Some good places in Byron Bay


We’ve had a great week up here, although the weather has been a little gloomy at least it’s not minus 3 or 4 gloomy which it appears to be at home. I’ve had tshirts on and the girls even made it for a swim on Sunday morning. While travelling with a baby means that we are home in the middle of the day for a few hours while she sleeps and with kids, early nights in bed, we’ve still managed to see and do lots of great things.

It’s so pretty up here – gorgeous beaches and rolling green hills in the hinterland not far away. I made sure I checked in on a few guides before we got here – I’ve used Simone’s tips from Honey & Fizz as she is always up here and of course Styling you had a few hints and tips too both have been great as well as YOU guys with lots of suggestions on Instagram. We haven’t been able to get to them all but here’s some that we have checked out.


We ate at The Farm which was fabulous and well worth a visit. The girls just loved it and I loved the amazing food and superior baked goods on offer from The Bread Social. We had a really casual dinner with a few cocktails at The Tree House on Belongil with some really delicious pizza. Last night we managed to get to The Bolt Hole sans kids so we were able to give the cocktail menu a solid going over. The food was also spot on….burgers and tacos and the like but very tasty.

IMG_8175 IMG_8178 IMG_8189 IMG_8191 IMG_8194

I’ve been getting my morning coffee not far from our apartment at Sparrow Coffee Company that literally just does coffee and a few good quality breads. How can you resist that turquoise coffee machine too?


We ate some delicious take away pizza from Earth’n’Sea which was also just down the road. The wholemeal bases are something else as are their superior vegetarian options. We had a green one filled with spinach and jalapeno’s which was outrageously good. We had a good lunch at the pub The Beach Hotel with the usual fare on offer but very good people watching and Maggie very happy to toddle about and chase birds.

And there’s LOADS of places we haven’t been able to get to that everyone told me we MUST visit. And a couple that I could have gone to had we not been with the kids they were.

Byron Fresh Cafe
Top Shop Byron Bay
Asia Joes
Fleet Brunswick Heads
Harvest at Newrybar
Doma at Federal
Balcony Bar & Oyster Co
Miss Margarita’s
Italian Diner Bangalow


I really haven’t been able to embrace the superior shopping options. I did get a look at Island Luxe at Bangalow which was amazing (but very serious price tags). I must say all the clothes shops are geared for Boho Byron chic (of which I am most definitely NOT) and I have been amazed at the price of the clothes…I am a cheap skate clearly because I have looked and then walked out. Byron fashion shopping is not for me! And as for the Homewares, it’s probably best that I haven’t been able to find them with kids rolling their eyes and lamenting at me perusing them. Use Simone’s guide as she knows what’s going on.

But if it’s book shopping. THAT I can do and Mary Ryan’s Books Music & Coffee is one of the best bookshops I have ever been into. The kid’s section is the best I’ve seen..and Harper agrees with me as did Daisy and Mags who happily stayed in there for ages.


So that’s what we have been up to. As I said, there’s so much to see and we haven’t really been able to scratch the surface of what’s on offer. We have been staying in a 2 bedroom apartment at Byron Quarter Apartments that’s in a great location right in the thick of everything. Rob’s cousin actually owns this apartment (full disclosure here) but it’s a 3 bedroom apartment also in a great spot just across the road from us, but worth a look if you need something bigger. I think 3 bedrooms are pretty rare around here. You can check it out  here.

Feel free to add in all YOUR favourites in the comments below! And tell me how we are going to every go back to the wintery weather?!!


  1. That is my favourite bookshop of all time. We always visit and get lost for hours when we’re in Bryon. My daughter never wants to leave. I’m off to Bryon for the night this Saturday and I can’t wait!

  2. Pauline Loughland says

    If you are driving try and stop in at Halcyon House at Cabarita beach just nearby – just to do a walk through perhaps, stunning decor x You would love the prints/wallpaper/dining room/pool – very Palm Springs, CA……

  3. Cassie Webster says

    Top Shop and Roadhouse are great for breakfast. Byron at Byron is a beautiful hotel and has a great spa + a lovely boardwalk walk. We stayed in the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage (through NSW National Parks) a couple of months ago – was wonderful! x

  4. Adele Wain says

    We loved the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens at Mullumbimby. Kids ran around in the gardens, and we all marvelled at the beautiful crystals and geodes.

  5. I feel so boho chic walking around in Island Lux but I never buy. Heading down for the weekend. I can’t wait!! Hopefully I will visit The Farm this time.

  6. Love that the shopping highlight for you & the girls was a bookshop. It’s a great one isn’t it. Beautiful food & coffee in Byron & surrounds. I had to laugh and agree with you re the clothes shopping – the prices are ? We take our girls every year and it’s great to shift down a gear, slow the pace & enjoy the natural beauty up there.

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