  17. Are you at an airbnb apartment? Went to London first time last year and stayed in a great airbnb flat in Kensington. Loved evrything about London. Enjoy.

  18. Oh…. The New Yorker there just waiting for you… Spoilt!


  19. I am just WILLING YOU ONWARD on this most fabulous adventure. GO! GO! GO! (but dawdle all at the same time)


  21. its still light at 10PM? This I cannot fathom!

  22. Looks gorgeous. How did you find your apartment? And without being too nosey…… on a hotel vs apartment cost are you waaaaaay ahead or about the same?

    • I just don’t think you can compare. Price wise we are ahead…but it’s the space that’s the main thing. Girls can play. We can get to a park. I can cook a meal a day here…it just feels like home. Best thing EVER. Just make sure you get an apartment that has good reviews on Airbnb or the like – I have had people have disasters.

  23. youre making me homesick!

    enjoy that fabulous city and the rest of your hols over there!

  24. I luff London, and I esp luff Waitrose with all its super cheap groceries. What ‘burb are you in? Nice hedging round the car park. Think of me in Liberty and as you see the wedding dress exhibit at the V and A, and pls light a candle for me in the Brompton Oratory. You should go to Hix at Brown’s for Sunday lunch and watch the sun set over St Paul’s from the bar above the Tate Modern. Enjoy.

  25. You’re making me almost homesick! It looks divine, all of it. Enjoy every moment.

  26. What a beautiful bright apartment. Your words transported me there. I can’t wait to read more about your travels. Jo xx

  27. When I got to Scotland it would be closer to 11 before it was really dark. I loved it!

    Your apartment looks delicious!

  28. I am dreaming of London now *sigh* – oh how I love that city. The apartment looks beautiful – are you able to share who you rented it through -airbnb or another. We stayed in a great place last visit, but was a tad too small so keen to find other options…

  29. Wow! So, so lovely. Looking forward to enjoying your travels through your words and pictures.

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