Big skies, happy kids, nice digs

After a less than ideal start to the year with constant sickness thanks to perfuckuss and then a shitty Easter thanks to post perfuckuss stress disorder and colds I was keen to make the most of these school holidays and actually have a nice time! So I had a look online for a house for us to escape to for a few nights knowing that school holidays are busy and we might not find anything.

But what do you know? Stayz delivered with a cracking house just an hour from home with rolling green hills, plenty for kids to do, ocean views and a VERY nice house for this Mum to chill out in. We took my brother’s two girls with us and had the very best 4 days away. The kids played happily, the adults got to sit and read, the baby slept well and was happy in between, we ate and drank well and watched the world go by. It was the perfect trip for us…much needed and greatly enjoyed. I just could have done with another 4 days…

IMG_6538 IMG_6551 IMG_6553 IMG_6539 IMG_6548 IMG_6558 IMG_6547 IMG_6565 IMG_6575 IMG_6577 IMG_6581 IMG_6583 IMG_6587 IMG_6590 IMG_6632 IMG_6600 IMG_6592 IMG_6619 IMG_6637 IMG_6643 IMG_6651 IMG_6660 IMG_6674 IMG_6672 IMG_6663 IMG_6666 IMG_6669

I cannot recommend this place enough (not being paid to do so either I can only dream of travelling around reviewing places for a living) but it was perfect for kids and adults…amazing design and simple and no fuss. I would be very comfortable here forever! Because I know I will be asked here are the details: You can book it through Stayz and they have details on their own website/blog thingy here.

So tell me what I’ve missed?
What have you been up to?
My nonstop phone addiction withdrawal is going well. Too well in fact!


  1. Oh I adore that part of the world! Looks like bliss. xx

  2. What a spot, I’m jumping on now to see if I can find something for this weekend – short notice but you never know!

  3. Just brilliant when you find something like this and close by too. You might get another 4 nights away again sometime soon….

  4. This place looks amazing! What a sweet little getaway. We were knocked down with gastro – thankfully not me, but the children and the husband and so it’s been all washing, cleaning, disinfecting, spew catching JOY!

  5. Looks amazing Beth. Glad you guys got to relax, recharge and just be xx

  6. My dad helped construct that amazing property… what a perfect spot-amazing im sure xxx

  7. Well Ms Macdonald, I have been getting laid.

  8. Marvelous is a mite shallow when searching for the word to describe this loveliest of holidays for you and the family and the cuzzies too. Fantastic–even Miss Magsly got into the spirit-her expressions are all so calm and relaxed-looking after months of … well, not so cheerful we’ll say and leave it at that !~!

    Busy here is taking out trees for a neighbor, tending to young ladies before and after school, sewing my placemats/potholders for an upcoming co-op-wide sale, providing support for a dear friend who’s having a rough go at the moment…

    Thanking goodness for health, fine weather and a husband whom I adore and have my love reciprocated making is so worthwhile.

  9. I’ve been preparing for the Q’s 90th tomoz, working, cleaning, decluttering, reading watching the Real HW of Bev Hills reunion and the Night Manager and stuffing myself full of carbs. Luff the holiday house x

  10. How good is a super chilled break?! I think we’re well overdue for one here.

    That kitchen tho… must have

  11. That is just gorgeous Beth!!!! So glad you had such a great stay. And only 1 hour away… oh I can only dream… 1 hour wouldn’t even get me to my neighbours house, let alone down to the main highway, wouldn’t even get me off our station if travelling east or west…. you are very lucky! Love the photos. Looks like the perfect place to relax.

  12. Thanks Beth for your post on The Shed., Gerroa. Loved reading about your stay and seeing your fabulous pics. Come back soon XX

    The Shed. Gerroa

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